Official New Sway House Tour

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6 days ago

Welcome to the new home of Sway LA! This is a quick tour of the Triller house in Bel Air where a few of us live and do all the things like shoot our videos, lift heavy weights, play ping-pong and respond to your DM's.

Bryce Hall
Instagram: @brycehall
Triller: @brycehall
Twitter: @brycehall
Josh Richards
Instagram: @joshrichards
Triller: @joshrichards
Twitter: @joshrichards
Noah Beck
Instagram: @noahbeck
Triller: @noahbeck
Twitter: @noahbeck
Blake Gray
Instagram: @BlakeGray
Triller: @Blakegray
Twitter: @BlakeGray
Griffin Johnson
Instagram: @imgriffinjohnson
Triller: @griffinjohnson
Twitter: @lmgriffjohnson
Quinton Griggs
Instagram: @qgriggss
Triller: @theqgriggs
Twitter: @qgriggss
Jaden Hossler
Instagram: @jadenhossler
Triller: @jadenhossler
Twitter: @jadenhossler

The Goat
The Goat 2 hours ago
Thriller boys but that still post on tiktok 😬😬😂
Angels DIY
Angels DIY 2 hours ago
Omg this shooty house
Kara Beattie
Kara Beattie 3 hours ago
Where’s joshs room
Alex N
Alex N 3 hours ago
No riding in on the pink bike. 😂
Wonderful Uzukwu
Wonderful Uzukwu 4 hours ago
They forgot kio in the description down below , did kio left the sway house??( Sorry my English is bad I'm German)
Ali Romero
Ali Romero 4 hours ago
bryces room is as big as my house DAMN
Ilianax 5 hours ago
WayneGuerin60 6 hours ago
They went to the newest house lol
cincybad 7 hours ago
uh is nobody gonna talk about the fact that Griffin wasn't there?
Rupa Basu Mahagama
Rupa Basu Mahagama 10 hours ago
but why is it that the app itself isn't that great, Like gee come one if you make it easier and cooler... we all will be using it. Giving the sway house is a very nice thing. But just do redesign and make the app is easier . Cause I have it downloaded. And cause the explore place is based on location not your liking so I yeeteed. Yourhelp is gonna be great
Sweet princess
Sweet princess 13 hours ago
Wow Bryce room was fantastic 👏 🤩 and he is doing sleeping stuff 😉🤣 he is the best!!
maisee yang
maisee yang 15 hours ago
Noah is quiet and that is cute. ❤️ ouuufff, he is everything.
Randa El
Randa El 18 hours ago
Didn't josh and jaden left the sway house ?
Randa El
Randa El 7 hours ago
@bocoy noiu hhhhhh don't even get me started on those two
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 hours ago
I just realized that whenever griffin is there noah isn't there but when noah is there griffin's not there
Randa El
Randa El 18 hours ago
Noah is just like 🙂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 hours ago
i was about to say where's josh room
I don’t know
I don’t know 19 hours ago
Just the bathroom is bigger than my whole house
Queen Lia
Queen Lia 20 hours ago
Josh hits diferrent with thoes glasses on 2:56
Amudo 21 hour ago
Too much CIS MEN
ilucas2709 21 hour ago
bryce and josh trying not to cuss is the funniest things
Vanessa Gluck
Vanessa Gluck 23 hours ago
what about anfony :(
Kaycee Jo Heavy Gun
Kaycee Jo Heavy Gun 23 hours ago
The no cussing is weird😂
Elle Albarado
Elle Albarado Day ago
I thought my parents were pretty good off wealthy but this just called me pour in 10000000 languages
Aubrey Howe
Aubrey Howe 22 hours ago
very “pour” yes
Madison S
Madison S Day ago
I want someone to high five me for just ✨living✨
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
Mawaddat Mumin
Mawaddat Mumin Day ago
Sorry triller but the sway boys are tiktok boys tiktok literally made them....
Katie W
Katie W Day ago
Anybody else confused?
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson Day ago
Quinton with all that 🎂
SHA IKHA Day ago
Not even one human being Bryce: that's my bed where I sleep and do AlL ThE SlEePiNg StUfF
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
Sophie O'Neill
Sophie O'Neill Day ago
i was about to say where's josh room
Nikolina Mirosavljević
Nikolina Mirosavljević Day ago
I just realized that whenever griffin is there noah isn't there but when noah is there griffin's not there
Gaia Kipling
Gaia Kipling Day ago
Wait so do all the boys live together again?
Jorell Hammond
Jorell Hammond Day ago
Did anyone notice when Bryce said something about the hype house, Noah went all quiet and awkward as if he didn’t want to laugh cause he’s friends with them at the hype house
Ghala Faris
Ghala Faris Day ago
I like Noah’s room
Xexticy FN
Xexticy FN Day ago
It’s not the sway house it’s fuckboy house
Bauerbass 715
Bauerbass 715 Day ago
bryces bathroom is bigger then my whole house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simplyy.bernadette Day ago
If “Griffin and Noah are still friends” how come he isn’t in any of the sway videos anymore..? He’s an OG
Simplyy.bernadette 3 hours ago
Samantha Sosa Lmaoo! Ik!,
Samantha Sosa
Samantha Sosa 17 hours ago
Lol we have the same pfp
Kacey Shea
Kacey Shea Day ago
so they are all back in the same house?
mikeyj1216 Day ago
chloe papadopoulos
chloe papadopoulos Day ago
The bathroom at 3:07 is the size of my old old apartment 😂
Mason Kline
Mason Kline Day ago
Sway boyz having food wow
mnika voli
mnika voli Day ago
I love how quinton was hiding the house direction