iPhone 12 Pro Review: You Sure About That?

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Marques Brownlee

Month ago

iPhone 12 Pro is in a tricky spot. Choose wisely.
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Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh 2 hours ago
i have a Samsung my phone storage is 128 GB and I am planning to go for the iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue
Galaxy ride
Galaxy ride 4 hours ago
it feels like you keep comparing the iphone pro with 12 and 12 max. instead of talking specifically about the content of the Iphone 12 pro.
Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig 6 hours ago
38.87GB on 256GB storage
Gary Dedderson
Gary Dedderson 10 hours ago
I'm not a camera snob But I wanted the lowlight features. But it sounds like the 12 Pro is meh. I guess the 11 Pro would be a better value except it's overpriced. . aaaah. What to do?
John Bradley
John Bradley 15 hours ago
I like how this phone is his daily driver
medison luna
medison luna 15 hours ago
Those intro shots man 👌
Kenneth Jensen
Kenneth Jensen 17 hours ago
Great review...but what about talking about the design...it looks like a bigger iPhone 5. Those edges will scratch your pockets and leave marks on your cowboy pants... ;-)
Kenneth Jensen
Kenneth Jensen 17 hours ago
Still have a camera bump...who are telling Apple and all other phone companies that it is okay to do that? It is so ignoring that I only buy covers to not have that bump...which might is one of the reasons they make them :-O
johntheGoat 23
johntheGoat 23 19 hours ago
Best phone out don’t hate y’all 🤫 max is way to big
axetjä bowden
axetjä bowden 19 hours ago
9:20 uses 54 gb of storage but still buys 512 gb version
Esvin Hernandez
Esvin Hernandez 20 hours ago
Xbox must have dropped the bag 💼
Chris George
Chris George Day ago
Personally I just don’t like how big the Max is. I want the best phone in the pro size, so just the pro is what I’m going with.
2k wholio
2k wholio Day ago
i would get the pro max but its to big so thats why i want a pro instead
Need to know about my new phone
Xlegit gamezX
Xlegit gamezX Day ago
I got the pro for 950 usd
Finx 18
Finx 18 Day ago
I had the 11 pro max and the battery life was the most amazing thing I have ever had in an iPhone. The only qualm I had was that the phone was too big for my daily usage, which made me opt to getting the regular sized iPhone 12 pro. I think more people are going to get the regular pro because the size is that sweet spot in the middle. Not to mention it’s only like $120 more than the 12 which is way less of a price gap than last years 11 vs 11 pro
Jake H
Jake H Day ago
So what would you say is better the 11 or the 12?
Jakob Schwabe
Jakob Schwabe Day ago
Personally I just don’t like how big the Max is. I want the best phone in the pro size, so just the pro is what I’m going with.
samyak shah
samyak shah Day ago
Also, Apple is having a hard time getting the Pro produced to meet the demand, so If you need a new iPhone ASAP, you might have to just go with the 12.
bun ♡
bun ♡ Day ago
man that’s crazy dawg... *buys phone anyway*
Ryan Seidenstricker
Ryan Seidenstricker Day ago
i have the iphone 11 do you think it’s worth upgrading to the 12 pro for 550$
hitoshi inaba
hitoshi inaba 2 days ago
9:43 “are you sure about that?” 🤣
hitoshi inaba
hitoshi inaba 2 days ago
Apple : we need to save environment, so we'll be removing the charger from our boxes proceeds to sell chargers separately "Environment everyone"
Joshua Hendrickson
Joshua Hendrickson 2 days ago
I will be saving up for an iPhone 12 pro because I can get it with 512 gigs of storage. I don't care about the camera as much as I'm totally blind. If I had an iPhone with 512 gigs of space that would mean more audio books I could put on it. My 256 gig iPhone 8 is almost full of audio books from a site for the blind and books from audible, and audio dramas I put on an app called voice dream reader. The phone will be expensive and it will take me some time to save enough money, but I will do my best to do it.
Chamitha de Alwis
Chamitha de Alwis 2 days ago
So the recommended option unless you need the pro max is 12 128 GB.
clark loeffler
clark loeffler 2 days ago
Stop questioning me. Let me make poor financial decisions in peace
Justin Jung
Justin Jung 2 days ago
Roy Antony
Roy Antony 2 days ago
The intro is fire 🔥
Roy Antony
Roy Antony 2 days ago
Can anyone give me the direct link to the intro track?
Simon Kristensson
Simon Kristensson 2 days ago
This bigger form factor combined with the new frame design makes it unwieldy one handed. And I only have to wait three years for them to fix it, because I bet that phones will shrink when AR Glasses becomes a thing.
Daniel Lorusso
Daniel Lorusso 2 days ago
I like all the added features of the pro max but the size for your pocket and single handed use is a big drawback. The added benefit of the battery is the big incentive for me. The camera differences seem so minuscule. Do any guys have any first hand experience with the Max and if this has been an issue?
512TXS DIY 3 days ago
So... if I want the “best” phone, price not being in consideration but want the smaller body like the original iPhone SE, what do I get?
Aesthetic Flamingo
Aesthetic Flamingo 3 days ago
Me being too lazy to watch the whole video can somebody pls do a summary in the comments here pls? Cuz I’m gonna get da iPhone 12 pro but then if there’s something bad to it then I might re consider some other. Pls somebody summarise the vid.
Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision 3 days ago
I just preordered my max...I actually feel really bad replacing a perfectly functional phone for it...lol
Kgomotso Mamunyani
Kgomotso Mamunyani 3 days ago
00:43 I love how you aligned the "PRO" to the couch. Great attention to detail.
Elie Azouz
Elie Azouz 3 days ago
When i feel that life is boring i watch your videos and damn your way of explaining ... talking ... i just don't know ... but i wish you can upload a video everyday ... i wish you the best because clearly you are a humble and a very nice person
David Wampamba
David Wampamba 3 days ago
Amazing review bro
Chris George
Chris George 3 days ago
Me: hasn't wanted an iPhone since like 2015. Also me: watches iPhone reviews every time
Charles Mut-Tracy
Charles Mut-Tracy 4 days ago
Makes sense that people use a lot of storage, but this dude using 21gb on spotify alone, idk what u downloading like damn I barely hit 7gb
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta 4 days ago
I was planning to go for the iphone 12 honestly but then i won't mind spending 100 bucks more for 12 pro. Please help me out. Which one should i go for..?
Dub _
Dub _ 2 days ago
@Elton Dakoli so the pro is the best display? im confused
Elton Dakoli
Elton Dakoli 2 days ago
@Dub _ i wish but, the hardware itself seem to scream low quilty.
Dub _
Dub _ 2 days ago
@Elton Dakoli as long a you disable true-tone,, the yellow goes away
Dub _
Dub _ 2 days ago
@Elton Dakoli so youre saying the 12 pro is better than the x ?
Elton Dakoli
Elton Dakoli 2 days ago
@Dub _ is not about the brightness but the colors have yellow tint, even the old iphone x have better colors. Than 12 and the mini.
Fyse 4 days ago
I just got this phone lmao
Med Ilyes Oudhini
Med Ilyes Oudhini 4 days ago
32gb + 16gb sd and still have 7 gigs free on each
Shawnta Anderson
Shawnta Anderson 4 days ago
If we’re being honest no damm phone is worth 1k
Corbin Jiang
Corbin Jiang 4 days ago
Stop questioning me. Let me make poor financial decisions in peace
Kathleen 4 days ago
My iPhone 7 died on Friday so had to buy new iPhone. Scored the 1 & only iPhone 12 Pro T-Mobile had in stock near me in WNY. I’m not able to wfh without working device 👩‍💻👁👁 Watching your review
Jezza 5 days ago
12 pro max is too big
Faruq. O
Faruq. O 5 days ago
iPhone 12 (128gb): £879 (+ £30 without carrier) iPhone 12 pro (128gb): £999 (+ £30 without carrier) I was gonna go with the pro cause the price difference isn’t that much but now I’m not sure 🤔
hunner36 5 days ago
Personally I just don’t like how big the Max is. I want the best phone in the pro size, so just the pro is what I’m going with.
It's me yanti
It's me yanti 5 days ago
In Hongkong by iPhone 11 green 💚 Ilike Subscribe from Hongkong Nice Thanks for Sharing
MKBHD: maybe you’re one of those people who use less than 64 gb of storage Me using more than 322gb of storage: yikes
Guillermo Columbus
Guillermo Columbus 5 days ago
I got the pro because of ProRaw, it’s awesome how it keeps so much data and almost no noise!
Richard Colon
Richard Colon 5 days ago
65.24 GB of used storage. Jesus. Lol
sacredgeometry 5 days ago
This years phones irritated me. On one hand they fixed the design problems (well most of them they still have that god awful camera bump) Apple need to reduce their line up to 2 phones. Both with the same feature set just one with a larger battery and screen/ form factor. I need LIDAR as I am an engineer and no doubt that will be a requirement I will want to develop against at some point in the future so for convenience having it on my phone so I can run tests is necessary. If it wasn't for that one feature I would have gone with the smallest iPhone.
Ahmad El-Saadi
Ahmad El-Saadi 5 days ago
you answered all my questions brother. thank you
Urnd Fdj
Urnd Fdj 6 days ago
I can't see John Cena.
Dynamite Dmoney
Dynamite Dmoney 6 days ago
Is anyone debating not purchasing the new iPhones bc of them not coming with power-brick or headphones? Also, does anyone know of a vehicle that has a USBC outlet or do you need an adapter? So now I need to buy a bunch of chargers and an adapter for my car!? smh 😒
Mad Titan
Mad Titan 6 days ago
Why we couldn't see anybody when the wall behind MKB ruptured?
Zacharie Chiron
Zacharie Chiron 6 days ago
Thanks for this, really interesting take.
Omg that intro is everything marques!
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman 6 days ago
Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro? Me: Yesn't
emeka o
emeka o 6 days ago
It's not worth it. I use 11 pro max. It's just the same damn shit
nga hoang
nga hoang 7 days ago
Renovatio 7 days ago
THE FACT IS NOT A PRO AT ALL. It's a mediocre phone for Christ sake. The design is from iPhone 5, top notch is still there, no in-display finger print scanner. No power share etc.
Hemanth Kumar tips n tricks
Hemanth Kumar tips n tricks 7 days ago
Congratulations for 13 million subs 🔥🔥
Amirah Amilin
Amirah Amilin 7 days ago
Tq for reviewing.. now i found the answer 💜
Nathan C
Nathan C 7 days ago
kidney: it was nice working with u
oddeda 7 days ago
64GB, and even 128GB is a joke in today's standards. Worthless.
IMP3TIGO 7 days ago
I got my Pro Max yesterday and tried it with the MagSafe charger and with a thin TPU case on the magnetic attraction between the phone and the charger is rather weak and does not "snap" together (and no, I'm not using the wrong side) at all. It can keep the charger attached when held vertically but shake it a little and it will fall off. It requires sliding it around slowly until you feel that weak attraction and then the charging graphic pops up and the chime sounds. I find that to be rather disappointing (along with the lack of a USB-C wall plug with the phone, what a stupid decision) although not a deal breaker by any means. Just wish it actually snapped together better so that I don't have to fiddle around with it to get it at the right position.
Silent J
Silent J 7 days ago
the only thing that is lacking in the intro is Polyphia's material.
Zack Ormsby
Zack Ormsby 7 days ago
Apple has removed ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ from iOS 14. Please make a review about this. I have photos with & without the feature. WITH the feature, I was capturing photos up to 17MP with my 12MP camera. Now that’s gone. I’d be happy to provide you with examples if you review this travesty.
Autogusti 8 days ago
Who asked for magnets on iPhone?? What’s wrong with apple?
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen 8 days ago
Apple 2020 - Big notch - No USB c - Less battery - No 120hz - NoTouch ID - Fast charger at 20w
Terence Grant
Terence Grant 8 days ago
Legit bought the pro for anesthetic reasons. Max is too big and the triple camera lense looks better than the dual. Lol.
Doug Roe
Doug Roe 8 days ago
Hey Marqus! I need your help big time!! Have you noticed your AirPods Pro sound quality change since you've connected it to your iPhone 12 Pro???its not good anymore!! Let me know please and if so is there any way to fix it??
I’m Normal
I’m Normal 8 days ago
I’m writing this comment in the pouring rain, that should tell you everything. IPhone 12 pro is the shit. I can’t see my phone through the rain. Works fine doesn’t it? Says everything.
I’m Normal
I’m Normal 8 days ago
I live in England. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤣
I’m Normal
I’m Normal 8 days ago
My Galaxy S3 didn’t work in the rain...Love this!
Hey Kelso
Hey Kelso 8 days ago
Anyone who has the 12 pro: what are your thoughts on the battery? Does it last a whole day or do you find yourself charging it before the day ends?
sankefair 8 days ago
For sure Iphone 12 is good buy as Camera not really big difference. I have 8 plus and never really use or notice i am using telephoto lenses. So Iphone 12 Pro although i like it but best money can buy is 1phone 12. For me i love apple phone keyboard 👉🏻 Love typing. 🙏🏻❤️
sandrayys 8 days ago
Is anyone else having an issue on their iPhone 12 Pro where you receive iMessages but not the notifications? I've chatted and spoken to Apple's support team and no help at all with this issue and concerned about this.
bjay0323 8 days ago
extra storage is always 100$ more
Raphael Scharf - Katz
Raphael Scharf - Katz 8 days ago
Who’s getting the 12 Mini and doesn’t think that the Pros are worth the money?
Dub _
Dub _ 2 days ago
im trying to decide between both. as far as money is concerned, i would happily pay $2000 for a Mini Pro
Dami 7 days ago
Just got the X for $200. Will get the 12 in 2 years time lol
PowerLearn 9 days ago
The intro just hooks you in. The camera robot MKB has is just OP.
Scott Medina
Scott Medina 9 days ago
I just got my 11 pro max 256gb from SCOTTDELLER on telegram and I just Been delivered to me just now guys make your deal with him it dem real✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Beauty Geek
Beauty Geek 9 days ago
Great review. Thank you!!
p3rrypm 9 days ago
Umm, it’s not sensor shift AF, it is sensor shift stabilization and Lidar AF.
Raskolnikov 9 days ago
64gb was always more than enough for me... iCloud is cheaper.
Ali Zunaif
Ali Zunaif 9 days ago
I got the 12 pro I am happy with it
Sumit Sharma
Sumit Sharma 9 days ago
He makes the best cinematic shots Yeah (Better than Apple)
Cleezty on IG
Cleezty on IG 10 days ago
I got it for the flex
imicca 10 days ago
why this review seems off: Marques compares to Pro Max a lot, there is no point in it. People who are looking to buy iPhone 12 Pro are probably NOT LOOKING to buy Pro Max, so there is no real advantage on suggesting to buy bigger one when no one is asking for that in "iPhone 12 Pro Review" video
Luqmaan 9 days ago
exactly, and since pro max has released we know there is not much improvement in the camera, so he was just speculating based on the apple launch.
Amru 10 days ago
Watching this on my new iPhone 12 Pro and I would say this phone is amazing!
Cleezty on IG
Cleezty on IG 10 days ago
What is the battery life like?
Arnav Bajwa
Arnav Bajwa 10 days ago
I quite like the integrated A14 processor of this phone along with the incredible camera support. I do wish that the battery was better though.
Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall 10 days ago
I have a galaxy note 10 plus. And I gotta say right off the bat my pics and videos alone takes up 98 gigs not counting my sd cards with a total of 112 gigs of media.
Joshua Vergara
Joshua Vergara 10 days ago
I'm keeping my 11 pro max and need a second phone for business. I'll probs get the 12 pro but I don't know what color I don't want to go with black again. Any recommendations for what color that would match my 11? :)
Danny Sk
Danny Sk 10 days ago
would you upgrade a Galaxy S10 to the iphone 12 pro or wait one year?
Danny Sk
Danny Sk 9 days ago
@Cleezty on IG i already tried it. I dont notice it on 90% of the time.. only when i scroll and so on but i would always turn it off just for saving battery i think
Cleezty on IG
Cleezty on IG 9 days ago
@Danny Sk trust me, it makes a HUGE difference, I also couldn't believe it but then I walked to a local tech store and tried it on an S20 Ultra and it looks so awesome
Danny Sk
Danny Sk 10 days ago
@Cleezty on IG thats true..although i think 120hz is useless on a smartphone. I use 144hz on my desktop but i dont need 120hz for wahtsapp, some news and youtube (which is all i do on a smartphone) :D but yea..probably its smarter to wait..but its so temtping and the 12pro in pacific blue is just beautiful
Cleezty on IG
Cleezty on IG 10 days ago
@Danny Sk I can understand you but except battery life the S10 is still a great phone. And the iPhone 13 will very likely get a 120hz display and some other big Improvements
Danny Sk
Danny Sk 10 days ago
@Cleezty on IG why? I have the exyons version and my SOT is around 3-4h right now which sucks..
Mr Meticulous123
Mr Meticulous123 10 days ago
I bought the iPhone 12 instead. Hope I made the right choice. I don’t really take to much photos anymore so I felt it was the right choice.
Behnood Baligh
Behnood Baligh 10 days ago
What about buying an 11 Pro instead of these 2? Could it be a rational choice?
Anita Butler
Anita Butler 10 days ago
Trouble with the max is the size. Most of us don’t want a giant phone.
EinfachNurMarc 10 days ago
Its 170 € difference between the 128 GB models. So if I already spend that much money on a phone, the 170 dont make it fat anymore ^^
Pure Born
Pure Born 10 days ago
8:45 ..... Or maybe im just sitting here with my old 6s with 16Gb that i can´t even install IOS update couse I would have to delete all the apps for that .
do nut
do nut 10 days ago
I was also deciding between the 12 and 12pro. I got the 12 pro for the size and especially the build quality. The iPhone 12's aluminum body is bound to get more chips and scratches. I upgraded from the SE 1st gen. Hoping to keep the 12 pro for a long time.
GagaMania 10 days ago
Who was the random guy superimposed on to the background in your video? Lmao
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