World Premiere: BUGATTI Bolide

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29 days ago

Our 21st century interpretation of a racing thoroughbred!
What if we developed an extreme, track-focused only hyper sports car? With the technological concept of the BUGATTI Bolide, we are now providing the answer. The experimental study of the BUGATTI Bolide is this track-oriented hyper sports car featuring a modified version of the iconic W16 engine with a minimal body for maximum downforce.
The BUGATTI Bolide is the most extreme, uncompromising, fastest and lightest vehicle concept in our company’s recent history - with an unprecedented weight-to-power ratio of 0.67 kg per PS. This is made possible by the combination of the W16 engine with 1,850 PS and a vehicle weight of just 1,240 kilograms.
The BUGATTI Bolide achieves figures that are almost on par with Formula 1 while its top speed is well above 500 km/h - without compromising optimum handling and maximum agility. The Bolide takes 3.07.1 minutes to complete a lap of Le Mans and 5.23.1 minutes* to get around the Nordschleife and thus promises to offer the ultimate BUGATTI performance kick.

*based on simulations

Viduka Thejan
Viduka Thejan Hour ago
this is faster than veyron super sport?
Amko Sofic
Amko Sofic 3 hours ago
Can't wait for this car to come to Gran turismo 7
CyrilTheGamer8 4 hours ago
The video quality makes it look like a Hollywood movie 🤣
Sanji Peace
Sanji Peace 8 hours ago
Ok but how many euro ncap stars the car got? Show us the crash test video
FortniteKid63 Day ago
I like jdm s and muscle cars more
Gastonks Day ago
Bugatti : our car do 0 - 100 km/h in just 2.4 sec ! Tesla : actually our roadster do it in less than 1.9 sec Bugatti: *angry french noise*
Born Wild
Born Wild Day ago
VW stands now for Volls Wagon
Xamon 13
Xamon 13 Day ago
Get in on Formula 1 Bugatti!
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia Day ago
Eso fue maravilloso, tendré uno.
Jean-Claude Dusse
Jean-Claude Dusse Day ago
Pas même de sous-titres français alors que c'est censé être une marque française...
Aarav Varma Gottimukkala
Aarav Varma Gottimukkala Day ago
that's insane!!!!! 🏎️🏎️🏎️Bugatti bolide
strikezero01 Day ago
this closed caption seriously ._. ... "Incredible a fantastic car, the Bugatti Bullied" so this got their own dassault rafael on the race track and by the test paint design, that looks like for harley quinn but the finishing touch , why it has my favorite color
Jocke Day ago
is that dmg on the front ???
Craig Eyles
Craig Eyles Day ago
just bought a veyron sport recently and it is amazing. cant wait for this t go into production
intersanctum 2 days ago
Alexandre Chahin
Alexandre Chahin 2 days ago
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BUGATTI MAFIA 2 days ago
Mõh GüTtã
Mõh GüTtã 2 days ago
Bugatti Bolide Vs SSC Tautura Vs Hennassy Venom F5 Vs Devil Sixteen -- Who Would Win ?
Mõh GüTtã
Mõh GüTtã Day ago
@SSD 374 it does exist just type it on USshow and you'll see
SSD 374
SSD 374 Day ago
The devel sixteen doesn’t even exist
Gaja Prasanth
Gaja Prasanth Day ago
depends on driver
Devendra Pratap
Devendra Pratap 2 days ago
Its a transformer that will take over our safe
aarya anthony
aarya anthony 2 days ago
it is very expensive but yet very astonishing
aarya anthony
aarya anthony 2 days ago
i have the car
Christian Mulipola
Christian Mulipola 2 days ago
Tarif The Random Life
Tarif The Random Life 2 days ago
Meanwhile bugatti bolide: suck it Tautara
EL Lè Andro Aramaké
EL Lè Andro Aramaké 2 days ago
Check out the latest on bugatti
Marc Archibald
Marc Archibald 3 days ago
Strict emissions policy SHOULD be imposed, greenhouse gas emissions contribute to global warming and thus rising sea levels and poor air quality. Sulphur dioxide affects the human respiratory system and contributes to smog, Nitrogen oxides cause lung disease and lead to smog and acid rain. Benzene is carcinogenic. That's just a few.....emissions SHOULD be clamped down on, I don't care whether your a car guy or not, your actions and hobbies should not threaten the environment or health of others.
Experiment Eight
Experiment Eight 3 days ago
Bruce Wayne: Does it come in black?
Oskar Thor
Oskar Thor 3 days ago
Tax the rich...
Rochelle Villafuerte
Rochelle Villafuerte 3 days ago
why the hell is bugatti putting this on youtube as an announcement do they expect billionaires or millionaires to buy it from seeing it on youtube this is youtube everyone is broke
Alpha 3 days ago
Bugatti Divo+Devel Sixteen
VincentTG 4 days ago
This thing will go from 0-300 2 seconds faster than my car will go from 0-100km/h.
Jitu Hirwani
Jitu Hirwani 4 days ago
I Don't like the sound, why i m complaining i not even afford this car sorry super car.
Enes Emir ÇETİNER 4 days ago
It's amezing a long time wooww god bro god
MrSipi1988 4 days ago
Can someone explain me how could this engine be way more powerful with a high octane racing fuel? I mean, is it a variable compression ratio engine or what? I do not think you can earn so much power just of more advance ignition which requires this racing fuel. Thank you
Aris Artha13
Aris Artha13 4 days ago
I Putu Aris Artha Wiguna hardship of living without owning a car for 18 years made it equal with being entitled to a new luxury car.
Ilan Sadeki
Ilan Sadeki 4 days ago
Omg i love
Johnpyer Shaherblhaddad
Johnpyer Shaherblhaddad 4 days ago
Full respect for the Engineers this is the result when the engineers trying to have some fun with their brains
BoliathYT 4 days ago
When Andy said "Can I try it?" he sounded like a little kid ready to try a bike. And for me it was kinda precious.
Megha Kumari
Megha Kumari 4 days ago
I think ,. Now , Bugatti should make electric cars .
A*a* *a*a*
A*a* *a*a* 5 days ago
front Xights..?!
A*a* *a*a*
A*a* *a*a* 5 days ago
U Tube Surfer
U Tube Surfer 5 days ago
Where are you going with this vehicle? To space?
CallMeRatKid 5 days ago
*laughs in speed*
matthew scoles
matthew scoles 5 days ago
stunning tho id love to see the running costs lol probs uses bees tears for oil and brake discs from iron from the earth core
matthew scoles
matthew scoles 5 days ago
yet this guy doesnt do a windsor knot 😱
francesco giardino
francesco giardino 5 days ago
a lot of bracelets
Z Wuffle Guy
Z Wuffle Guy 5 days ago
"We create the most extraordinary driving experience ever" Elon Musk - Hold my roadster
Gunner Morgan
Gunner Morgan 4 days ago
Umm no, Elon Musk is nowhere near it
Ali ekber Gültekin
Ali ekber Gültekin 5 days ago
Başkan, yeni modeli keşke bambaşka bir renk ile tanıtsaydınız.Mavi siyah chirona özgü bildiğimiz renk
Tantei K
Tantei K 5 days ago
Very very beautiful car in the world .someday i buy a buggatti bolide
Sagar Gaur
Sagar Gaur 5 days ago
That's just too much money to watch
Weebless 5 days ago
All my homies drives civetta bolide
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 5 days ago
would love to see lewis hamilton get this round le mans a few times ;)
neoqueto 6 days ago
Bugatti Bolide: 😑 Civetta Bolide: 😍
Shyne Tainyun
Shyne Tainyun 4 days ago
@neoqueto i know the Civetta Bolide is from BeamNG Drive. but your emojis are stupid and funny.
neoqueto 5 days ago
@Shyne Tainyun BeamNG
Shyne Tainyun
Shyne Tainyun 5 days ago
@neoqueto what do you mean?
Andrew Burke
Andrew Burke 6 days ago
Regular 98 octane fuel? Lol. Not in my neck of the woods..
Big Boy Bernie
Big Boy Bernie 6 days ago
So sick, but the x on the headlights is kinda tacky.
Hendri Nugraha
Hendri Nugraha 6 days ago
It looks like a GTA Online fake cars, but I must admit it such a bautiful car.
ifordefouw 6 days ago
I believe this is the first bugatti were performance follows form.
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shannon 6 days ago
Still not as fast as a Honda civic
saipul bahri
saipul bahri 6 days ago
Mantap, pingin sekali memiliki, punya mobil bugatti
Atomic Bomb Heroes
Atomic Bomb Heroes 7 days ago
Why am I looking at this? He's talking about "fastest acceleration" .. and where do you go, you idiot? I saw NOTHING of acceleration, dork!
Stimky Ren
Stimky Ren 7 days ago
imagine just resting your feet on the gas and just fly off
Piotr Marcinkiewicz
Piotr Marcinkiewicz 7 days ago
i love bugatti
Derek Dishart
Derek Dishart 7 days ago
Yeah that's the fucking Batmobile.
bugatti chiron ,bolide
bugatti chiron ,bolide 7 days ago
this is my dream car
bugatti chiron ,bolide
bugatti chiron ,bolide 7 days ago
I a lover of all bugatti
Zombie Lp
Zombie Lp 7 days ago
Of course the engineer is German
mzansi old and new pranks enjoy
mzansi old and new pranks enjoy 7 days ago
Can I testdrive one today
Cosmi Dent
Cosmi Dent 7 days ago
_ANormalName _1000
_ANormalName _1000 7 days ago
[Deleted Comment]
Philip S
Philip S 7 days ago
The irony of naming your fast car after something that crashes and explodes in a firey catastrophe. Does bolide mean something else in french?
J C 7 days ago
In french it means "very fast vehicule" basically
Mert Ranger Kata
Mert Ranger Kata 7 days ago
Giuseppe Salerno
Giuseppe Salerno 7 days ago
Ich wurde in Bugatti schlafen. ✌
Perry Bailey
Perry Bailey 7 days ago
make it electric
M3i i2 Sat4n
M3i i2 Sat4n 4 days ago
Hyper BLAZE 7 days ago
In year 3000 travelling at light speed
bago yt ツ
bago yt ツ 7 days ago
Prasanth Selvadurai
Prasanth Selvadurai 7 days ago
I never see weight and buggati in the same sentence.
The pog frog
The pog frog 7 days ago
Shivam 7 days ago
Who wants this car for Bold the planet! Bugatti bolide born for bold
Reggie San Juan
Reggie San Juan 8 days ago
Finally, a Bugatti that looks fast standing still!
Flat Sphere
Flat Sphere 8 days ago
Finally, a Bugatti that weighs less than 2 tons.
Juan Manuel Salvatierra
Juan Manuel Salvatierra 8 days ago
el bugatti hace fiaun!!!!!!faun!!!!fiiinnnnnnnn!!!!frush!!! faun!!!!!fiaun!!!!!
Danny Jay
Danny Jay 8 days ago
7:18 IT Looks and sounds like a fuckin decepticon what a gorgeous car
Baronstone 8 days ago
And how many millions do they sell that $250,000 worth of parts for? $4 million, $5 million, more?
ThomasSFH 8 days ago
New Batmobile?
Xtrm gaming
Xtrm gaming 8 days ago
Feeling so poor 😢
The Un-Known Musician
The Un-Known Musician 8 days ago
Bugatti: Releases Bolide BeamNG: *That’s familiar*
يوتيوب نايس
يوتيوب نايس 8 days ago
Chronos Gaming
Chronos Gaming 8 days ago
Im still wondering What happened to the Bugatti from WWll R.I.P we will find it one day
Johnny Simon
Johnny Simon 8 days ago
Did Marshmello put in a request or something
ลิงน้อย ในป่าไผ่
ลิงน้อย ในป่าไผ่ 8 days ago
Sleep and just a dreams.ZZzz
Rituj Shrivastav
Rituj Shrivastav 8 days ago
Trash..... Electric cars are the future 🔥🔥
DJpepmar 8 days ago
Right, see you guys at the grid of Le Mans 2021!
Ju Barros
Ju Barros 8 days ago
J'achèterai un chiron plus tard
Ju Barros
Ju Barros 8 days ago
i love you bugatti
InFcTd 8 days ago
Yo forza should add this
pradyum mitta
pradyum mitta 8 days ago
They're fist bumping instead of shaking hands... What the hell?
Shyne Tainyun
Shyne Tainyun 8 days ago
@pradyum mitta yeah.
pradyum mitta
pradyum mitta 8 days ago
@Shyne Tainyun well even fisting is contact right...
Shyne Tainyun
Shyne Tainyun 8 days ago
@pradyum mitta because of COVID-19 CoronaVirus. that's why they're fisting hands instead of shaking hands.
Xiaodong Jia
Xiaodong Jia 8 days ago
Next stop, a new world record!
Stunning visuals. Superb content, precise,ultra-minimal, down to the wire. Magnifique
Maria Teresa Dunay
Maria Teresa Dunay 8 days ago
Bugatti is more faster than Jackson storm😂😂😂😂😂
18magicMARKer 8 days ago
lol REGULAR 98 octane...91 is the best I can get
Raging_Blaze Z
Raging_Blaze Z 9 days ago
Amazing. Bugatti: I have one request. While trying out the Bolide top speed could you try and push it to it's extent? I mean I love Bugatti, and I want it to break the 316 mph speed set by SSC TUATARA. If Bolide can break it than it will be the world's fastest car
Raging_Blaze Z
Raging_Blaze Z 9 days ago
And me and my friends would go crazy about this car. +Design is AMAZING
Casey Vhazypiev690
Casey Vhazypiev690 9 days ago
Most badass thing I've ever seen
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