D&D Story: How My Campaign Ended

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

The Turtle Friends group finished out their campaign. As they find the covenant and try to return it to the plane of law. This story is the epic conclusion of the Turtle Friends series! The video follows them hiring out a new adventuring team and travelling through the needles of Lim.
End Music "The Black Cat" by Aaron Kenny from the USshow Audio Library

Average Gamer
Average Gamer 5 hours ago
As someone who lives in the plane of such destruction I can confirm
Ben Murillo
Ben Murillo 4 days ago
Hello from California
Bun buns The fun
Bun buns The fun 6 days ago
But he went left not right
Angel: How did you figure it out? Azrael: I dunno, but you were acting pretty sus
RILEY DICK 10 days ago
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 12 days ago
Wait. So you decided to place a bunch of baby harp seals. In charge of the cell of one of most notorious villains the world has ever known? Not angels, not anything humanoid, or any sort of guard at all, just a couple fuzzy wuzzies. And expected that to hold? What do you think this is? Arkham asylum?
Joniah HL
Joniah HL 14 days ago
I love that Malikar has been reduced from an evil, immortal genius wizard to a bumbling idiot trying his hardest to be a good villain. Just like Tibalt :)
Truman Widing's Main Account
Truman Widing's Main Account 14 days ago
someone who lives in california get a flower that looks like that and name it gabriel
Cirayu 15 days ago
Are they the turtle F-rs because of oogway? Did they seduce him?
Mars Kickass
Mars Kickass 15 days ago
Lmao cali is yhe worst and on fire
003dylan 15 days ago
"A land that's perpetually on fire, where the air could kill you" My god did this age like wine!
BC Nation
BC Nation 18 days ago
And so, Little Wallace got his comeuppance for being a little shit.
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 19 days ago
"Look, I'm an NPC, and this is obviously a plot hook. You can't say no to a plot hook" Great sales pitch, I wonder how many used cars you could sell that way.
Just Noob
Just Noob 20 days ago
I just notice that the dream team has Wallace and Blacksmith Student who's happen to be an archer
Shelahir 20 days ago
That tower sounds a lot like the Vanishing Tower from the Eternal Champion saga
Yooran 22 days ago
I wanna move to California just so everyday I can wake up and scream "NOOOOOO! NOT CALIFORNIA!!!!!"
Olatotajowa Gbadebo
Olatotajowa Gbadebo 22 days ago
I wish that the hotel California song would sing
Wierd people Other dude
Wierd people Other dude 23 days ago
Why no puppies Edit: also why no Florida
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 24 days ago
Potted plant? A petunia by any chance?
BlueEngland 25 days ago
The fact that when he said he was going to the right he was actually going to the left makes this 1000 times more funny to me
Dragon Witch Luck
Dragon Witch Luck 26 days ago
I mean hes not wrong Cali is that bad :') And potted plants do just fall out of the SKY
Francisco Alejandro
Francisco Alejandro 28 days ago
A great conclusion to the series, it was nice rewatching these. I've finished translating the videos from this playlist to spanish.
Komasan Gamer
Komasan Gamer 28 days ago
There is no meme. You’re going to California.
Alphon 28 days ago
Hey, I was born in California, and I can say your representation of the state was *extremely* inaccurate. You forgot the annual wildfires
lordjor96 29 days ago
3:13 and that is how abserd was born...
Lies, Lies.
Lies, Lies. Month ago
Wow. I live in California. And everything you said is true. Everything.
Popcan Videos
Popcan Videos Month ago
The turtle molesters strike again
arbiter9998 Month ago
Well this aged beautifully
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson Month ago
That California bit is a lot more accurate now.
Quite Anonymous 1130
Quite Anonymous 1130 Month ago
I hope you know that metallic dragons are good
Coolcreeper5 Month ago
the fire and dying from the air didn't age well
Ben Agar
Ben Agar Month ago
Is the elf sorcerer the same player who played Dick Tracy? Lol
Bi_Topia Month ago
Damn California is being Razzed
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
Literally nothing but baby seals. Count me the hell in. Also I get the feeling the California joke predicted this years weirdness
Jordan Whitecar
Jordan Whitecar Month ago
Eternally on fire California...oof too true
DEN The goose
DEN The goose Month ago
Malicar just turned into a joke
cralix thegameking
cralix thegameking Month ago
Until 500 years later he found another groop to run with bit now he was INVISIBLE
Coolio Month ago
Lardomations Month ago
Spoilers for jojo part 6 This ending reminded me of jojo part 6's ending idk why
Peter Bota
Peter Bota Month ago
Hits harder nowadays lol. That's 2020, baby
Presstoned D
Presstoned D Month ago
Man i love this channel. When i need a good laugh ill just bin watch puffin
Raccoon Lord
Raccoon Lord Month ago
Poor Arnold
Jackson Griffith
Jackson Griffith Month ago
I need a Baby Harp Seal stat block!
Jackson Griffith
Jackson Griffith Month ago
Cool thanks
WrathfulShows Month ago
Ok I couldn't find a link but there basically just a bard
Kyle A
Kyle A Month ago
I really want to know about the adventure with the dragon and beholders
Billious Month ago
6:26 You know it’s getting real when a devil says “god help us”
Louie 2 months ago
Me a Californian : accurate
Nicholas Provencher
Nicholas Provencher 2 months ago
I feel like the Dream team should be given exp for their level, and the second time coming back, bitch slap the PCs with the loot and xp they gained from the adventure
Nyxi Huber
Nyxi Huber 2 months ago
That NPC is every WoW questgiver ever. "Yeah, hey, go back for this. Now, go back for another. Oh, hey, look, go to this same place again!"
BalooBaby 2 months ago
That ending narration was very good to the ears.
BC Nation
BC Nation 2 months ago
Wallace got the torment he deserved!
maayan magal
maayan magal 2 months ago
Azreil used the stones to destroy the stones
Emkill 2 months ago
But if he was immortal, how would he spend the rest of his life with his mortal love? HERESYYYYYY
My face is tired
My face is tired 2 months ago
Hearing Ben’s diabolical “Yeeeess!” always cracks me the fuck up
Kyle 2 months ago
I live in California, and have been to Ell'aye... it's much worse than describe here. If your DM is from Ell'aya, hod help you because the sick, twisted minds of the people there should not be explored in any way whatsoever.
FunnyGoose 2 months ago
Shreds 01
Shreds 01 2 months ago
I see it all makes sense now, this is how undertale all started. I had to please dont kill me.
TenArts 2 months ago
Who'd expect that the Turtle F*ckers would save the world.
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 2 months ago
One of *many* times I've felt more sympathy for the NPCs than the players...
LeftWing Dragon
LeftWing Dragon 3 months ago
What I do if this happen is if I make the PC'S pay up front for the level of the NPC adventuring party and if the NPC's level to low then they just fail and the PC's have wasted their money.
Johan Kornet
Johan Kornet 3 months ago
Handogeo116 3 months ago
I live in California and I still laughed
Charliezard Gaming
Charliezard Gaming 3 months ago
Puffin: Californa is the woooooooooorst Me who lives in california: You are sooooooo right
Kohl Cunningham
Kohl Cunningham 3 months ago
I dislike how much you dissed California. Stop being truthful.
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard 3 months ago
Is it just me or does Malakar look like Magnus the Red from 30K?
DonnE Starside
DonnE Starside 3 months ago
As a Californian, the California bit gets me. xP
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 3 months ago
Odd... I thought that Celestials were against the Elementals (causing Asgorath to duplicate the material plane) . Devils are in an eternal battle against deamons....
Cami2346 3 months ago
As a Californian I feel like I should be offended but I am currently laughing my butt off
Jade Gipson
Jade Gipson 3 months ago
That walus
Conrad Shtock
Conrad Shtock 3 months ago
Personally, think that the harp-seals could've been swapped out for Golden Retrievers. talkin' from personal experience, here.
Games Forever
Games Forever 3 months ago
If I were the am the dream team would turn out to be level 20 and become the main antagonists who kill multiple players by the end
ian laedtke
ian laedtke 3 months ago
Wow... he went pretty easy on California in this one. Lady, were you really scolding him for trying to scare the children? Foolish girl! He was sugarcoating the description the entire time!
Dakota McIntire
Dakota McIntire 3 months ago
Judging by where he seemed to land, Im guessing plant gabriel landed somewhere in the oceanside/carlsbad area, possibly closer to L.A.
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 3 months ago
The ending to this one left me so sad ...
I Got Ebola -
I Got Ebola - 3 months ago
Every thing about California Olin this video is so true. LMAO
sunzi42 3 months ago
I found a picture in a LOBO-comic today where LOBO visited hell and said: "Looks like we're here, Etty--unless this is CALIFORNIA."
Kendra Pearson
Kendra Pearson 3 months ago
Wallace is the leader of the dream team
Drakeal Network
Drakeal Network 3 months ago
The Dre team should have been paid double
Banana RuleBook
Banana RuleBook 3 months ago
S. M.
S. M. 3 months ago
Frankly after two trips to the dangerous missions the Pcs didn't want tot do themselves, I would have had the dream team come back with all the Xp and treasure the Pcs could have geined doing it, NPCs or not.
Dragon Witch Luck
Dragon Witch Luck 3 months ago
he discribed irl California very well but theres alot of witches
A Dog
A Dog 3 months ago
As a resident of California, i can say yeah, but the beaches aren’t that cold.
Antiquity -
Antiquity - 3 months ago
Baby harp seals vrs alakar.... Sprained ankle:am I a joke to you?
Jules Faulk-Lewis
Jules Faulk-Lewis 3 months ago
The flower looks a lot like a gun ball character
Ali Oktay
Ali Oktay 3 months ago
This is cool
Ali Oktay
Ali Oktay 3 months ago
I mean that’s cool 🤣
roblox bob
roblox bob 3 months ago
baby seals? so you could call them... Seals of proof of good intention?
RedWing 4 months ago
Did you make this campaign yourself. Even if you didn’t nice animation
pitbullshark1 4 months ago
Him calling Gabriel 'Gabrielle' triggered every boy named Gabriel watching lmao
Jpays Gamer
Jpays Gamer 4 months ago
I live in California and I can say that, yes I am a degenerate, and yes this is hell
Runia game dev
Runia game dev 4 months ago
Is Asrial a under tale reference
Dylan K
Dylan K 4 months ago
"But instead of going to the left... He went to the right!" ~Goes left
Brooks Brigmon
Brooks Brigmon 4 months ago
“Life doesn’t care about your level!” Surprisingly wise.
JAGraptor 4 months ago
2:00 Did you intentionally put Little Wallace as a member of the dream team?
Unspeakable_Things 4 months ago
This is an inspiration
Lezerni Wolf
Lezerni Wolf 4 months ago
I'd wanna live on Mt. Celestial because loving with good boi fluffy baby seals would be amazing to see all day
Persephone D'Andrea
Persephone D'Andrea 4 months ago
THAT'S WHERE I GOT THAT NAME! I named the villain's lieutenant (a fallen angel) Azrael. I probably remembered it from here lol
0ne shotti
0ne shotti 4 months ago
god is a harpseal PRAISE JESUS
Just a Sea Pig With inernet access
Just a Sea Pig With inernet access 4 months ago
Animals that live in *California* 1. Big boi spider (black widow and brown recluse) 2. Big boi salamanders (poison ones) 3. Mosquitoes 4. Karens lots of them 5. Antivaxxers Thats all the bad ones I can recall really scary man
Akis A
Akis A 4 months ago
1:04 to 1:28 I was at school and I laughed so hard at this, I was almost caught, thankfully we were "watching" a comedy
Epic Explosions
Epic Explosions 4 months ago
Pokekid Challenges
Pokekid Challenges 4 months ago
If they doubled guards that mean they survived 2 golden dragons 6 beholders 2 lich
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