My Asian-American Identity Crisis

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hobakman 6 seconds ago
im korean and my childhood mostly took place in singapore and i went to a english school. but when i moved to korea, i didnt know how to speak korean & couldn't understand the culture. now im in middle school and my korean side had improved, but still comfortable in using english. i think its just the habits we catch in our childhood. idk
ᅲᅳᅲ만두 Minute ago
im a filipino korean and people think iogot eye surgery when its just my eyes are too big to be asian dzuh:^
- unknown-
- unknown- Minute ago
I am a Malaysian Chinese who like English and Japanese but is forced to study Chinese and Malay. Kinda pisses me off that I am forced to study something that I don't like just for my "future".
붉은꽃 3 minutes ago
Yisha Tan
Yisha Tan 17 minutes ago
My both parents are Chinese, and I am constantly compared to my sister who was born in China
Red Line
Red Line 23 minutes ago
Most of my life I looked more Hispanic , somehow now that I'm 24 I look more Asian (I'm Mongolian)
Derpy Efalant
Derpy Efalant 26 minutes ago
I really like this. Hate to say it, but it was pretty relatable. :P I moved to America when I was 7, but I didn't have too much of a trouble with identifying with either Filipino or American nationality. As I was growing up, I would go through/be a part of some sort of Filipino event, whether it would be simply at a party, or as major as Sinulog. Over time, I've thought of myself as American (did help that there were people from the younger generation who were obsessed with acculturating Filipino in America. imo, I wasn't too fond of it), and it did happen that other older Filipinos suggest that I should learn VIsaya, etc. I still get these comments from my friends around my age, but we just get fun with this (wouldn't matter how old tbh). :) Anyways, the story was great! Thank You.
Manax G
Manax G 29 minutes ago
I do the "parent speaks not English while I reply in English" thing sometimes too. Like as a kid I knew a lot more Maori (I'm from New Zealand btw) because that's what my mum would use to describe things, or use short phrases like greetings or simple instructions. But as I got older there were just more English language influences around me so I just didn't really hold so tightly to my ancestral language as much. I still know basics and can sometimes reply in Maori. But I also get my wires crossed and flip into another language learned in high school (Japanese) because they have very similar pronunciations and are both phonetic languages.
Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns
Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns 37 minutes ago
Thank you so much for making this video! While I am not korean, I am Nigerian. I don't know that much yoruba but i'm trying to learn. I've grown up mostly in America so i've been sort of "white-washed" and my mom is just now teaching me our language. Hopefully i'll be fluent in a few years.
Timelord 271
Timelord 271 46 minutes ago
This is me but instead of korean it is mexican
Eunice 47 minutes ago
When people ask you “CaN yOu SaY sOmEtHiNg In KoReAn?!” I honestly didn’t like that it’s not that I didn’t like talking in korean it’s just I didn’t really see the point of asking another person to say something in another language if you can’t even understand it-
Bilen Binyam
Bilen Binyam 47 minutes ago
I might not be the only one but have u tried Duolingo
Bilen Binyam
Bilen Binyam 46 minutes ago
Just a thought 🤷🏽‍♀️
ø_Øhht 51 minute ago
Emmy_ Trash Can
Emmy_ Trash Can 59 minutes ago
Emily:"But I don't have the balls to do that" Me:"GIRL you got no balls at all"
S T Hour ago
Emmy_ Trash Can
Emmy_ Trash Can Hour ago
Does Filipino count as Asian? 'Cause if it does than I'm half Asian and American. But it probably doesn't count because it's not in Asia ;-;". I told my Thai friend I was half Filipino and half White and he asked me where White people came from. I said England and America. (Btw I don't know if I'm right or wrong on this ;-;)
Aster Cailey
Aster Cailey Hour ago
Oh girl I can relate…………
Hannah P
Hannah P Hour ago
This has sparked something inside of me to try and do better at learning Vietnamese. thank you
Also do video with Domics
Bahaar sh lvr
Bahaar sh lvr Hour ago
When your brother is Saitama...
Superdawg -_-
Superdawg -_- Hour ago
I wish i had annual trips to korea ive only gone twice in the last 5 years and havent been able to see my family much
Azurea Hour ago
I feel really relatable on this XD, I live on indonesia which has many MANY cultures and their own language. my parents are Javanese that have their own language and i live on non-Javanesse city (that has their own language too). Similar to you, i can understand my parents talking Javanesse but i always responded with Indonesian national language (Bahasa) same thing with the locals which speaking a different language too (in my case Sundanesse, i born and grew up there) XD. I do feel the same insecurities like you that i can't speak with their language while my parents can speak their language just fine. So just so you know you're not alone 😂 For the people reading this far, thank you for reading and i'm sorry if i had any gramatical errors 😂
UnZero Hour ago
i actually think asian girls are cute especially you and im not hitting up on u i just think you're cute
Mike G.
Mike G. Hour ago
Your video helped me a lot. My essay assignment in my college English class is talking about a similar topic, and ur video inspired me a lot and helped me overcome my writer's block. Thank you for indirectly helping me with my essay :D
41. Isaac
41. Isaac Hour ago
First time?
Obsessed little b Lol
Obsessed little b Lol Hour ago
Bruh meee
Soloman Grundy
Soloman Grundy Hour ago
Sh#t man, i wish i at least knew my familial roots.
BuccaneerKytt Hour ago
I have the exact same identity crisis, I'm a full blooded Mexican however I was born here in the US. My parents tried their best to keep me in touch with my roots, however when it came to verbal usage of our native language, I wasn't able to catch on to it so much. Hispanic's here in the US are extremely judgemental, they are extremely prideful of our heritage. Rightfully so, although that doesnt mean they should put down others for not having the same connection. Don't get me wrong, I am proud to be a Mexican/American. I am proud of the accomplishments of my parents and grandparents who immigrated here from Mexico. However, both my parents and I have experienced so much hatred because me and my siblings aren't fluent in Spanish. I remember we went into an authentic Mexican restaurant on Redondo Beach, once the waitress found out we didn't speak Spanish. She instantly changed her attitude towards us. She kept giving my parents a hard time, she tossed our plates on our table, she did everything in her power to avoid contact with us. I could HEAR her talking shit to her coworkers about us. Apparently she believed that just because we don't speak Spanish, we don't have the ability to understand the language. My other relatives are understanding though, although that doesn't stop them from teasing us about it.
EeveeKat Hour ago
I- I'm scared of kpop.... ;~;
Bárbara Sánchez Resa
Bárbara Sánchez Resa Hour ago
6:17 I've been learning korean for awhile and could read that, I'm so Excited >///
Lizardo Hour ago
Your like me I want to be normal since I'm half Mexican half American but it's so hard to y'know be normal so yeah I very much agree on how it feels wrong to try to be part of something that you don't feel like a part of it but it's....sad for me since I keep trying to be normal in front of others that are Mexican but I fail and get made fun of since I can't speak correctly and it hurts so much! Sorry if I rambled for a long time so yeah sorry for my little breakdown I got while typing this
シャーリン Hour ago
im sorta going through the same thing but with my Hispanic family. It sucks.
British Rick
British Rick Hour ago
I'm not really anything. My mother's side of the family are a mixture of Saphardic and Ashkenazi Jews by way of Spain, Poland, Russia, Germany and some other places. All of it lost to the generations of course, the continent was not kind to their parentage. No languages have survived, no traditions, my grandmother would not even let us learn hebrew. My father was of Scottish descent but I never knew him. Overall I have tried to embrace just being British. It is the one culture I know and I generally fit in to what parts I can engage with. Racially it's a bit weirder; my mother as olive skinned as you can get with our heritage and that has pretty much defined her life. Both because of others and because of how she sees herself. On the other hand I am as pale as the day is long. I am generally considered just white and that's the lable I use even if I've been mistaken for everything from turkish to (and I'm not joking) an inuit. I look nothing like these people groups (in my eyes and in those of anyone with a lick of sense) the point I'm making is that I just don't look like other people. I don't have a place I can go where I can "fit in". Maybe some weird corner of Siberia where the admixture is just right for people not to do a double take at me, I don't know. When it come's identity I have had to come to terms with just being me.
Miroslav Vujnovic
Miroslav Vujnovic 2 hours ago
i remember once the same thing happened with my class when the TEACHER for some reason played japanese music. Also, even more inexplicably she got mad, and i mean MAD, that some kids were laughing (the teacher was 100% white.)
Ayisha Ansar
Ayisha Ansar 2 hours ago
Where I am from : south indian What my parents want me to learn : Kanada Witch language I use the most : English What language I am trying to learn : Korean Me : you know what I am done
Kyokomia 2 hours ago
I'm Asian and all i do is play video games :/
UNKNOW GAMER 2 hours ago
When will South's Korea rockets explode? 모든 인간이 죽은 것을 보고 싶어요. Idk if I wrote it wrong it's my phone's translator (I will be asking this till ur answer me)
Matthew Cool
Matthew Cool 2 hours ago
I can relate to that. I'm half-Cambodian (from my father's side) and half-Mexican (from my mother's side), but everyone tells me that I don't look Asian at all. From my old classmates to my stepfather, they tell me that I look more Mexican than Asian. Especially my stepdad, who usually makes fun of me for my darker skin or not having "squinty eyes." I always had a passion for drawing, though he always disapproved, since it was anime-related and he hates everything Japanese. It also doesn't help that I grew up in Texas and the people I knew were racist assholes (especially my stepdad, who think all Asians are "always the enemy" because Pearl Harbor happened), but daddy issues aside, I have trouble having a grasp at either of my parent's culture, outside of being familiar with certain food or music. I barely even had an understanding of my father's culture, as he was out of my life for a very long time. Eventually I left my stepfather after I got tired of his "bullying" (I couldn't think of a better way to describe his actions), after he kicked out my younger brother for telling a white lie and getting my mother arrested by the police. I figured it was the last straw and decided to move out and live with my brother. I even got a chance to meet my biological father again, and while I don't understand a thing about my heritage, it was nice to see him again after all this time. That being said, I still have trouble trying to grasp my culture but I've always kept an open mind.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Roseʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Roseʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 hours ago
You're so much like me but instead I am Filipino lol
Eileen Zietz
Eileen Zietz 2 hours ago
(im white my mom is hispanic, she speaks spanish) my none white family: you dont speak spanish? spanish is part of your culture! me currently learning Korean: im sorry... my family: iM cOnFuSia.
Arthur Colton
Arthur Colton 2 hours ago
I don't think I ever had something like this, I come from a mostly German, Italian and Irish background but live in Scotland. English is my first language, Russian is my second and Italian is my third.
Arthur Colton
Arthur Colton 2 hours ago
I do agree with the music thing though because I also like listening to German, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and etc music in their native languages.
Ziyad Khalil
Ziyad Khalil 2 hours ago
Dad : Half Chinese half Arab. Mom : Half Arab half White. My family stays in Malaysia. People: wHat arE yOu? Me : idk.....I speak most of the languages, yet master of none.
[•bluberry- zury•]
[•bluberry- zury•] 2 hours ago
I'm not Asian but I'm not English and when I tell peapole: ya I'm not English. and then there like: WHAT???!!! HOW DO I HEAR NO ACINTE???!!!!
Not Yuri
Not Yuri 2 hours ago
People: Are you chinese? Me: *no.* People: Japanese? Me: *No.* People: Korean? Me: *NO! IM VIETNAMESE!* People: Wait, What is Vietnamese? Me: .......bruh- People: speak asian right? Me: ._. Bullys at school: wHy r Ur EyEs So SmOl? * uses fingers to make eyes look “small” * Me: *Yuri...breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.....-SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!* *:(*
Days Knigh
Days Knigh 2 hours ago
Hey! Soooo, I see a lot of fun comments and that's great but I want to tell you something. You're yourself. You're not the product of your parents. You're not the "third kid who has to follow the two before". You're a bit of that and a bit of something else (you were more girly and less basketball-friendly than you're brother). And that's fine. I'm french and I'm moving to nz to live with a neo zealander cousin that has kind of your place and my reaction is always "Man you already master one language (-which is the most used worldwide so the easier to learn cause you have reasons to-) and you're trying to learn another language on top of that? Respect!" You're an american trying to learn Korean and you aleady understand full-on conversations. That's.... quite amazing! So remember that Korean ain't easy (different writing, diferent grammar, different sentence construction, etc...) so having a bad level is normal. That's the first step in learning ;) Oh and for old people looking at you in the streets, it's culture differences. For example, laughing loudly in France would get you stares. My cousin would have no way to know that if he just came. Same for you. So good luck in that impressive task that is learning a completely different language and with little to no motivation on top of that!
Jodie Drayton
Jodie Drayton 2 hours ago
•Yellow__bobx• 2 hours ago
i have an indian-american crisis oof i feel you all of this also happened to me haha...
Sama Sokkar
Sama Sokkar 2 hours ago
My aunt and cousins have been living in the usa for about 6 years, when they moved my youngest cousin was 3 so she started talking almost only in english as she grew and he arabic is weak, but i think she is starting to accept the language and sometimes when we talk she includes arabic too. I am happy for them that they are having the life they want in the usa but being the sensitive sentimental person that i am it makes me kinda sad that they, especially the youngest cousin could leave our culture behind. Before they travelled they where my best friend we would meet at our grandparents house every thursday. I haven't seen them on 3 or 4 years
Grace Griego
Grace Griego 2 hours ago
I really appreciated this video Emily! I usually never post comments and tend to appreciate your videos passively but this really meant a lot to me! I'm a mixed kid, my mom is white and my dad is half Japanese half Mexican and I always kind of felt out of place when it comes to my racial and cultural identity. Growing up, I got asked by a lot of other kids "what are you?" And I didn't really know how to respond. It wasn't as simple as white or half Japanese or etc. I would just say I was mixed and hope the conversation would move on. I was actually more in tune with my Japanese heritage as I went over to my Grandma's a lot as a kid and she would put Astro Boy on a lot and that's where my love of anime started! I didn't see my grandpa much though as he and my dad had a very strained relationship so as a result, I never connected to my Mexican heritage as much. Overall though I grew up feeling very confused about it all. I felt too "ethnic" for some of my white peers or not "ethnic" enough to relate to other mixed kids. Even today I am still finding out more about the traditions and cultures I pushed away as a kid. Anyways this is a long ramble but it meant a lot to see a creator I really look up to go through similar experiences.
Wolfuy 1.0
Wolfuy 1.0 2 hours ago
My mom calls me a disappointment when I get confused with karen sometimes
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming 2 hours ago
Xx_Gacha_Lyv_ xX
Xx_Gacha_Lyv_ xX 2 hours ago
in all serious how dare your dads friends say "ew" to anime
EX Lite
EX Lite 3 hours ago
Korean dramas are easy to understand... Not me
The rat in your ceiling
The rat in your ceiling 3 hours ago
I kinda forget that people see each other in colour and have no clue about other cultures because it’s so mind blowing that people ask questions like are you Chinese ? it’s like I’m pretty sure everyone is a mash of random things after how long we have lived on this earth and even my dad thought that he was sooo English when it turns out he has no English DNA
CookieChipGamer 3 hours ago
Omg the part where your parents brag a moment about their children's yours and mines says silent and trying to shake off the subject.
CookieChipGamer 3 hours ago
And my parents say they would be embarrassed if I didn't understand our language
CookieChipGamer 3 hours ago
My mom and dad and my relative's also say its shaming not to know your own native language, so my parents encouraged me to speak our language, but it never actually happens.
aka_savageking민윤기 3 hours ago
I really like korean And I understand how you feel it's like me with China So dont be ashamed
Ahanu Riggs
Ahanu Riggs 3 hours ago
My mom is part Korean part native american, and my dad is part white and part native. So my family is a cesspool of asian, native, and white. Whats wild is that i was the only kid that got semi-asian eyes (i got small hooded eyelids) so it actually ends up being my own sisters making the small eye jokes lmao. Thank you for making this though, I'm 16 and hella confused about who i am and my background and having 3 different cultures pushed on you makes it hard to get comfortable in your own skin
Aurora Nightshade
Aurora Nightshade 4 hours ago
I think the reason why the Korean elders stared at you and your brother was because of mannerisms and such. Also clothes, Korean fashion is different from American. And the fact that you and your brother were probably tanner than everyone else, since Koreans pride themselves for being pale (like how Americans pride themselves for being tan). It's really no big deal. It's not because they could "sniff" an imposter Korean (which I thought at first when I visited), just that you're not from around there. It's like living in the South of America and then moving to the North part of America, people can hear your Southern accent and stuffs.
Raian Bre
Raian Bre 4 hours ago
This is my same situation. I'm Syrian but I was born in italy and I live here. I always tried to make people not nltice that im not totally italian😬😬
J Zao
J Zao 4 hours ago
Hey emily you're not alone. Im chinese and don't speak a word in it nor understand anything of what my relatives are saying since very few speak english. At least you can understand korean :T
Soefi 4 hours ago
my mom is korean and my dad is dominican. THEY BOTH SPEAK SPANISH. im still mad at them for not speakig korean and/or spanish to me as a baby. now there’s such a language barrier between me and my family that lives in the dominican republic or korea
ObsidianWhiskey 4 hours ago
I’m not American Asian but I do understand what you went through, always speaking English but not our native language, i can say this for a fact, your lucky your language and culture is still thriving and is amazing.
Sheipii HSG
Sheipii HSG 4 hours ago
I'm personally Franco-American and having American origin in France can be cool sure but it kinda suck to be honest ahah ! Now there's a lot of English speaking people but when I was younger, I was really lonely with my origins so I would never really speak English or just hiding my accent the most I could ! French people aren't really good with other language than Spanish I think, so I really was trying to run away from it.. When I would tell my friends they would ask weird questions or just judge me because most of the children were French and nothing else, maybe German really far far away but nothing special ! Then I got my current step-father, the British man that just couldn't say a French word ! And it created a huuuuge language barrier so I had to force myself learning English and not being ashamed of my accent ! I'm better now and a bit prouder but I still don't really show it and back off my accent the most I can but yea.. Was hard before but now you kinda live in English if you step through my gate at my home, nothing is in french but the food, so my friends are always weird out at first..a
Pancake Droid
Pancake Droid 4 hours ago
I'm Chinese American, but I can't read any Chinese even though I can speak it :D *cries* (and it's Cantonese so I feel even worse because most people expect me to know Mandarin when I say I'm Chinese)
Riley Chen
Riley Chen 4 hours ago
i am asian but i was born in America then my mom send to china bc they don't have enough money and my a china I was sent back to America I cried to death bc I loved my grandfather lol
Mai Linh Nguyen Thi
Mai Linh Nguyen Thi 4 hours ago
Omg, that video was like 100% relatable >o< Especially since I grew up in a small city with literally no Asians my age. They are either way older or not from this town, so I just lost the connection to my roots outside of my family. In general, I mean... DON'T TELL ME THAT I'M NEITHER ASIAN NOR EUROPEAN! I'm just a weird kid enjoying my life T_T
chonky kat
chonky kat 4 hours ago
wait... *i dont have a accent either* .. well hello there vietnamese-thai people! how are you :D
Emilia Hambrock
Emilia Hambrock 4 hours ago
Which App or programm do you use to animate your videos?🤷‍♀️ I love them and I'd like to try it myself🥰
TheDrexxus 4 hours ago
Boy, nothing is worse than listening to your family members of a higher generation comparing you to everyone else on your generational level. They all love to brag and exaggerate. It is so incredibly cringey. My cousin and I would sometimes sit and listen to our respective parents sitting in the living room gushing on their kid and trying to low key one up each other through their children. It drove both of us crazy and embarrassed both of us to no end. I always HATED it and wished it would stop. It even led to huge rifts between my family and myself, as well as my cousin and the rest of the family, where we straight up NEVER wanted to talk about ourselves, our interests, anything we were doing, because all they would do is use it as fodder for either criticism by spreading it around and talking about us behind our backs or by directly comparing us against each other. I didn't have a "bad" family and I know families can be much worse. They loved us and took good care of us, but god DAMN we both despised having everyone talk about our own personal affairs with each other and passing judgement on everything we did and comparing us to each other. I guess that is the price you pay for having a large family of people in the higher generations and only 2 individuals of the lower generation. To this day, my cousin and I will still talk frequently and discuss life with each other, but we NEVER tell our families anything about our lives anymore because they have just so mentally and emotionally scarred us from that persistent, never ending judgement that we simply don't want them to know anything so they can't judge either of us ever again.
Sami Say’s
Sami Say’s 5 hours ago
Then there's me over here sometimes forgetting I'm Asian because everyone forgets that India is also a part of Asia: 👁👄👁
Ryu 5 hours ago
"If I could go back and talk to a younger version of myself" As someone much younger than you and with the same problem, I think you just did
Tony Terracotta
Tony Terracotta 5 hours ago
Me: *Romanian* Also me: *kinda yellow with narrow eyes for some reasons* Other Romanians: "aRe yOU ChInESE"
Random Account
Random Account 5 hours ago
The only thing I know in Korean is Happy Hollidays... I bet most of you know why
Almalki Linda
Almalki Linda 5 hours ago
Same with my English but my other countries Arabic I’m forgetting it a little bit but I can talk in Arabic I guess I’m just gonna put up one ladder in Arabic ب
coolio polio
coolio polio 5 hours ago
I’m not even Asian and I felt this one on a whole other level 😅
Angel Summer
Angel Summer 5 hours ago
Welp...I am supposed to be American but I’m was born in Spain..I no know much ingles..oops! I meant English! I just ask my friendships for help in English.
gabz Zz
gabz Zz 5 hours ago
This is almost exactly my experience with my Hispanic roots, thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone
Kchill_ 03
Kchill_ 03 5 hours ago
It hurts when ur own people refuse u as their nationality, like I'm North Indian n whenever I traveled to other parts of India they never believed me even when I spoke Hindi, n especially now because of this Corona thing just cus I look more 'not indian'? I get disgusted looks by other people.. but hey not all people are bad.
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