Working Out With The World's Youngest Bodybuilder Kid Tristyn Lee! Chest Day!

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CashNasty Month ago
Have a good week =D
Roosevelt Mattiex
Roosevelt Mattiex Day ago
Cash what up
Lucas Carvallo
Lucas Carvallo 8 days ago
Mark Gerg
Mark Gerg 11 days ago
Bryce Ramey
Bryce Ramey 14 days ago
You too
Prixy 18 days ago
RaMoN 2 hours ago
Those Roids go crazy
spitta gettin dollaz
spitta gettin dollaz 17 hours ago
Check me out g
Bigstepper 20 hours ago
this lil boy got the shortest arms I everrr seen
Colton Ocetnik
Colton Ocetnik 22 hours ago
How many times can’t you count cash saying “man” 😂
Al Rifky Prayoga Putra
Al Rifky Prayoga Putra Day ago
Yo kenny. Wtf just happen with u :(
Zuul Day ago
Bro imagine trying to fight him and he has a long sleeve shirt on you're thinking ahh this goona be easy then he take his shirt off then you gotta 🏃‍♂️💨
Piano Man
Piano Man 2 days ago
Imagine photoshopping your arms in the back humbnail
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 days ago
Um why is there a dog in the gym at 10:58😂 wtf
Mobile GAMES Fun
Mobile GAMES Fun 2 days ago
The only thing that is different from flight vs a kid and cash vs Tristyn lee is flight thought it was and actual challenge
Ronnie Dunn
Ronnie Dunn 2 days ago
God damn every body and they mama built Ford tough in that shit
Barns bustillos
Barns bustillos 2 days ago
Nice photoshop lmao why.....If you got the gains you got it,if you don’t you don’t
Giovanni Gerard
Giovanni Gerard 2 days ago
Cash you gotta stop wit that lingo bro😭😭😭"I'm not a lifter lifter but I'm a lifter".
6av1d 2 days ago
Mans hasn’t cheated in 3 years wtf 😂
Chad McKenzie
Chad McKenzie 2 days ago
Don’t lock out your elbows for bodybuilding on press. Just saying. Keep tension on the chest
KBaby logan
KBaby logan 2 days ago
For his age I don’t see anybody like that kid that’s crazy keep working kid, keep going cash ❤️🔥🔥
EnemyTec 3 days ago
The cringe of your ignorance when you said “Kenny you speak their language” after they said they’re Asian..... There’s at least 30+ widely spoken languages that originated in the CONTINENT of Asia that are still spoken today
GC3__ 3 days ago
Lmaooo I’m late but this gym is fucking insane 😂 it was a random dog just walking through the gym 😂
SRT8 Dev
SRT8 Dev 3 days ago
stop trying to compare a shooting guard and a small forward..
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 3 days ago
Respect to cash he was doing fullll range of motion and wasn’t worried about how much he was lifting good stuff
Oscar Nino
Oscar Nino 3 days ago
Cash not a lifter lifter just a lift
Cryz 私
Cryz 私 3 days ago
this is the amount of times he said man
David Guitierrez
David Guitierrez 3 days ago
This kid could play baki
Stacy Urban
Stacy Urban 3 days ago
Raimo Kokko
Raimo Kokko 4 days ago
There’s a small difference between cash’s bicep and tristyn’s bicep😅
Isaiahmonster 4 days ago
0 range of motion lmfao
Vincent Mitchell
Vincent Mitchell 5 days ago
Imagine being siblings with him like he will bring in all the groceries for you😂😂
music knowledge
music knowledge 4 days ago
you really stole a comment from 3weeks ago hoping you would get the same amount of likes lmaooooooo
maguette thiam
maguette thiam 5 days ago
The thumbnail of cash’s arms is too funny 😂
niko 5 days ago
kids stunting their growth by doing serious strength training too early
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez 5 days ago
Imagine cash not natty 😳
gloobs 7 days ago
hes 18... i though he was like 13
Matthew Trevink
Matthew Trevink 7 days ago
Make a fitness channel babyyyy
Ivory Jackson
Ivory Jackson 8 days ago
imagine fighting this dude😢😣😂
Snag Warriors
Snag Warriors 8 days ago
24:40 how many times y’all think he said man
SuperStar's FastCars!
SuperStar's FastCars! 8 days ago
Dude where do you live where you just throw a Gucci bag on the front seat and they don’t smash and grab your joint?! 🤔😄
Esoteric Fitness
Esoteric Fitness 8 days ago
Dat Jet lei's lil brutha!! Holla at Jet 4 me!!😁👊
Esoteric Fitness
Esoteric Fitness 8 days ago
Kids da biggest NATTY ..🤨🤔😬😁 I'VE EVER SEEN...💪🏻😜👊
Caleb Kettman
Caleb Kettman 9 days ago
Damn the photos shop on the thumbnail is complete shit
Caden Garvin
Caden Garvin 9 days ago
cash said “man” at least 350 times in the last 3 min
swagger dagger
swagger dagger 9 days ago
im watching cash nasty
nicho holt
nicho holt 9 days ago
Imagine talkin as much as this dude does an getting out lifted by a kid 🤣🤣. Dude isnt that strong idk why y'all think he strong lol
NRXHegelian 10 days ago
Amer Hasanovic
Amer Hasanovic 10 days ago
Look at cash man inspirational
Nasty Khalid
Nasty Khalid 10 days ago
Cashnasty doesn’t know good taste is
Steven Batiste
Steven Batiste 10 days ago
Tht kid arms short af 😂😂😂
LulJayyboDaKid! 10 days ago
who had the aux at that gym? straight slappers 😭
madman madman
madman madman 11 days ago
Steroids, everyone is lazy.
Chaitanya G
Chaitanya G 11 days ago
I love cash’s attitude to this. Like more of a learning experience and less dominant some real respect for you bro
Fitness Wheel Skeeter
Fitness Wheel Skeeter 11 days ago
Photoshopped thumbnail.....
FYL 12 days ago
Let's give some clout to a little steroid junkie!
ArdenT 12 days ago
When you see the difference Trytn Lee -9.8k likes CashNasty-4k likes😂
Shane 12 days ago
tell me tristen lee isnt juiced to the dam gills when his traps are about as tall as he is in the thumbnail
COMMENTOR 12 days ago
There was a dog in the back :DD
Jason_ Noble21
Jason_ Noble21 12 days ago
Holy photoshopped arms😭 in the picture your arms are ginormous but without the photoshop
PoloboyTyre 13 days ago
Nobody: him with clothes on Me: he’s not that ripped Me when his shirts off: 😳😳
Din Din World
Din Din World 13 days ago
Damari Parker
Damari Parker 13 days ago
HAHA good seeing my favorite person in 2hype doing a work out
The Bad Elite
The Bad Elite 13 days ago
DripxEffect -
DripxEffect - 14 days ago
Tha dog😭😭
Valin Ramberg
Valin Ramberg 14 days ago
9:51 is mans good in the back
Thot Amber
Thot Amber 14 days ago
Rofl this kid hasnt grew any taller since he started working out cause of all the roids he takes. Stunned his growth in height. Rofl the amount of roids he takes is hilarious. The kid that is not cash. Kid has a horrible future with the amount of shit hes took as a kid/teenager
LottoJadd 12
LottoJadd 12 15 days ago
11:38 white dude trynna holla with the “BLM” shirt, gtfo 🤣🤣
Reflexistic 15 days ago
Do it with Bradley Martin
Brian Velazquez
Brian Velazquez 15 days ago
7:21 to 7:34 best background
Codename Mamba
Codename Mamba 15 days ago
16:30 *hears chief keef*
Codename Mamba
Codename Mamba 15 days ago
11:00 *see's dog*
Saliou Diallo
Saliou Diallo 15 days ago
How many times did he say man
Shanononah GotSkitz
Shanononah GotSkitz 16 days ago
100 lbs incline is insane
AngryBoi_38 16 days ago
I think I’m the only one that noticed but no one is wearing a mask. How old is this video?
Elijah Woods
Elijah Woods 11 days ago
One guy was wearing a mask at 18:04 and yeah gyms shouldn’t be open until covid is over
Zack Rhodes
Zack Rhodes 14 days ago
They’re working out bruh
Chris On Games
Chris On Games 14 days ago
Mask ain’t helping anything anyway.🤷🏽‍♂️
Que SoSuavetube
Que SoSuavetube 16 days ago
Cash I think your next workout video you should go to the iron addicts gym with CT Fletcher
RR4L 16 days ago
Cash after the workout... lets go man c'mon man dat was good man, man
Krikit 16 days ago
How long is he going to be a kid
harrison smith
harrison smith 16 days ago
Who else smokes weed before they work out
Lando 17 days ago
Stop it it’s MJ, Kobe than Lebron
Caden Oravets
Caden Oravets 17 days ago
i swear brad martyn is in the back at 3:55
big potato
big potato 18 days ago
I feel like most Asian boys that dress like that are strong
Daily Memes
Daily Memes 18 days ago
This kid looks strong but if he got in a fight he would get clapped
Daily Memes
Daily Memes 18 days ago
This kid looks strong but if he got in a fight he would get clapped
TuEzL Alt
TuEzL Alt 16 days ago
How do you know?
Daily Memes
Daily Memes 18 days ago
This kid looks strong but if he got in a fight he would get clapped
Jason Luong
Jason Luong 18 days ago
my kid not going to touch any weights until he's past 18.
Jason Luong
Jason Luong 17 days ago
@Daniel the Minecraft boi you don't need to know more boy.
Daniel the Minecraft boi
Daniel the Minecraft boi 17 days ago
K and
Stephanie Mora
Stephanie Mora 18 days ago
literally a dog walking the gym at 11:00
Ethan Lamb
Ethan Lamb 18 days ago
What happened to COVID
Taylor Rowe
Taylor Rowe 19 days ago
7:22 Is that Bradley walking around? Lol. Dom is way bigger than Brad. 😂
PETER 6 days ago
thats def not him
Chandler Taylor
Chandler Taylor 7 days ago
it’s bradley’s gym
Vodix Games
Vodix Games 14 days ago
Luke Finfrock
Luke Finfrock 19 days ago
Great vid
lil Pankake
lil Pankake 19 days ago
Cash really edited his arms I the thumbnail
Chief Amvs
Chief Amvs 19 days ago
Everyone in this gym getting gains and shorty in the back took 13mins to do 1 lift
Sapphire_Gaming 19 days ago
2:30 does anyone see the orange lambo in the back
Edwin Pacheco
Edwin Pacheco 19 days ago
What do you talking about.,.,., the best of the best is MJ nobody else....................
Lul And3rsonn
Lul And3rsonn 19 days ago
how old is he
YanosTheGOAT 19 days ago
Why is there a dog at the gym LMAO
Lou Al-Sayegh
Lou Al-Sayegh 19 days ago
Cash nasty is hell a strong, with these longs arms I couldnt lift shit tbh .
Peter_ Dickins
Peter_ Dickins 19 days ago
are you drinking gamer supps blue razz powder
Ig Tea
Ig Tea 19 days ago
LTO ENT go subscribe to them on USshow
Linda Harris
Linda Harris 20 days ago
cool man AMV
cool man AMV 20 days ago
Your beard is freakin' bad.
TheSaviorBerry 20 days ago
y'all forgot about demarjay
SPerkins 20 days ago
Wtf do guys in a gym workout with no shirt on???they trying to impress men in the gym cause there's barely women
SPerkins 20 days ago
Good gear bro that kids vsscularity is good defiantly juice wich I have no problem with
antonio gunn
antonio gunn 20 days ago
We not talking bout the dog that walked around in the back?
Arka Jatmika
Arka Jatmika 20 days ago
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