Pouring Fire On A Burger

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Links To Sources:
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Jiren in your recommendations
Jiren in your recommendations Year ago
If it weren't for you telling me, I would've thought the dog was a large toy dog
Pinkie Pig
Pinkie Pig 3 days ago
The dog was legit moving?
Alex Hall
Alex Hall 3 days ago
Team trees would not like burning trees
slush-o-matic mike!
slush-o-matic mike! 4 days ago
@Nova 147 Aw man
Spy On drugs
Spy On drugs 5 days ago
Smokey 6 days ago
actuallydead 6 minutes ago
That great white shark is chunky
KingWheelBarrow 20 minutes ago
Guy on skateboard: *trips* Everyone: *you know the rules and so do I*
Tristan Korthals
Tristan Korthals Hour ago
*Fire being poured on Burger* 12 million ppl: InTeReStInG
Rogue Gamer
Rogue Gamer 2 hours ago
1:30 and this is how it starts. next thing you know frides will have built in miniguns and a microwave will run for president
Talon Chewning
Talon Chewning 3 hours ago
1:21 But why, why would do that why would you do any of that.
Luallan Cardona
Luallan Cardona 3 hours ago
I like how he says the cakes are everyday items then shows mango pelegrino and Doritos Also I WANT THAT DRONE
sharko punch
sharko punch 4 hours ago
Fuck weight loss,i want that doritos cake
Kayla Was. taken
Kayla Was. taken 4 hours ago
Oh i saw the long border video cuz i got it on my recemendation
sHe DoSEnt eVEn gO hErE Y
sHe DoSEnt eVEn gO hErE Y 5 hours ago
0:04 people who eat their food that’s still hot that goes “HAHSHSHSHSHSHHSHAHAGSHAGAHSH” The burger:consider this a warning
Triloyikes 5 hours ago
Hot sauce in 2020:
Harasen 5 hours ago
That flaming sauce looks like some kind of magic. Pooring a spirit or enchanted fog onto a burger, which leaves behind a sauce.
Brody Ruppert
Brody Ruppert 6 hours ago
When he said that you can buy a drone with a flame thrower on it I was like : 😟😟
Fish 7 hours ago
Why would you pour sauce over a burger? What are you supposed to do with that, eat it with a fork and knife?
K F 8 hours ago
Damn fire nation quisine sure is interesting
ThatOneGuy 98
ThatOneGuy 98 9 hours ago
Ok well now you got a really soggy burger bun :/
Queen of Random Things
Queen of Random Things 10 hours ago
F*ck school. This is WAY better.
Aaron Hrahsel
Aaron Hrahsel 12 hours ago
2:43 *Meanwhile inside that house* : SHIIIIIZZZZAAAAAAA
Wut 14 hours ago
Great White Shark: I'm gonna eat you as my dinner, hahahahaha... Diver: Get lost, I have something more important than you
Shaswat Mishre
Shaswat Mishre 15 hours ago
The drone shot showing beauty of Switzerland. I think that's copied from Kriss 3 movie. Remember the villain's science research centre. It looks the same.
polski jaszczur
polski jaszczur 15 hours ago
Baby cake ;)
Zyjean Omilig
Zyjean Omilig 19 hours ago
the Doritos cake I got to say that imagine that's how Dorito haters treat the Doritos
Earl Ballenas
Earl Ballenas 22 hours ago
the flame thrower drone is destroying nature
AlbertaGamer 22 hours ago
drone with flamethrower - this is not a good idea
Brendoni Pepperoni
Brendoni Pepperoni Day ago
"in case you didnt know, you can buy a drone with a flamethrower."
Leo Ridout
Leo Ridout Day ago
1:39 man literally starts a forest fire.
Davin Gaming and other stuff
Davin Gaming and other stuff Day ago
Pyro!Sans: i wanna put that flamin’ sauce in a heat-proof super soaker. =) Marx: I don’t think Heat-proof super soakers exist, but okay. [Pyro maniac] Blixer: **punches Marx**
Little Crewmate
Little Crewmate Day ago
What’s the name of the restaurant with the fire
khazi barrett
khazi barrett Day ago
what restaurant is that and where is it?
Sweataholicc Day ago
Didn’t know a white claw was a everyday item😂
Astyr Day ago
They are burning a living tree with that drone.. I hate humans
iamataco Day ago
Wow, that sauce is pretty lit!
obi-wan kenobi
obi-wan kenobi Day ago
That burger looks pretty fire
Crazy Fast and Dangerous
Crazy Fast and Dangerous Day ago
That’s taking flaming hot to the next level
Priceles s
Priceles s Day ago
Imagine going over the speed limit on a longboard
lance woolam
lance woolam Day ago
That burger looks FIRE
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Day ago
1:21 this is what you need in a zombie apocalypse
nox vacuum
nox vacuum Day ago
Putting zombies on fire without risking your life
King legend Gaming
King legend Gaming Day ago
A little too much sauce...?
*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*
*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT* Day ago
1:55 If I were the diver, I'd have to throw my diving suit afterwards... 💩
Why is this idiot putting a flame thrower on a drown and then burning and killing the environment 😠😠😠😠 yea sure definitely made my day better!😧😒
wolfgaming channel
wolfgaming channel Day ago
Everyone gangsta until the man chop the can
Pratham Sunuwar
Pratham Sunuwar Day ago
2:22 this leopard did not watch Tier Zoo😂😂😂
Beam • 8393 years ago
Beam • 8393 years ago Day ago
Me when i saw the drone putting stuff on fire: Y would u do th@
wizztex Day ago
Just imagine that gamers having Fire drone Forest is buried
Suki YT
Suki YT Day ago
The fire drown thingy that’s how the forest fire started…
lena bena
lena bena Day ago
This takes the term flamin hot very seriously
The Sun
The Sun Day ago
This is your Daily Dose of Internet
Skyx vr
Skyx vr Day ago
1:04 white claw is an everyday item? jesus
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Day ago
flaming hot
Dylan Gunner elite
Dylan Gunner elite Day ago
The long border is Josh Newman
Dino Boy525
Dino Boy525 Day ago
You know, you have these titles that look super clickbaity, and then you actually watch it and-holy cow- it’s actually for on a burger. This is high quality content. Great job!
Mythics Day ago
How about making drones shoot water instead of flame throwers.
Rockruff lol
Rockruff lol Day ago
Never in my life did I think I would see a friendly great white shark
a youtube channel
a youtube channel Day ago
What about the camra man whos folling the guy give him credit as well he was allso going fast
Hello My Vlogs
Hello My Vlogs Day ago
now i wanna go to Switzerland, buy a drone, and learn how to bake cakes
Gorg -_-
Gorg -_- 2 days ago
Xatar 2 days ago
If this would be the travis Scott burger it would be lit
Haye Wolthuis
Haye Wolthuis 2 days ago
Ugh now u rlly need to use a knive and a fork
PureEyes 2 days ago
The real cumburguer
Exploding DustRags
Exploding DustRags 2 days ago
0:32 I can only imagine what kind of language was used in that car at that moment
shecutie 2 days ago
the guy who saw the great white shark high-key fangirled cuz he touched the shark just to flex but then realized he didn't wanna die 🤣
Cheese 2 days ago
Flamethrower drone: *exists* Russia: *I N V E S T*
Çrxry_bxöm X
Çrxry_bxöm X 2 days ago
Drone one Wild fire: aM I a JoKE tO yOu ?
ryan zheng
ryan zheng 2 days ago
These burgers looks so good I want to taste
jeff 2 days ago
1:15 i knew this one was fake because no doritos is that full
Daniel Teang
Daniel Teang 2 days ago
That burger is from hell's own mcdonalds.
Cecilia Rivera Galindo
Cecilia Rivera Galindo 2 days ago
Here in america, we like to pour flames on our burgers. gets that real smoky flavor
Joshuathestar Plays
Joshuathestar Plays 2 days ago
even with the fire that burger still looks tasty
1:10 damn that was way heavier than i thought
Liamsaurus 2 days ago
Oh I know about those flamethrower drones. I KNOW.
Clarke Franco
Clarke Franco 3 days ago
Hmmm ok sowhite claw I a everyday item weird huh?
FrickARonie Noodle soup
FrickARonie Noodle soup 3 days ago
The camera man for long boarder should compete in the Olympics
Spedur 3 days ago
imagine the cake trend except what they're cutting isn't actually cake and is just the object that it looks like
Rifat Riyaz
Rifat Riyaz 3 days ago
FUN FACT: the leopard footage is only half in the end he got a quill on his face.. Edit:ik its not much of a "FUN FACT"
trashcaneater101 3 days ago
is that liquid fire or something
Wittes & Antoinette Beukes
Wittes & Antoinette Beukes 3 days ago
The way 2020 is going that drone is gonna make another forest fire
Jen Fall
Jen Fall 3 days ago
0:34 gives me anxiety
Baki 3 days ago
Whoever burned these trees with that drone is the definition of a retard
Evan Buchan
Evan Buchan 3 days ago
I hate that drone
Tom Nook
Tom Nook 3 days ago
How do you even eat the burger
bill mann
bill mann 3 days ago
Dragonrabbit 3 days ago
"In case you didn't know you can buy a drone with a flamethrower attached to it" No DDOI, i did not know that. But mad respect for understanding why i come here.
Kumi Gamer TV
Kumi Gamer TV 3 days ago
C0IN_FLIP 3 days ago
QuadricKnight 3 days ago
I thought that was strange... You never see Dorito bags that full
Cheetosboyee _
Cheetosboyee _ 3 days ago
please dont tell me the first one is real
King MattFrancisco
King MattFrancisco 3 days ago
Spice Categorys: Mild Hot Very Hot Fiery Hot Ghost Hot Death Hot
Byron Hardy
Byron Hardy 3 days ago
1:26 it’s also great for starting wild fires :)
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali 3 days ago
I love tacos ok
I love tacos ok 3 days ago
Imagine if you asked for hot sauce and you got this lol
Pencil2Paper Manga
Pencil2Paper Manga 3 days ago
Long-border traveling 112 mph Pebble: “I’m bout to end this mans whole career”
Khalid merdas
Khalid merdas 3 days ago
I went to Switzerland last year
•Starlight_ Wølfxe•
•Starlight_ Wølfxe• 3 days ago
*Me: Sees title* Me: I never knew fire was a liquid- dam these people living in 2047
三日月ブライス 3 days ago
Okay, That should be enou-n-no! Stop! Stop it! Too much sauce! TOO MUCH SAUCE!
Cjc Bikes
Cjc Bikes 3 days ago
Me: “Why would anyone need to buy a drone with a flamethrower?” *2 seconds later* : “Drone flamethrower” lookup on Safari
75Plus 4 days ago
so thats how they make flaming hot cheetos...
IceCreamDinoMLG - RBLX
IceCreamDinoMLG - RBLX 4 days ago
Wait it’s all cake? *always has been*
laylabomg 4 days ago
When Karen says the food is too cold:
Tita Cruz
Tita Cruz 4 days ago
Zachary Smiley Animations
Zachary Smiley Animations 4 days ago
You honestly sound like you like cats
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