a chat about life

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Morgan Adams

Month ago

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Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams Month ago
Hi ❤️❤️ I know this isn’t a normal video but I just wanted to chill and hang out together. I love you and hope you have an amazing day
Brittany Larson
Brittany Larson 13 days ago
Your beautiful!!! Keep being you lovely!!! At all times be you!!!!
Shannon LA
Shannon LA 14 days ago
And I get Shane. For everyone talking about all this s*** that he is said. Listen I come from an abusive childhood I was molested. I think he made some mistakes years ago with some things that he said. and to be honest I'm the type of person that usually can tell a pedophile from somebody that just makes some horrible comments or jokes. if anybody would be offended by him it would have been me and I never was. I've been watching him for years. I think he's just said some stupid shit, that at the time he thought was funny, he has always had one of those weird sense of humors (I guess that's why I get him) sometimes it can be shocking to people. Again I'm not saying some of the stuff is right, but I think many of us have said s*** and then later on went back and said I can't believe I just said that, that didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I know I have Either way I'm really enjoying morgan. She definitely has my ADHD personality 🤣 And I wish everybody the best ❤️
Shannon LA
Shannon LA 14 days ago
Morgan after watching your video and getting to the end I think what you really want to say is Actions speak louder than words ❤️
Karmen Letourneau
Karmen Letourneau 15 days ago
That spider saw you killing all these other bugs and came back for revenge.
Skella ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Skella ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 16 days ago
Crazy Disney Girl
Crazy Disney Girl 2 hours ago
Morgan I know you won’t see this comment but I love watching your vids and I also would like if you could criticize it btw
Jimin Park
Jimin Park 9 hours ago
How tall is Morgan
Gabbin Tine
Gabbin Tine 19 hours ago
usshow.info/watch/x2WBythSGoQ/video.html Watch this video about Shane. It’s disturbing
Saraii Smith
Saraii Smith Day ago
Pregnant for 24 hours challenge??
Keegz Day ago
My buddy once woke up to a spider nest in his belly button so at least that didn’t happen 🤷🏼
Luzdary Montalvo
Luzdary Montalvo 2 days ago
morgan is my personal prophet now
fosho monroe
fosho monroe 3 days ago
Is Trinity single?
uwantapieceofme 4 days ago
I miss Shane
Janelle K
Janelle K 5 days ago
As someone who actually camped as a kid this is hard to watch 🤦🏻‍♀️
Zachary 6 days ago
Why are people saying that morgan is getting cancelled for Shanes stuff?? Lol i haven't see shiz
unequal_steel0 XD
unequal_steel0 XD 7 days ago
Bio get some lights
Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis 8 days ago
What was the 10 minutes of random ass analogy for 😭😭
Alexis Ann
Alexis Ann 8 days ago
Do you have a podcast? Id listen to you lol and I dont even listen to podcasts
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth 9 days ago
Morgan didn’t do anything wrong so ofc imma stan her. Y’all get it twisted. If you do something wrong no matter how long ago you pay the price like anyone else lmao
izzy garcia
izzy garcia 10 days ago
free britney ❤️
Malec._.Nightshade357 10 days ago
Guys stop, all that stuff is in the past stop bringing it back up, he already apologized move tf on with ur lives.
Malec._.Nightshade357 10 days ago
Literally calm tf down, it's just a spider and a bear
girl Tech
girl Tech 10 days ago
Yes you do mail it to the lady
S Kirby
S Kirby 10 days ago
You sound like a libertarian Morgan🤌
McKenna Allen
McKenna Allen 10 days ago
She has the sweetest most beautiful cat
McKenna Allen
McKenna Allen 10 days ago
That bear had a baby
Micheladaaa G
Micheladaaa G 10 days ago
I love this video omg its too lit
Britt Brat
Britt Brat 10 days ago
I love you Morgan
Syd the kid
Syd the kid 11 days ago
love how they're complaining about the NICEST tent I've ever seen
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 11 days ago
everyone is literally writing the same comment over and over again like stfu she shouldn't apologise for a pedophile then...
Rebecca Ohrel
Rebecca Ohrel 11 days ago
Omg the gift wrapping😭 i love u
Julie Dubis
Julie Dubis 11 days ago
Your cat looks identical to mine
ENIA 12 days ago
12:10 Morgan's Aunt taking her mask out of her bra is totally me! 🤣
Ashley Magalde
Ashley Magalde 12 days ago
Okay but where is Morgan’s Budweiser sweater from!? 😩
Tori Saffer
Tori Saffer 13 days ago
ilysm i agree with everything you said
I. Callisto
I. Callisto 13 days ago
usshow.info/watch/NhAbqcvsh8E/video.html ..
Jennah Elise
Jennah Elise 13 days ago
Hi, I love yours and trinitys videos together I literally come to watch these when I’m sad and no matter what they always cheer me up, you guys are so funny , please keep making them I love it
Shannon LA
Shannon LA 14 days ago
I will never judge somebody by the actions of another person. Won't do it
judith landa
judith landa 14 days ago
Where is this?!?!?!
babytrash04 14 days ago
i agree with what Morgan said. Shane is a different person. i have grown up watching him & the old videos were most likely cringey dark humor & ignorance. but Shane has grown & taken accountability & i really wish everyone would stop trying to cancel everything & trying to make everyone have the same opinion as them. i miss & love Shane & Morgan is everything 💚
Angie T
Angie T 15 days ago
The Bible has worse shit than Twitter, trust me
ThickNessMakes 16 days ago
Every time she says and thinks she looks bad she always looks beautiful...she’s beautiful period❣️
votive 17 days ago
Your video popped up randomly into my youtube...before I watch your video, please tell me why I should care about your chat about life. Thanks.
Billy Woodall
Billy Woodall 17 days ago
Yeah......u need to either return the lady's mail in person or put return to sender on the envelope and put it in the 📪