Our First Mystery Guest | Dinner With The D'Amelios

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The D'Amelio Family

7 days ago

For our first guest on Dinner with the D'Amelio's, we have... wait... we can't tell you that, we didn't even know who was coming. Make sure you watch to see who joined us for dinner in the first episode of our new series, Dinner With the D'Amelios.
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unkown unkown
unkown unkown 29 seconds ago
pewdiepie hits 100 million 10 minutes of him crying and thanking everyone for the support Charli makes a 15 second video of her hair like wtf man
jenn Marie
jenn Marie Minute ago
Lol the way the mom rolls her eyes at dixie😂
Carolina Dias
Carolina Dias 2 minutes ago
Charli's smile isn't even real, she is soooo fake
Carolina Dias
Carolina Dias 5 minutes ago
What fame is doing to them...
-*NoodlE *-
-*NoodlE *- 5 minutes ago
I don’t see what she did wrong y’all are over reacting Jesus SHE IS 16 TO MICH STRESS CHILL A LITTLE
Eddy de vries
Eddy de vries 6 minutes ago
Blauw zwaailicht
Jennina Hornagold
Jennina Hornagold 6 minutes ago
Sushi looks nasty asf raw fucking fish gross 🤮 I hate seafood in general eating it raw gross! And I can’t believe people are mad for her gagging at a snail. Like come tf on it’s a snail who tf wouldn’t?
Angelina Alicea
Angelina Alicea 6 minutes ago
me wondering why the didnt edit the part of dixie throwing up and charli asking if they have dino nuggets. no hate! i rlly love them and their family!
lou padayao
lou padayao 6 minutes ago
Mohamed Seddiki
Mohamed Seddiki 8 minutes ago
When was the time that Charlie complained
Yessica Colina
Yessica Colina 8 minutes ago
let's follow charli
Nigga 12 minutes ago
I am so sad, rich people care so much for good posture, but they are not polite at all and have not an ounce of empathy for others, I was a huge fan of Charli, but it made me reflect on who I am following and "idolizing" on the Internet. Charli and, above all, Dixie I hope you learn from your mistakes, everyone is human and yes, and that's why I hope you change, but I won't be a fan of you anymore. It's not like I'm a relevant person either.
Brandon Latzlsberger
Brandon Latzlsberger 12 minutes ago
James is a savage
Zx0_0xZ 13 minutes ago
The ppl about this situation 70%:she so disrespectful 29%:nah she did nothing wrong 1%(me):i dont give a fuck about whatever she does
N. J.
N. J. 14 minutes ago
Lmao ppl need to chill. Oh well this is the price of being a celeb. Tho i noticed the mom was also not liking it hahaha. Anyway, i noticed how they don't use spoon for rice. Oh gosh, i'm so random.
TheFacu Diaz
TheFacu Diaz 14 minutes ago
Encontraste tu comemtario en español que tanto buscabas xd
xBustedHeart 14 minutes ago
I need time stamps. I don't wanna watch the whole thing, I just want the tea
Blake Pintado
Blake Pintado 16 minutes ago
15:02 - even James saw the problem with what charli said LMAO.
Dino69 17 minutes ago
WTH Dixie
Camilly Alves
Camilly Alves 18 minutes ago
mds eles são mt forçados
Rhucha B
Rhucha B 19 minutes ago
Dixie and Charli are best friends with James. That’s why they were behaving like that. I mean either you’re 19 or 16 you’re very comfortable around your best friend. The people who are calling them fake. No not all they were being themselves. Like the people who give out hate are fake. Periodt.
Zx0_0xZ 19 minutes ago
That intro is a gaming intro wtf
hi hi
hi hi 20 minutes ago
i'm also a picky eater and trust me we can't decide what we like or not :/
Gianelly Ramos Valle
Gianelly Ramos Valle 20 minutes ago
No one Not a soul Charli Do you have Dino nuggets
Zx0_0xZ 8 minutes ago
U forgot the :
Good Times
Good Times 21 minute ago
I'm not a fan of the D'Amelios, I came to this video just because of the controversy it generated, but I analyze it and it makes me laugh to see how uncomfortable they got when Charlie spoke about the subscribers hahaha and the best thing that happened was seeing his sister finish the video at once and the mother's face, it is not for nothing but the fact that they are famous makes them have to be careful with what they say (sad but true)
Abbey R.
Abbey R. 21 minute ago
5:14 bro omg she is such a brat
Abbey R.
Abbey R. 20 minutes ago
JOSAFAT PERCASTRE 22 minutes ago
I eat my beans with cheese and is unhappy vomiting the food in front of the cook, what a disgusting girl
I Am Sad
I Am Sad 22 minutes ago
James Charles has my respect now this family only see their followers as numbers
Rosemary Watson
Rosemary Watson 23 minutes ago
Oh Americans....just ohhhh. Go live YOUR precious lives. You get one. Reality tv is the absolute worst of the worst. Not these people but the whole concept is just so so sad and unhealthy.
Sydney Board
Sydney Board 23 minutes ago
WhY dIdNt ThEy TaKe ThIs DoWn AfTeR aLl ThE cOnTrOvErSy?
Frank Stared
Frank Stared 23 minutes ago
700 million people were undernourished in 2019. A billion are living in poverty in 2020. So can anyone explain precisely why this shameless reality TV baked in a sauce of classism, narcissism, privilege and empty selves is worthy of an intelligent and caring person's attention? You want wellness? Give your attention and help to those in your own communities where it will do good and improve the common good. This celebrity chef and selfie culture, just like the fashion industry, is nothing but stage so that the rich and privileged can further narcissistically expose themselves to the insecure and alienated while the rest of us, well... I suppose we're to simply eat cake.
Adrian Vieta
Adrian Vieta 24 minutes ago
Damn, I used to hate James Charles, but after this my respect for him went up by 1B%
Shantal Vasquez Quispe
Shantal Vasquez Quispe 25 minutes ago
I love You charli dixie
꧁iiSxmply Blxssxmii꧂
꧁iiSxmply Blxssxmii꧂ 28 minutes ago
This is just straight up embarrassing. I used to LOVE the Damelios but now...... lol. But srsly, why did u post this? this is just disgusting. Dixie, ur not being funny, Charli, ur not being cute. I can't believe that you actually had the guts to post this. Like how?!?! And Charli.... congrats on 100m followers but I have to say, you dont really deserve them. We all know that to you we're "numbers" because u literally said it... how was James the guest and he was the only mature one? And Dixie- if u knew what snails tasted like why would u eat them? Like omg. You used to be so sweet and a nice family, but now, ur just being spoiled bratty bitches.
Seleesha Bernard
Seleesha Bernard 29 minutes ago
*acts surprised* WHY THE DISLIKES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I Am Sad
I Am Sad 24 minutes ago
Because they were actin disgusting
Marta01 mall
Marta01 mall 29 minutes ago
I think when charli looks over these comments,will discover her mistakes
DOROTHY. 30 minutes ago
Good job jamses with the outro
Marta01 mall
Marta01 mall 34 minutes ago
Dixie is a child and charli the same,James is the only adult in there,periodt!!!
Martha Docherty
Martha Docherty 34 minutes ago
Top 10 videos taken before disaster
SOFIA SPENA 34 minutes ago
Hello chiarli..
Roshan Srivaran
Roshan Srivaran 35 minutes ago
7:05 The moment that Charli lost 1 million followers for. 😥 OOF
bxby. melanin
bxby. melanin 35 minutes ago
nobody: Charli ever 6 seconds:🤪
Stella Marabese
Stella Marabese 37 minutes ago
Yeah Dixie and Charli have do many bad things in this video but is not a good reason to say this to they ,cuz their are normal people and they can make wrong things ,is not a good reason say ''they are famous and they can do what they want" guys did u remember they have feelings ,obviously the chef has feels really bad when Dixie do that in front of he and I think Dixie says sorry to the chef and James has right to says that to Charli but is normal do wrong things ...... So first of all remember is human make a mistake And this is my point of view Bey and have good day 😁
Raeliana Feik
Raeliana Feik 37 minutes ago
i like that james said “thanks for watching the first ever and most likely the last ever”😂 savage😂💀
Clem Cédiddlehôpper
Clem Cédiddlehôpper 39 minutes ago
White rich italians mama mia
Jessica Persky
Jessica Persky 40 minutes ago
omg guys give them a brake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! charli is still young we all say things that may come of the wrong way. Charli and Dixie have different taste preferences so dont attack them with hate a death comments.
Victoria Ernesto
Victoria Ernesto 41 minute ago
James-" Charli if you're picky what's your favorite food?" Charli quietly-"Chiken nuggets" Im picky too so like ik how it feels to eat chicken nuggets me "mHm delicious"
MARIINA 45 minutes ago
Michael g
Michael g 45 minutes ago
at least i get the jokes.
TB 46 minutes ago
"Tik Tok wasnt really main-stream" Ohh geez
Izabela M
Izabela M 47 minutes ago
Charile lost all a lot of subscribers but what about dixie? if u watch her the whole time...like how dumb and disrespectful cant control herself even for 20mins video.
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles 47 minutes ago
Did u hear mama- (mom EXUSE YOUR SELFFF!!!!!)
Fatima 47 minutes ago
Is it just me or I saw Dixie eat her bugers 😭
Shannean Wootton
Shannean Wootton 48 minutes ago
There having fun u all sayin they need to grow up and shit there 19 and 16 wha do u expect from them and Charlie is picky with her food so idk why there’s so much hate
Eunice Poquita
Eunice Poquita 48 minutes ago
James Charles is only a guest ok But he think that he is a part of family
Delander Deleon
Delander Deleon 49 minutes ago
They have bad taste I I will eat a snail
stinky face
stinky face 49 minutes ago
i don’t think anyone understands that they are a very sarcastic and funny family. they never meant to come off rude but that’s just how their family is.
U Suck
U Suck 49 minutes ago
0:38 her face changed so fast wtf
Todoroki the macaroni
Todoroki the macaroni 50 minutes ago
I just loved how James did the ending of the video XD
Almaas Gasnola
Almaas Gasnola 51 minute ago
charli calls her fans numbers f her
Tanya Dervishian
Tanya Dervishian 51 minute ago
everyone needs to leave charlie and dixie alone, like charlie is so gratefull to have all her followers she dosent see them as numbers and with dixie i mean who wouldnt spit out a snail, they respect their cheff very much so stop trying to make all of them feel bad about themself.
PieK1ng 52 minutes ago
i literally don't see why everyone is mad for. im not even a fan of these people but there's no disrespect in the video -- she just threw up because the thought of eating a snail is repulsive.
Nostalgia Neverland
Nostalgia Neverland 52 minutes ago
"This is the first...and last...show we're doing here..." BEST LINE
Horsing 52 minutes ago
This is how rich people are nowadays people will overreact over a little thing I know people are going to get mad at me and also having a fortnite profile pic but my point is a lot of celebrities dont care about you they just want to look better than others but that's all I gotta say Bye.
Kain Alvarez
Kain Alvarez 55 minutes ago
The ending was so cringe
he he
he he 55 minutes ago
James is the only thankful one
Salina Tapley
Salina Tapley 55 minutes ago
agustina perez
agustina perez 57 minutes ago
y yo creyiendo que estaba agradecida por sus seguidores
Tribo57 58 minutes ago
So much hate what is wrong I love the family it was funny Dixie
babydoll.tutorials 58 minutes ago
ok but no one is talking about the beginning? they kept interrupting dixie, and would barely let her talk.
Stephen_ Smith
Stephen_ Smith Hour ago
This is so cringy.....
Joan Khulet
Joan Khulet Hour ago
Definitely this should be the first and last with that ATTITUDE. They need to learn how to respect their parents and the people who is way older than them. Also, I can't believe that they Vlog wherein they don't even know how to do the intro and outro properly. So sad that they acted this way. I like Charli when she's dancing but to have this type of ATTITUDE your going to think 100M times before like her again🤔😓
king basketball
king basketball Hour ago
This sucked because how spoiled Charlie acted at the end
silent moon
silent moon Hour ago
RunsWithStickBro Hour ago
This was uncalled for James was just being him self first. And James knows that this whole thing was a bullshit idea. The only reason for this was to get subs not to fuck up your cooks life.
Miro Vukanovic
Miro Vukanovic Hour ago
Why charli said jer follofers are just numbers. So rudee
Lya Gonzalez
Lya Gonzalez Hour ago
I knew it was James Charles
Jennifer Cassidy
Jennifer Cassidy Hour ago
This is so disgusting! Who the F are these people? Why are they behaving like shit?
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
No you’re lucky enough to have a personal chef cook food for you and you are really going to disrespected like I’m just truly disappointed at truly disappointed
Charlie do not cry on thes stupid hat people u and Dixie did not say any thing wrong I love u like crazy I love u I happe I. Meet u love u all and Charlie used not say any thing wrong love princess 👸🏻 u are lovely and u are always right if I had tiktok I would follow u and yes I expect u to be come because anything u want for your self I want it for you k and I hop u read this or anyone let u see it oh I love you so much u are a queen 👑 ok bye hop u talk to me back💋👸🏻👸🏻👑. And one thing I know u with u saying do we have nuggets it is ok and yes I am from 🇰🇼🇰🇼 Kuwait I am so nervous 😬 but yah I love so so muchhhhhh love u 💘💜🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💕💘💖💗💓💞💝💜🖤will hat me but I am a Muslim I a sorry 😐 but u are a. 👑👸🏻🌈✨ and I am fin.
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa 50 minutes ago
Don’t Stan her for clear skin they disrespected a person who cooked them food
Patrick Speight-Guzman
Patrick Speight-Guzman Hour ago
This actually really funny, I don’t see them as being spoilt or disrespectful. They’re it’s very timid and not used to this new format.
Julia DD
Julia DD Hour ago
i feel so bad for the poor chef.I understand they dont like it but why cant she just not be so dramatic
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
Honestly this video has shown the demilio’s true Colours PERIOD
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
Oh my God wow is Charlie really saying that she is not happy with her 95 million followers like bro people even get a happy when they hit 100 can you have hundred million right now which I am very proud of why beautiful is going to be so disrespectful like just be nice and be grateful for the chef to cook to the food and for your 100million followers now
Marlena Cicuttin-Venman
Marlena Cicuttin-Venman Hour ago
I feel like james just wanted to get up and leave the whole time
Julia DD
Julia DD Hour ago
My 3 year old cousin has better manners.
Eivind Mårstig
Eivind Mårstig Hour ago
Their personalities are so bad.. They should definitely just stick to dancing for 9 year olds on TikTok
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
Leyah Hinton
Leyah Hinton Hour ago
Stop being rude to the d'amelio family Charli and Dixie just had a discussion of how they wanted different food and at least Dixie tried the snail. They are very nice people and I'm not letting you guys give them crap and I really hope the d'amelio family sees this and comments and under stands how I feel about mean people.😡😡😡
Leyah Hinton
Leyah Hinton 49 minutes ago
Omg I can't type
Leyah Hinton
Leyah Hinton 49 minutes ago
Leyah Hinton
Leyah Hinton 50 minutes ago
There nice people I swaer
Leyah Hinton
Leyah Hinton 50 minutes ago
They just wanted different food do you under stand that
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa 52 minutes ago
Don’t Stan this guy for clear skin bro they disrespects a person who cooked them food which is insane how can u do that
Zachary Yazid
Zachary Yazid Hour ago
These two girls' table manners are just atrocious compared to James's manners, like they two r supposed to be "inspiring" but this just shows their actual immature selves behind the camera smh
yann Hour ago
Why are they always instantly dropping their smile seems fake af
quinVlogs Hour ago
Dixie: *throws up* Charli: dO wE hAvE DiNo NuGgEtS?
quin p
quin p Hour ago
Jose Aldana
Jose Aldana Hour ago
are we gonna talk about Dixie eating her boogers???
Demigod 51 minute ago
Demigod 51 minute ago
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
I mean Charlie was still fine with it she was a very very disrespectful I thought no I was the luckiest man alive but sorry to say no you lost it even know I am I have reacted very very surprised to see how rude the Dixie actually is
Novaaleaa Hour ago
I think they were trying to be funny,which they are very much not.
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
It is actually kind of funny that only James is the one who is actually acting his age and acting with Charlie like Heidi and murder you and like older than Jasvir still he knows how to act and appreciate food which is period sister I love you so much change and this is the only everyone I support you because you’re so loving so caring not like the I am James you’re the best thank you so much for handling the situation like your age handling it so maturely and I love that about you you are so loving and caring are you respected whatever the chef cook which is very very very nice so thank you so so much is I am tell me also this emoji 🙏🏻❤️✨ to James for his gratitude for being so nice the chef
David Troupe
David Troupe Hour ago
That guy is fucking annoying 🙄 and his voice omfg... What's with guys trying to be girls...
Demigod 51 minute ago
True on that one brother
silent moon
silent moon Hour ago
It’s called being part of the LGBT+ community and it’s not guys trying to be girls, so go educate yourself. And if you don’t like his voice then you’re going to have to deal with it.
cigarette Hour ago
Play with Missmissa
Play with Missmissa Hour ago
Can we just give a gratitude to the person who cooked this meal by giving this emoji to him🙏🏻 so at least he feels nice and doesn’t feel insulted that he dissolutely gagged at how is food please it’s just a little thing we can do to make him feel better and it’s a way to apologise from Dixie side for acting so rudely to him
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