D&D Story and Discussion On Dice, Books, and Chessex Mats

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This is a long talk about Dungeons and Dragons dice which also has two stories about the time when I bought my players copies of the PHB and when I accidentally wrote on the mat with the wrong kind of marker and my quest to get it off.
Also, as far as the books. I've had a lot of people messaging me about taking the books off of my hands. But I'm going to be giving them out to people I know in my area. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to ship them out as prizes or anything. Thanks for the interest, though!
Thank you to two other artists for helping me out with this video:
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Demphure 2 days ago
I only use a set number of dice. One is a set that I actually didn't really mean to order, but it was all metal dice and they make a lot of heavy noises when I roll them, so I'm happy. The rest are just a random assortment, but my all time favorites are these two D6's I got when I took a trip to Alaska. I love them so much because they're made of jade and they are awesome
FilthyCasual 4 days ago
Puffin Forest just said Pog, poggers
Wolf bros gaming And art
Wolf bros gaming And art 4 days ago
can i have a phb i dont have one
Steve Booth
Steve Booth 6 days ago
You can usually remove dry erase by drawing over it a second time, but don't wait for days because then it'll have gone down to that white layer. It`s usually the chemical that permits dry erase that evaporates first and makes it "permanent". A second pass usually solves this if done quickly enough after the mistake. But yeah, don't use those on your mats.
whiterabbit75 6 days ago
Silly person. You don't need an excuse to buy more dice. Their luck is finite, and gets used up eventually, so you _need_ to keep buying dice.
Joseph 9 days ago
Make ur own minis
Jacan Chaplais
Jacan Chaplais 11 days ago
Are you sure that whatever corrosive chemical you used didn't bring the ink down into the lower levels of the mat as it was destroying it? I find that you can almost always get rid of any pen ink (even permanent) by simply scribbling over the initial markings again with the same pen. The solvent the ink is dissolved in will re-dissolve the dried ink, and you can just wipe it off while it's still wet. Other than that, anything with a high alcohol concentration tends to work, like hand sanitizer.
Noella Thu
Noella Thu 14 days ago
'And one player who was very impulsive immediately started sorting them and got upset when they realized that one of them was missing.' Yup, sounds like me. heh heh heh-
Spencer Sonnefeld
Spencer Sonnefeld 28 days ago
I confess that I have the dice dragon impulse. Currently I only have 4 sets (plus ~2.5 dozen d6 from other sources) but I know what it's like to want more dice for rolling that 9th-level Witch Bolt damage (9d12)
Blake D
Blake D Month ago
Play shadowrun, you'll need at LEAST 5 pounds of d6
The Logan
The Logan Month ago
When I was at school I'd use whiteboard markers on my door, didn't really have room for a whiteboard, but the door did brilliantly as a substitute until I had to clean it, and it turned out that the markers weren't as erasable as I'd thought. Luckily I had a bottle of rubbing alcohol at hand and that just dissolved the marker perfectly
Graham Cole
Graham Cole Month ago
When you use the wrong pen. Try spray sunscreen and a toothbrush. I got my chessex mat clean of sharpie with that combo
Morgan Searle
Morgan Searle Month ago
I was gonna point out that dry erase markers contain their solvent, naturally, and most things that don't come off once dry can just be scribbled over with more pen and it'll all come off because you've reapplied the solvent... and then you said it'd soaked through the mat. Welp.
BC Nation
BC Nation Month ago
He unknowingly used brake cleaner, didn’t he.
Turtlez Month ago
I don’t even have a players handbook
Taylor DAVISON Month ago
With the map problem If you just write over the pen with more pen and wipe it off that normally works for me
Theboredone Month ago
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy Month ago
DONT USE MINIS!? Blasphemer! (I love modeling, I understand it isn't for everyone)
CrashFistfight Month ago
My most recent excuse for buying another set of dice was, "Oh, well I don't have a good set of GREEN dice." I'm not even trying to hide the fact that I don't need another set.
Kymat The Gamer
Kymat The Gamer Month ago
*me buy Dice by the pound so people can use them. And a Bag with 10 Dice sat that only I use. From my Dwarf Set that roll like shit my metal set that Roll amazing*
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan Month ago
I have a number of 1E AD&D, 2E AD&D, B/X, and BECMI modules, as well as adventures for about 30 other game systems, and I take stuff from them to include in games I'm running. A story is a story, even if it was so badly designed that it is nearly unplayable as published...
Ground Zero
Ground Zero Month ago
5:46 top left of his hand, that’s my dice XD
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse Month ago
@ 0:42 WHY would people write to you about how to play D&D? Does every DM out there FAIL? I always use real figurines.
Nospam Spamisham
Nospam Spamisham Month ago
Someone....I won't mention who.....comes across a d20, that has the incorrect numbers on a few of its facets, subtly altering probability.
Dragongamer543 Month ago
You need all the dice for you lvl 9 magic missiles and for your sneak attack
TJ Month ago
Hey, hey....dice sorting is *important*. Don’t diss.
TegCross Month ago
Unrelated side note, if you ever use a regular marker on a dry erase board, sometimes you can write back over the existing marker with dry erase marker and wipe both clean. Not sure what the window on that sort of thing is, we typically have noticed immediately.
Will Kinzie
Will Kinzie Month ago
you could always do a raffle givaway thingy and sign the books then give them away. im sure there are some people out there like me that would like something like that....
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD Month ago
9:00 I was internally screaming "RUBBING ALCOHOL" after every chemical
josiah Krumm
josiah Krumm Month ago
That initiative system is so smart and simple it makes me want to cry.
Fred Dederman
Fred Dederman Month ago
Hey if you want to you can send me some of your d6s
eac dez
eac dez Month ago
It worked really well
Coolio Month ago
Puffin please do a PHB giveaway
Alison Price
Alison Price Month ago
Seriously.... Sign one of those players handbooks and do like... A give away or contest or something. I'd enter like 6 times ;) :D
White Rhino
White Rhino Month ago
I want a phb and i want him to sign it 😆
Abandoned Gecko
Abandoned Gecko Month ago
This is a bit old but maybe it will help dry erase will come off chesesx mats using magic eraser
Jacob Navarro
Jacob Navarro Month ago
I see that spinel backpack at 5:36 and I like it.
Lawful Gray
Lawful Gray Month ago
You should have a contest to give signed phb's away. You can also have a contest givaway of a D&D mat with a log of one of your sessions.
This MaybeBrent
This MaybeBrent Month ago
Just getting into d&d and ove been forced to use a PDF version of the PHB, I hate it lol
Savage Biscuit
Savage Biscuit Month ago
I got got by the dry erase on the mat as well