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Steve Cutts

2 years ago

The story of a rodent's unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment.

'Habanera' by Bizet
'Morning Mood' by Edvard Grieg

alison_NxA_20 Hour ago
iono se que acabo de ver tururururu mi profe esta loca me dijo q viera esto tururu ESTO ES PAZ?????????????????????????' nosenoseeeee
jorg3:v 123
jorg3:v 123 2 hours ago
O owo
iTrxsh i
iTrxsh i 2 hours ago
Back to these videos.
Elisabetta Mazzilli
Elisabetta Mazzilli 5 hours ago
Mai mi ridurro tale.mai!!!!
biggy boi
biggy boi 7 hours ago
You never know you had true happiness until it’s gone
Nicobi 7 hours ago
Corona virus has approved this video.
Lander 11 hours ago
Fun fact: the reason that they are so overpopulated because rats produces a lot of babies.
Dion Ruiz
Dion Ruiz 12 hours ago
*The Rat Race*
Keshav Thakkar
Keshav Thakkar 15 hours ago
佐々木周士 15 hours ago
この動画の趣旨ってあれか? 幸せなんていうものは一瞬てことかな?
Mr. Shorts
Mr. Shorts 19 hours ago
Chelsea Cruise
Chelsea Cruise Day ago
I hate how accurate this actually is
Cormac Abbey
Cormac Abbey Day ago
How the fuck are libs watching this and their takeaway is “wow that’s so deep and depressing” and think nothing about it’s commentary on capitalism and consumerism
Selfish Gamer
Selfish Gamer Day ago
Find happiness in your family
The Dark Shinobi
The Dark Shinobi Day ago
HAPPINESS is a Rat King daydream. NPI 🐀
Priyanshu musician
Priyanshu musician Day ago
That's what happiness is
Silshini Day ago
Imagine being depressed over life before watching this
Insane Potato
Insane Potato Day ago
Legend = Steve Cutts❤️
Susheela Dabla
Susheela Dabla Day ago
This video just called me a rat, I am 😳
Minenhle Zwane
Minenhle Zwane 2 days ago
From Stuart Little to Mickey Mouse
No 2 days ago
eh, don’t care
anchey 2 days ago
We watched this in school today and I started crying:D
Elsewhere Someplace
Elsewhere Someplace 2 days ago
Remember whats truly important, be happy people :)
Karan Acharya
Karan Acharya 2 days ago
I can relate to this at 27
branlook A
branlook A 2 days ago
Yo no estoy en la carrera de las ratas. yo estoy en mi carrera se ser mi propio jefe 😉😂👌🙈🙉
GY NAT 2 days ago
Luciano Fernandez
Luciano Fernandez 2 days ago
Happinew im not happy im very sad i think in suicide
Argonaut 2 days ago
reminds me of why I hate capitalism and the way society functions as a whole.
Argonaut Day ago
@Jake Sanchez woah I'm sorry did I trigger you? I apologize for hurting your feelings.
Jake Sanchez
Jake Sanchez Day ago
wow you are so deep and unique please teach me now i can be deep and thoughtful like you
Jonshan Dhan
Jonshan Dhan 2 days ago
This is the life of people
ChickenOraría 2 days ago
2:17 I understand it. It’s a dick
아나고다TV 2 days ago
Happiness does not come from money, honor, medicine, or discounts. Happiness is very close to us.
Scribbl Z Studios
Scribbl Z Studios 3 days ago
I’m scared :(
The Rat’s in town
The Rat’s in town 3 days ago
I’m eating so imma just... go...
Армен Жидрасян
Армен Жидрасян 3 days ago
great job.
The Dude
The Dude 3 days ago
The alcohol is where the trouble really started in this story
Smartmazy 3 days ago
bruh dont go drugs kids
Rocio cobos herbert
Rocio cobos herbert 3 days ago
Alguien de México o de cualquier otro país q viene de ver Cosmopolitan el vídeo q se llama "*los cortometrajes q debes de ver antes de morir*" bueno creo q soy la única .
Artiom & Allex
Artiom & Allex 3 days ago
Так вот ты какое счастье :)
Ferat Bingöl
Ferat Bingöl 3 days ago
Abhishek Biswas
Abhishek Biswas 3 days ago
This is our society, everyone think about themselves, but that's not their fault this is human physiology these days Actually, "happiness is the thing which get by free heart and soul not by your money" and "money can do anything" both statements are bullshitness. Money you have earned is your hardwork and you can't just spend all your hardwork on something to make others happy. Happiness lies their where you can help others by having your own necessities, e.g- you can donate some money to have some self satisfaction and happiness but you can't just spend all your hardwork to make the world better place by ruining your own life, ruining your hardwork. And after helping others by putting your 100% also only the 15-25% will remember you and others will just forget what you have done and at last you will have 0% for yourself. Although this is our society
Sasha Day ago
I know I will have to work almost my entire life doing something I don’t really like to make a company owner money. I know I will have a few hours a day at most to myself, so I’ll never actually be good at anything beyond my job I don’t really like. I know I’ll never be that attractive to anyone, not like a rock star or movie star or model or whatever would. I know I might have a few friends, but not really get that much validation, and not really accomplish that much, and not be remembered. It would be one thing if I didn’t have all the validation and money and whatever else, but actually had my time and autonomy. That might be a fair trade. But I can’t see any future where I make enough money to survive and don’t have to sacrifice my life to company owners. I’m not intelligent, talented, attractive, or determined enough to ever rise above this. And many people in the world have it even worse than I do. There are still literal slaves in this world making shoes and nobody cares. There are families getting evicted from their homes right now because their job that they probably hated was destroyed by a fucking pandemic and nobody cares. There are countless already homeless and nobody cares. So I feel even worse thinking I should expect anything at all. It’s like despite all the niceties and progressive ideals people spout, it’s still just fucking feudal barbarism with some extra technology and garnish. There’s no escaping this for normal people without massive luck. I will be a corporate cog forever. Dying with no fanfare except maybe my family and a couple friends. Having done nothing for myself or humanity. And not even having enjoyed or owned most of my time. Just another nobody worker.
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