Running Late? | MAGIC OF THE MONTH - March 2020

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Zach King

Zach King

4 months ago

Zach King reacts to your magical videos about running late in this March episode.
Make your own magic videos using the #Videoleap app: #magicofthemonth #ad
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Ambrose 4 months ago
I'll definitely do Magic of the Month for April this time, because I have nothing better to do.
DRAGONCORE 012 Month ago
Abdulrahman Perera me
FOCEA Team Month ago
@Hou DD go to the website in his description, then follow his steps.
Indian_Man101 2 months ago
RD JaCkEr do u know the link.
Nishanthi Elvitigala
Nishanthi Elvitigala 2 months ago
Where should you post it
Langston Reese
Langston Reese 2 months ago
Wow, just wow
swechha mallick
swechha mallick Day ago
I think that's the only thing I can do better i will surely try it😜
My Wonderland
My Wonderland 2 days ago
So creative with every video he does sooo cool like if you agree
Digital Buff
Digital Buff 6 days ago
vidhus tech
vidhus tech 8 days ago
I can't download the app because my phone is android
xvi yoshi
xvi yoshi 9 days ago
Thanks zac ( D (
Margarita Ramirez morales
Margarita Ramirez morales 10 days ago
mika nina
mika nina 14 days ago
ليش مافي عرب هون أو أنا لحالي اللبنانية اللي هون عنجد مليت من الاجانب
chip kooz
chip kooz 15 days ago
I love Sofian vidoes ....he is doing it as good as Zach king himself....
Super Magician
Super Magician 15 days ago
Me before he showed the trick:He is the best magician in the world Me after he showed the trick:He is the best editor in the world
Opening and Closing Logos
Opening and Closing Logos 19 days ago
For me, if there’s no school, it’s good for me but also sad
Rose and hasi
Rose and hasi 23 days ago
supper King
Connor Hamilton
Connor Hamilton 25 days ago
You are so lucky you got to meet the professor
Galaxy Skywalker
Galaxy Skywalker 26 days ago
the low battery thing got me and im at 100%
Reyes De La Rubia
Reyes De La Rubia 27 days ago
I have your book
Journey with Jaden
Journey with Jaden 27 days ago
How do you do it
Samuel Alejandro Ortega
Samuel Alejandro Ortega Month ago
Thank you Zach
Apoorbo Das
Apoorbo Das Month ago
I was so not expecting Professor Live in this vid. I'm a big LiveFan
Oman Team Eurogulfu
Oman Team Eurogulfu Month ago
I love seeing the magic
ZebraaZachary Z
ZebraaZachary Z Month ago
Did you really find Selena?
Rachel Month ago
Is that really Selena Gomez in 0:39 😱😱
VT Time
VT Time Month ago
I installed Videoleap a while ago, but I didn’t know that was possible!! So cool 😎
Султан GG
Султан GG Month ago
Я один тут Русский?? 😵😂
UsmaN Butt
UsmaN Butt Month ago
For apo
UsmaN Butt
UsmaN Butt Month ago
Mister Valen
Mister Valen Month ago
The app is just for IPhone or IPad, And I got an Android :(
FluxBenny TV
FluxBenny TV Month ago
Its also for android but the language is chines (idk how to type that) And i dont know how to get it to your language
David Powell
David Powell Month ago
Philbert Atta
Philbert Atta Month ago
I love your videos very much
S&S Month ago
I can't find video leap on the play store Should have put a link in the description
Fatima Eid
Fatima Eid Month ago
RaiselKing Month ago
2:47 Guys, doesn't the mobile guy seem familiar to you? Have you seen him yet?
Jean-marc Pigeon
Jean-marc Pigeon Month ago
Viraj Gupta
Viraj Gupta Month ago
Imagine if you have a job like this wasting your time editing.
AddieIsCool Month ago
avi zuroff
avi zuroff Month ago
magic of the months are the absolute best!
HUANG ZILE 4D-2020 Month ago
Musa khan
Musa khan Month ago
I love sofian's magic
Bavly 339
Bavly 339 Month ago
I love you zach
awwad awaf
awwad awaf Month ago
في حداعربي غيري 😂
Ernest Damian
Ernest Damian Month ago
I was about to press on the low battery thing.
Moldycookie Month ago
0:49 I almost thought I had 5%
اختصاص بكل المجالات
اختصاص بكل المجالات Month ago
nice zach king welcom to morocco
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Month ago
Hey everyone Zach asked where will you portel right now so the most votes were for moon fist of all how are you guys gonna survive without a space suit???????????
Thompson Jaycob
Thompson Jaycob Month ago
Hey bro whats up
Amogh Koteshwar
Amogh Koteshwar Month ago
Sales Gomez shirt is different than I st lady
Zakkary Schlievert
Zakkary Schlievert Month ago
I wish I was as good as sofian. I am probably gonna try the "magic of the month for June"
Zakkary Schlievert
Zakkary Schlievert Month ago
I'm not the only one who almost fell for the 5% batterie thing again
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Month ago
How do you do magic
that was Selena Gomez
John Mermel
John Mermel Month ago
Even though i'm on a Dell laptop, I thought the power thing was for me.
I found out in shadow trick the lady policewomen's shadow was there see when she moves.. the same way shadow moves
GAMBA ONLINE 2 months ago
I love zach
Danny Lloyd
Danny Lloyd 2 months ago
Plz don’t be mean to the professor
Holly Boyle
Holly Boyle 2 months ago
The app dosen't work the same for me so I cant do it
Czarina Salazar
Czarina Salazar 2 months ago
cool magic 😀
Noa-sol Zaritzky
Noa-sol Zaritzky 2 months ago
Hey i really liked the magic, is there an android app too?
Infernoball gt
Infernoball gt 2 months ago
Yes there is, it is called vivacut and its almost exactly like videoleap
Jacoblox 2 months ago
*that app is literally the only reason why i can edit my videos now*
PhamtonC Gaming Boi
PhamtonC Gaming Boi 2 months ago
Patrik Svensson
Patrik Svensson 2 months ago
How do i send a video to u?
Thunder Playz
Thunder Playz 2 months ago
can u u see my my magic plz chek the title is time to do magic plz chek
Bloomfield Bros
Bloomfield Bros 2 months ago
I thought the low battery was on my screen and I tried to click close