Steam Summer Sale IS BROKEN Steam Sale Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits Infinite Points

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The Spiffing Brit

The Spiffing Brit

Month ago

The Steam Summer Sale comes around once a year and is a great time for saving money and buying games for incredibly cheap. Each steam sale normally comes with a mini game. The steam summer sale of 2019 had a minigame that could be exploited for infinite steam levels and discounts on games. This year Gaben and valve came up with the great idea of limiting the ways steam users gain steam points to just buying games and gifting games. Naturally however this system can be exploited with some creative logistical movement of games. Also known as a steam wallet exploit. So using this exploit The Spiffing Brit will create Infinite Steam Points by exploiting the gifting feature in the sale. So sit back and relax to find out Why The Steam Summer sale IS BROKEN and why the steam sale is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits beyond infinite points.
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Steam Sale Infinite Points Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat steam itself and gain unlimited points without spending any money!!
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Title: Steam Summer Sale IS BROKEN Steam Sale Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits Infinite Points
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Neon Dark Cro
Neon Dark Cro 2 days ago
This time your exploit ACTUALLY works. The exploit from last year didn't do shit because you couldn't get max points in any way other than actually spending money, you only covered how to get normal points which was easy to get just by playing games like usual.
platinum orange
platinum orange 3 days ago
How does he think of it this
nik t
nik t 4 days ago
only cosmetics? bah i'll pas.
ChyWaj 5 days ago
Is it still works?
Damppiza D
Damppiza D 5 days ago
so quick question, if I do this, my credit card gets suspended? cuz, no thanks
Stressed Pumpkin
Stressed Pumpkin 5 days ago
you are still using windows 7???
Big Question Gaming
Big Question Gaming 6 days ago
Next up: A bank is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.
Dezz 6 days ago
2,8k dislikes by steam employees
GiarniGiovanna 7 days ago
When is the next steam sale
jesse mannen
jesse mannen 7 days ago
man steals money from steam "steam" please give us are money back
Colin 7 days ago
Is it still working ?
Oldwhale401 9 days ago
Get a figggin index you illiterate
Doran Martell
Doran Martell 9 days ago
There are some ignorant and wrong claims in the comments.
jurgen korte
jurgen korte 9 days ago
I am not drinking Thea right now totaly NOT
Catastrophic 9 days ago
Spiff 2025: Stock Market IS BROKEN Economy is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits Infinite Money
soragamma25 10 days ago
Hey, could you try to break the witcher 3 wild hunt game?
Green Ghost
Green Ghost 10 days ago
You said “5,600” but I’m a stickler for editing and I love this video and your exploitation abilities.
zongaaa 10 days ago
If only he uploaded these videos during the sales...
Ben From Gulf City
Ben From Gulf City 10 days ago
"US Presidential Election is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"
E_M_E_T 10 days ago
why do you have the windows xp taskbar
eternien 10 days ago
Is still working ?
Snoregon Roosein
Snoregon Roosein 10 days ago
Steam sale: *ends* Month after: How to take free Vanilla and Chocola (~‾▿‾)~ Me: **literally going to suicide** (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
RussakVF 10 days ago
You still can get the backgrounds for free :D
kakes 11 days ago
45 Potato
45 Potato 11 days ago
Fabiano Gallera
Fabiano Gallera 11 days ago
We brazilians do the same, but in real life.
Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink 11 days ago
He gone ban again
daniel anderson234
daniel anderson234 11 days ago
windows xp :D
Sliz _
Sliz _ 11 days ago
The guys who's disliked the video are named Jerry
Someone 12 days ago
do this still work until this day?
GTAV MODDED CARS Hivr 12 days ago
Bear 12 days ago
The return of the king
Mariussa1 13 days ago
Someone did this and gave me 50 awards lmao
A cargo container
A cargo container 13 days ago
Can't wait for "The US Election Process is a Perfectly Balanced Game with Absolutely No Exploits"
Joe G
Joe G 14 days ago
My man is running Win XP. :)
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 14 days ago
Ya hahaha Time for revenge! Coins for coins Lets make coins centipede ahaha
Yash Nishal
Yash Nishal 15 days ago
is it still working?
Ulfur 13 days ago
@Yash Nishal oof thank you
Yash Nishal
Yash Nishal 13 days ago
@Ulfur its not working
Ulfur 13 days ago
Did you try?
Lucas Kowalski
Lucas Kowalski 15 days ago
Did they ban you for that? :)
[;' 15 days ago
Try a pay to win minecraft server :)
The_King_ Omar
The_King_ Omar 15 days ago
is this still working ?
Will B
Will B 16 days ago
Weird I thought it would put a gift version of the game in your inventory. It even says 'returned to Gaben's inventory'...
Math Rick
Math Rick 16 days ago
Øath betrayer
Øath betrayer 16 days ago
Steam is polluted with bad games and hentai crap
ajl223 16 days ago
valve did it again
Atomica 17 days ago
I thought of doing this refund exploit but I thought to myself, they can’t be this stupid. Turns out I was wrong
Royal Army
Royal Army 17 days ago
I got 6.2 million points now 😐 (why am I not banned?) What should I spend it on because I’ve virtually bought everything
Clement Howard
Clement Howard 12 days ago
can it still be used?
Neki Lik
Neki Lik 13 days ago
can you send me some? xd, i want to upgrade my badge p3j4 is my steam id
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores 18 days ago
TOO BAD ITS PATCHED. lol if you try this now you'l just lose money for no reason :D its kinda like WHEN YOU BUY A STEAM GAME LEGIT HUEHUEHUEHUEUGH!
Abhishek Sundaresan
Abhishek Sundaresan 18 days ago
lol wait then cant u just buy a bunch of games and refund them, still earning the points???
555 Productions
555 Productions 17 days ago
Andrej Lopatka
Andrej Lopatka 18 days ago
Is it still works?
finn 18 days ago
does this still work lol ?
Cracked Manil
Cracked Manil 18 days ago
Didnt work. _.
ZDega CS:GO 18 days ago
Is this fixed
Serynna Rose
Serynna Rose 18 days ago
there's always next year... i hope
Trash Lu
Trash Lu 18 days ago
i love the win xp border
The OutOfBounds Warlock
The OutOfBounds Warlock 19 days ago
Ummn what is the anime background called that he jokes about? I actually want that lmao Asking for a friend
Ulfur 13 days ago
@Sophie West thank you I am his friend
Sophie West
Sophie West 17 days ago
it’s a game called nekopara, for ur friend, it has 4 volumes on steam
Otter Nonymouz
Otter Nonymouz 19 days ago
Next video: *I bought everything on amazon and got more money then Jeff bezos*
Bubba 19 days ago
Lesson hummm i missed this last time could you do this next time?
John Smith
John Smith 20 days ago
Fifty six thousand not five
The Old Boys
The Old Boys 20 days ago
The title of this video is giving me vertigo.
Nospam Spamisham
Nospam Spamisham 20 days ago
13:45 Yesh....after 15 years investing as a kickstarter in VR, we have fine titles like BUTTS.
Gunner Cklein
Gunner Cklein 20 days ago
Hes right abt tea making it easier and I hate him for it