Taking Accountability

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12 days ago


Molly Fox
Molly Fox 11 hours ago
Wtf! STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS! Can’t listen his rambling!
Eloise Kivell
Eloise Kivell 11 hours ago
No ❤️
Angelica Valdez
Angelica Valdez 11 hours ago
steam monster
Tg1 Gaming
Tg1 Gaming 11 hours ago
I really don't care about any of this
Lydia x
Lydia x 11 hours ago
ra-ra-ra-roll 🛹 up⬆️to🥰the🎱party🎉with💎my🤸🏾‍♀️crazy🤪pink🥳wig🧠
Suzan Glossin
Suzan Glossin 12 hours ago
I love you Shane, i love you 💖
. 12 hours ago
busty beats
busty beats 12 hours ago
. 12 hours ago
omg!!!! true
. 12 hours ago
how true is this dude
. 12 hours ago
yeah true
. 12 hours ago
Victor Munhoz
Victor Munhoz 12 hours ago
Ugh this whole drama thing is gonna be so bad for the reputation of the lgbt Community. Jeffree and Shane are/were gay icons and lgbt themselves, I'm sure someone will be able to twist this into *"GAY=BAD"*
Fall Out Girly
Fall Out Girly 12 hours ago
Honey, have you seen the view from down there? 'Cause it's all dark and it's all dirt And nobody really cares If you don't want to move 'Cause you got to get up now I need to find a way to make this forever I need to find a way to fight this bad weather I need to find some friends that might live forever I need to find a way to get myself better forever Forever
Flynn Lewis
Flynn Lewis 12 hours ago
sorry but did he really just edit this?
Munchi Mochi
Munchi Mochi 12 hours ago
Hm it’s hard to believe but then the past doesn’t define you. Shane just needs to grow up sadly and that’s how it is sometimes and sometimes people need to learn common sense and realise the pain they’ve caused
Nat Chase
Nat Chase 12 hours ago
you are a bad person
Nat Chase
Nat Chase 12 hours ago
this is your third apology
Angela Lee K.
Angela Lee K. 12 hours ago
Shane I’m sorry but you totally lost me as a fan! The way you reacted to Tatis video was the most immature thing I’ve ever witnessed. You’re not taking accountability! You have not one tear you don’t care. I can’t even let my kids watch you anymore because you have become toxic. Apologies means nothing if it’s not heartfelt. I’m so disappointed in the way you reacted to Tatis video. You are suppose to be a role model you have children watching you and your teaching them how to be full of drama and fake. I may be nobody but there is not any amount of money in this world that is worth turning into the person you have become. I will pray for you and all the toxicity you and Jeffree created. Was this worth it Shane money means nothing as you destroyed people’s life over a piece of paper. I felt Tatis pain and my heart is so heavy for what she has endured. Shame on you. I thought you was a good person but I was deceived just as she was. I will not support you or Jeffree ever again but I will pray for you. I won’t be like you I will not film this world with hate. Thank you for teaching me who not to be! Goodbye Shane
Wide Putin
Wide Putin 12 hours ago
im ordering sushi anyone want anything
Kwasi Boama
Kwasi Boama 12 hours ago
Just stfu 😂
nŒ ĆHÆB 12 hours ago
you aren't a bad person, i forgive you for everything
magicshows 12 hours ago
nŒ ĆHÆB 12 hours ago
nŒ ĆHÆB 12 hours ago
i forgive you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
nŒ ĆHÆB 12 hours ago
i forgive you 🥺❤️
nŒ ĆHÆB 12 hours ago
i forgive you ❤️🥺
kk x
kk x 12 hours ago
P L 12 hours ago
Cancel Culture don't discriminate... Everyone getting hit
Lzly *-Confirmed Alien-*
Lzly *-Confirmed Alien-* 12 hours ago
maybe when you have to make apology vids over and over again- maybe maybe it just mean you are not a good person nor are you changing
Marcia Mathorz
Marcia Mathorz 12 hours ago
Cancelling Shane because of stuff he said when he was more “young and dumb” officially makes you a Karen. How does it feel, Karen?
Amber 12 hours ago
But Shane, we liked conspiracy theory Shane not jeffree stars friend..
Cinqxe Adopt Me
Cinqxe Adopt Me 12 hours ago
i love you so much Shane. I have been watching you for years. I understand you take full responsibility for your previous actions in the past. That stuff is just now being brought up, and I understand how hard it is for some of your fans turn on you for some videos waayyy back, It hurts when people bring up the past and you can't focus on the future. I have been there. We all have. I accept your apology and I know I shouldn't, but back then was back then. Nobody really had a care in the world, it was funny. Now everyone is serious because they are realozing how big of a problem this has become. Whoever didn't accept your apology, are not wrong for it. I don't want to see your fanbase collapse. I want to see it build. You are an amazing person with so much potential. People don't see that they did not realize it until it became serious for everyone else. I just want you to know this. I enjoyed and still enjoy watching your channel, and I will continue to do so. I hope you take this message as advice, and I hope it brings you strength along your journey to become a really successful YouTuer. Don't ever give up. You are strong. -Sincerely, Leah R Cinque
LiTtLeNeWtZz MACCA 12 hours ago
To much money these type of people have that’s why they think they can get away with it and all’s they do to you and the masses is lie and make them Selfs look like a perfect human being when really they only show u what they want u to see people wake up, how this guy is still making videos after everything that’s been said is madness justice comes eventually.
Arun. 12 hours ago
The question is how does he still have 22.1 million subscribers? Last year when the other scandal happened james lost over 3 million subscribers with no proof of the allegations but yet there is loads of proof about Shane’s behaviour and he still has only lost 1 million and there is loads of proof? come on people wake up!
Lauren L
Lauren L 12 hours ago
I was a long time fan, and honestly, I'm ashamed of MYSELF for not realizing his behavior with children was creepy. How did so many adults see that and do NOTHING? My mind is blown.
sara alexander
sara alexander 12 hours ago
Jen Rose Easton
Jen Rose Easton 12 hours ago
Megan Maye
Megan Maye 12 hours ago
I was so busy reading all of yal golden comments that I zoned out half way thru the vid
Kayano Kaede
Kayano Kaede 12 hours ago
The pie shit video with the black woman was absolutely horrendous. It shook me to my core
millbill j
millbill j 12 hours ago
Jen Rose Easton
Jen Rose Easton 12 hours ago
wtaf is the big deal-let the man live his dream. wouldn't you? shane has inspired so many of us and it was never for money in my eyes. he wors hard for it. this is just so so sad. SHANE KEEP BEING YOU XXXXXX
Jazmin delgado
Jazmin delgado 12 hours ago
pov: you're scrolling through the comments with the video on mute while you're taking a shizz
M SM 12 hours ago
You literally said in one of your videos when you were in a car “to hit all Mexicans” and that “immigrants smell like pee.” I understand you were young and thoughtless and you meant to be funny however you became famous at the expense of using stereotypes that are undermine and degrade immigrants and black people. I’m honestly disappointed in your success. I appreciate your apology but your career started by poking fun at PoC. I’m glad that you recognize this but this is definitely something you can’t take back. I hate how you can just say you’re sorry and set yourself free from all the harm and stereotypes that you reproduced with your thoughtless and racist humor while PoC are still hurting.
madmanjam_3 12 hours ago
Just do the world a favour & quit USshow shane
Brandon Stern
Brandon Stern 12 hours ago
You might get clapped up with the way the world is going rn. Truly wouldn’t surprise me.
Angry Cactus
Angry Cactus 12 hours ago
Shane really said that the podcast clip was edited to not have all the times he said pedophilia was wrong and gross but that doesn’t change the fact he said he looked up naked babies and enjoyed it and also called a 7 year old hot uhhh uhhh make it make sense It’s like- “no murdering people is bad, it’s gross, you shouldn’t do it I would never. People deserve to live.” Two minutes later “soooo I killed someone ✨💅” ????? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE
Elizabeth Adarkwah
Elizabeth Adarkwah 12 hours ago
I like when it was Shane drew and Garrett not Shane jeffry and trish
KOKNA MLG 12 hours ago
Haha noob no ads for u noob
Lucy Vlogsz
Lucy Vlogsz 12 hours ago
He says he doesn’t want to make anymore excuses but yeah he’s making excuses like just face the fact that your gonna be canceled and you need help
Zatanna 12 hours ago
Him: "I think I was taking everything as an attack which is so stupid, looking back it was so stupid" saying "I'm NOt RaCIst!!!🤬" Also Him: "I'M NoT A PedOoOOoPhile!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬"
Sarahu 12 hours ago
Shane u are STONE COLD RACIST and u hate black ppl and it’s sad as a black person that I used to watch u ,
toztoz2nd 13 hours ago
It’s hard to say this obviously easier said than done. Keep your head up Shane. Their are still people here for you along side you. Yes we might not know you personally or have actually spent a day next to you but we have been here for many years. ❤️I stand by you Shane and I know I’m not the only one man. This too shall pass. Love you man hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.
Mother Hugger
Mother Hugger 13 hours ago
I heard he was molested. I’m not saying that what he did was ok because of that, but that can have profound negative effects on someone’s mind if it’s never addressed. This is all beyond terrible. I remember being obsessed with some of his videos when I was a kid, like the one where he did a parody on Degrassi. So awful 😔
shadylane the youtuber
shadylane the youtuber 13 hours ago
it's plain and simple, we expect too much from human beings sometimes, and tend to forget that every single person we're surrounded by are also living a life of their own, it's so easy to hate and be upset with people for their past, but it's so much easier to move on and accept human error and mistakes, that being said, shane, you will never be back to your normal level of fame, nor do you deserve it, you've messed up so many times, it's hard to see it as human error anymore, and I'm sorry, i can't support you anymore, I just can't
Rachel Henke
Rachel Henke 13 hours ago
P.S all I see is y'all saying how you miss the old Shane and his old content. That's literally the reason why he's hearing making this video. Like what?
Lissandro Zuniga
Lissandro Zuniga 13 hours ago
POV: You're sick and tired of seeing people post the same Pov comments
Zahire Watts
Zahire Watts 12 hours ago
I’m actually tired of seeing these negative comments about things that happened YEARS AGO. Now, Shane is trying to change and some of these people are just shitting on him. They need to learned TO LET THE BAD THINGS IN THE PAST GO.
ha na
ha na 13 hours ago
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Monique Negrete
Monique Negrete 13 hours ago
HES NOT SORRY HES ONLY SORRY FOR GETTING CAUGHT AND EXPOSED at the end of the day anything that comes out of his mouth is BULLSHIT cause wat u said and did shouldn’t have happen PERIOD...
Freddy Martinez
Freddy Martinez 13 hours ago
" And this will probably come back to haunt me but that's ok, it's all for comedy'- Shane, I don't hate you but I don't like you this hurt as a proud afrochicana seeing the Mexican and black jokes and all the terrible disgusting jokes had me crying, not from happiness, just from pain I use to watch you when my day was bad when I had no one else to turn to so I watched your videos, I felt safe...now I'm at a loss for words...I'm hurt.
Angel Sg
Angel Sg 13 hours ago
I keep checking Jeffree just to see your shit
Preslee Ingram
Preslee Ingram 13 hours ago
i’m confused what happend? i kinda logged off of youtube for a couple of months ?
nikito nipongo
nikito nipongo 13 hours ago
USshow sucks
Angel Sg
Angel Sg 13 hours ago
Hey!! Your not quiting on me I love your shit !! I'm gonna keep commenting until you post lmao
Rachel Henke
Rachel Henke 13 hours ago
Y'all steadily saying it's because of Jeffree. But he's apologizing for his actions YEARS ago way before he personally knew Star. GTFO.
Peter the Dare
Peter the Dare 13 hours ago
U made my depression and thoughts of suicides decreased thanks for all your videos
MJ Vlogs
MJ Vlogs 13 hours ago
So people called you out now after you posted video's 10 plus years ago make no sense to me. It's what's going on in the world today that your videos are getting bashed. Glad you're owning up to it. But you're 12 years older now and people know you're no longer doing those video's anymore. But this shouldn't take so long for ppl to bring it up just for you to bring an apology. But then you grown up a lot. Some learn faster than others or at least hide their mistakes until it gets pointed out. Not mad, not gonna sit here and say I'm gonna do this or that. Just hope you read this Shane.
Peter the Dare
Peter the Dare 13 hours ago
Omg there are just jokes and sketches people need to relax 🙄
Eleanor Bennett
Eleanor Bennett 13 hours ago
He’s apologised so many times he can’t undo what he has done and why should he ? He said it once and if you don’t like it don’t watch. Look at shows where they have done worse things for example. Little Britain, come fly with me , RIckey Gervais. So many worse shows and you don’t see them getting as much backlash so just let it gon
Courtney Goodspeed
Courtney Goodspeed 13 hours ago
Shane, I hope you get better and get back to youtube soon I miss you and so do all the real people who have been here a long time. I hope you get better because your my queen Shane. And I know so many of you are prob going to reply to me saying Shane is a horrible person, and you have every right to feel that way but if you are a true fan you will have some forgiveness in him like I and some other people do. Love you, Shane.
Annalis Mattsson
Annalis Mattsson 13 hours ago
this makes me sob I looked uo to u I've been watching u forever
Fara Cassisi
Fara Cassisi 11 hours ago
me too, since the food videos, since the “spooky boys”.😔
Mark Shingler
Mark Shingler 13 hours ago
I have no idea who this is but it keeps popping up...... guy is clearly a racist because of all the racist stuff hes apologising for. This is obv a video to try and salvage some kind of income. Is their anything more pathetic than a self serving racist apology video on youtube? Nope ....times up times up times up haha
ToxicBoba 13 hours ago
Okay “we don’t like u” not cause you’re only racist butttt u called a little girl “sexy” ;-; that’s disgusting
Brooke Walker
Brooke Walker 13 hours ago
I'm 4 minutes into this and all I hear is "I'm sorry for the people who liked my stuff saying I'm funny. I'm sorry for the people who saw that." Uhmmmmmm hello? Where is the " I'm sorry for what I did".
Kylea Tipton
Kylea Tipton 13 hours ago
I cant like all these comments y’all. why y’all keep bringing up the past.
Lyla Paterson
Lyla Paterson 13 hours ago
i think you’ve grown . but everything you did was disgusting and should have never been said or done .
Eko Vision
Eko Vision 13 hours ago
Logan Paul video taped a dead guy and everyone is cool with it and Shane Dawson makes some jokes in bad taste and everyone wants him off USshow?
ً 13 hours ago
no one let logan paul off easily.. in fact, he had to make an entire apology video addressing it to save his career. you’re just biased hon
Niamh Clover
Niamh Clover 13 hours ago
roll 🍥 up 👆 to 🤢 the 🎭 party 🎉 with 🧏🏻‍♂️ my ✌️crazy 🤪 pink 📍 wig 💇 but 🔳 I 👁‍🗨 can't 🥵 get 👨🏼‍🎨 through 💅the 😌door 🚪 because 💀my 🩸booty 🍑 too 2️⃣ big 🤏🏻
rose pomme
rose pomme 13 hours ago
Dude. Ive been watching you for almost 10 years now. Stop self deprecating. You grew up. We get it. Address the issues that are at hand now. Give us answers. I want answers. From what I understand, slander and libel are two of the biggest crimes you are guilty of at the moment. Besides cultural appropriation, sexual misconduct, etc. Like we know things were different back in the day, but please clear these up before you career is completely over.
Olivia Maxwell
Olivia Maxwell 13 hours ago
I feel like that scene from toy story when woody gets the Andy painted over on his boot. I feel like this is what is happening with Shane. I am honestly really sad and not to be cliche but just disappointed. I'm disgusted about how Shane turned out, it's really shitty how the people on USshow raised us all just became toxic over the years. :\
uglyleee 13 hours ago
Does he not know what shaving cream is
lizbeth2 pannini
lizbeth2 pannini 13 hours ago
y’all honestly can not get mad for him thinking stereotypes were funny back then because EVERYONE thought it was funny back then. no one understood why it was so bad. now we do now we wanna make changes.
isobelx 13 hours ago
IM NOT A PEDOPHILE!1!111!!!!!!!!!!!11!!! >:,( >:,( >:,( >:,(
sophia nunns
sophia nunns 13 hours ago
did he even shower before he filmed this
FBI 13 hours ago
20mins of poor me wtf @Shane Dawson I looked up to you I didn't no you came from this you were a bit much I know we can all mistake but bro all this is the real you so how do I look up to some one like you you done it bro heart broken 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
FBI 13 hours ago
Looked up to you hard what was that sex talk to that little girl
Bianca LaTour
Bianca LaTour 13 hours ago
I am not going to lie... it’s actually so scary how I NOTICED NONE OF THIS AS A KID. I was 10 years old when I discovered Shane and I thought he was so funny and so relatable and I never even noticed. Mind you, I am both African American and Mexican lol and I was allowing myself to be desensitized to micro aggressions and racist jokes. I didn’t even start understanding racism, colorism, etc until I was about 13 or 14. So this is disgusting that we have allowed things like this to go on. And this situation with Shane and other creators is scary but now it’s all coming to light
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