Forgotten Realms Lore - Waterdeep

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3 years ago

Episode 38 - Waterdeep, The City of Splendors, The Crown of the North!
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omega311888 25 days ago
so, why did you post a pic of the High House of Wonder ( a temple of Gond ) when you were talking about the House of Wonder ( Mystra )? they look totally different. the only reason i know this is because i have a deep gnome gunsmith player who visits there often. not trying to bitch. just pointing out a flaw in your presentation ( let the hate comments flow... i wont be reading them )
Ron Lambert
Ron Lambert Month ago
whatever Jorffdon... you don't get to randomly make letters silent hahahah lol.
Jorphdan Month ago
Are you starting a COUp this AUTUMn on silent letters? Are you going to kNOCK the door down? I'll GuARD myself well, and WREStLE with this comment. Hopefully you are wRONG and we can wRAP this wHOLE thing up. I'm sorry I think you struck a ChORD with me. ;)
Pepijn Kooij
Pepijn Kooij 2 months ago
Hi! I'm really enjoying your videos. Regarding Waterdeep, I was wondering, where did you get the information of the undead creature ravaging the city and being locked up in the city of the dead? I can't find it anywhere, but would like to use it in a campaign I DM.
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 2 months ago
Raid Shadow Legends IS SO FUCKING OBNOXIOUS. holy fuck so many raid ads everywhere. Yea it has nothing to do with the video, but it will still help you with the algorithm x)
Darth Destro
Darth Destro 4 months ago
I fondly remember an evil 3.5 campaign where we took over waterdeep and made it the Capitol of our new empire.
lies damnlies
lies damnlies 4 months ago
_Southern_ Ward. It's _Southern_ Ward. Not "South". Say that in Waterdeep and the Waterdhavians will either mock you, correct you, or think you a fool. The reason being, that area was settled by and is predominantly populated by people from Southern Faerun. ...not to be a total nit-picking nerd or anything...
ᾩ̶̛̳̩͚̰̜̔͌̈͘ 5 months ago
Poor Balder disappeared in Anchorome to the far west.
About47Pandas 6 months ago
"Links in the doobly doo" - matt coville
Kaday 7 months ago
Where did you find information about there are six masked lords?
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 7 months ago
Loving this channel!
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 7 months ago
Sorry that wasn’t a very detailed comment, but I was just happy to see a channel exploring the Realms in manageable bites. I also appreciate the fact that you cover topics from multiple eras instead of just 5th edition. I prefer the old school stuff but am trying to remain current to some degree. I just feel that current Wizards of the Coast management does not appreciate their older fans. Thanks for making a great channel and take care until next time!
Jorphdan 7 months ago
Thanks! :D
Tiana Tampico
Tiana Tampico 11 months ago
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for not trying to narrate these videos like it's a god damn game trailer. Just the straight up lore and I LOVE it! Subscribing now.
Jorphdan 11 months ago
The AJ
The AJ 11 months ago
Okay Jorfdan
Thirteen 1355
Thirteen 1355 11 months ago
Final Fantasy VI takes place in Forgotten Realms?
BlackGate Fox
BlackGate Fox Year ago
The masks were as to protecr the positions of the masked lords safe from curruption that the city admitts is present.
Tydin Year ago
Sune is pronounced Soo Nee :)
Erika Hill
Erika Hill Year ago
Great video - though note Waterdavians will mock people for calling the Southern Ward the South ward.
ixsusdalder Year ago
According to some of the companion information for Dragon Heist, Waterdeep actually semi-openly worships Umberlee. Not in the "we're evil" sense, but in the "please don't destroy our ships or harbor with terrible sea storms" sense. Every year there is a festival called Fleetswake, winnings from the various competitions are donated, and guards will collect donations from taverns. All donations are dumped in the harbor and guarded by the Merfolk. She even has a temple on the beach called "The Queenspire". Dragon Heist has a lot of great info about Waterdeep.
The Dark Lord of The Sith
The Dark Lord of The Sith Year ago
I read somewhere that the population of Waterdeep was at 348,000.
Dungeonnoob Year ago
When it comes to a city like water deep would you make the city or find one online to have a map for dming a campaign. I’m relatively new to dming and your videos are really helping me learn about the forgotten realms.
mdiem 4 months ago
The official Waterdeep map is good to have, but be aware that it is BIG. There is a danger of feeling overwhelmed. What I like to do is pick out at most two to three places from each ward, and limit your and the other players' vision to those locations. Then, when you are ready to expand, take clues from the PCs for what other areas "pop into existence" in the city.
lies damnlies
lies damnlies 4 months ago
Someone made an interactive map for it (and a few other places too):
Jorphdan Year ago
I'd use the existing waterdeep City, pick out main locations you'd like your players to visit
JPDG13 Year ago
I see that FF3 pic in there, Jorphdan.
Jorphdan Year ago
Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert Year ago
i couldnt find anything on the Merman's guarding the city port...i'd really like to know more!!!!
Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert Year ago
@Jorphdan damn thank you so much for the answer!!!!
Jorphdan Year ago
This is an older video so I don't remember 100% where I got that info specifically. But! In the DnD 3.5 book City of Splendors - Waterdeep, they talk about the Merfolk and Sea Elves of Deepwater Harbor working for the City Watch to defend against sea threats. Page 19 :)
Dr. Matthew Hertert
Dr. Matthew Hertert Year ago
No mention of the statues? Shocking!
Adam Snodgrass
Adam Snodgrass Year ago
I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but the reason for the Masked lords is to prevent corruption. You can’t bribe a politician if you don’t know who the politician is. The guy saying he’s a Masked Lord could be lying because there’s no way he can actually prove he is one. Also the council of Masked Lords fluctuates between 16-29 members and is comprised of people from all walks of life, not just nobility this further aids in the anonymity of the Lords because literally ANYONE can be one, so anyone could be lying.
WexMajor82 Month ago
2 are gone in my campaign. One was a demon, an the other was the spymaster, that quit when I made it clear I was 4 steps in front of her.
mdiem 4 months ago
It's also a great excuse for how the City Watch knows what trouble the PCs are getting into so quickly and can come lay down some law if the players are going too "murder hobo" / "steal all the things" for the DM's taste. Any nearby masked lord can use their connections to get help on the scene quickly and discreetly.
chris bayer
chris bayer 9 months ago
that and assassination lol. like the masons all you need to do is pay your way in.
Dolphin Rider
Dolphin Rider Year ago
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Year ago
@jorphdan, at 4:36 you mentioned an undead in the city of the dead, causing them to wall it up. I can't find any references to that. Do you have more information on where that's written about?
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Year ago
That's fine. One of my players watched the video, and he took that part to heart, so his character is terrified of the City of the Dead. I'm letting him run with it, but I wanted to make sure if there was actual lore, I incorporated it into my story. I'll check out the novel, but based on what you said I think I have a good plan. Thanks for your videos!!
Jorphdan Year ago
I think this takes place in the novel "Blackstaff Tower" by Ed Greenwood. And as I research I'm not sure walled up was the right wording but rather they lock up the city of the dead at night because undead roam about and it's unsafe. Sorry it's been a while since I've made this video and I'm trying to reverse my script to find out where I got the info.
Jorphdan Year ago
This is an older video so I'll have to go back over my notes to find the source. I'll get back to you on this :)
N.M. Dimmick
N.M. Dimmick Year ago
Thanks for this video! I just joined an Adventurer's League campaign taking place in Waterdeep and needed a simple overview of the city. This fit the bill nicely.
KawaiiKaptian Year ago
should make a video about the dragon lance wars
Zombie Haiku
Zombie Haiku 2 years ago
Thanks a lot. Am passing them on to my players who are new to the realms.
The Tactician
The Tactician 2 years ago
We need a dnd mmo Waterdeep would be so cool to explore in game.
R C 2 years ago
wow im about to run the dragon hesit and this is soooo helpful!!!
Cameron Pearce
Cameron Pearce 2 years ago
Bet this’ll get a ton of hits in the wake of Dragon heist :D
Mc Orvis
Mc Orvis Year ago
That's why I am here^^
Jorphdan 2 years ago
Here's hoping! Be sure to share it :D
Leird 2 years ago
The High house of Wonders is a temple to Gond in Baldurs Gate! House of wonder is the mystra temple in Waterdeep. So that's the wrong picture. But loving the video's, so keep it up!
Александр Горин
Александр Горин 2 years ago
Thank you so much for you videos!
Project: One Man Army
Project: One Man Army 2 years ago
Another great video, if a bit rushed and missing some details. Forgotten Realms was always my favorite campaign setting in D&D, right along side Ravenloft (Fuck Strahd, that vampiric douche nozzle!) I still have the complete boxset for Forgotten Realms in its entirety and mint conditon from Second Edition. Really need to upgrade my D&D book collection to 5th Edition and find a new group of people to play with, even if it's online via Twitch or something.
Proper Heresy
Proper Heresy 2 years ago
Gloomwrought may e
chase green
chase green 2 years ago
Every thought about doing'Heros of The Forgotten Realms'?
Callum Lyall
Callum Lyall 2 years ago
So when did that beholder take over?
Aryn De Silva
Aryn De Silva 2 years ago
Callum Lyall I don’t think Xanathar has taken over, he’s just part of a fairly large gang
Darth Tyranus
Darth Tyranus 2 years ago
So Waterdeep is the New York of Faerun
K S 2 months ago
Less of a Nanny state though
Adonis' 9 months ago
It's mostly Florence.
Max Vieralilja
Max Vieralilja 2 years ago
if you don't know who the lords are, it's extremely difficult to attempt assassination, blackmail, espionage or kidnapping, giving to any foreign/ evil power no possibility to even try to get one of the lords under his control, I think.
ryan hentges
ryan hentges 2 years ago
Mitch Cowan
Mitch Cowan 2 years ago
Please do a series on Kara Tur. I don't think one 5 min videp will do it justice though ;)
Sky 2 years ago
I need Icewind Dale Lore
Jesseus The Body
Jesseus The Body 2 years ago
Nnnnnnnn Jordan here I.e. me dork master extrodinaire
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 2 years ago
Are you going to do a lore in Luskan?
Connor James
Connor James 2 years ago
What is the DR event that your dayes ate zeroed to?
Jorphdan 2 years ago
That's known as Dale Reckoning, it's when some elves and humans erected a stone that symbolized a more openness between humans and elves. I talk about it a bit in this Myth Drannor video.
Dylan Rondeau
Dylan Rondeau 2 years ago
Hey you should do a video on the factions! Love the channel
Shawn Ramsey
Shawn Ramsey 2 years ago
🙃new sub here love the vids. Can you do one about Daggerford?
Jorphdan 2 years ago
+Shawn Ramsey maybe! I'm mean no reason not to except time. I'll add it to my list
Rutger Kemperman
Rutger Kemperman 3 years ago
That picture at 31 seconds in, is that from a game? Looks pretty cool
Rutger Kemperman
Rutger Kemperman 3 years ago
aah thanks a lot! will look that game up and probably play it :p
Jorphdan 3 years ago
Final Fantasy 6!
Manny Guajardo
Manny Guajardo 3 years ago
2 worshipers of Shar should be hunted down for disliking the video. I offer 100 astral shards in reward. Contact me in the Ophalas brothel for more info.
joshpwnsnoobs 3 years ago
waterdeep, always a fun place to read about. thanks for another great video
Jorphdan 3 years ago
+joshpwnsnoobs woo!
CaptainKapooya 3 years ago
Do the moonshae isles
CaptainKapooya 3 years ago
Yay lol I'm actually doing an adventure set there and I use all your videos to help me introduce tons of lore so I can't wait to see that video
Jorphdan 3 years ago
+CaptainKapooya that's actually next week 😀
J P 3 years ago
Hah, what's up with the Final Fantasy 3 screenshot at 0:30?
teknifix 3 years ago
Halaster and Undermountain?
Amos Ericson
Amos Ericson 3 years ago
Thank you Jorphdan!
Joseph Lawter
Joseph Lawter 3 years ago
I was thinking about this, jorphdan, but it would be super cool if you could make a list of source books and/or adventure modules that take place in the locales you cover. I don't know about other people, but I get pretty excited about running stuff in the areas and relating to the events you've covered so a written catalogue would be amazing. That's probably a lot of work, but maybe you could make it a patron reward or something. Anyways, just a thought. Your channel is amazing the way it is.
Phil Rezanow
Phil Rezanow 2 years ago
I've been playing FR and Waterdeep since the 80s. There's tons of source material out there. I still use it, despite playing a different rpg system.
Jorphdan 3 years ago
That would be cool, great idea. You're right it would be a lot of work, and perhaps Matt Colville's Adventure Lookup would be of assistance. I searched Waterdeep for example and found loads of results. Still I'll keep it in mind, I do need to figure out those Patreon rewards :)
Wes Maass
Wes Maass 3 years ago
Great video! Waterdeep has always been my favorite city in the realms.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 3 years ago
This was a good one. thanks for the great series.
Nick H
Nick H 3 years ago
You should do Kara-tur in a future episode :D
Nick H
Nick H 3 years ago
Jorphdan awesome can't wait :D
Jorphdan 3 years ago
I want to cover that and Zakhara at some point :D
misomiso 3 years ago
Hey Dude Love the series. It would be really great if you could do a video that went breifly through each of the empires that has fallen in FR history. I don't mean a video for each Empire, I mean a succinct timeline of the FR empires, as in the lore it is often said that there have been many empire before (the Elves have had several I think), but it is very difficult to understand how they all line up. There are timelines out there, but they are incredibly confusing! Mny thks dude. Best
Jorphdan 3 years ago
Great Idea. There's been a few people asking for like "intro videos". I'll see what I can come up with!
Alex Scavo
Alex Scavo 3 years ago
The masks only became a thing after the guildmaster rebellion because all of them were known and thus easy to kill.
Jorphdan 3 years ago
Good to know, thanks for the comment :D
Joseph Lawter
Joseph Lawter 3 years ago
Waterdeep was the starting location of the neverwinter nights expansion, hordes of the underdark. Also, great video as always.
Sabin Ozera
Sabin Ozera 9 months ago
I've played the Cania out of Hordes of the Underdark. Still only ever beat M probably 4 times though. Building characters is half the damn battle lol
DarthVaderReviews 3 years ago
If Waterdeep is a city on the surface, would Watershallow be a city floating in the sky?
Vincent Gosselin
Vincent Gosselin 3 years ago
I love your content man! Really well presented and good pointers towards more references! Keep it up and have a thumbs up :)
Nathaniel Little
Nathaniel Little 3 years ago
Awesomely written video once again, but no mention of Durnan and the Yawning Portal Inn? Undermountain??
K S 2 months ago
@Jorphdan have you ever considered doing longer videos occasionally? I'm sure you have other things going on (real life and such) but I'm sure I'm not your only fan who would watch longer, more in depth videos. Love your channel btw!
Clockw3rk 3 years ago
Definitely appreciate any and all time you can dedicate to this. Im a new DM and your vids have been very helpful and enjoyable. If you do plan a follow up, I'd love to know more about the Masked Lords. Not history, but the actual mechanics/details of how they work together and rule the city. I get the sense that they're made up of various key influential figures throughout the city but not necessarily from people with well defined political power (or maybe I'm making that up :-). My campaign will likely swing through Waterdeep and I thought I might try my hand at some political intrigue for my players but I'm having a hell of a time tracking down more substantial info on how the lords actually run things.
Nathaniel Little
Nathaniel Little 3 years ago
A separate video for Undermountain does make a lot more sense.
Jorphdan 3 years ago
Gah true! This one was a bit rushed because of real life this month. I'll have to do a follow up video! Thanks for the comment :D
DummyUrD 3 years ago
Yes these Videos are always short and missing a lot of important details.
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