Top 20 BEST PS4 Single Player Story-Driven Games | 2020

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4 months ago

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For this week I focus on the Top 20 BEST PlayStation 4 Singleplayer Story-Driven games as of 2020. The PS4 has a lot of really good singleplayer games, so I couldnt just stop at 10 or 15, but instead had to to do a top 20. Enjoy!

Veersa 7 days ago
God of war. No cap
Jay B
Jay B 11 days ago
what is yakaza?
Avi Neah
Avi Neah 11 days ago
final fantasy is number 1 horizon zero down is also one of the bests
xxx s
xxx s 12 days ago
Bloodbourne/Witcher 3 for number one
Navneet Raina
Navneet Raina 12 days ago
Days Gone is so underrated. It still remains a brilliant game with a great story.
Zmurf 7 days ago
Days Gone is better than Spider-Man and deserve to be in top 5 on this list
Tyrell Combs
Tyrell Combs 9 days ago
Yup. Better than tlou2 in my opinion
Mohammad Amirul Musa
Mohammad Amirul Musa 14 days ago
Fall guys?
Rajeev.k . sadhak
Rajeev.k . sadhak 16 days ago
Witcher 3 is so boring Death stranding so boring
capote5000 19 days ago
What about MGS5??
Aran Erem
Aran Erem 22 days ago
The last of us is the best ever
Fortino Vazquez
Fortino Vazquez 22 days ago
Persona 5 at #16? Horizon at #15? Man’s tripping!!!
texas MADeMan
texas MADeMan 24 days ago
This list sucks.
Pookie Pookster
Pookie Pookster Month ago
Witcher 3 should be no.1 on anyones list....!!!! 🤟🤟
Daryl Nahorodny
Daryl Nahorodny Month ago
Trials of mana has been my favorite single player game of this year.
Ash Alf
Ash Alf Month ago
The Last Of Us is a horror MASTERPIECE. In the end it is subjective, but I love survival horror games and playing the game on the PS4 Pro using stealth tactics to take down enemies while enjoying the story and soundtrack, is one of the best experiences I've had in video games. Completed it twice so far, and will be playing my THIRD playthrough on Grounded difficulty!
Kapo From Mars
Kapo From Mars Month ago
No love for the Arkham series
The McKinney Shimmy
The McKinney Shimmy Month ago
How dare you not put Kingdom Hearts on here, good list though
Rafael Gaming
Rafael Gaming Month ago
Im saving money for my ps4.. and i will write this games down in the paper. ^^
Vyral714 28 days ago
Dude foreal please save your money and wait till November for the ps5. You'll be so much happier bro. Ps5 comes out November. Don't waste your money on PS4 man when the newest console is coming out in literally 2 -3 months at most
Paramount.G Month ago
Keep your money and save a few extra months. Ps5 is almost out
Karazu X
Karazu X Month ago
I can't believe I have all these games but only beat few titles here
Thedarklord 196
Thedarklord 196 Month ago
My top 5 story games is 1 god of war (2018) 2 spider man ps4 3 jedi fallen order 4uncharted 2 (play all the uncharted games. 5 uncharted 4
Wolf Man
Wolf Man Month ago
My top 5 story driven games would no particular order 1. Rdr2 2. The last of us 3. The last of us part 2 4. God of war 5. Death stranding
Wes Mantooth
Wes Mantooth Month ago
Bloodborne is absolutely one of the best.
Akshat Sinha
Akshat Sinha Month ago
yup bro I think he forgot to add it in the list
Kevin Guzmán
Kevin Guzmán Month ago
Jaywood: witcher 3 over rdr2 Me: you know that rigth there is a lie.
WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513
WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513 Month ago
Well thats your opinion. I absolutely loved RD2 and it definitely does some things better than the witcher but for me personally no game has gripped me for as many hours as the witcher 3 did.
FunkyJosiah Month ago
No way last of us and uncharted aren’t top 3
Antonio Magzal
Antonio Magzal Month ago
Harrison ROCCO
Harrison ROCCO Month ago
I have multiple games to try out now
ray johnson
ray johnson Month ago
One huge problem with the last of us... it's too damn short
ray johnson
ray johnson Month ago
I played death stranding for about an hour...that was more than enough
Prince Reiko
Prince Reiko 2 months ago
Why the hell #2 doesn't have game play? you said people don't like the combat style shidd I see why
Outkast6 2 months ago
Assassin's creed black flag is my favorite game
Nea karlsson
Nea karlsson 2 months ago
The last of us is an average game, it's way over hyped
Wolf Man
Wolf Man Month ago
What's your top 5 games of all time?
Sk0rpi0n Month ago
@Nea karlsson I agree with you. I mean, it was a good game but definitly not as fantastic as everyone says
Nea karlsson
Nea karlsson Month ago
@Dogs and Gooses forever I didnt reply since your last reply, get ya facts straight before you tag is pal 👍
Dogs and Gooses forever
Dogs and Gooses forever Month ago
@Nea karlssonwhy are u still replying just go play fortnite
Complexity Month ago
Last of us wasn't master piece as some people say, it's a good game but not one of he best
X1304d 2 months ago
I have played the top 5 on your list and I rank them in the same order as you!!
Expert Sneeker
Expert Sneeker 2 months ago
this deserves more attention
Eric V
Eric V 2 months ago
I'm very particular on what video games I play. A game can have amazing graphics and story but if I don't like how the game plays I won't like the game. It might look cool to watch but will sometimes be annoying. Usually play stuff on ps4 and switch like final fantasy 7 remake, kingdom hearts franchise, xenoblade chronicles 2, and astral chain. So I could definitely use some suggestions similar to those in terms of gameplay
Jason dp
Jason dp Month ago
Outer wilds
tderias 2 months ago
People get 300 likes on a photo on Facebook and this man gets only 260 for this great content?
Pohler Express
Pohler Express 2 months ago
1. Bloodborne 2. Red Dead 2 3. Spider-Man 4. God of War 5. Nier Automata 6. Witcher 3 7. The Last of Us 1 & 2 8. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 9. Fallout 4 10. Shadow of the Colossus 11. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy 12. Batman Arkham Knight 13. Dark Souls III 14. Horizon Zero Dawn 15. Ratchet and Clank
Gingerninja 12
Gingerninja 12 2 months ago
God Of War is in my opinion, the best game ever made. The whole story is gripping, the areas are stunning, the development of Kratos, Atreus, Brok, Sindri and even Mimir are some of the best ever, also despite being incredibly frustrating, the Valkries are the best post game bosses in any game, and I’m only getting started, Fight Me.
Paragon Bytes
Paragon Bytes 2 days ago
Broken lock on when fighting Valkyries. Like them apples?
Charlie Hultgreen
Charlie Hultgreen Month ago
I don't know it's a great game(9.5/10 for me), but it has some clear flaws. The combat system is greaatt in theory, but its execution is rather poor due to the variety in normal enemies, you don't need to really learn any of the new abilities. You can pretty much beat the game with a couple abilities even on hard, and that is due to the lack of enemy variety. Second, the boss fights are so uninspiring(except the Baldur's ones which are pretty similar between them), again the cinematics are much more epic than the actual boss fights. They are simple, the boss lacks in variety of movements and attacks. Also, I think it's a little padded, constantly the plot diverges due to a sudden problem or realization. Finally, I loved the characters with the exception of the sudden change of Atreus. His change is so fast, he turns in someone completely different n a matter of minutes. And then, he comes back to his senses just as fast as he changed, I hate how poorly they handled that part. I have some other very minor complaints, but the game is definitely one of the best of the generation, but I do not know if the best of all time(which it's a term that I don't think is really valid).
Dogs and Gooses forever
Dogs and Gooses forever 2 months ago
Tlou is better story wise imo
Denver Breeze
Denver Breeze 2 months ago
Ezio auditore
Ezio auditore 2 months ago
The last of us is better but god of war is hands down one of the best games
Tristan 2 months ago
why does the thumbnail say top 15😭
ray johnson
ray johnson 19 days ago
@BoredProductions it was a joke...that's the reason for the 🤣
BoredProductions 19 days ago
@ray johnson spell???
ray johnson
ray johnson Month ago
He didn't know how to spell 20 🤣
Oliver Ding
Oliver Ding 2 months ago
I would switch GOW and RDR2, when Rockstar created another believable world, it is something else
Prepare UR A. n. u. s
Prepare UR A. n. u. s 2 months ago
Witcher 3 should be first, even though It's not an exclusive. Every God damn quest has It's own unique story, and quests like Baron's story are Master-class in writing and storytelling. Also the game in size is bigger than any game on this list.
Prepare UR A. n. u. s
Prepare UR A. n. u. s 2 months ago
@Dogs and Gooses forever well, i mean everyone has rights to have opinion, So i respect your opinion. Good Day, but in my Country i would rather Say : Good night now.
Prepare UR A. n. u. s
Prepare UR A. n. u. s 2 months ago
@Dogs and Gooses forever i played TLOU, It's not challenging by any means since AIM is pretty good, and there are never huge amount of enemies, mostly It's combat focuses abaou Stealth, and While Witcher 3 might not be hard, it can be challenging at Times, and some bosses from Dlc are pretty hard to beat (Toad Prince, Detlaff)
Dogs and Gooses forever
Dogs and Gooses forever 2 months ago
@Prepare UR A. n. u. s I think you might be in post game depression or some shit because alot of what you're saying doesn't make sense , witcher 3 is incredibly easy difficulty wise maybe im used to bloodborne but its really easy , i take it u never played tlou on grounded (kinda feel like like u never played tlou at all tbh) eitherway ur opinion is yours i guess
Prepare UR A. n. u. s
Prepare UR A. n. u. s 2 months ago
@Dogs and Gooses forever Still, Witcher 3 has more challenge than TLOU. While TLOU May have better facial expressions and cinematic, it does not have better writing. Hearts of Stone is the Best example of amazing storytelling and Writing-the amount of Old polish Literaturę and myths, the Dark setting, And how it all comes together into one full DLC/game is amazing, Olgierd's story is unforgettable, in fact i think it Beats both Witcher 3 and TLOU in story. I'd Say acting is equal-Witcher 3 succesfuly recreate characters from books, and Geralt's And Ciri's relationship felt So Real, i See Ciri almost like my daughter in reality. And about exploring and fighting enemies-you are Witcher-It's your Daily job, to kill monsters. Witcher's World, setting can't really be matched. Not to mention every single side quest have its own unique story, they are So well written and climatic-that some of them could be stand alone games if they would be a bit longer.
Dogs and Gooses forever
Dogs and Gooses forever 2 months ago
@Prepare UR A. n. u. s Tlou had far better writing than the witcher and it paces between cinematic and action perfectly , something the witcher 3 failed to do as the pacing wasn't that good , acting was way better in the last of us (body language , voice acting and scripts slightly felt better) , lets not forget witcher 3 was very easy i litreally easily beat it on deathmarch first game , ai just isnt that smart ,at some bosses u LITREALLY just hit and dodge over and over till the boss dies , idk if thats what u mean by engaging (doesn't apply to all bosses ofc) , more content doesn't equal a better game btw lol , in the witcher u spend alot of the time traveling , fighting unnecessary fights due to not so great pacing , overall the witcher is a great game definitely isn't the best
Therealphilshady 2 months ago
Days gone🤔
ICE CEREAL 2 months ago
is last of us single player
Jay 2 months ago