10 Incredible Video Games You'll Never Play Again (And Why) - Commenter Edition

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WhatCulture Gaming

Month ago

Replay value? Never heard of her.
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ivan55 92
ivan55 92 Day ago
What??? I loveee days gone. Ive beat it 4 times and i still cant get enough.
NotUrAvgBard Day ago
ive played Metal Gear Solid 4 4 times, i love this game. Ive tried it harder each time. one of my favorite games of all time.
Optimal81 Day ago
This video is stupid. Days Gone is one of the best games I’ve ever played and have beaten it three times.
Chris Horrell
Chris Horrell 2 days ago
That Obra Dinn game reminds me of one my wife played, something about "Edith Finch"? She got it on game pass, and loved it. Said it looked good, the music was brilliant, enjoyed playing it, but as it's a solving mystery style game also involving how people die, once you've played it, you can't really go back and do it again as you know what happens. She only went back to get all the achievements, but she said as she knew what to discover and where the story was going, it had lost its magic. She 100% it then deleted it.
Lxwgoo 2 days ago
I might get sum hate for this but I feel like red dead redemption 2 should be on here because that game is massive and there is so much to do in that game I feel like 1 play through is enough but I understand why people could replay it over and over
Games Chadwick
Games Chadwick 2 days ago
I completely disagree with MGS4. That is my favorite MG game (I have played and still own all of them including the original top down Metal Gear games before they were Solid) I agree that the cutscenes are very long but that’s mostly normal for metal gear. It’s an amazing game and I love it. That fist fight with liquid at the end is amazing.
Stix Zadina
Stix Zadina 2 days ago
Doom should be on here after you finish that game it takes a lot out of you
Christian McBrearty
Christian McBrearty 3 days ago
Now do a list of games you will play again.
sadowolf 3 days ago
I don't know (or don't remember) if it was in the first list or not, but I'd say Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice would be a glaring omission if it's not there. It's a relatively short game, but so much of the experience is slowly traversing an area amid exposition and not knowing what's ahead of you, that once you already know this it's a total chore to get through a second time. know this from experience because I missed a couple runes for the platinum trophy, and one of them was pretty late in the game. Phenomenal game, but you really only want to go through it once. Other than that I either agree with or haven't played pretty much everything on this list, except I played through Metal Gear Solid 4 a ton of times, to the point that I was trying to speed run it. It's been a while, but could you not skip the cutscenes? I don't see how lengthy cutscenes would be a problem if you could skip them, and I don't remember forcing myself to sit through them the many times I played through it.
Murray Campbell
Murray Campbell 4 days ago
0:26 what game is that ???/
shadowbwoy bmo
shadowbwoy bmo 4 days ago
Ghost of Tsushima was the most amazing game I've ever played. But I'm not sure I would ever replay it... I beat it already and I tried to replay it on hard but it's not the same when you know how the game will end. And there aren't too many options. And the ending basically only ends one way
Donut Frump
Donut Frump 4 days ago
Scott Pilgrim vs The World would be a great game to re-release on Switch.
Ozzy Lyonne
Ozzy Lyonne 4 days ago
Driver San Francisco should have been here. A game deleted from everywhere yet best of the series.
floridagatrz1 4 days ago
Am I the only one gonna defend mafia 3
MilkyAway 5 days ago
I've played Alien Isolation from start to end more than 20 times in all possible difficulty levels. It's still my personal favourite game 😉
K G 5 days ago
Skryim players laugh in thousands of hours poured into the games.
Duno A
Duno A 5 days ago
last of us 2... it's too emotional draining
Joseph Medrano
Joseph Medrano 5 days ago
Assassin's Creed Odyssey did not have good graphics
Τόλις Γραμματόπουλος
Τόλις Γραμματόπουλος 5 days ago
click bait
vetlefone 5 days ago
i have played AC Odyssey 4-5 times now and i just started it all over again so i dont agree, there are so manny ways to play it so it keeps it inntresting.
Martin Kalalo
Martin Kalalo 6 days ago
Where is Shadow of Mordor?
Matthew Ballay
Matthew Ballay 6 days ago
Disagree with metal gear solid 4, was an amazing game and I’ve replayed it like 8 times to experience the ending fight and shadow moses again
Thomas Akins
Thomas Akins 6 days ago
Loved Days Gone, however there was an update shortly after the last time I played that caused my (and a good amount of others) saved game files to get corrupted. W/the slow start, it'll be awhile before I go back to it!
MrWimvdg 6 days ago
Listening to this video while playing days gone (again) 🤔😂
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams 6 days ago
I replayed both AC Odyessy and Mafia 3 a few times.
Mitsurugi2424 6 days ago
2 unskipable ads in 3 minutes...and they wonder why we use adblocker
yeaboi 6 days ago
i played rdr2 twice,and im starting my third playthrough today :)
Get Jacked
Get Jacked 7 days ago
I’ve replayed MGS 4 so many times... unlike V.
LeoLucasLion 8 days ago
Gonna play through em all 4 times out of spite
Jae Bae
Jae Bae 8 days ago
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order should have been on this list.
Chris Bruce
Chris Bruce 8 days ago
state of decay 2 played it once through wont play it again
Dane Brass
Dane Brass 9 days ago
Other than Dark Souls, I rarely replay games
Viktor Szolgai
Viktor Szolgai 9 days ago
I finished odyssey twice... Approx 200 hours together
Goatkibble 9 days ago
I’ve played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in full 3 times now, including the DLCs. The only game I ever platinumed. I will play it again one day but it has to be a while from now since I’ve memorised all the quests.
Ryan Daniels
Ryan Daniels 10 days ago
Batman Arkham Knight for me, i never want to play that game again due to the overuse of the Bat Mobile, i was so glad when i was done with that game.
Brijesh Kaler
Brijesh Kaler 10 days ago
ive vompleted AC Oddesey thrice
Viridiann 11 days ago
........ ........ Di..... Did he just say comfort wank....
Hotpants87 12 days ago
i alreday have 2 full playthroughs of odyssey with all DLC lol. think i'm around 900 hours in
mouse253 12 days ago
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater... I can't play it again as it hits you in the gut too many times. TT - TT
w0bbl3r 12 days ago
I played alien isolation like 3 or 4 times. Loved it every time. The only things I didn't like were some of the DLC's, and even the good one's (the one's from the original movie) I only played once each. Of course there's a section where you go into the nest, and then when you have multiple aliens to hide from, that get a little tedious, and could have been chopped from the game or at least cut a lot shorter than they were. But overall the game was just long enough for me.
Ser_ Ryon_Vine
Ser_ Ryon_Vine 12 days ago
Tat's by Chat at Candy Ink. Tattoo
Tat's by Chat at Candy Ink. Tattoo 12 days ago
Days Gone, I play all the time. Next to Red Dead 2
MrBenjarming 13 days ago
I'd put MGS V on this list over 4 any day of the week. Getting the true ending is an exercise in doing repetitive bollucks, and theres not enough story to even feel a fondness for it. If I wanted to play that game again I'd go to Ground Zeroes.
Under_Sc0re 13 days ago
Days gone was just so fucking long. And i got the platinum trophy, so i've already seen everything in the game.
Lemontarts01 14 days ago
Plated days gone in a week or release. But won't be playing it again - however at the time it was as good as ghost of tsushima for me Which i platted within a week of release also
emobarney 16 days ago
Gotta disagree with MGS4. I've replayed this entry dozens of times and I still thoroughly enjoy it to this day
RegularGuyReacts 16 days ago
I’ve replayed MGS 4 at least 6 times.
Axel van Leusden
Axel van Leusden 17 days ago
Shadow of war is it for me. To take control of all locations and to defend them after that, took way to long.
Jevangood 17 days ago
Did not like Days Gone. The controls and story are weak.
cdrums97 17 days ago
Stupid video lmao
lnnrt 01
lnnrt 01 17 days ago
My pick is MGSV. It’s an amazing game but it kinda repeat itself later and is waaaay to long to play the whole game multiple times. But I would highly recommend buying it
MadKingBB 18 days ago
Gotta disagree with Odyssey I'm on my 3rd or 4th playthrough and still love it.
rockinarmy 18 days ago
I never replay games. I don’t know how anyone has the time to do that... I can’t even play most games once
Dawn and f Ages
Dawn and f Ages 19 days ago
Last of us part 2 should really be added to this list ...
Max Jansen
Max Jansen 19 days ago
I thought he Said "Comfort wank" for a Good second
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone 20 days ago
Am I the only one that absolutely hates Origins and Oddysey
Miguel 8A
Miguel 8A 21 day ago
that last two were just bad choices for this list
Splatman HooHa
Splatman HooHa 21 day ago
Nope, replayed Alien Isolation 3 times now
Joshua Linsley
Joshua Linsley 22 days ago
USshow videos what lost too long this one 😂 jk
Tyler Sweet
Tyler Sweet 23 days ago
ive played MGS4 like 7 times just skip cutscene loll