The Matrix of Today: Influences and References Explained

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Go to and use the code thetake to get 75% off a 3-year plan. Protect yourself online today! | How does The Matrix relate to the modern times? Are we actually living in the Matrix today? Let's dig into all the profound questions the movie asks and the philosophies that influenced the classic, and try to understand how the movie managed to warn us of the future we're currently in. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:
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The Take
The Take Year ago
Go to and use the code thetake to get 75% off a 3-year plan. Protect yourself online today! Support The Take on Patreon: Subscribe to keep up with our latest videos, and let us know what you want to see next!
Eddie Hernandez have you ever seen videos of him actually walking
Eddie Hernandez if he is he would be animatronic
Eddie Hernandez
Eddie Hernandez 17 days ago
So do you think Elon Musk is a cyborg?
Thomas Overstreet
Thomas Overstreet 19 days ago
In the pharmacy I don't have any money to get them out
@Ladies Love LL Daddy! not communism, socialism
Tyrell Hall
Tyrell Hall Hour ago
William lynch deaf blind dumb method look him up that's his whole method in slavery times til now!
Holy Harlot
Holy Harlot Day ago
Talk is cheap
My daddy always told me be yourself player and play it with whats only serves your well being with God ,God bless him i could have became like these mentally controlled to slaughter house saved sheeps i see everyday /where by now , thank God i listened .
Nadine Whalen
Nadine Whalen Day ago
you are over analyzing my life way to much whatever happens happens i will be ready i will either be the worst failure ever or one of the most influential successful people in history i guess it is still a mystery
Lesite Barnes
Lesite Barnes Day ago
AND LXL AT 19:35 LXL WTF🤔🤨😱😱😱...
Lesite Barnes
Lesite Barnes Day ago
Michael Rafael
Michael Rafael 2 days ago
Our society and the humanity is heading in a very dangerous narrow long road perhaps our political leaders, CEOs, capitalists society, owners, social leaders, economic leaders, financial leaders, etc... We are heading towards a very apocalyptic prophecy.
Lou Pot
Lou Pot 2 days ago
Will nord vpn get me out of the matrix?
Cornelius Mwape
Cornelius Mwape 2 days ago
Starting to feel like ignorance is BLISS!!!!!
Orayne Mckenzie
Orayne Mckenzie 3 days ago
The matrix is a whole demonic ass movie y’all need to watch and listen and look for signs when you watch movies
serena jackson
serena jackson 3 days ago
I am just very amazing by this like ok woow
daniel ash
daniel ash 3 days ago
I been slimed.
Bob Dobalina
Bob Dobalina 4 days ago
Oh God that horrible nasal American chick accent. I'm out ( and I'm a (former) American, living overseas)
Michael Whitten
Michael Whitten 4 days ago
Row row row your boat gently down the stream......
Julian Bug
Julian Bug 4 days ago
Well this is the third-dimensional world Or the frequency that is around as all alot of people arr still stuck in a 3d frequency or this physical world or material things
Yossman 5 days ago
This series is so good and much needed. It's hard to believe this movie is 20 years old. I wonder if teenagers today just regard it as some old lame movie like I saw some of the old movies my parents liked :D
ESCOBLUNT 5 days ago
None of this matter to a person on skidrow🙈🙉🙊
Yeme Ngoto
Yeme Ngoto 5 days ago
An advanced race of ETs called Esseliens told me what we call nature is not really natural, but artificial nature. They said our Solar System including earth, the moon and all the planets (40 of them) was not naturally or randomly formed as our scientists tell us, but it was artificially created by Cosmic Scientists. That's why when this artificial nature is manipulated, we talk about paranormal, supernatural and the unexplained because we do not understand the artificialness of this world of illusion. Esseliens revealed to me things that might seem too shocking and incredible to most people. That's why I wrote my book Binoetics' First Touchdown: Artificial World (Facebook/Binoetics) to share some of the forbidden mysteries of all times. " What you call life was created by someone greater than you."--Steve Jobs.
Satchmo freed
Satchmo freed 6 days ago
Ever heard anyone say "if there was a god there wouldn't be so much evil and pain on earth?" Well what if god made earth as a simulation so we could experience pain and hardship to learn but our soul doesnt get harmed as when we die our spirit goes home back to eternal bliss. Some people who have had a near death experience say they see a dark tunnel with a bright light at the end, that sounds like birth to me like there life flashed backwards b4 their eyes and thats the last memory. Reincarnation back in2 the simulation because u went out (died) before u finished what u came here 2 do THATS MY THEORY it explains the laws of the universe and the paranormal in some retrospect. Law of attraction and the Mandela effect etc....
Willie O reilly
Willie O reilly 6 days ago
I think I cud make a story and work in mit
Willie O reilly
Willie O reilly 6 days ago
Yes and I'm neo 😂😂😂😂
John Doe
John Doe 6 days ago
😂👀👁 hopefully our dumb asses will wake up
Aaron Burton
Aaron Burton 7 days ago
"They've drilled a hole in the back of our head and injected the virus" anybody else catch that?
WILDWILEY William Edward Holston IV
WILDWILEY William Edward Holston IV 7 days ago
God could be artificial intelligence you would never know it
WILDWILEY William Edward Holston IV
WILDWILEY William Edward Holston IV 7 days ago
Damn God cpupdbeAI
boo boo
boo boo 7 days ago
Voice of REASON
Voice of REASON 7 days ago
OH MAN, i do DEFINITELY remember Y2K!! World was going mad, really thought it would end!! LMFAO!! Amazing movie, just watched trilogy again, really really good! Thanks!! And yea, the world has changed IMMENSELY even since this movie came out!! Shit, cell phones weren't even a MUST at the time..... lmfao!! People didn't know your EVERY MOVE or broadcasting it to the masses. Technology is both AMAZING and absolutely destructive. I remember the end of the 80's, things were just so different. The 90s, SO DIFFERENT. We'll be ok though, we always pull through!
Daniel Stovall
Daniel Stovall 8 days ago
This Quarantine is a System Upgrade for the programmers. Minor Software Applications are about to change, Religions, Education, Finances, World Government, and Social Structuring. Age of Aquarius!
Mike Harris
Mike Harris 8 days ago
Sounds familiar 9:15
Ivan Kramskoi
Ivan Kramskoi 8 days ago
To those who want more - check out Adam Green from KnowMoreNews and David Icke before they are deleted
renbenpaq 9 days ago
lol. That VPN ad is the paragon of irony considering the subject of this video.
Charlee Lane
Charlee Lane 9 days ago
God created us with free will. He will NOT cross that will. For people whom think that God would never send people to such a horrid place as hell. 1st God doesn't send anyone anywhere. 2nd Believing on and in Jesus or not, is our choice...... Our will. 3rd We send ourselves , to our own destination. 4th God has restrained his power to our will. 5th God is not a cheater.... And he most defiantly wouldn't cheat himself ,his own rules or His Glory! 6th God mourns each soul lost..... Lost..... While found was FREE. Run to Jesus. Time is short!!! ###
Vertoner 10 days ago
The matrix is a documentary
Snarfsnarfff 10 days ago
I'm an NPC. Like if you are too!
Snarfsnarfff 10 days ago
What if i told you, Morpheus never said "What if I told you"?
Aurew 11 days ago
you should watch alan watts
Trevor Wright
Trevor Wright 11 days ago
The karate kid 😆😆 ok yeah
The One And Only Jake
The One And Only Jake 11 days ago
For real sometimes I have a mental break down about reality being a matrix
Tim Jones
Tim Jones 11 days ago
Loved it my add in the middle of this was METEMUCIL CLEANS YOUR GUT AND TRY ORAL B haha made me chuckle a bit.
Iuliu s
Iuliu s 12 days ago
the matrix is real and its very matematicly its the creation of GOD you thought GOD MADE HIS CREATIO WHIT OUT NUMBERS?
BloodTar 12 days ago
And if you believe the Wachowski brothers actually wrote the script for the movie Matrix, then you really are in the Matrix.
David Young
David Young 13 days ago
'The Matrix' so fucking good man best flim of the last 30 years.
Draughts Dammen
Draughts Dammen 13 days ago
So gravity is a program !!
THE HUNTER 13 days ago
In mahabharata Krishna said the world is matrix and I am creator of it
THE HUNTER 13 days ago
I think he is the programmer of the world
MrTen10ten10 13 days ago
If you think this is fake, let some idiot try to harm someone you love and we will see how fake this all is. They are creating an overlay over your reality and while you take the bait, they continue to live the lifestyles they want to while you justify your existence as fake and never really try to make the best of your self. Don't keep falling down the rabbit hole because the forest is VERY REAL!
Ralph Keeldar
Ralph Keeldar 14 days ago
Intresting. You need to watch also my video's on Ralph Keeldar
tamann7 14 days ago
There not much of choice. We choose to come here and play this game and we agreed to forget. I know that is the hardest part to understand, why we would choose this. But once we are here. We have to play out the role or change it. Brake a part from your set contract and rewrite it. This happens. Sometimes it works out for the individual. And the whole thing about individuals, is that it really doesn't exist. We are one. And that is even harder to understand. However we are not always one. Some or pieces that are part of this game that are not us. And that is even harder. Because than everything you love is questioned. as to if they are eternal. Can it be fixed. All I know if I were to make a new game, it will be different. And will be no death and all knowledge will be kept. To come and go when you want will be allowed and understood. And no NO No evil, No sex, no violence. If we can't do this with full knowledge then why would we do this. I know we are limited by this game.
Roberta P
Roberta P 14 days ago
Movie Matrix is a documentary.
Vegan Vegeta
Vegan Vegeta 14 days ago
The social dilemma nailed this one on the head, social media is ai
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce 15 days ago
Step by step..iv been imagine the next step
Timothy Howard
Timothy Howard 15 days ago
The matrix was the TV now it's the phone... Now back to your regularly scheduled programming..
Timothy Howard
Timothy Howard 15 days ago
Social media has not created any new human paradigms. It has merely showed you that they exist and also it has sped them up in a sense. Meaning now a 5 year old sees what they would have probably seen as a ten year old if social media didn't exist
Tasha Harness
Tasha Harness 15 days ago
Well put!!
Kenny C Nez
Kenny C Nez 16 days ago
It stopped, it's just cloudy
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields 16 days ago
Carol Carr
Carol Carr 16 days ago
John mc cain fake war hero, top satanist.
William Ang
William Ang 16 days ago
O_o !
VDCON 16 days ago
the irony of the informercial in this video!lol
jjmah11 16 days ago
9:47 lol who eats like that? What a weird freak!!
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier 17 days ago
The real Matrix is the Matrix created by Hollywood , Facebook , Twitter, Google and mainstream media
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier 17 days ago
Capitalism is the enemy thats why we are on USshow on the internet on our Iphones wearing Air Jordans and eating PopTarts
Ken A.
Ken A. 17 days ago
No one cares because everyone is trying to survive, we’ll all be stuck here forever unless everyone wakes up.
adam false
adam false 17 days ago
What if: We are in the Matrix... but - the Matrix after the end of the war. I mean, they couldn't wake everyone up all at once could they? ZION couldn't handle the population increase and most people after waking up would just freak the fuck out. Wouldn't it be a far more Ai type thinking, that (in negotiation with the 'real world' humans) they slowly introduce the very idea of a simulated reality into the minds of those within the simulation itself. Slowly normalising the idea so as to gradually (say over 100 years) see 'reality' as merely different levels of simulation. Perhaps the first step in this process was to tell people the very story of their own liberation through the films... ... 😶
Mutable Parameter
Mutable Parameter 17 days ago
Go within.. You are not even the one you are actually the zero with access to all numbers till 9..
ChariotOfFaith 17 days ago
Is it possible to take the knowledge and experience you have gained while being in the MATRIX to use in BASE REALITY if you woke up? Isn't that the whole point of a simulator? Well one of them anyway besides getting pleasure from it. In that sense you aren't permanently ignorant in slavery.
Luis luga
Luis luga 17 days ago
We need to stop ..... Those that are chosen have already been awaken..... We can keep on ... We must let go of feeling.... The Mark has already been presented..... The stars are already align...... Let them die to there darkness...... So fear cannot subdue us.....
NinaNiterose 17 days ago
...sponsored by Nord VPN! xD
setsebbati 18 days ago
The Buddha gave his teachings on "reality" 2,500 years ago☸️❗️Then came the amazing Guru Padmasambhava💐 then took those teachings and refined and expanded the truth of them. Science really is playing catch up with Buddha Dharma. "IF" people want to know the "truth", maybe they should take a look at these incredible teachings.🙏🏼 "Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" 🤔 btw...this is NOT a quote from the Buddha❗️😊
VeLo RAAGE 18 days ago
The sad truth about today's world is people are chasing fame and fortune and the truth is that it isn't what we should chase. Why you think on TV we are bombarded by adverts and music that shows rappers and artists who only flash cars and jewellery and even women who know only to twerk and show their body. We have become consumers and are not living life as we want but instead are living life they want. Truth is we are not free we are told and taught to believe we are free when in truth out reality is shaped at every corner and at every will
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas 18 days ago
This noodles that I eat taste so good.. But I've made it by myself not because of the "free will", but because I'm hungry and my brain told me to make it. What I mean is, if you don't want to eat you'll die. How is that a free will? That's more like it's The Oracle tactic to unbalance the equation! If there is a destiny, I think there's no free will then? Because as we know that we can't change it. Predetermined.
Ryan Ho
Ryan Ho 18 days ago
everyone start to imagine, he himself is the "chosen one" that why i have the Sense of identity with Cypher "traitor". what can you do? if you realise you not the chosen one? just fuck it and go back and sleep. enjoy yourself in the Matrix
Timanger 18 days ago
I don't know the universe before I am born. And the universe will not exist after I die .. the question what in between is not even exist....
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney 18 days ago
Base reality
Nesty 18 days ago
We are tagged since birth ,doctrinice or brain washed ,put on a space to produce for the ones that rule us the matrix is real but not in that fantasy way
Ayza Diaz
Ayza Diaz 18 days ago
I believe that I, you, we, created this “matrix” to cope with the fact that we are a lonely god (or consciousness) and we give ourselves the illusion of companionship because we are the only thing that ever will be. We are just playing with dolls and we are eternal so we can’t just pop out of existence even if we wanted to. I feel like in order to escape this truth we reincarnate into different human beings and forget everything as soon as we are born. Much love!
Ayza Diaz
Ayza Diaz 9 days ago
@Forgetsafety BeNotorius like the trinity right? Yeah that’s what I was thinking as well! I also have a strong feeling with the trinity for some reason
Forgetsafety BeNotorius
Forgetsafety BeNotorius 9 days ago
same here even dreamed from it sometimes in my life...but there was not just 1 councious beings there was always 3 not more not less
Diane Logan
Diane Logan 19 days ago
Its not Wizard of Oz ...its Alice in Wonderland.
Jonathan.I.AM 19 days ago
Lenuta Tabac
Lenuta Tabac 19 days ago
The matrix is real. But the thing that worries me the most is, what if I'm not real? What if this is all a simulation to see how we would do in the real life? What if when we die we just wake up in the middle of a room full of scientists and one asks "how was it?" like I can't I have been thinking bout that for years and I can't get it out my head
Linda Diaz
Linda Diaz 19 days ago
Thank God for his love for mankind, for without him we would surely PARISH he has opened our eye's we so we may not be deceived, stay awake !!!
CJ 19 days ago
The take why have you NOT mentioned who wrote the matrix and where the origin of the story come from!?????
John B
John B 20 days ago
And money is the tool thats used to train and insure everyone approves of and prefers being jacked in. Like cheese in a mouse trap. Take current presidency. Things are very crazy and chaotic and everyone realizes there is a "wtf" going on. So naturally people will choose the seemingly better option available when in actuality the better option will be a furthering of the plan thats already been in place. Where they were aware of said plan before trump and some disapproved and warned against it.. Now those same will be willing to allow the plan to further out of desire to be removed from present chaotic state of functioning. In short theyve allowed things to become chaotic to install acceptance of the original plan.
Socks VR
Socks VR 20 days ago
19:30 wtf... now thats a stretch, what the flip does transgender stuff have to do with this? nothing.
Veronica Jackson
Veronica Jackson 21 day ago
people forgot about the simplistic times.... now people have to have everything even if they have it already! the cell phone is most addictive to people making people lazy to remember phone numbers! and if you showed a kid a rotary phone they wouldn't know how to use it! proven in a video!
Micah Esther
Micah Esther 21 day ago
I choose not to take pills from strangers. Call me crazy, but no one gives any good pill away. Especially a stranger in a long, black trench coat and sunglasses indoors. I choose neither. Sorry Nero.
Micah Esther
Micah Esther 21 day ago
Haha I meant Neo, but am leaving Nero, as by chance that autocorrect is applicable.
Snoweyed_storm 22 days ago
idk why this thought came up, but me and a friend went to a bar and had to go to the bathroom, we both saw a girl walk into the women's restroom (there was only one stall) we waited and waited until some girls behind us opened the door trying to see why she was talking so long and behold there was no one in the bathroom..... me and my friend looked in disbelief while the other girls looked at us like we were nuts.
zolbad juanrico
zolbad juanrico 22 days ago
Was in a Dilemma...wasn't sure whether to give it a thumbs up or not
zolbad juanrico
zolbad juanrico 22 days ago
The Matrix wouldn't allow this Film...neh this programmed to be made or exist...
ViciousAlienKlown 22 days ago
The term "red pilled" has a new meaning today.
john miskep
john miskep 22 days ago
the "real world' in the matrix is still in the matrix, in case some those unique were able to rebell its slumber
Johnathan Clark
Johnathan Clark 23 days ago
So now that you've mentioned Kanye... and other people mentioned that the crash happeed between two Kardashian homes... I'm very surprised that no one else is mentioning that Kylie said she'd been on the same type of chopper with the same pilot. Coincidence? Uh, I think the f*ck not, trick *ss b*tch.
LeagueOfThieves NYC
LeagueOfThieves NYC 23 days ago
Gatekeeping bullshit. Skip this video.
Francisco Lacerda
Francisco Lacerda 24 days ago
if its truly a simulation why whould I need a vpn?
David 24 days ago
We're getting there but we're not quite there yet. The millennial generation is the first social media generation. A good example is the 'who's listening' comment you see on literally every music video. They know this bot comment will receive likes and they probably log in each day just to see how many more likes these comments have. Another example of this is the '.....', Me '.....' comment.
Jerry Louis Leyendecker, Living Soul
Jerry Louis Leyendecker, Living Soul 25 days ago
Thats not true.
RoketRat 26 days ago
This is a big anti-capitalism comercial!
Kristian Gameplay
Kristian Gameplay 26 days ago
of course we are programmed, our brain washing starts when we born first from parents and then from the system, the school is the start of our ultra programming to became poorly paied workers, because our system needs cheep labor and they don't need more educated people, they need stupid depressed people that work almost for nothing, workers are paid only for essential goods for surviving, not for livng, most of the population survive month after month and even unemployment isartifficialy made, the system needs people without jobs, because with this they can controll poorly paied workers '' if you don't work for that amount of money, out-there are thousents that wait for your job'' hypercapitalistic words to control cheap labor
powerone1 26 days ago
The real matrix is central banking, big oil, big pharma, free trade, all these things keep us down and living in a past that should have gone away long ago. The day the 99% refuse to use money all this manipulation ends. Chains if gold.
Jaime Alderete
Jaime Alderete 29 days ago
23:00 you dont realize it but your being programed. Its so true
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