Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0

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Mark Rober

10 months ago

11 months of social justice engineering boiled down to 15 minutes!
Thanks to Bose for their support! Save $50 on the Headphones 700 now through 12/21 (US only)
ANSWER TO FAQ- The reason some peoples faces are not blurred out is because those people signed releases allowing me to show their face.
Thanks to Macaulay Culkin! Check out his channel- usshow.info/on/sCw3J3T3XFLgKm2te7TrTQ.html
Special thanks to my buddy Sean Hodgins. I hired him to help me on this and it wouldn't have been possible without his mad skillz - usshow.info/on/E-bw6PRKuDlH6fP1mP4nOw.html
Here is where I got the biodegradable glitter from: www.plurvision.com/glitter
Thanks to all the volunteers across the country who put packages out for me!

Tools on my bench from Carlyle- www.carlyletools.com/MarkRober/
0:01 - Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tchaikovsky_-_Dance_of_the_Sugar_Plum_Fairy_-_The_Nutcracker.ogg
0:23 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
0:56 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
1:28 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
2:58 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
3:52 - Dansez - Fasion soundcloud.com/michalgallo/dansez-fasion-beats-music
4:28 - Sappheiroz - Falling soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic/falling-ft-esoreni
5:12 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
11:40 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
12:46 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
15:44 - Q - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
17:53 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/

Mark Rober
Mark Rober 10 months ago
I have spent sooooo much time working on this over the past 11 months it feels really nice to finally show it to you guys. I've got all 12 of my videos planned out for 2020 and in various stages so be sure to subscribe, bell, donate a kidney, etc.
Red eye Loner
Red eye Loner 2 days ago
I copied your design, it took me a year and it is still under inspection. It's for my automotive teacher. Every time I sleep in class, he throws a chalk on me. It's not glitter that I'm using though, ill use gear oil. I'll give it to him on April.
Fado Portugues
Fado Portugues Month ago
Paranjay Odhavia
Paranjay Odhavia 2 months ago
Mr Cyborg
Mr Cyborg 2 months ago
Put ink on it
TurningMaster Roblox
TurningMaster Roblox 2 months ago
445th reply
olympic seven
olympic seven 44 minutes ago
He should make one that has dye pack that explodes just like when someone robs a bank. It would be funny to see peoples reaction when it destroys their proterty!
young one
young one 2 hours ago
Man you have to replace the glitter with pepper spray it would be epic
Anthony YT’s
Anthony YT’s 2 hours ago
You could use the package for a party just without the fart spray. PS: the orange red yellow glitter looked amazing
FURY_Alex 3 hours ago
No one is talking about Cody. Firstly, that's not cool. Secondly, the fact that Mark was big brained enough to make it look like Cody is a furry... Oh boy.
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 3 hours ago
9:43 was the best one because he lied about him getting his girlfriend headphones
BJ Uganda
BJ Uganda 4 hours ago
These thieves are just hypocrites
Connor Szeto
Connor Szeto 4 hours ago
I like how the thieves still act like they're the ones being wronged
Kirill Kupov
Kirill Kupov 5 hours ago
Skunk spray for V3. That stuff does NOT go away for like a week.
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe 5 hours ago
Daniel Harvey
Daniel Harvey 6 hours ago
Please make a glitter bomb for V3. A bigger package where glitter engulfs the entire room. That would be amazing! 😂😂
Sue Buzz
Sue Buzz 6 hours ago
reply or like this comment if u think mark rober should do a glitter bomb 3.0 this year.
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson 8 hours ago
Now if they see the package they’ll steal it for the phones
Beautifully Blended Familia Channel
Beautifully Blended Familia Channel 9 hours ago
this is amazing I Love it!!! I can't stand people that think its ok to steal
Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle 9 hours ago
Imagine to tarnish your reputation for 200$ speaker, 52 millions people know now.
Human Observer
Human Observer 10 hours ago
Wow, was that employees of a T Mobile store letting a thief open his packages there?
Kirblue! 11 hours ago
7:22 i'm still wondering who she is talking about
Ivan Fernadez
Ivan Fernadez 13 hours ago
Super )))
Humaid Usmani
Humaid Usmani 14 hours ago
Your so smart
Kirito 14 hours ago
what happend when u make skunk smell his own?
jel bob
jel bob 14 hours ago
When Macaulay Culkin showed up and stood next to you I was impressed with your skill at generating a computer image of his likeness. Then I wondered how you negotiated the licensing fee for its use.
Blue Bee
Blue Bee 16 hours ago
Guy: Babe I Bought you some headphones really good headphones Package: SURPRISE MOTHER F*CKER!!!
JJM66 17 hours ago
I wouldn’t even be mad if Mark Rober or Macaulay Culkin pranked me
Leanne Box
Leanne Box 17 hours ago
Do one for 2020
Я Сказал
Я Сказал 18 hours ago
keep your change, filthy animal X-)
High Lights
High Lights 19 hours ago
tHaT iS sMArT
paul mackenzie
paul mackenzie 21 hour ago
I am considering ordering the Bose noise cancelling headphones.....do they come with Fart Spray???? Asking for a friend...
YASH RAWAT 22 hours ago
2:25 *Is he the numberphile guy*
Rascal01 23 hours ago
Entertaining but your future is brighter than this. Washington has agencies and departments that can use you.
Cherrykye Waters
Cherrykye Waters Day ago
So do they get free phones?
Regular Hooman
Regular Hooman Hour ago
No of course not
ttv_zackler Day ago
is no one gonna mention at 14:07 how they’re watching the office
Money Cash
Money Cash Day ago
Ive been seen this maybe make another vid I need one I live in that area if you know what I mean
Ben Hall
Ben Hall Day ago
13:34 I can't get over the spelling of INSTRUCTIONS
bmac adody
bmac adody Day ago
Devil's toothpaste package bomb and wait until it's in their car or house
Sue Black
Sue Black Day ago
That dude really just said” i bought you some bose headphones”😂
Bennett Tan
Bennett Tan Day ago
Would have blackmail them for 1k a week
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson Day ago
Which made me sad 0:29😂
reverse 24k
reverse 24k Day ago
you should be a police captian
reverse 24k
reverse 24k Day ago
but they still get the phones though
Solomon Bayaua
Solomon Bayaua Day ago
32k don't like this mean they are the one stealing?
Rachel Gouge
Rachel Gouge Day ago
I’m on here because a $700 check issued to me for new baby car seats when I was in an automobile accident was stolen 3 weeks ago and they totally cashed it!! Police took the check number and that’s the last I’ve heard of it. Any ideas for mail theft payback?! Not the first time this has happened! -A fed up momma bear
Teboho Moloi
Teboho Moloi Day ago
Alright I get it
Sandeep V
Sandeep V Day ago
One moment of silence for the poor thief.. 😔
XeroChance Day ago
The office playing in background.... Me: there good people
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar Day ago
looking back at this he should have made it sat self destruct sequence activated
YT_XxxnightalexxX YT
YT_XxxnightalexxX YT Day ago
9:24 more like stole it
Brian Nuske
Brian Nuske Day ago
why don’t you do pepper spray
Rory Day ago
Should be called "Advertisement for Bose"......
usha singh
usha singh Day ago
Wanna feel old Macaluay is 40 + Ur welcome
ReyamDaily Day ago
*This package is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends*
Faith C
Faith C Day ago
was the guy at 8:25 trying to return it to a store and it wasn't even a legit product? lol
MAdemsoiselle Rhapsody
MAdemsoiselle Rhapsody Day ago
The sound effect of the fart spray is priceless
#RestlessGamer 2 days ago
2:30 Oh he got a DEEP inhale too.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 days ago
You’re to soft on them. Remember robber’s money trap? A device that spill som orange powder on the robber when opening the bag. No pity.
United States Of America
United States Of America 2 days ago
4:55 it looks almost like a nebula
Mehdi Wang
Mehdi Wang 2 days ago
Can't wait for the video where you try this with real pirates and real fart spray.
Will Burgos
Will Burgos 2 days ago
32,000 Thieves watch this video
Will Burgos
Will Burgos 2 days ago
The only reason why I could think of someone not liking this video is because they’re a thief
Richard Schafer Sk8
Richard Schafer Sk8 2 days ago
You need to make one that tazers them and pepper sprays them.
Shawn Caldwell
Shawn Caldwell 2 days ago
Mass produce this because this is the best idea ever
Hellwalker 5
Hellwalker 5 2 days ago
Einfach eine Fc Köln Flagge im Hintergrund
Imposter-Kitty 2 days ago
Why do the THIEVES act like they were wronged? YOUR THE ONE WHO STOLE THE PAGAGE!!! (Also imagone if the owner took it in OwO...the poor owners of the porch would get something that was for a thief to be taught a lesson T^T) 5:17 YOUR BATCAVE🤣
GamingLANDLORD YT 2 days ago
14:03 he deserved that but the ps4 controller r.i.p
Liv Malouff
Liv Malouff 2 days ago
When he placed the sprays down it made the pressure plate sound from Minecraft
Adrian Klingler
Adrian Klingler 2 days ago
Next time, do it with some loud af fire crackers and pepper spray
Emily Pruitt
Emily Pruitt 2 days ago
ur first friend went into it like he expected it to smell atleast decent
I AM HUMAN 2 days ago
raad moustafa
raad moustafa 2 days ago
This is CoNtEnT
Ofir Livne
Ofir Livne 2 days ago
מאמא וווו
Daniel Pitts
Daniel Pitts 2 days ago
2:03 Smarter Every Day Alert Destin Sandlin Alert
Cuber5808 2 days ago
I have a better idea. Step 1: Make a box like this Step 2: Put a pen drive in it Step 3: put only one file inside, a Word Document Take the link of Never Gonna Give you up on USshow and hyperlink it on the WordDoc Step 4: Rickroll the Thief!
akidnamedwalter 2 days ago
13:54 thank you for being one of the good ones?
Ve In
Ve In 2 days ago
You should put a itching powder not glitters next time
Rosdi omar Rosdi
Rosdi omar Rosdi 2 days ago
How about a Technology that cut people hand for stealing?
D3AD3YE_D3ADSH0T 2 days ago
Honestly I would for this to happen to me... Except for that fart spray
D3AD3YE_D3ADSH0T 3 days ago
Robber: *takes package from this guy’s porch and gets fart sprayed and glitter bombed* Also Robber: Dude I got scammed!!!
Riyaadh Bulbulia
Riyaadh Bulbulia 3 days ago
Loved everything about ur video
Nazar Mohamed
Nazar Mohamed 3 days ago
This is how much people were watching the tv when people were getting glitted
Janel Cloutier
Janel Cloutier 3 days ago
Holo ✨ graphic 😆
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos 3 days ago
Y-you use to work at NASA???? How???
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 3 days ago
9:21 i bet his girlfriend broke up with him
Jay499 3 days ago
Put bombs in it next time
I know how much I do not know yet. Jakub Wendrowycz
I know how much I do not know yet. Jakub Wendrowycz 3 days ago
:D świetna robota ;:-)))
WickedTuna _4_2na
WickedTuna _4_2na 3 days ago
Wish i had one of these. My little brother is starting to stream video games and he really wants a gaming computer so i decided to secretly build him one and surprise him with it. I ordered some stuff off amazon for the computer and it got stollen of my porch yesterday. Its frustrating people have to be like that. What happened to looking out for one another.
Drippi simba
Drippi simba 3 days ago
Dirty thieves karma is a b**** isn't it
Napero 3 days ago
You should repeat, but with deadly explosives :D
In_soviet_russia Pikachu_Catches_You
In_soviet_russia Pikachu_Catches_You 3 days ago
Nobody: Mark rober: MCAULIE CAULKIN Caulkin:F***
Ares Remruatpuii
Ares Remruatpuii 3 days ago
The Phantom
The Phantom 3 days ago
Synx 3 days ago
Wait he worked at nasa?
roderick marsh
roderick marsh 3 days ago
Mix it with that artificial skunk spray next time
TheSlipperyDominator 3 days ago
2:30 This guy was really trying to embrace it all.
Amanda Hirschfeld
Amanda Hirschfeld 3 days ago
I love the backup camera🧡
Amanda Hirschfeld
Amanda Hirschfeld 3 days ago
Omg I saw the first one you did...it keeps getting better🤣🤣🤣🤣I love it.
Cloud 3 days ago
I like how they were watching the office
uts melasip
uts melasip 3 days ago
9:48 lmao “operation _whoever smelt it, delt it_ initiated”
Bethany Hartzell
Bethany Hartzell 3 days ago
I love that the one guy who was like “I got you bose headphones” had an Air Force recruitment pamphlet laying on his bed. Bruh
Meatilicious 3 days ago
Imagine getting caught being a porch pirate by _MARK ROBER_
MARYAM SHAJIR 3 days ago
that slow mo shot though oh amazing