Pouring Fire On A Burger

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Links To Sources:
Burger: www.lksdkitchen.com/food#burgers
Fake Cake: usshow.info/watch/ZOUnLrIFiu0/video.html
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Butterfly Dog: pB104A93AXyb/
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Jiren in your recommendations
Jiren in your recommendations Year ago
If it weren't for you telling me, I would've thought the dog was a large toy dog
PepeFrogLive 4 hours ago
Stephon Ramnarine
Stephon Ramnarine Day ago
@LightCry4 ! are you really that dumb just click on his fucking profile pic idoit hes real
Massimo Fetta
Massimo Fetta 3 days ago
SINtiv 3 days ago
@Nōràá .
jamie boi
jamie boi 4 days ago
So I guess you are in my reccomadations
Itachi Uchiha :D
Itachi Uchiha :D 8 minutes ago
Max Mahler
Max Mahler 20 minutes ago
And kids, that’s how wildfires start
Daniel Avery
Daniel Avery 29 minutes ago
This is why there wildfires FlAmE tHrOwEr DrOnE
ChunkyFingers GD
ChunkyFingers GD Hour ago
1:21 gender reveal parties be like
アヨㄨ乙 Hour ago
1:26 that's America at its finest
Matherzz Hour ago
USshow: Hey wanna see people pour fire on a burger 11 MILLION people: interesting 🤨
isaac saffo
isaac saffo Hour ago
1:58 this is what a shark eye looks like up close
TornadoTwister YT
TornadoTwister YT 2 hours ago
“You can buy a drone with a flame thrower” Hey Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today
RobloxLover 01
RobloxLover 01 4 hours ago
“You can buy a flamethrower attached to it” Australia: NO GOD PLZ NO
opyocool yt
opyocool yt 6 hours ago
1:34: wild bushfires happen I Australia Me:uhhhhhh buys
Jorge Guajardo
Jorge Guajardo 6 hours ago
Its All Cake? Always Has Been....
Jacob Bopp
Jacob Bopp 6 hours ago
Oh Boy.
Oh Boy. 6 hours ago
0:44 *N-Nani?* *K A N S E I* *D O R I F T O ? !*
Tanner Gentry
Tanner Gentry 7 hours ago
1:23 This is how the Forest Fires started.......
m3rX 7 hours ago
WHY 1:38
Corey Styron
Corey Styron 7 hours ago
1:41 Footage Of Amazon Forest
Seaweed Bear
Seaweed Bear 7 hours ago
Wait, it’s all cake? Always has been
Hannah White
Hannah White 7 hours ago
Why are they setting trees on fire
Big Uzi Vert
Big Uzi Vert 7 hours ago
Is that heakthy
Ice cream Sandwich
Ice cream Sandwich 7 hours ago
That’s not any great white, that Bruce!
SPARTA 8 hours ago
1:20 the real cause of the wildfire in Australia. Kids abusing the drone
• Zulze •
• Zulze • 8 hours ago
“Wait it’s all....cake” “Always has been”
Nathan Biju
Nathan Biju 9 hours ago
"here are some incredible shots,showing the beauty of Switzerland" 5 minutes later switzerland: IM GONNA LAUNCH A NUKE! INCOMING!
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma 10 hours ago
I really wonder why is switzerland so overrated ..........himalayas r both beautiful n deadly at the same time ....... so it is great fr both tourists or those who seek fun in adventures
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma 10 hours ago
How is tht drone who spits fire not banned ...... not only tht ....the asshole controlling tht drone is burning trees ..as if he is doing the safest thing ever 😡
BonniePlayer66 The Bunny
BonniePlayer66 The Bunny 10 hours ago
*Guess they used HOT sauce* Why do I feel like somebody already made this comment-
JamieTX 10 hours ago
It’s not a daily dose of internet without the drones and the scuba divers
Hero's Gaming
Hero's Gaming 10 hours ago
You put 2:06 two time I saw that long ago
Blister 11 hours ago
It bothers me the lack of gear that long boarder is wearing while moving at those speeds. One screw up and that's some bad road rash
John Mcwhorter
John Mcwhorter 12 hours ago
So the flamethrower is how the all the fourth fires are happening
Ken 13 hours ago
Yeh let be buy a flamethrowing drone to cause fires in forests lol
Cup of Dream
Cup of Dream 13 hours ago
Imagine Eating a Flaming Burger
Cooper Peel
Cooper Peel 15 hours ago
That drone is how the Cali forest fires started
Atomic MoonJira Studios
Atomic MoonJira Studios 15 hours ago
"How hot do you want the sauce?" "Yes"
Christopher Lariosa
Christopher Lariosa 16 hours ago
You can buy a drone with a flamethrower But its sold out Oh no
Christopher Lariosa
Christopher Lariosa 15 hours ago
@A Crab tell me why you bought it lol
A Crab
A Crab 15 hours ago
Christopher Lariosa my friend found out about a drone with flamethrowers on my iPad and tried to buy one lol
だにえる 17 hours ago
1:55 so that’s how forest fires are made
PB&mayo 17 hours ago
me : sees awesome flamethrower made for evil ppl me: ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STALK
Kaneki 17 hours ago
K R 18 hours ago
The sauce is eating the soul of that burger
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