Top 100 Plays of the 2010s!

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NFL Throwback

7 months ago

Check out the top 100 plays of the 2010s!
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Caden Hyde
Caden Hyde 14 minutes ago
Ngl, #1 shouldn’t be in the top 10. Beast quake should be 1
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 3 hours ago
These adds r a waste of time, promise u it doesn't make me wanna buy anything
SRMkay 12 hours ago
9:55 Pete Carroll taking notes like "Alright, drive all the way down, then pass it in the red zone. We got this"
Matthew Gandy Sr
Matthew Gandy Sr 16 hours ago
My favorite is the lineman from the Patriots
YaBoi Rob
YaBoi Rob 16 hours ago
Seahawks, Patriots, Packers, how fuckin biased
SF TKO Day ago
Lynch’s run isn’t close to blounts. If you have played football you know how crazy that is
Saroeut Soeung
Saroeut Soeung Day ago
The #1 play is that int?... Who picked this? SMH
Bible Info 1000 Different Bible Playlist Subjects
Bible Info 1000 Different Bible Playlist Subjects Day ago
Mediocrely_Extraordinary02 2 days ago
How are Mahomes and Lamar each on here only once?
Mediocrely_Extraordinary02 2 days ago
#22 would be top 10 if they'd won
MrDuane1971 4 days ago
#8 wasn't that great
D-Sled 4 days ago
Odell shoulda been higher. Definitely more impressive that the Deason punt return
Austin Giinthir
Austin Giinthir 5 days ago
#3 was amazing for Minneapolis if we won the super bowl eagles we hate u Along with green bay
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard 5 days ago
Well somebody's a Patriots fan....
Raevik 6
Raevik 6 6 days ago
Ok, but the front flip td was underrated. Id bet my college debt thrice over that a front flip over another player into the endzone is never done again
Julien Barois
Julien Barois 8 days ago
Song in the background at 5:30 ??
Nick Jarvis
Nick Jarvis 9 days ago
Id say like 25% of these fkng clips are just regular plays that you see often and Could be replaced by so many other better plays from the 2010’s
Nick Jarvis
Nick Jarvis 9 days ago
Around 11:40 I think,,isn’t that the same play that lost the super bowl for Seattle getting stopped before the goal line? Only difference here is he was tackled instead in intercepted but pretty much the same play
SX d0LtA
SX d0LtA 9 days ago
how is that #1
Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal 9 days ago
The Patriots local announcer is so obnoxious and unlikable
Ryan Garden
Ryan Garden 10 days ago
If the Seahawks ran the ball #2 woulda been #1...
Hung Low
Hung Low 10 days ago
That Eli to Manningham pass is probably the greatest throw I've ever seen
Hung Low
Hung Low 10 days ago
Fuckin Tebow... he threw a slant and the receiver outran everyone. No jukes, no real broken tackles. To put it THAT high? Also, where TF is Martavis Bryant against the Cardinals?
Code Me
Code Me 10 days ago
I’d still hate be against Aaron Rodgers and AJ Green with 10 seconds left. You know they have a Hail Mary coming and there is no chance you can stop it
K- Money
K- Money 11 days ago
where is brent grimes on calvin johnson
Vipers Venom
Vipers Venom 12 days ago
There are way better plays than an RG bum knee play..just saying
brettbcomedy 12 days ago
I don’t know why I didn’t see #5 coming. Ain’t been the same since we got Tebowed
brettbcomedy 12 days ago
#62.. who’s that skinny 6th round pick they call Bony Tony?
brettbcomedy 12 days ago
#64.. Reggie Bush has eyes on the side of his head
Ivan Ehrman
Ivan Ehrman 12 days ago
As a Seahawks fan I would like to say can we replace number 2 with number 1
Addison Peek
Addison Peek 12 days ago
AB needs to be back in the league
Brandon Campey
Brandon Campey 13 days ago
Me wondering why the Helmet Catch didn't make it in Number 1
Fromfleshtosteel 13 days ago
Should be called “The Greatest Plays Chris Collinsworth Has Ever Seen”
Reece Whitt
Reece Whitt 13 days ago
I hate the patriots
Rob Kline
Rob Kline 14 days ago
Some of these are plays you see every other week..
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Benjamin Van Dyke
Benjamin Van Dyke 14 days ago
Me: #2 Aww Yeah! #1 How dare you...
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 14 days ago
HOLLLLDDD TF UP!!!! NOT ONE STAFFORD PLAY?!?!?!?!?! NOT EVEN THE QB SNEAK AGAINST THE COWBOYS?!?!?!? GET TF OUT OF HEREEEE!!! Golden flip on the viking overtime.... Stafford had so many game winning drives... not one...
Jeromepkr 15 days ago
No Donald Driver against the 49ers lmao yet #92 exists...
Steven Anacker
Steven Anacker 15 days ago
Henry's 99-yard run is 29th? Ha, okay.
Murky the Squid
Murky the Squid 15 days ago
Anyone have the beat that plays between 5 and 6 minutes??
Ian Kenville
Ian Kenville 15 days ago
Number 2 should be 1 and OBJ should be at least top 3
Batzorig Gatbaatar
Batzorig Gatbaatar 15 days ago
Bruh vernon Davis was like 15 of these plays... 👀👀
Raph Raph
Raph Raph 16 days ago
This Edelmann catch.... amazing
Eliot C
Eliot C 16 days ago
14:09 is straight nutter butters
Antonio Nielson
Antonio Nielson 17 days ago
Not one Chargers highlight😔.
Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams 17 days ago
#6 should be 1
Toxic-Twitch 17 days ago
how is David tyree not on this list
Testicular Chin-Slapper
Testicular Chin-Slapper 18 days ago
It's cute that the Dolphins scored a touchdown in the last decade...
gas pack OG
gas pack OG 18 days ago
why is 61 even on this like wow a 5 yard touchdown pass lets throw a party
SidinSeattle 19 days ago
Felt nice when i saw #12 was a seahawks touchdown but boyyy did i not wait coz we got grilled at #1
Hamoudy 23
Hamoudy 23 19 days ago
Calvin Johnson should’ve had like 7 highlights alone
A Random Citizen
A Random Citizen 19 days ago
*That's number 1?!*
Effortless Insec
Effortless Insec 19 days ago
Hail mary's have NO fucking business here in a "best plays of the decade" video. It's always an absolute fucking fiesta, and skill is never the deciding factor. In what world is it considered an amazing play if a QB throws a ball into a pile of 10 players, while praying to Jesus, and one with the right colored shirt happens to be lucky enough to get on in first? It's just fucking stupid. No matter who throws it, and no matter who catches it.
Chris Shaman
Chris Shaman 19 days ago
Tom Brady needs to chill
Rick Kassner
Rick Kassner 20 days ago
Plays by losing SB teams really shouldn't be on the list
David Archer
David Archer 20 days ago
How the hell is marcus mariota on this list
Waun Thomas
Waun Thomas 20 days ago
As a ravens fan man our secondary be allowing some bullshit 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂
JM Freak
JM Freak 21 day ago
number 84 i remember the good ole days
miniwy01 wyatt
miniwy01 wyatt 22 days ago
#3 and #1 werent that impressive, three was definitely better but more lack of defense than anything