Phoebe Bridgers + Noah & Abby Gundersen - Killer + The Sound (Official Video)

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Dead Oceans

2 years ago

Phoebe Bridgers + Noah & Abby Gundersen - Killer + The Sound, out now on Dead Oceans and Cooking Vinyl.
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Ben Park: Camera, Editor
Song Produced and Engineered by Andy Park

Jack Zay
Jack Zay Day ago
I had no idea there was Phoebe Bridgers + Noah Gundersen content and almost shit my pants when the algorithm gifted me with it.
Isaac Mendes
Isaac Mendes 2 days ago
Good shit
william hoegh
william hoegh 2 days ago
1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
Allen Price
Allen Price 5 days ago
Always enjoy phoebe and they all are amazing
Elf Ex-Girlfriend
Elf Ex-Girlfriend 8 days ago
I can't like this enough.
lemon tree
lemon tree 9 days ago
Whenever I ate something bad and I need something that helps me puke I simply listen to this horrible song.
Leonie P.
Leonie P. 12 days ago
So amazingly beautiful. One of my faves. Thank you all.
Elizabeth J
Elizabeth J 18 days ago
i'm so glad spotify recommended me this track because i am now utterly obsessed with phoebe and i don't think that'll ever change
createteria 19 days ago
I can't believe this video has fewer than 100k views. Because I know I am personally responsible for the other 1,000,000 views.
Tye Tyson
Tye Tyson 19 days ago
They can replace The Civil Wars. :D
Cynthia Gr
Cynthia Gr 20 days ago
Perfect as this! (:
hannahmarie !
hannahmarie ! 21 day ago
literally the best thing ever created
Skatetheastral 21 day ago
She's the greatest❤️
Hilary Zust
Hilary Zust 22 days ago
Nick Muntingh
Nick Muntingh 25 days ago
This is so fucking good man.
Joshua Gailey
Joshua Gailey 26 days ago
The bandaid under his eye adds to the effect
Brendan Wu
Brendan Wu 26 days ago
I bet noah doesn't even have a cut on his cheek. The bandaid is just for aEstHeTicC
Kristin Voock
Kristin Voock Month ago
Lyrics. Good grief.
Cheryl Stamp
Cheryl Stamp Month ago
Perfection !!! 💙❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Craig Howard-cofield
Craig Howard-cofield Month ago
Absolutely stunning work you beautiful people xxx
Sub2 Newt
Sub2 Newt Month ago
The List Podcast brought me hear! Daniel Dopp knows good music!
Jarko Limbo
Jarko Limbo Month ago
Music Jam04
Music Jam04 Month ago
I wanted to say thank you. Don't know if you guys will ever see this but I need to say it. I met my best friend asking for a duet partner to sing this with me. A year ago he was killed trying to protect his boyfriend from being the victim of a hate crime. Both families disapproved so his bf and I were left to plan and pay for everything on our own. I sang this as a solo at his funeral. It makes me cry everytime. But it means so much to me, that he can live through this song. Thank you! ❤❤❤
lady v
lady v 2 months ago
Mundane & mediocre comes to mind!
Zeb Henderson
Zeb Henderson 2 months ago
I’ve found myself drinking and smoking weed alone along with listening to this song almost every night this week. It’s kind of become a ritual.
Zeb Henderson
Zeb Henderson 9 days ago
alva v. I’m actually doing better than I ever have. Regardless of that, this is really an unneeded comment
alva v.
alva v. 9 days ago
Omg you must be severely depressed..
Crankyhead crack
Crankyhead crack 2 months ago
"Faking sleep to count your breaths" "....or is there nothing left to do for us?" "....but i'm too stupid in love" wow, these reminds you of your painful breakups ;_;
Keirston Burns
Keirston Burns 2 months ago
Kev D
Kev D 2 months ago
4:13 = perfection
19Dancegirl Xanx
19Dancegirl Xanx 2 months ago
Panda L.J.B.
Panda L.J.B. 2 months ago
I always appreciate when people can can listen and like a artist like Noah who isn't like highly popular.
C3 PO 2 months ago
Fuckin@ incredible.
J 2 months ago
Phoebe was meant for live recording sessions, this other singer though, has a completely rich tonality, top quality. I could dare to compare to the depth/range to Sarah Mclachlan
Kevin Haggerty
Kevin Haggerty 3 months ago
I cannot be convinced that Noah and Phoebe were not romantically involved at this point or somewhere around this point. The intimacy is palpable.
Kimathy Collins
Kimathy Collins 3 months ago
Terry Kyees
Terry Kyees 3 months ago
SuperDjkatz 3 months ago
I like indie music like the rest of you, but I really, really hate this
Natalija Fijacko
Natalija Fijacko 3 months ago
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
Swiss 3 months ago
Three Geniuses.
Jeremy Nuncio
Jeremy Nuncio 3 months ago
Phoebe's music always eerily sounded like CCM to me, now it all makes sense.
Vasamard 3 months ago
This would be great if it were performed like the Dutch song at ESC from 2014
Mika 3 months ago
This is just perfection
MY_tube 3 months ago
Holy shit, that was beautiful.
yanny chiou
yanny chiou 3 months ago
here i am again
Burak Canik
Burak Canik 3 months ago
This is... Breathtaking.
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 3 months ago
I've listened to this many times and still can't get over how good it is
Farm Chick
Farm Chick 4 months ago
Wow Just wow
Hachem Moussaoui
Hachem Moussaoui 4 months ago
Wow ❤ ...
NagzNagatz 4 months ago
Swiss 4 months ago
Don't hate or @ me for restarting this song @ 3:15 every time.
Chanel Wilton
Chanel Wilton 4 months ago
This song gave me major goosebumps. Very beautiful
Gordon McArthur
Gordon McArthur 4 months ago
💭..USshow sent me here 🔀 what a find!
Sophia B.
Sophia B. 4 months ago
This song helps me calm down through intense anxiety attacks.
thea b
thea b 20 minutes ago
like me right now whew
Rick S
Rick S 3 days ago
Same! It’s so calming and grounding
lemon tree
lemon tree 9 days ago
This song helps me get rid of my lunch 🤮
safichii0 Month ago
I feel so comforted to see that so many people come to the same song to heal our anxiety 🌿✨
Joe Butta
Joe Butta 4 months ago
Burn It Down
Burn It Down 4 months ago
The almost 100k views are all from me
Jason Miradoli
Jason Miradoli 4 months ago
I'm sure that a 52-year-old father of three adults isn't the target demographic for either Phoebe or Noah & Abby, but after finding Phoebe's Motion Sickness, I soon found Noah's Lover...and I have been avid fans of both since. Independent of each other, they are extremely emotional singer/songwriters...something this world needs more and more of every day. They also both have the ability to strip down their songs, play them in a group, with an acoustic guitar, or a piano and violin. this back-to-back combination of songs...well, this is nothing short of perfection. The harmonies, the pianos, but without the emotion in all three of their voices - it would just be a good performance. It isn't. It's magic. Beethoven once said, ""To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable." As a kid who played the piano and whose mother would let him know when he made a mistake on songs of her choosing, I stopped playing in high school. Picked it up again in college, then life got in the way. I've gotten back into it just last year, and had even played in a new band, my first gig ever - before the world changed. Those of you who play an instrument, or whose voice is one - do it with passion. That's what makes this something I must stop everything and watch and listen to - each and every time. (Sometimes I even watch it again, and type a comment for what seems like the entire 8 minute performance.)
Kenny Chaffin
Kenny Chaffin Day ago
Dude....I'm in my mid 60's and just found Phoebe....OMG she is amazing...beginning a new journey! There is an amazing new crop of genius songwriters out there!
Ken Klos
Ken Klos 20 days ago
Awesome.....ditto from a 55 year old, Music has no age barrier. Well said
silverwhiteMINI 2 months ago
This 66 year old grampa totally agrees we may not be target but when an artist touches you... to hell with demographics and stereotypes. I have been listening to Noah since Family and Phoebe more recently... both have something special that makes me feel their music more than anything else I've listened to... other than KD Lang singing Leonard Cohen's hallelujah.
Cade Taylor
Cade Taylor 2 months ago
the Gunderson's are all amazing. You need to check out the whole family, they're amazing people and super talented
Jason Miradoli
Jason Miradoli 2 months ago
GPMasterMav thanks so much - for the words, and just for reading it,
Bo Bel
Bo Bel 4 months ago
great pianowork
pete russo
pete russo 4 months ago
This is my most shared song on USshow. 8 minutes in heaven
Eric Harmon
Eric Harmon 4 months ago
Did Noah make one too many smart ass comments to Abby?
Michèle Tirlemont
Michèle Tirlemont 4 months ago
subtle and beautiful!
Yvonne Letham
Yvonne Letham 4 months ago
Truly beautiful! ❤️
Alejandra Saenz
Alejandra Saenz 5 months ago
How beautiful, I'm never getting tired of this 💗
sn00pyg 5 months ago
Are the tape recorders rolling for ambience? Are they also responsible for that ambient synth sound?
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 5 months ago
Whaaaaat is that effect that’s throbbing through both songs? I love it. Adds atmosphere.
MyessYallyah Americus
MyessYallyah Americus 5 months ago
I hate everyone who works in the media
Rushi Shah
Rushi Shah 5 months ago
if you have child,take a responsibility to handle them. Don make them oppressed
Bradley Hovious
Bradley Hovious 5 months ago
Probably behind,but I hope these guy's do more songs together. Just great.
Brennen Larisey
Brennen Larisey 5 months ago
Bradley Hovious meee tooo. Was here two years ago and now I’m back. Never gets old.
johanna bland
johanna bland 5 months ago
The best harmonies ever!! So moved by their voices. Hope they do more songs together
Johanne Sølvsten Thomsen
Johanne Sølvsten Thomsen 5 months ago
After the harmonies on "How many times, how many times" and Noah sings "will you shit on what you're given?" wow... so fragile and tender 5:32
Keith W
Keith W 6 months ago
Any chance of this being released on vinyl?
dawgyv72 6 months ago
I can't read this without tearing up. I feel my loved ones getting older and being there by their side while they whisper this song as the life slowly fades away. "But when I'm sick and tired And when my mind is barely there When a machine keeps me alive And I'm losing all my hair I hope you kiss my rotten head And pull the plug Know that I've burned every playlist And I've given all my love"
pen219 6 months ago
i do like this a lot, im chilling in the third week of lockdown , forget for a while
Marcius Nery
Marcius Nery 6 months ago
"Suporta-se com paciência a cólica do próximo. Matamos o tempo; o tempo nos enterra. Crê em ti; mas nem sempre duvides dos outros." - Machado de Assis em Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas - Capítulo CXIX
Eilish Hassett
Eilish Hassett 6 months ago
My eyes are so heavy after listening to this emotional!! Amazing
Andre 6 months ago
He probably deserved that shiner. Drinking in bars is a good way to get black eyes especially if your an asshole.
Keith W
Keith W 6 months ago
Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the piano in this! I came through to this from autoplay on youtube and I can't wait to listen to more from you all! I've seriously replayed this maybe 10 times so far. Amazing
radiant onion
radiant onion 6 months ago
sofa king great
Claude Rochon
Claude Rochon 6 months ago
Elie Waitzer
Elie Waitzer 6 months ago
Goosebumps at 2:24 and 6:52 everytime.
Eric Saúl Padilla Fabián
Eric Saúl Padilla Fabián 6 months ago
Does anyone know which mics were used for vocals?
Pastor Jason Alvarado
Pastor Jason Alvarado 6 months ago
This is magic
Supreet Sachdeva
Supreet Sachdeva 6 months ago
Honestly, this is beautiful af♥️
Nic Worsham
Nic Worsham 6 months ago
This was my first introduction to Phoebe, and I am so glad.
Laudan Kirk
Laudan Kirk 7 months ago
I just love this whole piece. So wonderfully done- great partnership. So calming and beautiful. Saw NG in Boise twice- never disappoints and SOOOO worth the babysitter each time.
Abagail Grace
Abagail Grace 7 months ago
This is my favorite song of all time
yee papa
yee papa 7 months ago
They speak to my soul
Theodore Nguyen
Theodore Nguyen 7 months ago
Phoebe reminds me of Scarlet Johanson's character from Lost In Translation
Jay Re
Jay Re 7 months ago
I think Phoebe the Feeb is actually a woman that died thousands of years ago that has now come back as a 24 year old
Chris G Sharp
Chris G Sharp 7 months ago
f'ing beautiful
kramercapriati 7 months ago
I have no words to express the Genius in this whole project....
alva v.
alva v. 9 days ago
I have a word: diarrhea
7 months ago
so beautiful
Porghub 8 months ago
I want this video injected into my bloodstream posthaste
Rebecca Lydia
Rebecca Lydia 8 months ago
Tyler Klebba
Tyler Klebba 8 months ago
looks to me like 141 wimps watched this video and knew that Phoebe could beat the shit out of them, so they just disliked it instead of challenging her to a duel. cowards...
bonzodamonkey 8 months ago
This version of THE SOUND is absolutely perfect!!!
vjr1ok 8 months ago
What a beautiful gift you all have, thank you for sharing it with us❤️
Holly Wyvill
Holly Wyvill 9 months ago
Simply beautiful, graceful and unforgettable..... ❤️
Eleanor 9 months ago
Half the plays on this video are me
Andrew Rutledge
Andrew Rutledge 9 months ago
One of the prettiest songs and renditions of the '10s
Lawrence Watkins
Lawrence Watkins 9 months ago
Wow. Thank you
Harry Slattery
Harry Slattery 9 months ago
No shame in saying I cried the first time I heard this
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