Mia's Pregnant...

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Thomas Petrou

5 months ago

Mia's Pregnant...
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Hannah Maisner
Hannah Maisner 3 days ago
One of the ending clips shows that he saved LOL
Marie Ellis
Marie Ellis 3 days ago
Strawberry hippos
Erika Varela
Erika Varela 3 days ago
Quien biene tiktok
Erika Varela
Erika Varela 3 days ago
Unica que habla español?
Analee Rodriguez
Analee Rodriguez 3 days ago
strawberry hippos
Alanna Boadway
Alanna Boadway 6 days ago
Strawberry hippos
Kandeece Farquharson
Kandeece Farquharson 6 days ago
Kyle Britt
Kyle Britt 7 days ago
I love everyone on hype house and everyone is funny the whole time and everyone is screaming and swearing like let’s go
Kailey-Ann Prem-Kuapahi
Kailey-Ann Prem-Kuapahi 9 days ago
why did i click on this vid IF MIAS NOT PREGNANT ... OK QUEEN MIA STRAWBERRYHIPO ???
AnaMaria Ochoa
AnaMaria Ochoa 10 days ago
strawberry hippos
Adopt me Team
Adopt me Team 13 days ago
Strawberry hippos
Nahomi Anteneh
Nahomi Anteneh 16 days ago
chase's reaction when thomas told him mia is pregnant is the best reaction
Alexa Parras
Alexa Parras 16 days ago
I can I have a shout out
Enola Lockhart
Enola Lockhart 18 days ago
Chase’s reaction was the best😂😂😂
Swimkim 18 days ago
Tony was trying to figure out what the thing even was I would be to tony it's ok lol.
Emma Barnes
Emma Barnes 19 days ago
Thomas: NICKKKKK NIck: *opens door Naah thats fake SHuts the door on thomas Me: LMAOOO
x.bailey .x
x.bailey .x 20 days ago
Is she pregnant fr- 😳 that’s my question
Angelina Blankenship
Angelina Blankenship 22 days ago
Chase’s reaction was the best
Ciara,Harlem and Freddy Newton's world
Ciara,Harlem and Freddy Newton's world 22 days ago
bro tony was just
Nickaustin’s Sunglasses
Nickaustin’s Sunglasses 23 days ago
It was so cute when ryland gave Mia a hug when he found out😅
Nøt Sørry
Nøt Sørry 26 days ago
Strawberry hippos (I'm just rewatching all of these and actually commenting what they say haha)
Mia Day
Mia Day 26 days ago
Strawberry hippos
Fidel Romero
Fidel Romero 27 days ago
I feel like ondreaz and Thomas would be good dads
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky 27 days ago
tony : 👀o o 👀
hoodie paws
hoodie paws 27 days ago
I love how Tony is trying to read the instructions and see if its real, and Ondreaz is just being supportive
JAIA CAMPUSANO 29 days ago
Strawberry Hippos - Mia
Njm Njm
Njm Njm Month ago
if Mia actually gave birth do me a favor and keep the baby away from tony, thanks
decca anzie
decca anzie Month ago
Chase: omg Thomassssssss WHYYYY Tony: reads instructions Paper: I am GONNA be a uncle Ondearz: Gives *instpritional speech Micheal: OMG omg Nick: Haaaa The same rection they all had was U idiot since he got her "pregant" Tbh ik everyone wrote this down, i didn't infact copy or paste anyones comment, If anyone wants me to take it down i will.
Libby's Kitchen
Libby's Kitchen Month ago
Strawberry Hippos
Elina Soong
Elina Soong Month ago
I loved Nicks reaction "ah it's fake haha..."
Aileen Solorzano
Aileen Solorzano Month ago
strawberry hippos😂
caylee allen
caylee allen Month ago
strawberry hippos here you go mia
Kodi Campbell
Kodi Campbell Month ago
Ruth Mbay
Ruth Mbay Month ago
I love how Tony was reading the box and the paper as if it was his kid in there
clouds x vxbes
clouds x vxbes Month ago
September anyone😳
Dreada Augustin
Dreada Augustin Month ago
nick looks sooo cute but i mean Madison he is all yours :)
The cool Girls
The cool Girls Month ago
Strawberry hippos
Don Walley
Don Walley Month ago
Strawberry hippooo
Tony Lopez Love_x.o.x.o
Tony Lopez Love_x.o.x.o Month ago
Thomas:I don’t know what to do Sazone:make a USshow channel
Beatrice San Jose
Beatrice San Jose Month ago
Micheal looks like an airpod xD
Xylah Achazo
Xylah Achazo Month ago
No one Literally no one Not even the cute face of kouvr Avani"I'm not even verified"
Chase is Daddy
Chase is Daddy Month ago
This literally went well-
Chase is Daddy
Chase is Daddy Month ago
Indiana: stop stop stop! Me: GuLp
Paige Mann
Paige Mann Month ago
Chases reaction would’ve been mine too lmao
Navya Jasani
Navya Jasani Month ago
wE dOnT nEeD a HYpe hOuSE bAbY
Leslie Gallegos
Leslie Gallegos Month ago
Strawberry hippos
Leanne Rowell
Leanne Rowell Month ago
Straberry cowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Chloe Jeffries
Chloe Jeffries Month ago
Strawberry hippos
Mariah Heredia
Mariah Heredia Month ago
Lil Huddy: " We don't need a hype house baby bro. " lol
Deboreah Olaoluwa
Deboreah Olaoluwa Month ago
The only thing I noticed sorry ... Ryland’s wearing charli’s 16 year old merch hoodie thingyyy😅😂🤣
Jocelyn Arroyo
Jocelyn Arroyo Month ago
Strawberry hippos
Maya Rosen
Maya Rosen Month ago
strawberry hippos
Mollymoo_2017 Month ago
I like how ondrea said fucking go for it
Isaiah Gali-Brown
Isaiah Gali-Brown Month ago
Michael was so mad just because Mia always beats him up just because Michael annoys her
{ella louise0717}
{ella louise0717} Month ago
it would be cool if there was a hype house baby!
Keisha DBrass
Keisha DBrass Month ago
I wish I could pay.. but I'm fucking broke man
naomy cedillo
naomy cedillo Month ago
Ayleen Moreno
Ayleen Moreno Month ago
Strawberry hip pose
Brooke Arends
Brooke Arends Month ago
I love Tony so much he’s so cute
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Month ago
We just going to ignore how Ryland huged Mia 🥺
Jessenia Williams
Jessenia Williams Month ago
Why do I feel like Papper or micheal would be like DEMON BABYYYY 👿👹👹👺👹👹👿
R Park
R Park Month ago
anu 2000
anu 2000 Month ago
I love how Indiana calls Thomas tommy
My.vibes_YT Month ago
University ;-;
Sophia Adams
Sophia Adams Month ago
Strawberry hippos
uncle ryland
lol slime girl
lol slime girl Month ago
Nicks reaction got me diiiiiiieeeeeingggg
Päikeriin Valinu
Päikeriin Valinu Month ago
Päikeriin Valinu
Päikeriin Valinu Month ago
micheal is a mood
Wolfy and Devils
Wolfy and Devils Month ago
Rasa K
Rasa K Month ago
Me watching this video just to prove my point about CLICKBAIT!
Cassidy Anahi
Cassidy Anahi Month ago
3:56 chases reaction is the best by far:)
Alex Narine
Alex Narine Month ago
Kay Punt
Kay Punt Month ago
Ondreaz: What is that a real thing! Whaitttttttttt (Tony looking in the instrucions)😂
Ana Carrillo
Ana Carrillo Month ago
Chases was the best reaction
Christina Vannarath
Christina Vannarath Month ago
Magda Ozaist
Magda Ozaist Month ago
I loved chases reaction 👁👄👁🤣🤣🤣
HoneyAngel Playz
HoneyAngel Playz Month ago
Finally, I can agree with Chase about something very important 😌
Itz Maddie Here
Itz Maddie Here Month ago
strawberry hippos
Emery Roblox Roblox
Emery Roblox Roblox Month ago
Let me join Thomas please let me join Thomas
For Myself
For Myself Month ago
We know its fake but if mia was pregrant girl or boy?
Indie Wiechmann
Indie Wiechmann Month ago
Dude my names indie 🤭
Taylea Wernicke
Taylea Wernicke Month ago
Thomas: Mia’s pregnant Tony:oh hell no
Maisie Kingham
Maisie Kingham Month ago
strawberry hippos love you
Biggys World
Biggys World Month ago
Makenzie Andrews
Makenzie Andrews Month ago
I wish I were Indiana in that car
imran abubacar
imran abubacar Month ago
Chases reaction was da best PErIodT
Saamha Month ago
Strawberry hippos
Moonxstar Hi
Moonxstar Hi 2 months ago
I love to Tony’s and chase Reaction
Kelly Olsen
Kelly Olsen 2 months ago
Chase: HAHAHAHAHHA hi you tube
Kimberly Guerrero
Kimberly Guerrero 2 months ago
When chase says "we don't need a hype house baby"
Grace Hooper
Grace Hooper 2 months ago
Thomas: i don’t know what to do Michal: create a family channel 😂
Lauren Dishmon
Lauren Dishmon 2 months ago
but it would be nice if they did have a hype house baby
Keke Styles • WHY DON’T WE
Keke Styles • WHY DON’T WE 2 months ago
Blake mcconnell
Blake mcconnell 2 months ago
strawberry hippos
Nehir Kilic
Nehir Kilic 2 months ago
Can you lock chase and charli in the same room and secretly fim them for 24 hours plsss
Life Of Beida
Life Of Beida 2 months ago
strawberry hippos
Simping over HIM
Simping over HIM 2 months ago
Strawberry hippos
Wade Smith
Wade Smith 2 months ago
So I got clickbaited...