#6: Christian McCaffrey (RB, Panthers) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

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8 days ago

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Steven Jr
Steven Jr 2 hours ago
Cmc is my favorite running back
DBD Gamer
DBD Gamer 10 hours ago
And why can’t you do that zeke🙄
Curtis Farley
Curtis Farley 12 hours ago
I remember watching skip Bayless have a fit that this guy was getting his due credit. Only three backs have achieved 1000, 1000. That's more rare than 2000 rushing yards in a season.
mizzy c6
mizzy c6 13 hours ago
Annop Whaley
Annop Whaley 15 hours ago
As a Notre Dame fan, I watched this dude make mincemeat of us for 4 years. God I'm so glad he plays for my Panthers so I can finally breathe a sigh of relief when he's on the field.
Lemmy Winks
Lemmy Winks 19 hours ago
One of them 6 season guys. They're going to ride that poor bastard into the ground.
Josh Scott
Josh Scott 21 hour ago
#6..? Absolute bs.not even a top 6 rb.smh.
Bobby Fields
Bobby Fields 21 hour ago
Lol! As if anyone cares.
2fallon Day ago
Amazing talent
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins Day ago
Dude out here breaking ankles like an *And-1* mixtape!!!
ikem prolifix
ikem prolifix Day ago
haqeeqat tv
k k
k k Day ago
which better? like→saquon commet for "M"→McCaffrey
Swastik Grover
Swastik Grover Day ago
1:02 rip skin cells
Joseph Golding
Joseph Golding Day ago
Tweener from prison break
303Smilezzz Day ago
did it for a team that had no chance at the postseason too. shows a ton of character
Arnabi Arnab
Arnabi Arnab Day ago
Reggie Bush without the injuries
Jaheen Ahsan
Jaheen Ahsan Day ago
This guy single-handedly eliminated our local high school football team in the Final Four when I was in 8th grade. Can't believe he's now within the top 10 in the NFL
Robert Urtecho
Robert Urtecho Day ago
Shaq Thompson is just thankful he's on the same team as CMC so he doesn't have to try and tackle him😂
Aryaman Varshney
Aryaman Varshney Day ago
I still remember his stutter step this season, made a guy drop 1 foot in front of him
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Day ago
Who agrees that CMC should at least be at top 3? 👇🏼
Jacob Brazeau
Jacob Brazeau Day ago
4:54 i didn't know we were in flavor town??
Jason L
Jason L 2 days ago
What if he plays a solid 10 years? That would be insane.
Taylor Stiles
Taylor Stiles Day ago
I doubt, 400 touches a season will catch up quickly
Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer 2 days ago
He's the best and most versatile running back in the NFL, bar none. Tell the truth.
IchigoLex 2 days ago
I'd definitely put Ezekiel Elliot "high" on this list
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Day ago
saquon barkley is the best running back in the league right now
Noe Ramirez
Noe Ramirez 2 days ago
Come on atleast top 5
Mitchell Trubisky
Mitchell Trubisky 2 days ago
1:25 when the PTSD sets in
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson 2 days ago
My fantasy championship thanks you cmc love you lol
Kane Dobson
Kane Dobson 2 days ago
Zeke, loved that breakdown. Only a few LB’s might get ya
Black King-GF20
Black King-GF20 2 days ago
Derrick Henry ! Enough said...
Luc Lue
Luc Lue 2 days ago
yea... white boys cant play runnin back..sit down peeeeeeps
Jackson Namana
Jackson Namana 2 days ago
McCaffrey is basically the same as the running back I create on madden. Just audible all the plays too myself
_KortlandWynn 2 days ago
Best Running back In the League right now. And 5 years down the road.
Stephen Forfer
Stephen Forfer 2 days ago
Christian has really good 40 quickness! But lacks enough open 100 speed to separate from DB's for TD! His diminutive height also somewhat limits his impact as runner & receiver! www.GodsRemedyForAmerica.yolasite.com
Melaine White
Melaine White 2 days ago
Nasty Bacon Energy
Nasty Bacon Energy 27 minutes ago
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Melaine White
Melaine White 49 minutes ago
​@Nasty Bacon Energy I possess a more than adequate comprehension of the English language. Telling how "lives" isn't being spun to magically mean something other than "lives" and "matter" isn't being spun to magically mean something other than "matter". Yet when the overt racism of "Black Lives Matter" is challenged, magically it means something other than "Black Lives Matter". Racism is a behavior and anyone of any race can exhibit any behavior. 80 years ago when anti-black racism prevailed there were blacks supporting it. Today with anti-white racism prevailing, okay, there are whites supporting it. I'm unimpressed. All lives matter and they matter without regard to skin color, except to racists. In the realm of logic is the concept of falsifiability. Your claim that some people today look in some way similar to people of the past who where oppressed making them forever owed as victims is not falsifiable as history cannot be changed, duh.
Nasty Bacon Energy
Nasty Bacon Energy 9 hours ago
@Melaine White No, no, they haven’t. Unless they’ve said _only black lives matter,_ then that’s just on your and your misinterpretation. And what happened to your claim of the NFL declaring the same thing? I’m _still_ curious as to why the NFL would declare that when majority of the owners and head coaches are white. I’m _still_ curious as to why CMC, a white man himself, apparently went on to state his own life didn’t matter? Occam’s Razor: It’s because saying “Black Lives Matter” isn’t downgrading the value of others’ lives. I could say “Lebanon Lives Matter,” and that doesn’t mean I’m saying Americans’ or Italians’ or whoevers’ lives don’t. And by marginalized group, what else would I mean? Let’s not act. I’m referring to groups in general that have been historically oppressed and are still facing discrimination in today’s world. There wouldn’t be a damn movement if they weren’t marginalized. And like I said, it goes beyond race, keep up - it applies to _all_ aspects of human identity. Saying “All Lives Matter” is a protest to another protest, that doesn’t make any sense; there’s no goal or purpose. All lives cannot matter unless individuals’ lives do! It’s just a fact that, _worldwide!,_ certain individuals will face specific hardships than others simply because of how they’re born or choose to express themselves (going back to human identity!) Not _all_ go through those specific hardships. Only some. That’s why “All Lives Matter” doesn’t work: because not all go through those specific hardships AND not all hardships are the same. And in order for a group to elevated above the others, they need to have reaped benefits others didn’t have the access to, and that hasn’t happened. You can’t prove that’s happened. You’re so caught up into semantics, you’re gone.
Melaine White
Melaine White 14 hours ago
​@Nasty Bacon Energy Au contraire, the head of Congress, the world's wealthiest person, the former world's wealthiest person, and countless people with power openly advocate that one's life mattering should depend on one's race. As for "a marginalized group", which group is that? By definition, the racial group that is being proclaimed as the racial group that matters is not marginalized but has been elevated _above_ the other racial groups. Said it before, will say it again, All Lives Matter and I'll add, any individual's race does not matter to me.
Nasty Bacon Energy
Nasty Bacon Energy Day ago
@Melaine White I don’t think anybody of importance has come out to say that _only_ black lives matter. Especially not the NFL where majority of owners and head coaches are white themselves. Even CMC has shown support for the cause? You’ll see people say that LGBT lives matter, and there’s never been an issue with that. It’s more than race, just human identity. Saying that “black lives matter” isn’t to degrade the value of others’ lives, it’s just a way of uplifting a marginalized group. That’s all.
Kid Gucci
Kid Gucci 2 days ago
My favorite player 💯👌
Joseph McCoy
Joseph McCoy 2 days ago
The Eminem of Football
Z C 2 days ago
Was that the backstreet boys or nsync playing? 😂
BB King
BB King 2 days ago
saquon barkley is the best running back in the league right now
BB King
BB King Day ago
Taylor Stiles 🧢😭
Taylor Stiles
Taylor Stiles Day ago
Nah , CMC better
BB King
BB King Day ago
Marvin Deh Receiver probably but runner no that’s Saquon all the way
Marvin Deh
Marvin Deh Day ago
@BB King Mcaffery is a way better receiver and a just as good runner
BB King
BB King Day ago
Julian Mc Marvin Deh please explain how Christian McCaffrey is better than Saquon barkley put Saquon on the panthers with that OL and he would have a way better season then McCaffery and put Christian McCaffrey on the NYG he couldn’t do what Saquon did for the NYG miss 4-5 games a still got 1,000+ yards with that Bad OL 🗣‼️💯
Marcus Herbold
Marcus Herbold 2 days ago
While scrolling through videos this popped up and I watched the preview without sound. The captions at the beginning of the video are hilarious. Ezekiel Elliot says “ I married so many girls and there’s so many guys”
Sean G
Sean G 2 days ago
I'm not gonna lie, when I saw he put up 8 reps at the combine I thought dude was gonna be trash in the NFL. Boy was I wrong. He's been chopping up my Bucs since he got to Carolina. 😂😭
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen 2 days ago
Ezekiel Elliott is too stupid to be interviewed. Stop interviewing him. Urban Meyer refused to let cameras near him at Ohio State.
Walter Paddick
Walter Paddick 2 days ago
CMC is insane and deserve this place. Hell of a player!
roydaone 2 days ago
Well deserved
Stamps Family
Stamps Family 2 days ago
Elliott is such a clown
Jack Lane
Jack Lane 3 days ago
Where is Leonard Fournette?
Voiceof Reason
Voiceof Reason 3 days ago
CMC to make all pro at two different positions at only #6. Disrespect
Voiceof Reason
Voiceof Reason 2 days ago
@zijuiy wttuy Yeah he is.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 2 days ago
He is not better than king henry
Kelechi Omah
Kelechi Omah 3 days ago
TucoHarmonica 3 days ago
Never thought I’d see a white guy considered the best back in the league
YeeZus1 3 days ago
Anybody see the automated captions come up for Zeke at the beginning lol??
Nabil Esmail
Nabil Esmail 3 days ago
my boy low key faded in all his takes lmao
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 days ago
Thanos: I am inevitable Groot: I am Groot Iron man: I am iron man McCaffrey: I am the team
Obinna Nwakwue
Obinna Nwakwue 3 days ago
"That's how a white man runs the football."
Cutler Zollicoffer
Cutler Zollicoffer 3 days ago
Who else think he should’ve been 2nd maybe 1st?
sean herring
sean herring 3 days ago
Cam and McCaffrey or Bridgewater and McCaffrey? Polls are open....
sean herring
sean herring 3 days ago
Honestly I dont know what the hell tha Panthers were thinkin.(with Cam)
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 days ago
Ya but if you draft a white guy someone can steal your draft picks now.....
Nick Hamlin
Nick Hamlin 3 days ago
Top two at the very least.
Sam the man
Sam the man 3 days ago
Christian needs to be in the top 3
Meezy 3 days ago
2:54 social distancing lol
WeClutch Tv
WeClutch Tv 3 days ago
WeClutch Tv
WeClutch Tv 3 days ago