Logic - Homicide ft. Eminem (Official Video)

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Year ago

"Homicide" available on all streaming services now: logic.lnk.to/Homicide
Music video by Logic performing Homicide. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Noel Allen Bose
Noel Allen Bose 2 hours ago
I used to like Logic , the Rapper.
Ganesh Sonawane
Ganesh Sonawane 3 hours ago
This many words used by Eminem in 47 year's 👇
TheTwicksShow 3 hours ago
I paused the video so they can breathe.
- Spice
- Spice 5 hours ago
Hey Logic. Youre awful you nerd
Maddie Parsons
Maddie Parsons 5 hours ago
When Logic is way better to look at than Eminem xD
shcuhg 9 hours ago
Gianni Moro
Gianni Moro 10 hours ago
I’ve watched this plenty of times I’m just curious if anyone else noticed that Chris Delia didn’t have any of Eminem tattoos lol
theBaronV 14 hours ago
To all of those that do not care because Logic is "corny" and other things like that, that is all bullsh*t. I would like you to listen to these songs: Logic - Growing Pains I-III Logic - Under Pressure (full version) Logic - Young Sinatra III (Arguably the best logic song however it is disputed for if it was Under Pressure) Logic - Dead Presidents III Logic - Disgusting I want you to listen to these because they will make you realize how talented Logic really is. These are my favorite Logic songs. This is before all of the biracial stuff that people started to find annoying. Another great logic song is Logic - No Pressure Freestyle.
Nation 17 hours ago
This song is wack bro.
Oliver Stoned
Oliver Stoned 18 hours ago
*If they spilled some Lyrical Lemonade on this video and had Eminem REALLY in it, it would be at 200 million easy.*
Tomer Feldman
Tomer Feldman 20 hours ago
The end of this video is a Dislike trigger
RED LION LIVE YT Op 22 hours ago
Sub to mee if u love logic
Kene Onuora
Kene Onuora 22 hours ago
play at 2x speed
Вова Вовп
Вова Вовп 23 hours ago
это что? и тд
ElitE H00ps
ElitE H00ps Day ago
Littertly favorite logic song!! Changed rap game. I hope you are a good father.
Jervy Crisostomo
Jervy Crisostomo Day ago
At 6:23 tho
Lachlan Sands
Lachlan Sands Day ago
When someone blames you for killing someone in among us : you: 2:17
Franselina samosir
Franselina samosir Day ago
playin at 1.5 speed, OMG its fckn lit
ClownOP Day ago
This 🔥
koi chakker ni sidhu aujla
koi chakker ni sidhu aujla Day ago
This song is copied . inspired from Meri Bari kids hot nd krsna
bisrat minasie
bisrat minasie Day ago
How does it feel spending the entirety of the song playin catch-up👩🏻‍🦱
Futuremicrobe 93
Futuremicrobe 93 Day ago
He says the n word at 3:00
Yassin KDR
Yassin KDR Day ago
Everyone : this shit dope Me : where is that phone's front cam ?
carla castillo
carla castillo Day ago
south park
Jacqueline Beal
Jacqueline Beal Day ago
maybe a little disturbed.
Jacqueline Beal
Jacqueline Beal Day ago
this is literally one of the best things I have EVER heard
expired Day ago
Aisha McConnell
Aisha McConnell Day ago
67! MILLION!! 67 MILLION!!!!!! VIEWS Nuff Said.
One_ King
One_ King 47 minutes ago
And the audio has 77mil
Quincy G.
Quincy G. Day ago
Em looks WAY different than he did when he was much younger. Prior to me watching this video for the first time today, If I had to pick Em out in a crowd of people I would never recognize him
PinTheNoob Hour ago
returning fan or... new fan?
Quincy G.
Quincy G. Day ago
They've got MAD TALENT!! I LOVE IT
Locke the Bozz Offical
Locke the Bozz Offical Day ago
Folgt mit Leute ich bin Back Locke der Bozz aka Mr.Crime Gruss an alle .....die mich kennen
Hello There
Hello There Day ago
whats with em and murder?
akkidia 4592
akkidia 4592 2 days ago
Fun fact: Eminem does actually appear in this video
nicholas del maestro
nicholas del maestro 2 days ago
when he pulled the wig off lol!!
hiropon 2 days ago
chris is innocent, btw, before you comment about it. just enjoy the song and his comedy and move on.
Ankith Singh
Ankith Singh 2 days ago
catalina stoica
catalina stoica 2 days ago
Forse pascheta ahahahah non ha cambiato l'idea, .... La tata ... Da sua mamma stamparla
K Tina
K Tina 2 days ago
He said, "...you using way too many napkins..." 😂 I no longer exist 😩😂
K Tina
K Tina 12 hours ago
"I'm in the cabana chanting all this stand up banter".... but way it's making sense though 🤪
Faolan O'Donnell
Faolan O'Donnell 2 days ago
No more dislikes its at 69k
Mohamedissavage 2 days ago
When I vent: *gets voted out as imposter* When Eminem vents: *gets compared to an air duct*
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker 2 days ago
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Mark j Fox
Mark j Fox 2 days ago
Name someone faster than these two
Blud Stanes
Blud Stanes 2 days ago
some of the dude's lines are kinda tight, it's just too bad he's trying to impersonate someone else cuz that takes attention away from his rap skills and more on his impersonation skills... if that makes any sense
femalebreast intercourse
femalebreast intercourse Day ago
Bobbie Ann Hunter
Bobbie Ann Hunter 2 days ago
Bobbie Ann Hunter
Bobbie Ann Hunter 2 days ago
Bobbie Ann Hunter
Bobbie Ann Hunter 2 days ago
I got rich strad-t-gic
Bobbie Ann Hunter
Bobbie Ann Hunter 2 days ago
Mariah Carey Airhart
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson 2 days ago
2 best rappers alive are white....Bobby white according to black people
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson 2 days ago
Is that smalls from sandlot
Stephen George
Stephen George 2 days ago
Waaay too many napkins
Hello There
Hello There 2 days ago
where he asks if u know why ur the greatest
Hello There
Hello There 2 days ago
what happened to part with ur dad logic thats in spotify?
Oni Khasbo
Oni Khasbo 3 days ago
Chima102 3 days ago
Logic deadass just rhymed shit with shit after saying "make another rhyme" 🤔🤔
jay buck
jay buck 3 days ago
BøB_Hi ¿?
BøB_Hi ¿? 3 days ago
Chris Delia Eminem can’t hurt you he’s not real 5:05
Doge Is the best
Doge Is the best 3 days ago
Eminem’s better
SneaX 3 days ago
Like for a NF and LOGIC collab
Philly Life
Philly Life 3 days ago
If people don't like mumble rap......Then what is this??? Lol
Philly Life
Philly Life 3 days ago
@n o And a hamburger isn't a hamburger. Lol. It's all beef
n o
n o 3 days ago
this isnt mumble rap???? muble rap is like gucci gang and gooba where the artists literally mumbles and slurs the words. in this you can clearly hear each word coz they're using real words lmao. this is the furthest thing from mumble rap my dude.
game2091 3 days ago
Daily thoughts:the sun will die and no one can stop it
Ed Blake
Ed Blake 3 days ago
D'Elia with his latest twitter girl in this video.
Robloxgaming223 233
Robloxgaming223 233 3 days ago
I wish the actual logic and enimene
Marcus Medlock
Marcus Medlock 3 days ago
stand in the gap
Marcus Medlock
Marcus Medlock 3 days ago
My brotha
sandro tsaava
sandro tsaava 3 days ago
hamburger meme
Alexander Lyday
Alexander Lyday 3 days ago
Talking shit about rappers while you have the same bumble mouth approach -_- stick with ballads.
JWB Games _
JWB Games _ 3 days ago
Well Chris is here guys hide the kids
Jeremy Wolf
Jeremy Wolf 3 days ago
This is the best thing ever
Elijah Davidson
Elijah Davidson 3 days ago
Y shjehshh kg djfhdhgshshshdhd is what logic is saying
ZL1 aftermath
ZL1 aftermath 3 days ago
Logic is an artist not a rapper repetitive makes perfect
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani 3 days ago
This video wasn’t that funny other than the end.
Brysonn Masone
Brysonn Masone 3 days ago
No one gonna talk abt the fact that he said the n word?
Melody Darkheart
Melody Darkheart Day ago
Logic is half black
Michael Niswander
Michael Niswander 3 days ago
Omgods.. Yes, lol! 😂🤣😂
the Ruby maker
the Ruby maker 3 days ago
Why can I hear every single word clearly here but can’t..... sing it
the Ruby maker
the Ruby maker Day ago
@SneaX yea...true
SneaX 3 days ago
Coz hes god and ur a peasant
Johnny Alexander iii
Johnny Alexander iii 3 days ago
Johnny Alexander iii
Johnny Alexander iii 3 days ago
My confesions
Johnny Alexander iii
Johnny Alexander iii 3 days ago
Non rapper turning corners snoopin
MaxG_BOI666 3 days ago
I hate songs like this I just wanna hear the song
Haloair Channel
Haloair Channel 3 days ago
Innocent fucking rap
kourosh zakipour
kourosh zakipour 3 days ago
its sad that it only has like 70 mil views
LSDemon Joe
LSDemon Joe 3 days ago
He said the n word
Ali Elmogrbe
Ali Elmogrbe 4 days ago
2:14 u r welcome
W&VES 4 days ago
I liked the part when he rapped.
[Imflex] 4 days ago
Real rap starts from 2:16 by a CSE student at IPU university 😎✌
Valerie Owings
Valerie Owings 4 days ago
I felt it when logic started speaking enchantment table
zeening 4 days ago
songs dope but the videos retarded lol is that fucking chris delia playing eminem? like you said in the start.... fucking bruh.....
Moises Trujillo
Moises Trujillo 4 days ago
That iphone don't have a camara
Rickey Michael
Rickey Michael 4 days ago
they should make a scientists react to logic and eminem
Lokmaster 2007
Lokmaster 2007 4 days ago
Dude eminem Looks so Young
Inter - X
Inter - X 4 days ago
3:04 When he said Nig*** Sh*t, I truly felt A "real" artist feelings.
Xxxmochimidnightvibez :3
Xxxmochimidnightvibez :3 4 days ago
Logic x emine =Xxxtentacion?!
Jolon Taylor
Jolon Taylor 4 days ago
I felt like when he says at the end lmao
austin cochran
austin cochran 4 days ago
I really miss when logic actually wrote good music.
austin cochran
austin cochran 4 days ago
This video is trash.
Jacob Bisping
Jacob Bisping 4 days ago
Lmao stfu eminem will forever b a god
Guero Imyourguy
Guero Imyourguy 4 days ago
Love the guy at the end
Product Rose
Product Rose 4 days ago
Come over to my channel for 🔥 music, new track out now!🌹
Jeremiah Morris
Jeremiah Morris 4 days ago
I think logic said something without a n word pass
Rudraksh Yadav
Rudraksh Yadav 4 days ago
Why don't they have a front camera??
Luis Gabriel
Luis Gabriel 4 days ago
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