NoCap - TheHoodDoctor (Official Music Video)

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7 months ago

NoCap - TheHoodDoctor
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Ceo Yellaaa
Ceo Yellaaa 21 hour ago
I’m losing all my patients 💯
Stack Castillo
Stack Castillo Day ago
Nocap got a way with words bruh ⛽️
Jay•Gon•Get•Em Wdym
Jay•Gon•Get•Em Wdym 2 days ago
Even Tho Im THE RAPPER* I can't come back and get another CHANCE*. (Chance The Rapper) 🔥🔥🔥
Wednesday Adams
Wednesday Adams 6 days ago
Domo Ricch
Domo Ricch 6 days ago
As God Let Me Stop At Hell Before I Get to Heaven Yeah I Hate To Say It , But Most My Nighas Died😔🤧
L L 8 days ago
"Im so tired of this fake love"!!!!!
Spiritual T
Spiritual T 11 days ago
What’s the sample?
tate- tate
tate- tate 15 days ago
Archie Smith
Archie Smith 24 days ago
205 Entertainment
205 Entertainment 25 days ago
Please look at my USshow I just started like and subscribe I promise ima keep grinding just give me a little motivation 💙💯
North Blaze
North Blaze 26 days ago
Nocap is a legend🔥
Chief Land
Chief Land 27 days ago
I’m not giving up. I now some great about to happen to me. Faith. Keep the most high first.
Ultimate Berserker
Ultimate Berserker 27 days ago
This niggas wordplay is just something else
ValueComp 29 days ago
Low key a lot of no cap videos day nite time an a lot of dudes videos be in the day time 😂😂😂😂 I guess no cap say it's anytime
By by Love
By by Love 29 days ago
Life is a bitch she won’t take her panties off
By by Love
By by Love Month ago
2 watches but I still show up late ..this kid going places
Raymond Moody
Raymond Moody Month ago
You really aint been thru nothing in life if you dislike this💔
samuel barfield
samuel barfield Month ago
I can't afford tat but I'm still taking losses
Johnathan King
Johnathan King Month ago
One of my favorites by him, str8 🐐🥶
wavyykidnaz Month ago
Smokey Q
Smokey Q Month ago
Wat sample this is it's on the tip of my tongue
moe money 247
moe money 247 Month ago
I love it!! felt it !!!keep them coming king
Demetrius Aaron
Demetrius Aaron Month ago
My momma told me, thuggin' is gon' cost you I'm thinking fuck that, drugs gon' solve my problems 😔
ynwcrip28k top shotta
ynwcrip28k top shotta Month ago
*my momma told me "thuggin is gon cost you" i'm thinking "fuck that, drugs gon solve my problems" i cant afford that but i'm still takin losses, devil's on my back, god wouldn't take em off me, tha hooddoctor but i'm losin all my patience, they in the dirt or dey all incarcerated, setting defenses, i feel like i could shake it, they so good at showin fake love (oh) i'm an inch away from giving up*
Shaady Month ago
“ life is a bitch, wont take her panties off “ - felt that 🤧
Patek Nuk
Patek Nuk Month ago
"Robbin not his hustle, it's just some shi that he got into" 💯🙏🏾
Rumaldo Estrella
Rumaldo Estrella Month ago
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson Month ago
Idk G, that's a lot of coffins damn... might be some cap in that rap... shit slide tho
Sanelise Bango
Sanelise Bango Month ago
""Even though that I'm THE RAPPER I can't come back & get another CHANCE"
Sanelise Bango
Sanelise Bango Month ago
"I'd buy a SPINE I'd do anything to get my nigga's BACK"🔥😂🦈
J Q Month ago
Dog this shit garbage.. this nigga said “if I had a dollar for every casket I seen I’d be a millionaire” LOL gtfoh
J Q Month ago
YaboyAhmzy dog shit
YaboyAhmzy Month ago
Jaedon Thennis Hudson
Jaedon Thennis Hudson Month ago
'mamma sayin thuggin aint gon solve yo problems fuck drugs gon solve all my problems'all fax
Quartarious Calvin
Quartarious Calvin 2 months ago
Marcelo Beats
Marcelo Beats 2 months ago
Looks like gunna and lilbaby had a kid lol
Jabriel Mitchner
Jabriel Mitchner 2 months ago
Why he low key got a lil durk flow
Trey BeeZ
Trey BeeZ 2 months ago
Massage me when a opp die
Tman 4x
Tman 4x 2 months ago
“prayers up, i did the opposite i hate i let em down”😖🐐🐐
Blake had A Blast
Blake had A Blast 2 months ago
I never forget I was jogging 🏃 late night on my block wit da bronze street lights thinking how imma make it out da hood 😭🔥
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson 2 months ago
Wat song is dat
B Khan
B Khan 2 months ago
Y’all not listening though 🧢💪🏾
Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson 2 months ago
Did this nigga say " just take your pentys off " i felt that 😂😂😭
Haters Grier
Haters Grier 2 months ago
Satan defense I feel like I couldn't skake it
Deezy123 2 months ago
Yvonne Brown
Yvonne Brown 2 months ago
Had go no cap
Antonio Cooley
Antonio Cooley 2 months ago
U doin your shit my nigga keep workin
Nick cannon
Nick cannon 2 months ago
Hay on cap😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nick cannon
Nick cannon 2 months ago
Strategic Music London
Strategic Music London 2 months ago
Dumb hard
DeSeanna Nelson
DeSeanna Nelson 2 months ago
One of my favorites love this dude 🧟🖤
Richard Blicks
Richard Blicks 2 months ago
Why is cap so damn underrated 😴 so lyrical & wordplay the best since weezy
Keion Fitts
Keion Fitts 6 days ago
Finally somebody said it
Reginald Badon
Reginald Badon 3 months ago
No Cap you fire
Skhindi ND
Skhindi ND 3 months ago
so this who Lil Baby been taking from
Fortnite Booker
Fortnite Booker 3 months ago
I NoCap he is my favorite raper
Ryan Narcisse
Ryan Narcisse 3 months ago
Don’t give up. The hood is rockin whitchu
Ryan Sain Jr
Ryan Sain Jr 3 months ago
No cap the realist nigga out there💯
Kristoff Dixon
Kristoff Dixon 3 months ago
Big chuneee mi artist baddest ting alive🔥🔥🔥🔥 rite now.
Khiry Garner
Khiry Garner 3 months ago
" I'd buy a spine, i'll do anything to get my niggas back" i felt that
Meagan J
Meagan J 3 months ago
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 3 months ago
❤️ Love
Spinundrum 3 months ago
This is incredible.
Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris 3 months ago
Real fan
Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris 3 months ago
My mom a told me thug and it's gone cost you
Mustafa Emre Bulut
Mustafa Emre Bulut 3 months ago
steel be the same nigga🦋🦈
K0DiNGK3LLS 3 months ago
So raw
JoJoOnTheBeat 3 months ago
This is therapy
Yenda Howard
Yenda Howard 3 months ago
Aj Doss
Aj Doss 3 months ago
Shit raw asl
YNC 4 Kay
YNC 4 Kay 3 months ago
Yk you da goat juss gon head Nd say it
lil big brother kudi TAYLOR
lil big brother kudi TAYLOR 3 months ago
my guy it’s all love issa new generation on my sol i watch grandpa say “they won’t never find me”
TDarius Taylor
TDarius Taylor 3 months ago
Check out my No Cap Type Beat. I promise you won't be disappointed🎶🔥❗
Babydoll Mack
Babydoll Mack 3 months ago
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson 3 months ago
They so good,they showing fake love ya
Tman 4x
Tman 4x 3 months ago
“prayers up, i did the opposite i hate i let em down”. 🐐🐐
DMT PRESENTS 3 months ago
Jit got some helluva bars💥✊🏿✊🏿
Lz EOE 3 months ago
truongthao truongthuy Official
truongthao truongthuy Official 3 months ago
lionel nation
Lil Reno
Lil Reno 3 months ago
Life is a bitch won’t take her panties off yea. Everytime shi be goin good it don’t last . I’ll buy his spine I’ll do anything to get my niggas back🤦🏽‍♂️💔
🦍 3 months ago
Meagan J
Meagan J 4 months ago
Stroker Dadon
Stroker Dadon 4 months ago
Ghetto angles brought me here I’ve been Dowm since I heard this young mans pain I love him for helping me get thru his words Gave me hope👏🏿
TBoy Torres
TBoy Torres 4 months ago
You are talented bro, you know how to be creative in your music 💨💥💣
Price.DA_King Price
Price.DA_King Price 4 months ago
“Life is a bitch, won’t take her panties off”
Naomi Greene
Naomi Greene 4 months ago
I love ur music
Stroker Dadon
Stroker Dadon 4 months ago
Cap the goat no cap
Doreen Morin
Doreen Morin 4 months ago
GG 4 months ago
Underestimated young nigga
Monique Ware
Monique Ware 4 months ago
redxLclarko 4 months ago
Strait out the hood of alabama
Cydwitdacurls 4 months ago
Drop dis asap
Joecephus JudgeIII
Joecephus JudgeIII 4 months ago
@no cap i fw you're songs it's fire
Lady Kb
Lady Kb 4 months ago
" im thinking fuck dat drugs gone solve my problem " 🗣🗣🗣🗣
Alex 4 months ago
Hood anthem❗️
O_O 4 months ago
0:32 NoCap wearing a cap IT'S ILLEGAL
Sandro Mouchantaf
Sandro Mouchantaf 4 months ago
Know I was round them drake's like I was mr carter.... this nigga a legend with the bars. No 🧢
Riqo Montana
Riqo Montana 4 months ago my favorite artist hope I can be one of yalls
Official Aiden Da Prophet
Official Aiden Da Prophet 4 months ago
I don't like his beats always some thoughtful painful shit it gets annoying like hit up murda beats or metro smh
OPG-_-PLAYZzFN Add me 4 months ago
Rip all the cast he saw
Nicolas00 4 months ago
*underrated , fire , he up next*
Bordbraintt 4 months ago
Talking with auto tune That’s all it is
Mandez Dior
Mandez Dior 4 months ago
Realiest shtI heard Cap 💯💯💯 #Free#You🙏🏿✈️💙
Exclusive KoldC
Exclusive KoldC 4 months ago
Mobile Al Stand Up 🧟‍♂️💰
Riley Freeman #JP
Riley Freeman #JP 4 months ago
Bro his music hit different
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