Trash Talker CLAPS In My Face Then Gets EXPOSED! 5v5 Basketball At The Park!

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Tristan Jass

Month ago

Pulled up to a park that was HIGHLY requested and THIS HAPPENED...
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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass Month ago
Thank you guys so much for the recent support on the channel! You guys have been going CRAZYYY! Make sure you like the video, comment, and subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all ❤️🙏
lo c
lo c 23 minutes ago
ocredo 2 days ago
I was needing a hoopers channel to follow now that Professor is hurt and I found just the perfect video. I know the kids were annoying as fuck, but I loved this atmosphere. I'm your follower now.
Dk Stay humble
Dk Stay humble 4 days ago
Come to Grand Rapids Michigan
iTVKills 16 days ago
это было восхитительно и поразительно, даже для таких как я, которые абсолютно не увлекаются баскетболом.
South Rob Slim
South Rob Slim 18 days ago
Brandon Ingram out here losing to Walmart worker and valet drivers lmao
Dane Ibsen
Dane Ibsen 58 minutes ago
Fr tho who’s this Brandon Ingram dude 👀
Dane Ibsen
Dane Ibsen Hour ago
I love how they hand it to the guard after a rebound like they gotta take it up the floor 😂😂😂
drax meloto
drax meloto Hour ago
im staring at the camera girl hahaha xd...
Natakyu 3 hours ago
no blocking game
Win K.
Win K. 3 hours ago
While Professor Live is injured, i'll watch this dope ass ballerrr! Your layups are wickeddd mannnn!!
Blake Lorenzana
Blake Lorenzana 5 hours ago
Courts tiny asf wtf lol
Mike Bell
Mike Bell 5 hours ago
Do all the young kids have these goofy ass haircuts now?
nick kelly
nick kelly 8 hours ago
Overall shot %......13
HikeBikeNJ 9 hours ago
Worst basketball I’ve ever seen. And I’m a Knicks fan...
Xx red xX
Xx red xX 10 hours ago
6:09 that kid was so sad when Tristan threw his tennis ball
Kael 12 hours ago
I was there 23 minutes before you got there BRUH IM mad :( Edit: month later I think I saw you agaun
Titan 7610
Titan 7610 12 hours ago
Lol this is why COVID hasn't gone away yet
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas 13 hours ago
How do you play 5v5 on a court that small
Alex Dee
Alex Dee 14 hours ago
Tjass really said fetch with the tennis ball
SuneaterBry 14 hours ago
I thought that was Desmond from Rdc
Reece Rivera
Reece Rivera 14 hours ago
I like this guy but he really isn’t that good 🤷🏾‍♂️
Reece Rivera
Reece Rivera 14 hours ago
Guarantee I’d take the W 1v1. Come through T! Lincoln Nebraska
Sithet Hay
Sithet Hay 14 hours ago
Nobody : Not even Abby Lee Miller : Thirteen year old : mAkE hiM DaNcE
Marco Reyes
Marco Reyes 15 hours ago
Bro.. you got some mad skills.. keep up the videos. And ill keep up with the support!
Ram Sal
Ram Sal 15 hours ago
That was more entertaining than the nba bubble games
Thomas Moss
Thomas Moss 17 hours ago
Lol when was this filmed? Looks like a breeding ground for coronavirus wtf
221ddj 17 hours ago
These dudes are mostly trash. That court looks way too small to be a place respected ballers frequent.
Benny cool
Benny cool 18 hours ago
no basketball yes football
Ethan Mensah-baah
Ethan Mensah-baah 19 hours ago
Bruh u bring ur basketball here and u never Finna see it again
Cyrus Beast
Cyrus Beast 20 hours ago
Tristan Has the Iverson Crossover and Ingram Jumpshot
Edgar Garza
Edgar Garza Day ago
From waaaayyy out ://
Larry China
Larry China Day ago
just so so
aeron Agorilla
aeron Agorilla Day ago
title holder for most cringey kids in a basketball court
Peyton Stevens
Peyton Stevens Day ago
I’d like to see this kid vs the professor lol
Achilles Xiong
Achilles Xiong Day ago
6:05 "tennis ball's on the court" Throws kid's tennis ball out of the park lol
Erik Aguirre
Erik Aguirre Day ago
To many dribbles on ur cross try limit it
LowKey Savage
LowKey Savage Day ago
The dude said “ This might be One of the most legendary videos” smh with like 15 kids lmfao
Az Florez
Az Florez Day ago
I wonder if TJass gets nervous, got a bunch of fans getting excited and cheering for him everytime he does something
School of ROCKwell
School of ROCKwell Day ago
Look what happens when America no longer cares about the NBA
Lmx Zayy ツ
Lmx Zayy ツ Day ago
i love how its black and white people all coming together and being positive, thats what its all about!
Arex Singh
Arex Singh 19 hours ago
Wtf you talking about?
TheTonyWay Day ago
This is not basketball ball 😂 it’s just fouls
Blake Day ago
Brandon Ingram need to stop that sht now..keep the ball moving man lol
Dmac 740
Dmac 740 Day ago
I could run full again on that court .
Angel Cortes
Angel Cortes Day ago
Smallest court I ever seen
Σpic Banks英
Σpic Banks英 Day ago
Was that Brandon Ingram
Steven Daniels
Steven Daniels Day ago
What Rudy Gobert doin out there?
delaney grove
delaney grove Day ago
‼️go check out @d_photos28 on insta for some pics from this day‼️
Lumu Day ago
nobody: that one kid when it’s barely past the three: “from way out”
ONYX_HALO 2 days ago
Notice how he chucks the tennis ball when the kid was right in front of him his face😂😭😭💀
TheIndian41 2 days ago
Anyone else annoyed when ppl always run on to the court
Mark Goca
Mark Goca 2 days ago
I mean I knew Ingram didn’t live up to his hype but got damn he’s trash
Danny And Niyah
Danny And Niyah Day ago
I thought I was the only one thinking this 😂 he was so damn trash
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz 2 days ago
06:07 t Jass just ruined this kids day by throwing his ball to the other side of the playground im deaddddd
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 2 days ago
Jass is trash. Imagine him playing real competition. He'll get smashed. Ill post his little ass all day. 6'6 what is he 5ft?
Dutch King
Dutch King 2 days ago
You see the look on the kids face when he threw the tennis ball 😭😭😭
airflightA 2 days ago
lol fkin random ppl,looking at it like celebrities
Tristan House
Tristan House 2 days ago
The tall guy is a ball hog bro
REZZ 2 days ago
Why is that court so small?
Raymond Hernandez
Raymond Hernandez 2 days ago
this court is ass small asf, I not going full court it's a different game with fast breaks are eliminated
Sergio Huerta
Sergio Huerta 2 days ago
*i see that t jass is trying to spread positivity* *if you didn’t get it I meant he is spreading positive coronavirus*
Sergio Huerta
Sergio Huerta 2 days ago
These guys should be in the nba
Sergio Huerta
Sergio Huerta 2 days ago
5:35 *LOL WTF* 😂
raz iel
raz iel 2 days ago
Man this is a nightmare for an introvert like me,i hoop..but hooping in that small court with that nba arena typa crowd man i can't
Pepe M
Pepe M 2 days ago
I don’t see the next Jordan in this little group.
Azarias Guzmán
Azarias Guzmán 2 days ago
I really liked that court
Ron Y.
Ron Y. 2 days ago
Dumbass players with 0 basketball iq. Gotta be other places better than this