7 Quest Objectives That Are In Every Game, By Law

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7 months ago

There are certain quest objectives you get in basically every game, right? Here are 7 of our favourites - let us know if you can think of any more in the comments!
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jediknight38 Month ago
Damn, Rob. You need to be more careful. You’re always getting caught doing something!
Mina Min
Mina Min Month ago
Anyone knows what are the games at 0:20 and 1:03? They look cute!
Team VLCN Month ago
Guard the Door. -HODOR. Well done, Access.
Jelle van der Putten
Jelle van der Putten Month ago
I liked the 17 cakes bit in Horizon: Zero Dawn.
IdiotamSpielen Month ago
4:49 No. Let's do EXACTLY THAT!
Kiks&Cris Trophy Collectors
Kiks&Cris Trophy Collectors 2 months ago
can anyone point me to the origin of the 'Metal Gear' inside joke? I want to laugh, but I don't get it
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 2 months ago
My favorite time limit level would be when I beat last boss in Bionic Commando on NES and you have a time limit to escape before the base blows up.
Scott Holden
Scott Holden 2 months ago
Rob may aswell called this MGS parts he didn't like
FlyingDogeMan 2 months ago
Minecraft mod packs follow number 1 in the sense that you need to make so much stuff for one item you forget the item your making
Islirith 3 months ago
Awww, Luke and Elle....!! Iiiiii mean Dob and Merilwen! 😉
Troy Green
Troy Green 3 months ago
Great list. I like the games you choose to exemplify each entry. Top notch acting skills. It all adds up to a like in my book.
Sicho84 4 months ago
Most of these aren't what I would call "quests" though... Anyway, credit where credit is due: the starting segment was brilliant!
David Gilboa
David Gilboa 4 months ago
If you do a "7 most annoying mission types", escort missions are first place without a doubt
AVIK 4 months ago
what's the game at 1:07?
Ben DeDoncker
Ben DeDoncker 4 months ago
the game is called tales of berseria
supsup335 4 months ago
Luke and ellen? In a friday feature? How did this happen?
Salma Mahdar
Salma Mahdar 4 months ago
Omg outside xtra my other favorite channel 😭💙
Jonathan Zumwalt
Jonathan Zumwalt 4 months ago
The entire storyline of Darksiders 2 is fetch quest after fetch quest... I said what I said.
Lava Yuki
Lava Yuki 4 months ago
"clinical EXP obesity"... that's so funny. Kingdom Hearts seems to have all of these. Those ship fights drove me nuts despite me having a strong Sora, it didn't matter.
TheDiceMan 4 months ago
What was the name of the first game? It looks like an anime Witcher 3
Hugo B
Hugo B 4 months ago
Mr Yeet I think nino kuni 2 I could be wrong
Malware Anims
Malware Anims 4 months ago
I called that fetch quest spot
SwitchBlade 4 months ago
Tired of this review series of final fantasy and metal gear. Unsubbing.
DeathsHand Gaming
DeathsHand Gaming 4 months ago
Blue dragon escort the caravan was the bane of my gaming life
smannzy 4 months ago
The way my heart swelled when the outside Xbox crew made a cameo
supergluehotty 4 months ago
2 words for my 17 cakes mission. "Devon Weston." Nothing like a coastal drive and knowing the hard stuff is over.
Curt the L
Curt the L 4 months ago
I agree with every single solitary word.. still looking for the sword of miracles...
Jonny Bolyea
Jonny Bolyea 4 months ago
Awesome cameo!
demacara 4 months ago
You forgot the end of GoW 1! You know how amazing you are with the blades of chaos? Here’s a sword instead!
T-Fairbrother Taekwondo
T-Fairbrother Taekwondo 4 months ago
Metal gear sod this
Bob Tillich
Bob Tillich 5 months ago
"no loading screens" insert days gone
Kimm134Saya 5 months ago
No, Chapter 7 in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is not fun-not in Crushing, and especially not in Brutal.
Melanie Andrews
Melanie Andrews 5 months ago
“Metal Gear, Metal Gear, Metal Gear.”
Rei Kaizra
Rei Kaizra 5 months ago
oustide xtra and ps access crossover.... my heart is melting...
Double Click
Double Click 5 months ago
"but enough about me visiting my dad last week"
Harley Q
Harley Q 5 months ago
17 Cakes Bit: Kingdom Hearts II, Radiant Garden, "Defeat 1,000 Heartless"
The JGamer08
The JGamer08 5 months ago
You want to play games, YES I DOO But God said: Rob cannot let you leave, you are now officially addicted
Light1of1hope 5 months ago
Love the outsidextra cameo lol
N7 Creed
N7 Creed 5 months ago
OxBox cameo!!!!! My two fav channels coming together.... it brings tears of joy to my eyes!
tenchu006 5 months ago
Hahahaha the outsidexbox bit was AMAZING Love both these channels
Monte 6 months ago
these vids are the best 😂
Miranda Daugherty
Miranda Daugherty 6 months ago
Taking away your equipment/skills/party is called NERFING, Rob. simplified
Birdman 6 months ago
I have successfully managed to never play a metal gear game I even own 3. I just don’t play them. Should I play them? Or just watch more PlayStation access videos.
travcampbell._ 6 months ago
the wars over
garcipat 6 months ago
Kill {insert number} {insert monstername}
Oscar Vayro
Oscar Vayro 6 months ago
Uncharted is practically a massive fetch quest with other bits mixed in.
Kefka 6 months ago
Anyone else getting Epic NPC Man vibes from this one?
Rockpunk Techno
Rockpunk Techno 6 months ago
5:27 nice reference to ff7
Rockpunk Techno
Rockpunk Techno 6 months ago
Ain't no getting offa this train! - Barret
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson 6 months ago
2:34 when I stub my toe
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson 6 months ago
Ngl I think rob’s acting for that zip maker guy gets a 10/10
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan 6 months ago
MW2 ski mission with soap
Smy D
Smy D 6 months ago
17 cakes bit for me is every old fallout DLC, when you were smart enough to max out you lock picking skills before you start the mission and find the safe containing all your stuff that was taken from you when you start. or if you were not a console peasant you could open console select the safe and type unlock and if that is to much like cheating how about installing a custom companion mod and getting them to smuggle you some high end gear into the DLC world.
J T 6 months ago
Guard the door, I ran out of all types of ammo on one of these
Coolcause 6 months ago
My favourite 17 cakes bit is when you get your powers back in prototype 1
Lance Verity
Lance Verity 6 months ago
The Outside Xtra crossover got me
Beregorn88 6 months ago
you forget the "kill the rats" quest...
Daniel Ben Yair
Daniel Ben Yair 6 months ago
You make epic videos, I love it!
Zayne Sovereign
Zayne Sovereign 6 months ago
I'm writing this comment before I watch the video - but if 'turn on the generator' isn't there, then the whole video is invalid. That mission is in literally every open world game.
zzzirK_KTO 6 months ago
Can someone tell me the name of the games shown in this video?
Stanislav Hnatkovič
Stanislav Hnatkovič 6 months ago
17 cake thing... When you get BFG in Doom and it let's you shoot it in crowd of enemies
Danny Atkinson
Danny Atkinson 6 months ago
Outside xbox/playstation access crossovers > The MCU
Gramthelamb 6 months ago
What jrpg was that at the start?
Adam Lacy
Adam Lacy 6 months ago
I'm surprised you didn't mention VII when you get robbed of ALL of your materia, then when it's returned, it's ALL OVER THE EFFIN' PLACE!
Giovanni 6 months ago
10:11 NOO WAY!
Amir Fakheraldeen
Amir Fakheraldeen 6 months ago
Anyone knows what the games at 1:00 and 2:12 are?
Alex Benavidez
Alex Benavidez 7 months ago
OHO that Outside Xtra cameo was everything.
light 7 months ago
The *were taking a party member for story reasons bit*
Avalon Jaynes
Avalon Jaynes 7 months ago
Those cameo bits really are a beautiful addition to two already great channels. I'm looking forward to more of those and - who knows - maybe at some time even a full collab video.
Avalon Jaynes
Avalon Jaynes 7 months ago
How about "OXbox Adventure - accessing Access" - Both teams do DnD... I think, that could be really worth watching.
Gabe Kulcsár
Gabe Kulcsár 7 months ago
My favorite 17 cakes bit is definitely from Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. When (spoiler) Farah steals your sword and the Dagger of Time near the end, and then you find the final sword that kills enemies in ONE HIT! Then it's basically 17 cakes until the final boss. I just love that bit, especially since most endgame enemies in Sands of Time are tanky as hell.
meikahidenori 7 months ago
That tie in back to outside oxbox.... Classic
Pro Cow
Pro Cow 7 months ago
Ashley doesnt wander in front of you when your shooting though
Revolver 001
Revolver 001 7 months ago
Stealth missions
N F 7 months ago
1. Fetch 2. Guard Doors 3. Escort 4. On-Rail Escape 5. Time-Limit 6. Puzzle Solving 7. Now do it without the items 8. 17 Cakes In Metal Gear 1. AK74u for Shell 1 2. Arsenal Gear (17 cakes tho) 3. Emma, Eva 4. Jeep in MGS1, Bike on MGS3, Bike and Tank in MGS4 5. Bomb in your items, running from outer heaven, fatman bombs, etc 6. I guess freezing bombs? 7. For a minute in MG, MGS, and definitely in MGS2 and 3 8. Same as #2 and fighting the boss
Shooting Star
Shooting Star 7 months ago
Kingdom Hearts has the worst ability loss section in any game from my perspective. And the 17 cakes bit after isn't even that good.
John Goodwin
John Goodwin 7 months ago
What's the game shown at 1:00 for entry number one?
Manga Mania
Manga Mania 7 months ago
Who's the prank callers?
Coen M
Coen M 7 months ago
Today on March 25th 2020, when I was 35 years old, I learned that the "guard the door/tight spaces thing" is meant to hide the fact that the game is loading
Dameon Edwards
Dameon Edwards 7 months ago
You mentioned metal gear??? A Kojima game??? Saying it now... he did not Epstein himself
Xerapher 7 months ago
7:52 Gladly, how about the escape sequence through the streets of Eastern Europe in Metal Gear Solid 4 with Old Snake and Big Mama/EVA protecting Big Boss' corpse
Captain Plague
Captain Plague 7 months ago
Escort missions
gmanz5 7 months ago
17 cakes bit....Kingdom Hearts 2. Reaction commands were a new mechanic in that game and to beat the final boss you spam reaction commands with Riku and Sora to survive Xemnas's relentless attacks.
Andreas Selzer
Andreas Selzer 7 months ago
10:14 Yes, that put a smile on my face after a stressful day and before a stressful night.
Jan Kristijan Brajo
Jan Kristijan Brajo 7 months ago
Entry 7: I think Silent Hill 2 was the cruelest one, seemingly letting you chose which items to leave behind in order to use that "weight limit elevator", only to slap you on the wrist and make you leave all of them... I remember screaming "Can't I even have my flashlight for God's sake!"
AJ Dowdy
AJ Dowdy 7 months ago
Far cry 3 and 4 and 5 all have all of these
Funkyfong 7 months ago
GTA 3 Mission #50 escort service
FoolishBloodHunter 7 months ago
Well we won't have to worry about load screens anymore on the ps5.
babim alzeen
babim alzeen 7 months ago
This video was so flippin funny
flopavel 7 months ago
Anyone knows what game is it at min 1:00 ?
Derrick Bonsell
Derrick Bonsell 7 months ago
That's actually pretty clever of Bioshock Infinite.
Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson 7 months ago
A video on 17 cakes bits in games would be great
David Warner
David Warner 7 months ago
I love the collaboration!!
Zebraman 7 months ago
You forgot the fake illusion missions, like the alien mission in GTA 5, or the “tame the owl” mission in Far Cry Primal, every AC mission has one too....
Joshua Schilling
Joshua Schilling 7 months ago
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's Gatling gun scene
stryph42 7 months ago
For that last one: Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark is an expansion that opens with all your gear being stolen, and by the time you get it back...it's so late in the game that it's worthless junk.
stryph42 7 months ago
The problem with the "Guard the Door" missions is that I shouldn't be able to lose a loading screen...
Smo Cloud
Smo Cloud 7 months ago
I love the GoT reference for entry 2. “Hodor.”
Paul Ellington
Paul Ellington 7 months ago
I the part with Luke and Ellen. Good video Dave.
Jorge Cedillo
Jorge Cedillo 7 months ago
What game is this starting at the 1:00 mark?
Nathan Williamson
Nathan Williamson 7 months ago
Sheva just magically teleport's behind Chris. Seems like she has been given a virus.
Generic Melon
Generic Melon 7 months ago
Can anyone tell me the game at 1:01 please?
Joe Woodfin
Joe Woodfin 7 months ago
Let's not forget the learn everything just to do a quick time button event for the boss battle.
Misogi Darkness
Misogi Darkness 7 months ago
It's optional to go through it but in Dragon Age: Origins there is that part where you get thrown in jail (so all your equipment is taken) and have the option of breaking yourself out instead of waiting for rescue.