SCP-049 - the Plague Doctor Captured (SCP Animation & Story)

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SCP Explained - Story & Animation

3 months ago

SCP-049 is an anomaly also known as dr. Thomas Morstead or Plague Doctor.
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" Plague Doctor" based upon “SCP-049” Gabriel Jade (Author), Gabriel Jade (Rewrite author), djkaktus (Rewrite author)

SCP Explained - Story & Animation
SCP Explained - Story & Animation 2 months ago
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Adek Day ago
I did it with pleasure
Dominic Rose
Dominic Rose 3 days ago
@Amin M. Is death reall?
Dominic Rose
Dominic Rose 3 days ago
SD AMV 8 days ago
Item #: SCP-049 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is contained within a Standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell in Research Sector-02 at Site-19. SCP-049 must be sedated before any attempts to transport it. During transport, SCP-049 must be secured within a Class III Humanoid Restriction Harness (including a locking collar and extension restraints) and monitored by no fewer than two armed guards. While SCP-049 is generally cooperative with most Foundation personnel, outbursts or sudden changes in behaviour are to be met with elevated force. Under no circumstances should any personnel come into direct contact with SCP-049 during these outbursts. In the event SCP-049 becomes aggressive, the application of lavender (L. multifida) has been shown to produce a calming effect on the entity. Once calmed, SCP-049 generally becomes compliant, and will return to containment with little resistance. In order to facilitate the ongoing containment of SCP-049, the entity is to be provided with the corpse of a recently deceased animal (typically a bovine or other large mammal) once every two weeks for study. Corpses that become instances of SCP-049-2 are to be removed from SCP-049's containment cell and incinerated. SCP-049 is no longer permitted to interact with human subjects, and requests for human subjects are to be denied. Temporary Containment Procedure Update: (See Addendum 049.3) Per Containment Committee Order 049.S19.17.1, SCP-049 is no longer permitted to interact directly with any members of Foundation staff, nor is it to be provided with any additional corpses to be used in its surgeries. This order shall persist indefinitely, until such time a consensus regarding the ongoing containment of SCP-049 can be reached. Description: SCP-049 is a humanoid entity, roughly 1.9 meters in height, which bears the appearance of a medieval plague doctor. While SCP-049 appears to be wearing the thick robes and the ceramic mask indicative of that profession, the garments instead seem to have grown out of SCP-049's body over time1, and are now nearly indistinguishable from whatever form is beneath them. X-rays indicate that despite this, SCP-049 does have a humanoid skeletal structure beneath its outer layer. SCP-049 is capable of speech in a variety of languages, though tends to prefer English or medieval French2. While SCP-049 is generally cordial and cooperative with Foundation staff, it can become especially irritated or at times outright aggressive if it feels that it is in the presence of what it calls the "Pestilence". Although the exact nature of this Pestilence is currently unknown to Foundation researchers, it does seem to be an issue of immense concern to SCP-049. SCP-049 will become hostile with individuals it sees as being affected by the Pestilence, often having to be restrained should it encounter such. If left unchecked, SCP-049 will generally attempt to kill any such individual; SCP-049 is capable of causing all biological functions of an organism to cease through direct skin contact. How this occurs is currently unknown, and autopsies of SCP-049's victims have invariably been inconclusive. SCP-049 has expressed frustration or remorse after these killings, indicating that they have done little to kill "The Pestilence", though will usually seek to then perform a crude surgery on the corpse using the implements contained within a black doctor's bag it carries on its person at all times3. While these surgeries are not always "successful", they often result in the creation of instances of SCP-049-2. SCP-049-2 instances are reanimated corpses that have been operated on by SCP-049. These instances do not seem to retain any of their prior memories or mental functions, having only basic motor skills and response mechanisms. While these instances are generally inactive, moving very little and in a generally ambulatory fashion, they can become extremely aggressive if provoked, or if directed to by SCP-049. SCP-049-2 instances express active biological functions, though these are vastly different from currently understood human physiology. Despite these alterations, SCP-049 often remarks that the subjects have been "cured". Addendum 049.1: Discovery SCP-049 was discovered during the investigation of a series of unknown disappearances in the town of Montauban in southern France. During a raid on a local home, investigators found several instances of SCP-049-2, as well as SCP-049. While law enforcement personnel engaged the hostile 049-2 instances, SCP-049 was noted as watching the engagement and taking notes in its journal. After all of the 049-2 instances were dispatched, SCP-049 willingly entered Foundation custody.
Oof ultimate joe O
Oof ultimate joe O 11 days ago
I think the pestilence is life
Ethan Zimmer
Ethan Zimmer 4 hours ago
Don't call plague doctor cosplayers scp. we hate that
Peter Dowding
Peter Dowding 4 hours ago
The dad had to go get milk
Skyly Plays
Skyly Plays 5 hours ago
I wish SCP-049 was real
Candied gumball
Candied gumball 5 hours ago
Random Zergling
Random Zergling 7 hours ago
The pestilence is gonna be the final boss of 2020.
Kanweyou123 Dose Stuff
Kanweyou123 Dose Stuff 12 hours ago
lagginggames gaming
lagginggames gaming 12 hours ago
Wait He pull out equipment of bags? I tho he pull it out of thin air Or was it his robe? I forgot already nvm.
Michael the Gacha Creator
Michael the Gacha Creator 18 hours ago
i think scp 049 should be thaumiel/euclid, he complies with the foundation, and when an scp is set for termination, he'll do the deed.
Detective Weebish
Detective Weebish 18 hours ago
So we aren't gonna talk about how 049 could make a whole cure to cancer
Ashtron of Masks
Ashtron of Masks 20 hours ago
049: i cure the infected 2020 covid: hello! 049: *in all cuntrys entrence* LET ME IN. LET ME IIINNN.
Loop the Loop
Loop the Loop 22 hours ago
The pestilence is the ability it hurt another
Freddie_06 Day ago
Corona: I'm about end this's (?) whole career.
Dale Kadar
Dale Kadar Day ago
Hawaii Day ago
For whatever reason this thing is my favorite....
katherine gorman
katherine gorman Day ago
what if he made covid!
Jeffery Montgomery
Jeffery Montgomery Day ago
...the pandemic you speak of does not exist... People in 2020: ...
Crishian Zarceno
Crishian Zarceno Day ago
I guess it was right about the pandemic
Elijah Sarabia
Elijah Sarabia Day ago
SCP 049 escapes in 2020 "the doctor will see you now"
IWasAllen Day ago
Killer Queen has already touched you.
Zedclaw Zedclaw
Zedclaw Zedclaw Day ago
Plauge doctor:the great pandemic has started Corona:SUP BI**HEST
Jacoby Dodge
Jacoby Dodge Day ago
ya know, 049 would be very useful in 2020.
Jacoby Dodge
Jacoby Dodge Day ago
5:42 how'd he know??!!
Scp 049
Scp 049 2 days ago
First You had no permission .. Said scp 049
Felipe 2 days ago
“Parents going to the market, and never coming back.” Well obviously is was the father of the family who went to the store to get milk and never came back
SMILE 2 days ago
please cure corona
Eliptically 2 days ago
everyone: trying to make a coronavirus vaccine 049 from within its cell: frustration
Adamluke Mercer
Adamluke Mercer 2 days ago
Ur making it like its class should be safe- Euclid
Brandon Henry
Brandon Henry 2 days ago
Wait pls tell me that this is fake if it not then .....😨😨😨
Mihai Visan
Mihai Visan 2 days ago
He just wanted to prevent thr coronavirus
tyquan fleming
tyquan fleming 2 days ago
I rolled a 12 on my green 🎲 tells story about ♓️
Drkkd Roblox
Drkkd Roblox 2 days ago
He is my favorite, he is so calm and does not even do anything to harm, he just taps.
Bryce S.
Bryce S. 2 days ago
He's just different
Charlie Hogdahl
Charlie Hogdahl 2 days ago
hes tacking about covid
Supernova Studios
Supernova Studios 2 days ago
Guys are you idoits this is stolen. From the infografics show
DragoDrakFist 2 days ago
The plague doctor has to be one of the best and strongest SCP: Secure Contain Protect.
Dylan H
Dylan H 2 days ago
Theres a reason only he can sense the pestilence...he is a trans-dimensional entity as is the plague he is fighting...the pestilence is its own SCP. The foundation needs to get intel from the SCP about the pestilence. Best way would be to tell him its for education for future doctors.
N.M.T Bandara
N.M.T Bandara 2 days ago
Is this real.....?
32-Aryan punalekar-9c
32-Aryan punalekar-9c 2 days ago
They should classify them as keter
Fluid 2 days ago
do you have the same editor as the infographics show
El Ticc nibba
El Ticc nibba 2 days ago
I don't like his voice I like the other narrator better
Child Lookingforafriend
Child Lookingforafriend 2 days ago
SCP: Secure.Contain.Protect
xxxShadowHunter 2 days ago
049 Mr. WorldWide
xxxShadowHunter 2 days ago
Oh sorry i mean mr. medieval worldwide since he can speak medieval french
Ashton Vargas
Ashton Vargas 2 days ago
Plague doctor when it's done writing: aight, I'ma head out
Messy Tuber
Messy Tuber 2 days ago
At least hes a gentleman most of the time
Godzilla Craft Gaming
Godzilla Craft Gaming 3 days ago
SCP 049: I am the cure. Me: *eats apple* Also me: *you dare oppose me mortal.*
Melissa Barr
Melissa Barr 3 days ago
So he's a euclid he really doesn't seem mean but his zombies are mean
pikachu with a glock ,indeed
pikachu with a glock ,indeed 3 days ago
1:44 nah they just went to get "milk"
Elizabeth Freeland
Elizabeth Freeland 3 days ago
he means coved 19
doomguy999 3 days ago
Watching these videos are better than playing scp games themselves
Codey Williamson
Codey Williamson 3 days ago
I'm just making a theory but maybe the pestilence is imagination because he says that we are bound by our lack of imagination or we have none at all so maybe that's what he is curing and the orangutan was relaxed because he "imagined" something relaxing and maybe they were violent because it made them imagine violent things that's just my theory though if anyone else had this theory pls tell me
GHOSTr 3 days ago
The plague doctor isn’t an scp are you fucking dumb Plague doctors were from the medieval times who worked with the Black Plague and sold medicine, and the mask wasn’t his face, the mask was a leather beak and medicine and herbs were stuffed inside the beak to prevent the doctor from getting sick himself
Rafihero750 3 days ago
hes kinda nice tho, but im afraid if talking with him face-to-face
Audie 3 days ago
Get 049 and ask him the cure for covid19
Fang mobile
Fang mobile 3 days ago
Yo he talking about corone 19
Max Hamill
Max Hamill 4 days ago
I can translate that for you
Simpbox 4 days ago
I have a theory maybe the pestalince is just the coronavirus
logan matthews
logan matthews 4 days ago
he legit told the furter abot corona
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon 4 days ago
he'll stop covid 19
GREEN 4 days ago
for real thats fake scp is not real but good story man
fawna gameing
fawna gameing 4 days ago
wish we had 049 rn
kiing 4 days ago
You are sick You are sick Ya are sicc
KEAN GAZO 4 days ago
SCP 049 so very Strong scp
Toon 4 days ago
scp 049 is real but he kills people before he cures them but plague doctors life isnt safe if you saw a black death infected kill them and make sure youre in a long distance
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 4 days ago
SCP-049 legit predicted the fricking future
Family Bryant
Family Bryant 4 days ago
Sub to my channel plz
Zachary Ibarra
Zachary Ibarra 4 days ago
0-49 looking kinda THICCCCC
Scp-049 3 days ago
I don’t appreciate you talking about my buttocks.
Red and Szechuan
Red and Szechuan 4 days ago
Well welcome to 2020 049, let me show you the way to every hospital in China.
Kaleb Makey
Kaleb Makey 4 days ago
I think I have a redaction
Liam Joiner
Liam Joiner 5 days ago
SCP-049 object class KETER SUPET VIOLENT
Rich Ala
Rich Ala 5 days ago
Now that I think about it, I think the pestilence is talking about the mortality of living beings.
THE FOX FAM 5 days ago
narrator: "people begun to go missing, children missing from there beds, parents gone to the super market and never came back" me:oh is that why people parents never come back from the store? i always wondered what happend.
Tanks,Memes And Weeb
Tanks,Memes And Weeb 5 days ago
Chillest Euclid I know of
I can’t think of a good name.
I can’t think of a good name. 5 days ago
ya but have we tried just, ya know asking it what the pestilience is? And maybe trying not to get on it's nerves?
Radical great again
Radical great again 5 days ago
SCP 049 are french ?!
Scp-049 3 days ago
I speak many languages. But I prefer French English.
Darrell ツ
Darrell ツ 5 days ago
Pls tell me he have covid-19 cure
ArsonPea Anims
ArsonPea Anims 5 days ago
Covid: I have infected the world. 049: *No, that's not true...* *THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!*
Dunno u sus To me
Dunno u sus To me 5 days ago
Ah yes... a cold... ):)
Chrispy_0 5 days ago
Let's make a poor attempt at linking SCP's together. SCP-49's efforts to cure the pestilence are actually his efforts to rid humanity of the influence of the entity we read about in SCP-5000.
THC Blurr
THC Blurr 5 days ago
The plague doctor was writing the notes in enchanted table
james erickson
james erickson 5 days ago
what if the "sickness" is the soul
Zionna Fair
Zionna Fair 5 days ago
Me see beginning: oh that's fine Also me when I read it: holdup
GamerGirl18 6 days ago
What would happen if scp-049 meets scp-542?
Ishan Khanna
Ishan Khanna 6 days ago
He's a true Chad
a young entomologist
a young entomologist 6 days ago
A great pandemic has started
Erazaph 6 days ago
What if his handwriting is so bad that it's considered an unknown language
Hminion221 6 days ago
He can cure the corona
Scp why
Scp why 6 days ago
SCP with no brim
Matt Drotos
Matt Drotos 6 days ago
SCP-049 is by far my favorite.
Kirk Vins
Kirk Vins 6 days ago
SCP-049 sounds like an awesome anime main antagonist not gonna lie.
Cas DJ
Cas DJ 6 days ago
You know, the plague doctor actually predicted civic 19
Elliot Fox
Elliot Fox 7 days ago
what if this guy who makes all these scp videos is a SCP
Cuklev Bojan
Cuklev Bojan 7 days ago
B r u h they helped people tf u talking about
Angelo Garay
Angelo Garay 7 days ago
11:55 Who else is watching this in 2020?
123456Attack 7 days ago
Hello REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED. Liked my sentence.
I_Am_Bord 7 days ago
Tbh he seems chill I would be friends with him. 1 touch and go insane now thats a bargain.
Random Backflip
Random Backflip 7 days ago
die man
die man 7 days ago
I thought 05 are allowed to read [REDACTED]!
Magmaaron 7 days ago
It’s parents would be proud
monkey gungy
monkey gungy 7 days ago
scp-173 do be kinda thcc tho ngl
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