Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Even in the expensive world of spices, saffron stands out. Real saffron can cost you over $10,000 per kilogram. No machine can do the delicate work required to harvest these thin threads. It can take 40 hours of hard manual labor to produce just 1 kilogram of high-quality saffron.
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Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive

let's waste time together
let's waste time together 10 hours ago
Saffron! A little saffron would make this!
Aravind V
Aravind V 14 hours ago
3:59 If a two year investigation was started in late 2019, is the narrator talking about this from the future? Since last I checked, it is not even one full year from "Late" 2019 right now..
JK 14 hours ago
Because it’s a drug
srikanth bharatha
srikanth bharatha 16 hours ago
Walmart sells on clearance In 1dollar 4 gms Super super super cheap and it's from iran
eciuj xob
eciuj xob 17 hours ago
I ordered me bulbs for myself and a friend's house warming gift and they multiply in year's.i ordered them just for the spice and something my friend never had before.
Sabina kovačič
Sabina kovačič 17 hours ago
I am pretty sure this flower grows everwhere I live, but I have always been told it is toxic ....
NeoXenoZ 18 hours ago
So basically, the most expensive spicy flower vagina
Lizardnoob19 20 hours ago
nought point nought nought six grams (0.006)
Duh Vids
Duh Vids Day ago
Don't they still need to uhhhh do crop rotations even in that red soil?
Shawn Su
Shawn Su Day ago
this is the most frivolous and overpriced product with a perfectly good and cheap substitute - turmeric - which gives the food the same bright yellow colour costing you way way way less
Nisha Prashanth
Nisha Prashanth 14 hours ago
I'm guessing you have not tasted saffron cuz . Turmeric and saffron are different. You see saffron is not just for the color it is also for the tastes...I don't agree it dosen't taste much when are alone but if you know how to use it it's worth the cost
Ivan Lee
Ivan Lee Day ago
Overhyped vegetables
Jack Axe
Jack Axe Day ago
Just learning Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive makes me tired, out of breath, exhausted
Mr Dharamveer
Mr Dharamveer Day ago
And every indian men thinks he drink kesar doodh (milk) every night.
mehrdad baradaran
mehrdad baradaran 2 days ago
The best saffron comes from Khorasan Iran and Afghanistan has great saffrons too. The climate is perfect for the flower
Nisha Prashanth
Nisha Prashanth 14 hours ago
Think again
junaid khan
junaid khan 2 days ago
Insha Allah Kashmir will be free and independent
Ali Faqi
Ali Faqi 2 days ago
thank you
Iseenoobpeoples 2 days ago
I don't understand the hype about this spice, nothing special about the taste, can't even notice it once it's inside a dish.
Nisha Prashanth
Nisha Prashanth 14 hours ago
You should eat a dish from a person who can cook...you can surely tell the difference with and without saffron. Its difficult to explain
Inzee 3 days ago
Is this why india wants Kashmir away from Pakistan?
Jeff Ourun
Jeff Ourun 3 days ago
More valuable if on open trade market, no?
anonymous Gamer
anonymous Gamer 3 days ago
3:36 child labor is normalized now ?
Nisha Prashanth
Nisha Prashanth 14 hours ago
Not if she is doing that for fun...I did gardening for fun (not that it was fun)
Nisha Prashanth
Nisha Prashanth 14 hours ago
I was thinking the same thing
Light and nature
Light and nature 4 days ago
If u want quality saffron u will find it in Morocco according to studies about this special flower.
Muzaffar Safi
Muzaffar Safi 5 days ago
How to Know Best Saffron + Self-proven benefits (for Public Welfare): 1. Yes, it is Expensive due to mostly manual work and hardships it has in taking care 2. It is not Expensive as 1.0 gram of it can take you for a whole month if taken with tea every day. 3. Due to its strong sedative nature, you cannot take too much; only 3-5 stigmas are enough to color 02 cups of tea. 4. How to know the best Saffron ? 1. Stigmas should be dark red with no yellows ends. 2. Original organic saffrons( Origin Afghanistan) are very thin, short/small natural and produces strong scent when bottle led is removed in compare to those ( Iran & Kashmiri) which have long, thick stigmas which hardly produces scent. These years Western parts of Afghanistan Herat and Farah region produce the best Saffron of the World due to being in its untouched natural genetic form in compare to those from other countries and other parts of the world. Soil play important part as best saffron comes from arid or semi arid, rain fed semi -desert lands. Sorry to say, Iranians genetically modified the original form of their saffron to make it longer, thicker to weigh heavier and to generate more money and used machinery to color those yellow stigams. However, Afghan farmers dont have access to these tools to modify Saffron pulps genetically or those machines to color the stigams. Neighboring saffrons even destroyed neighboring Afghan market by flooding 1.0 Gram for 1.5 $ USD while Afghan Saffron cost $4-5 USD per gram even for our own poor locals in the country. China has been devouring and advance purchasing the whole harvests/crops in Afghanistan since last three years for medication and sexual enhancement medicines and our farmers can hardly produce extra to cover the rest of the world demand. Benefits: Wow: Many benifits but few are to mention which I have experienced in my family. If original: 1. Saffron functions as liver cleaning and blood thinning(blood diluting agent) which results in better function of liver and better flow of blood to all organs especially human reproductive organs with spongy tissues i.e. ........ you know !! 2. Due to blood thing characteristics, it functions just like Viagra. No need to take pills before night just take 2-3 cups of Saff. tea. 3. Saffron strengthens gal bladders and other related sex muscles and organs both in male and females; especially in elderly people which results in less need for urination and bathroom visits in winter seasons so if you have grand pa or grand ma.... serve them during the nights for comfortable sleep and less wake ups. 4. Saffron is BEST during female Menstrual periods with hot water due to its uterus softening and blood diluting properties thus easing the blood shedding process and reducing the killing cramps in ladies and young teenagers. 5. Saffron is DANGEROUS during 3-4 first months of PREGNANCY as it softens uterus, therefore, pregnant and expectant sisters and mothers should be careful. Might not be good in high amounts even in later pregnancy stages due to its sedating effects (on fetus heart). 6. Saffron is best for anxiety, insomnia or sleep disorders ( i.e. falling asleep and remaining asleep) and initial stages when addicted to Diazipam or Alprazolam and other agents. Simply put 5-7 Stigmas of the good saffron in the cup first, then pour hot boiled water and wait max. 2-3 minutes and then you may add boiled water again again to the same cup and enjoy relaxing sleep. 7. Saffron is the invisible killer of cancer cells, scientific studies suggest. 8. Saffron has sedative effects thus good for a good sleep but not too much i.e. 1 or 2 grams at one time as it can reduce heart beat and force shut your heart and cio to the world. 9. Thank you for me and my time and best of luck.
Garg710 6 days ago
Hmm need to find a decent way to grow this hydroponically. First step, red soil pellets
Usama SalmanJ
Usama SalmanJ 7 days ago
Long live Kashmir Pakistan 🇵🇰 💪
chris gyale
chris gyale 7 days ago
good bro
King James
King James 8 days ago
Man, this Covid shit needs to end, I'm just watching anything now...
George Jenkins
George Jenkins 8 days ago
If the yield in some areas is decreasing, it probably has to do with the farmers counting on the soil to continually produce all the nutrients the plants need. One guy thought Allah was responsible for the good soil. Well, it does not matter how good the soil was to start with, if it is not kept fertile with fertilizer of some sort then it will deteriorate, and at the end quite quickly . One can only mine the land for so long without replenishing the soil. The guy did note that some people fertilized their ground with compost. He would do well to do the same.
Ganda Gandara
Ganda Gandara 9 days ago
I thought saffron is red?
Franklin Gomez
Franklin Gomez 11 days ago
hydroponics is going to ravage this bubble saffron industry
balu qatar
balu qatar 11 days ago
So this simply mans almost all the Saffron / Zafraan at prices affordable to most people is Not Genuine.
Morteza Rahimi
Morteza Rahimi 11 days ago
its silly that IRAN produces 90% of worlds Saffron (zaferan) and yet the video doesn't even mention Iran's name, and Says: Kashmir is one of the biggest producers of saffron!!! (i always followed Business Insiders videos, but after this i Unsubscribed the channel. Iran's is not what you think.)
MasvalMaqbool Butt
MasvalMaqbool Butt 10 days ago
Konge (Saffron) is indigenous to Kashmir. Nobody ever mentioned that Kashmir produces the largest quantity of Saffron, nevertheless, what is known our variety of Saffron is one of the best on this planet.
Michael G
Michael G 11 days ago
Wow... when the farmer said he remembers over 30 years it used to take 2 days to harvest the field, and today it takes less than an hour... that's shocking...
s k.d
s k.d 12 days ago
5:14 it was not used as an ancient fake tan. it gives a nice glow to the skin and is used as a skin whitening ingredient.
Ceramics Australia
Ceramics Australia 12 days ago
I use real Saffron to bleach my anus a healthy, golden brown colour. You don't get the same effect with fake Saffron.
Joseph Pantolon
Joseph Pantolon 12 days ago
Cure or fight against Covid-19 are spices...just like garlic.
Nisha Prashanth
Nisha Prashanth 14 hours ago
Your kidding right
Grimbles 12 days ago
Wow that's really cool | really cool
Mycroft Selene
Mycroft Selene 12 days ago
Why'd you refer to God (Adam, as I've come to know Him), in the subtitled text? Are you all Islamic at USshow? No Wonder We've Been Subjected To So Much Censorship With Regards The Real Truths That We're Being Lied To About!Stop Taking Money's From Men Who Have Only Their Salvation To Look Out For! Because There's No Salvation Waiting For Them! This'll Be The End Of You, Shall You Keep It Up! This Keeps Ringing Throughout My Very Senses!!! Take Heed Sometime Soon, Choices Are Going To Be Made. It's Completely Up To Us! Us Alone! As He Has Told Me, And Others Too. We've Been Given Freedom's Choice. It's Up To Us. Why Do We Always Fail And Especially At This Very Stage? There'll Be Many, Many More Of These Resets Until We Do Actually Get It Right And Eventually Return To The Mind. That's Where We Originated. That's Already More Than You're Prepared For So, Some Other Time? Aus
Alex Devereaux
Alex Devereaux 12 days ago
Stop pushing climate change nonsense!
Error 404
Error 404 12 days ago
terribletrench 12 days ago
Jokes on you, you can grow saffron in the US.
Shukky Life
Shukky Life 12 days ago
I come from Afghanistan and it is said that we have number 1 saffron in this planet i dont know
Geeboo 13 days ago
imagine if someone accidentally crash landed a plane there- destroying the whole farm
eAR forTrance
eAR forTrance 13 days ago
40 hours at $10,000 that's $250 per hour, i doubt these workers are being paid those kind of hourly rates. guy that sits on his ass but owns the land gets all the profits, its expensive because people are stupid enough to pay those prices for it.
Sara j.
Sara j. 13 days ago
Insider: $10000/ kilo Me thinking why are they using metric system in the : 🙄
Erga Ster
Erga Ster 8 days ago
in the what?
s k.d
s k.d 12 days ago
metric system is more widely used.
dannyswe1235 12 days ago
because metric system is better than imperial system and most countries use metric
Sara j.
Sara j. 13 days ago
There was this one time my parents and I visited kashmir (I was 8) and bought real Saffron from their. And after we came back I was curious so I tried opening the box and I couldn't but when I did all of it fell down and I wasted 500 gms of Saffron.
Haaken Oefstaas
Haaken Oefstaas 13 days ago
This shit can get you more rich than Cocaine. Bruh think about being a saffron dealer. Best job ever
DarkrealDuffel 14 days ago
Its sad really..the fact the workers will be lucky if they make a bag of rice yet the owners will make a bag of gold...complete bullturd it is
Daniel Baines
Daniel Baines 14 days ago
Its sad really..the fact the workers will be lucky if they make a bag of rice yet the owners will make a bag of gold...complete bullturd it is
Kadir ELİK
Kadir ELİK 14 days ago
There is a city in Turkey named "safranbolu" means saffroncity you should talk abaout a little. Respects
rich price
rich price 14 days ago
good vid
King Peter
King Peter 14 days ago
No machine can do... No, No one built a machine yet
Sam Zadeh
Sam Zadeh 14 days ago
Saffron is a traditional Persian spice that is gifted to friends and family due to their high value and high use in Persian cuisine, want authentic saffron, either have it be gifted to you or get imported saffron from Persian supper markets
ladywise 1
ladywise 1 15 days ago
Fun Fact: Saffron is good for the brain, reduces depression.
Blue Lion
Blue Lion 15 days ago
Didn't know how it was produced...good to know! Thanks!
mich sles
mich sles 15 days ago
think ill start growing it with hydroponics..
OnThe DL
OnThe DL 15 days ago
Omg the violet color of the flower is gorgeous! I wish they could use that for something other than compost.
NIK 15 days ago
Enter 5:30 to hear the garbage propaganda of Climate Change. Iran has the best Saffron. This is turning to be a horrible channel.
Rollin_Ray 15 days ago
Nah in pokemon they made an entire city out of saffron
Batang Gapo
Batang Gapo 15 days ago
over priced over rated, we can cook good flavor food without it.
jorge lopaz
jorge lopaz 15 days ago
20 Canadian peso per gram