The Rise And Fall Of Subway

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With thousands of store closures in the last three years and petitions against Subway from its franchise owners, the fast-food chain with the most locations globally seems to be on the rocks. We unpack what's going on and where Subway's headed from here.
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The Rise And Fall Of Subway

John Kelfy
John Kelfy Hour ago
Subway: Hello welcome to subway Me: **Some expired food**
John Kelfy
John Kelfy Hour ago
They are too cheap I better eat dirt and not subway.
Jesus Soto
Jesus Soto 13 hours ago
How do people not like subway. YOU MAKE THE SANDWICH
randy tabron
randy tabron 14 hours ago
Where the meat
Emilio Gallardo
Emilio Gallardo 15 hours ago
I don’t care what anyone says I love subway, still tastes really fresh. I can’t get it too often though because it’s too expensive
Im watching this while in subway
damnedcarrot 17 hours ago
It is pretty common knowledge now, at least amongst people who aren’t morons that fat doesn’t cause weight gain. A calorie surplus causes weight gain and sugar is the thing that is bad for you, not fat.
Dylan Warrick
Dylan Warrick 3 minutes ago
You’re completely right but fat has more double the calories as protein and carbs, which means it’s a lot easier to eat more calories when food has more fat than protein or carbs.
Kayla Wolfie
Kayla Wolfie 19 hours ago
I quit going for a while when I had gotten sick off the chicken. I still wont go to that location.
Conscience & freedom
Conscience & freedom 22 hours ago
From South Korea here & subway is so popular here because it has a variety of vegie choices, tasty cheeses and breads 👍👍👍
Pure Day ago
RecklesFlam1ngo Day ago
Our local subway here where I live in australia is pretty popular and doing well (plus I think the quality of the food is surprisingly decent compared to other ones)
Linda R.
Linda R. Day ago
For me. It just got too expensive, I haven’t been in 3 years. The quality went down too.
Letitia Beukes
Letitia Beukes Day ago
Any vegetarian or vegan options?
Curren Wiggins
Curren Wiggins Day ago
If I was starving I would eat it, but if I was just normal I would not eat it. It just got bland overtime
Paxton Cargill
Paxton Cargill Day ago
Do not eat from the subway in the rice lake walmart. There was a hair in my food, it smelled like weed and the girl at the desk was not wearing a mask(this was after the state mandated masks).
Almighty Liek
Almighty Liek Day ago
In Florida alot of us prefer publix subs
Nicki Millennium
Nicki Millennium Day ago
Cheap meat. Weird bread. Side items that taste like they were microwaved from frozen. They should revamp their stores to look more like a bistro and invest in better bread and meat.
Sam 89
Sam 89 Day ago
I haven't been to a subway in almost 10 years...
Potbelly is so much better! who else has tried PotBelly sandwich shop! ?
Aaron Bailey
Aaron Bailey 2 days ago
Make it taste like it did in the 90s and raise your prices to adjust. Quit dropping quality over cost.
Malik Adhwa
Malik Adhwa 2 days ago
KÏÑG ÂłBÂTRÖŚŚ 2 days ago
That lady is hot🥵
Danni Adriano
Danni Adriano 3 days ago
It fell? It’s still big in asia though, so it didn’t fall entirely.
Terry F
Terry F 3 days ago
Never understood why people went to Subway it's so easy to make a better sandwich at home much cheaper also the meat at Subway looks gross and is always processed. Subway would have to be the worst big chain fast food joint of all.
Plant Ster
Plant Ster 3 days ago
How can they make a salad roll taste so horrible??
Gabriela K
Gabriela K 3 days ago
you always talk about “fall” but the company still has stores worldwide and sells a ton everyday so i get confused
lasagna. doodles
lasagna. doodles 3 days ago
The fall was when James quit duh
Sally Hillal
Sally Hillal 3 days ago
The food is plastic chemicals
Elijah Leddy
Elijah Leddy 4 days ago
They should make a 50 cent foot long deal
Anonymous 4 days ago
I'm just really hungry that's why I'm watching this.
Fort Lambert
Fort Lambert 4 days ago
When she says “by the end of 2020”, we had no idea...
MOAB 5 days ago
Subways in London are Halal, a good enough reason to avoid them. They support animal cruelty.
Chris Sheridan
Chris Sheridan 5 days ago
To expensive..
DailyTrustinGod 5 days ago
WARNING: many subways were harmed during the making of this video
Chef Flavio
Chef Flavio 5 days ago
Company man is better, change my mind
The Virtual Captain
The Virtual Captain 5 days ago
I prefer WhichWich and Publix sandwiches, they r 10 times better than subway
Donna Lewis
Donna Lewis 5 days ago
I don't buy cause no meat on sub
hi people
hi people 5 days ago
Alyn Sterner
Alyn Sterner 5 days ago
5:02 BIG BITE!!! (anyone get that reference?)
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 5 days ago
I paid 10.63 for a Italian bmt w chips and a medium drink. Never going back. Bread was dry and crumbly. Meat was ok but the veggies were on their last leg.
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 5 days ago
Failure to innovate new sandwiches along w poor quality meats.
RayPlum63 5 days ago
tcdahn7 6 days ago
They used to stack them they're chincy and their bread sucks.
kirurathod1983 6 days ago
i can have good meal at kfc in the price of not so good subway food...
kirurathod1983 6 days ago
its too costly and too yakkkkkk...
Archer Madsen
Archer Madsen 6 days ago
I feel bad for Jared Fogle.
Mihad Alzayat
Mihad Alzayat 6 days ago
Subway, eat Flesh!
Alberto Gutierrez Hernandez
Alberto Gutierrez Hernandez 6 days ago
Here in Costa Rica cost around $8-$10+ but even here is considered expensive... but at least for me delicious. Only go 1 or 2 times every 3months aprox
Mountain Poo
Mountain Poo 6 days ago
Do you want to know what happen. Publix subs
jasmine stuart-smith
jasmine stuart-smith 6 days ago
wait but still go there every weekend how was there a fall?????
mei 7 days ago
Aku ingin subway tapi harganya kayak pecel ato gado2 -_-
Simon 7 days ago
And yeah, there are way too many subways all over. There used to be two subways in walking distance of my college, and subway just isn't that popular to warrant there being two. And that kinda sums up the whole brand, there's just way too many of them around. Sometimes I do find myself going there, but very rarely.
Simon 7 days ago
Which wich is up comparable.
Leon Lionheart
Leon Lionheart 7 days ago
its simple just too expensive. half a sandwich for 5 bucks.. not even drinks or anything else included.
FatheredPuma81 8 days ago
The Great Recession? What?
Just Me
Just Me 8 days ago
$16 for a sandwich yes i'll just go make it myself
Germaine Tan
Germaine Tan 8 days ago
what..? there's subways around asia, Singapore still has many subways and people go there a lot... sooo?? fall of subway? not rlly, they still working money in singapore and Malaysia
Mariamm Malik
Mariamm Malik 8 days ago
Pop eyes took over
Muaz Baharin
Muaz Baharin 8 days ago
All the Subway chains in Malaysia that I've went is all in good and clean condition. i can tell it is A+ in cleanliness. But the sandwich is a bit overpriced and you just get a little slice of meat
Yoyoman_ Blue6
Yoyoman_ Blue6 8 days ago
1:08 When you see your language out of nowhere..
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