How Traditional French Butter Is Made In Brittany | Regional Eats

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4 months ago

Insider's Claudia Romeo traveled to Brittany, France to meet with Jean-Yves Bordier, a butter artisan who brought back to France the 19th-century technique of malaxage, using a big wooden wheel to knead the butter. To Jean-Yves, the malaxage is a more romantic way to make butter. At his workshop, everything is churned, kneaded, and shaped by hand.
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How Traditional French Butter Is Made In Brittany | Regional Eats

Food Insider
Food Insider Month ago
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MEME#HORSE 11 days ago
Okoy bokoy
Jerome 14 days ago
Okey Dokee
Henry E.F.
Henry E.F. 21 day ago
The Fricking
The Fricking 27 days ago
odd0odium 54 minutes ago
2:40 he must have the softest hands in the world
sarath s
sarath s Hour ago
Fantastic guy.i hope the workers would be the happiest workers in any firm we could see.
Amanda Ta
Amanda Ta 2 hours ago
i thought when he was playing the harp he was actually making the sound but turns out it was background music
APECO Lda. 10 hours ago
Super inspiring! Where can I buy those butter paddles? The streaked ones, material seems inox. All I find on the internet are wooden paddles...
Ahmad Fraz
Ahmad Fraz 13 hours ago
I would never look at butter in the same way again!
sam ZEbra
sam ZEbra 16 hours ago
Damn he really loves butter huh
Salt Salt
Salt Salt 21 hour ago
Quel bel homme! Tellement de passion pour son métier et préservation des traditions !
Aaliyah Oshun
Aaliyah Oshun Day ago
He was so happy talking about butter and he had some jokes too😂
Shadowboost Day ago
This gentleman warms my heart. There are wonderful people in the world
Fredy Daruwalla
Fredy Daruwalla Day ago
He is hilarious, passionate and fun loving. This was fun to watch.
Farisya Shamshudin
Farisya Shamshudin Day ago
Change the host please. She makes me feel uncomfortable on behalf of the passionate man.
Ocean le
Ocean le Day ago
Is this the same host that did the Lea Perrin sauce because she hates onions, garlic, pepper and all other types of food?
john cast
john cast Day ago
yourrr fireeeedddd!!!
Darkness 971
Darkness 971 2 days ago
moi je suis un tout petit bon-homme et je fait de toute petites chose 🙃 what a humble man woaw you can feels the emotions of his butter 😁 ☺️vive la france
Jon Galt
Jon Galt 2 days ago
Thank god there’s still people like this man
audrey christabella
audrey christabella 2 days ago
9:00 he's so funny 😁😁
Hannah Mae Ferry Villasenor
Hannah Mae Ferry Villasenor 3 days ago
This dude is so funny. And he have a very big heart for his staff. Much love. 💞🇵🇭
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 3 days ago
He lives for his butter
S.M.Reza Naghavi
S.M.Reza Naghavi 3 days ago
He's the Mr Willy Wonka of the butter factory. Wish I had taste all of his butters
That7Days79 3 days ago
Elite 4 Champion Josh
Elite 4 Champion Josh 4 days ago
That guy has never worked a day in his life and God bless him for it.
I I 4 days ago
Apart from the presenter .. the other staff didnt wear gloves which was off putting
KALAI PRIYA 4 days ago
He is such a good man. Hard to find!
lessy 4 days ago
Awww, I wanted to be like that, inlove with whatever living he do ❤️
Dennis de Jong
Dennis de Jong 5 days ago
Work requirements: Butterfingers
richjohn11 5 days ago
I really want to work for that man!
Jesse Hembrook
Jesse Hembrook 5 days ago
Me: ... USshow: are you bored? Me: sure USshow: heres a weird french video about butter Me and 3Mil others: thanks bro.
leos rule
leos rule 5 days ago
This was most excellent.!! If no one kept alive these 'arts' and techniques... And the big factory machines stopped working... We would have no clue how to survive.
CandyHeartLolipop 5 days ago
I love how this was made with emotion amd passion
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis 6 days ago
this is the office but with butter
Ruth W
Ruth W 6 days ago
Loved this video. He is so neat.
taekook luv
taekook luv 6 days ago
he reminds me of my late grandpa :c
Mibutastic 6 days ago
That man is just awesome. So much passion, heart and soul in his love for butter and the old artisanal ways of making it. He's also got a hell of a sense of humour and it's a shame the host could not keep up with him. That was genuinely fun to watch and see how much he enjoys what he does and how much he cares about his butter and his employees. He is truly the definition of a gentleman and a scholar.
Sonakshi Verma
Sonakshi Verma 7 days ago
What a beautiful and fun personality the owner is. PS I also kept thinking all the while how soft and well moisturised their hands must be.
Malory McGehee
Malory McGehee 7 days ago
That man is an absolute treasure!
Barry Baz
Barry Baz 7 days ago
But there Nothing like 'KerryGold' 😉
Linda Villegas
Linda Villegas 7 days ago
Love this video!!!! Bello!!!🇵🇷
RC Hobbyist Extreme
RC Hobbyist Extreme 7 days ago
The guy says what they do isn't nessary, its what people want. He was honest and I liked that. If fools want to pay extra for expencive pats of butter, then that's good for them. As he sais, butter is butter.
Tala 7 days ago
I’m laughing so hard at 3am this man is a literal bundle of joy I love him so much 😂
Tala 7 days ago
The passion.. the poetry.. the metaphors.. they’re treating butter like it’s a living human being and I live for that. That’s pure art.
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 7 days ago
4:27 I thought this was some weird french expression
eric moss
eric moss 7 days ago
I finally got to try some of their demi-sel. Wow. I usually don't like salted butter, but it makes a good slice of bread a great slice of bread.
Karen 7 days ago
*My Lactose Intolerance has left the chat*
Wayne Martin
Wayne Martin 7 days ago
Too many commercials. Thumbs down. But pretty girl she is!
Aashish Eapen
Aashish Eapen 8 days ago
Love his passion
Chris V. Marbaniang
Chris V. Marbaniang 8 days ago
Wait... why aren't they wearing gloves?? I hope they have turned to wearing gloves during the pandemic time. 🤞🏻
meta the trashcan
meta the trashcan 4 days ago
In most fine artisanal foods, gloves cant be used due to how much dexterity it takes to make them leading to them washing there hands very often, so I think there good
Nemz1987 8 days ago
Cant tell which he loves more.. Butter or Eric.. Maybe Eric covered in butter?
Kunal Autade
Kunal Autade 9 days ago
He is really kind, to promote traditional hand made method, caring for his workers 👏👏👏
Timmy wright
Timmy wright 9 days ago
Such pretentious nonsense.
zuzia bohdanowicz
zuzia bohdanowicz 9 days ago
french butter hits different reallyyyy, when i was in france last year i got kinda addicted cause it was so good
Alice Nine
Alice Nine 9 days ago
Amazing. This made me so happy to watch! ❤
Lewis Heasman
Lewis Heasman 9 days ago
This butter is made by hand, the hand of a machine
Suzi C.
Suzi C. 10 days ago
She’s too jumpy and young of taste for fine foods journeys.
winnileesboy 10 days ago
What is the temperature of the factory rooms?
NoName404 10 days ago
What a lovely butter man
FOOD MADNESS 10 days ago
Ernesto Cardenas
Ernesto Cardenas 10 days ago
Such an amazing guy with a friendly smile and personality.
Muhammad Rishad
Muhammad Rishad 10 days ago
claudia also looks like italian butter
Caio Mendonça
Caio Mendonça 11 days ago
At 4:11, lher make up make it looks like she is wearing a mask.