Jennifer Hudson audition

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David Healy

13 years ago

Jennifer Hudson's audition

Andrew Avila
Andrew Avila 13 hours ago
jimbeezy007 Day ago
Man, one of my favorite voices in Idol history...
Eternal Sonata
Eternal Sonata 2 days ago
A star was born at this moment 😍😍😍👏👏
Fiesta Potato
Fiesta Potato 2 days ago
I must admit her voice sometimes sounds so similar to Beyoncé. 0:38 1:10 1:18
Amira Romero
Amira Romero 2 days ago
what's the song's name? :'c
eric l
eric l 3 days ago
can't randy say IT says?
jovan blacevic
jovan blacevic 5 days ago
you're hot jenny. but sorry...... paula is hotter
Dirk Washington
Dirk Washington 7 days ago
Pre-diva. Hahahaha
Maya DZC
Maya DZC 7 days ago
It's hard to believe that America didn't want her. Now she has an Academy award. Bless you, you amazing singer♥️♥️♥️
Ubayy Icardi
Ubayy Icardi 8 days ago
And now she as Aretha franklin on RESPECT MOVIES
Christian Batista
Christian Batista 9 days ago
this beautiful girl is now more famous than the three jurors and probably much better than the three of them
Rot Offgun
Rot Offgun 9 days ago
Who's still watching this over and over? 🖤
Mustapha Touray
Mustapha Touray 11 days ago
Who else hated the big fat dude
Validd_Chris 11 days ago
they really did her bad when she was on the show, well look at her now 🙌🏽
Derrick Darrens
Derrick Darrens 12 days ago
Who is here in 2020 when she is a judge now
InfoForU 12 days ago
Butt she can't sing while dancing like Paula Abdul.
InfoForU 8 days ago
@Notorious Riah Paula Abdul not a singer ?
Notorious Riah
Notorious Riah 8 days ago
Paula can't sing with or without dancing
rainbowsOnmyeyeballs 13 days ago
She's next level.
the lady sings the blues
the lady sings the blues 13 days ago
The judges are so rude. So what's wrong with being a cruise ship singer??
the lady sings the blues
the lady sings the blues 13 days ago
I adore her confidence. The jugdes are astounded!
Greatest 14 days ago
She Sang An Aretha Song And Now Is Playing Her In A Movie!
Connor Monroe
Connor Monroe 15 days ago
Even the "I'm going to hollywood" took me to church
Juanita Praileau
Juanita Praileau 15 days ago
She should have won that season.
Lesbian Liza
Lesbian Liza 16 days ago
That dress strap did her dirty
David Berto
David Berto 16 days ago
Oscar winner! And now she's about the be nominated for another one!
Katy Martin
Katy Martin 16 days ago
Wow Jenny has accomplished so much since appearing on American idol she's says it was just a stepping stone cause honey child that child is more than just a 🏠 hold name love me some Jennifer Hudson ❤️ 💕❤️
HaPe Daegling
HaPe Daegling 16 days ago
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Alex Chidester
Alex Chidester 17 days ago
You can tell that AI has always been rigged and unfair towards the talented singers. Just look at some of the best singers around who didn’t win, Jennifer Hudson, Tori Kelley, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry. It’s sad that these talent shows are so rigged towards the basic pop or country star who fits a mold
Summer Kenady
Summer Kenady 17 days ago
This video makes me sad. She came out hugging her happy family who were all murdered years later. So, so sad.
baldrick1485 18 days ago
Paula Abdul says "you can sing" to Jennifer. What a self esteem!
ayoub ahmad
ayoub ahmad 19 days ago
Was that behind her a picture of Kelly Clarkson 🤔?
thetriplethreat3 19 days ago
Yes the always put past winners pictures up
Indya Bratton
Indya Bratton 19 days ago
Even back then she has always been so gorgeous 😭👏
kaii231 21 day ago
A star was born
angeles blach
angeles blach 21 day ago
Larry Banks
Larry Banks 22 days ago
I love this.
Gustavo Horn
Gustavo Horn 22 days ago
One of the best American Idol auditions
Jewel Shine
Jewel Shine 23 days ago
And Paula is judging
Joy Leslie
Joy Leslie 23 days ago
Yes !!!!
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart 24 days ago
Then she lost .most of her whole family. That was so tragic. My prayers for Jennifer's continued success.
slimmy1962 24 days ago
She went to Hollywood sold her soul to the devil and kill her family for more fame and fortune...sad
BTS VibEz 25 days ago
Fast forward 12 years later she's now a huge celebrity
Shamanbear Two
Shamanbear Two 25 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that the best talent on the talent shows often don't win? Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson all ring a bell.
Bisi Oluwashade
Bisi Oluwashade 25 days ago
Whos watching this in 2020😂
Cabbyla 26 days ago
She should have won.
Cabbyla 26 days ago
I love her confidence omg
thetotalpackage2005 26 days ago
I'm reading the comments and really she can sing but its not all that...too churchie...Can she sing yes but I can see why Simon wasn't all in for her. So many girls in the black church can sing just like that. Fantasia was on another level. Yes Jennifer won an oscar but when people do they never seem to have a hit hit records for her...Simon knew that would be the case
blksung 26 days ago
Not trying to be a stick in the mud............I love that American Idol gave us Fantasia, JHud, Kelly, Justin, and Clay Aiken... But when I auditioned in St Louis in 2003, they told me that my performance was "great". I sang Michael Jackson's "Who's Loving You"..... 3 white women LOVED my audition, but said that I had not measured up to Fantasia's winning performance the previous year. When I saw the show later, they had mimes, clowns, and horrible singers that they put on TV who advanced to the next level. From that point on, American Idol show has been considered a fraud and a hoax. They want ratings.......not talent.
Same Ole Line Dudes
Same Ole Line Dudes 27 days ago
Just proof that when you model the greats, you become great yourself. She always excelled at Whitney and Aretha songs, now she’s always compared to them!
Francis Gil II Vega
Francis Gil II Vega 28 days ago
Shes so Ugly
Amira Brown
Amira Brown 21 day ago
and you’re a person judging behind a phone screen , bless your heart
yaelstuviox 26 days ago
You’re so fucking ugly Look at yourself
Kenneth Toro
Kenneth Toro 28 days ago
Lol. She did all that for FREE gave them a show.
wilson gallego
wilson gallego 28 days ago
Wow, that woman can sing.
Rui Castro
Rui Castro 28 days ago
Sadly in the end we maight see her murdered family.
Amira Brown
Amira Brown 21 day ago
you’re ignorant
zinone 29 days ago
And now Jennifer Hudson is more famous than all three of these judges.
Benno Zappenduster
Benno Zappenduster 29 days ago
She finished work on a cruise ship. So what? Thousands do.
Tamala Rovaris
Tamala Rovaris 29 days ago
She said she was going to be the next one and was way more than that!
TammyTheQueenBee 29 days ago
I love her confidence! 💖
La Serpenta Canta
La Serpenta Canta 29 days ago
now she is starring in the aretha biopic
CupforMilk Month ago
They should feel embarrassed as judges. The blind leading the beauty
Mai Valentine
Mai Valentine Month ago
Whenever you doubt gabby union visit this clip.
misscubic Month ago
Simon Cowell being a judge since 120 B.C.
ionthetarget Month ago
This. ❤️