Tabletop Story: Journey Into The Weird West for The Devil's Gold

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This animated tabletop story comes from when I ran a game of Deadlands using the Savage World system. My trio of players had to fight their way out into the Weird West, contend with Brother Dalton's Reverends, monsters of the wilds and a reanimated fossil. Enjoy!
End Music and Sting during the fight is from:
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renoloverxoxo 2 days ago
....Ben Virginia was in the Confederacy 🤦‍♀️
Gandalf Stormcrow
Gandalf Stormcrow 3 days ago
Hey thanks for mocking my religion. Next time go with Islam. I'm sure they won't mind at all.
Cellidor 8 days ago
Man that is a..._very_ uncomfortable roleplay setting, gotta be honest! The way it kind of paints the natives as, er...demonic? The bad guys for not wanting to be, you know...colonized. Big oof.
Nova Drake
Nova Drake 12 days ago
9:12 😂
Adam 12 days ago
I find it hilarious that he used crosses and reverends, when members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use niether of those.
fan forever
fan forever 14 days ago
the christians in this video are like.... not christian
doot doot man
doot doot man 16 days ago
I just wanna say I live it Texas and I have seen all of these creatures you named at 1:01
GearedLoop 319
GearedLoop 319 22 days ago
essential rule of christianity: DO NOT *UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES* CHOOSE TO *KILL OR HURT* ANYONE. Also as a railfan, that loco has 1:1 accuracy.
Drakhox Steel
Drakhox Steel 23 days ago
Nice Campaing ideas i will use it~
Teajae Burak
Teajae Burak 23 days ago
"Prospector Jenkins" is someone who wanted to roleplay the version of Easy Pete from Fallout: New Vegas who was bad with dynamite.
BlueEngland 25 days ago
Literally Any Villain Ever: I'm the most destructive. Prospector Jenkins: Hold my dynamite. *proceeds to roll a one.* Everyone: OH NO-
anime geek
anime geek 26 days ago
3:37 Me a Catholic: I have never been so insulted by something I completely agree with
GoldenFox Month ago
Idk if the path of the wicked leads to hell. Ive always heard way to hell was paved with good intentions
Adam Billman
Adam Billman Month ago
66-16. 21-6. I approve of this sir. Sadly 46-65 line 6 doesn't roll of the tongue.
ericb31 Month ago
"a few fractured realities later"...does that mean several MORE times they all got blown up? "i saved your butts already. i am NOT doing it again." i guess not.
Jango Yifftail
Jango Yifftail Month ago
Is this the same game system as Critical Role's "Undeadwood" one-shot?
Slacker Raven
Slacker Raven Month ago
Deadlands is great, it was my first ttrpg
Jared Month ago
At 6:34 I was convinced the Gambler said "you people are Democrats".. I suppose these days it is a synonym to "hypocrites".
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
Wouldn't have exactly fit in this universe, the Democratic party didn't start until after the Civil War Im pretty sure...and quite obviously in Deadlands its still going. And may not ever end...
Rafael deassis
Rafael deassis Month ago
6:19 max level karen
M0nKey99 2 months ago
Moral of the story? Don't hang out near guys wrapped with explosives.
Seth 2 months ago
That was epic until jenkins kept fucking killing everyone
rockstar sakib
rockstar sakib 2 months ago
what caractor sheet did they use
The Optic
The Optic 2 months ago
"Tumblebleeds" CGP Grey: oh no
ThatGregGuy 2 months ago
"Prospector jinckins grim servent of death" "What?" "P-prospector jinckins!"
Drew Branscum
Drew Branscum 2 months ago
Jeez Puffin learned less about US history than he did about biochemistry based on this map and his story where he didn't know what a spectrophotometer did in an interview... No offense, man, love your videos but sheesh.
Liam The Great
Liam The Great 2 months ago
what do you mean
Tyrant-Den 2 months ago
Brother Dalton is calling all to the Lord. Brother Dalton is calling all to the Lord. broth- broth- broth- Brother Dalton is calling all to the Lord. all to the Lord all to the Lord all to the Lord Brother Dalton is calling all to the Lord. Brother Dalton Dalton Brother Dalton Dalton calling- Dalton Dalton Brother Dalton is calling all to the- Dalton Dalton The Lord The Lord The Lord Brother Dalton is calling all to the Lord.
Andrew Diaz
Andrew Diaz 2 months ago
This one (the original version too) has got to be one off my favorites of yours. A big part is probably the reverend-cultists since I am practically obsessed with crazy fictional cults. "And to flee from such a voice, one must be... OF THE DEVIL!!"
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 2 months ago
WORST Solutions: the Wild West version.
mr. potato
mr. potato 2 months ago
Be me Sees GRIMM servant of death BURN THE FATHER FEED THE CHILD
mr. potato
mr. potato 2 months ago
This game looks fun Initiative Cards D6 for attacks Sound cool
victor araujo
victor araujo 3 months ago
They could have just came back Harrowed, or ripped through the hunting grounds and woken up in the post apocalyptic future in a tunnel of wormlings.
Wrwo James
Wrwo James 3 months ago
I'm not sure if this lore of this world or general mistake but I notice Virginia which was a Confederate state is a union state in the picture you showed
Ryan Wisse
Ryan Wisse 3 months ago
Deadlands is so fucking good. Deadlands in Savage Worlds was my first tabletop experience in an actual campaign.
bigben028cards1 3 months ago
I miss the original video
IcedFate 3 months ago
i'm just wondering why anyone would take Grimm Servant of Death. Was there some bonus upside perk he got from it? because otherwise, why would you go at character creation and see an ability that says you hit your allies 16.66% of the time and say, "yeah, i totally need that"? and then specialize in weapons of mass destruction? It's as if he saw that synergy there and took that combo specifically because he wanted that to happen. and really, i dunno why everyone was so shocked when it did happen. . .
IAM SINISTAR 3 months ago
0:36 Oh yeah cause opening the gates of hell will totally help your people's survival
Vahlok142 3 months ago
Ah, Deadlands. Home of my absolute favorite caster ever; The Huckster.
TigerRod 3 months ago
Schrödinger's idiots: Until you look into the cave, they are both dead and alive.
MonkeyJedi99 3 months ago
Thanks for the laughs!
NobodySoldier 3 months ago
Why do I hear "You people are democrats" when he says "You people are hypocrites" xD
NobodySoldier 3 months ago
@MonkeyJedi99 Why would I project? I don't live in America, we don't have Democrats vs Republican in my country ^^
MonkeyJedi99 3 months ago
Projecting, probably.
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell 3 months ago
Not to be confused with death lands, a completely unrelated post apocalyptic novel series written under the pen name James axler
Cloaker Boi
Cloaker Boi 3 months ago
“If he rolls a 1 he hits a ally “ Okay that’s not that bad “On a six sided dice “ Oh that sucks
Weeaboo Baguette
Weeaboo Baguette 3 months ago
Step 1) Wear at all time an explosive vest Step 2) Make the trigger of the vest a dead man's switch. Literally, as in he dies, the vest explode Step 3) Immortal Jenkins since a new reality where he didn't die is created !
Sparrow 3 months ago
good ol' reality ripper jenkins.
Haloreaper 101
Haloreaper 101 3 months ago
I just realized he private/removed the old video, now im sad
ChBrahm 3 months ago
But what´s up with brother Dalton? Was he like the priest from Lior in FMA?
Edwin Stridh
Edwin Stridh 3 months ago
"When thee goes"
Dexter 4 months ago
This is one of the first videos I saw and made me follow you but today was the day I liked it. I am sorry and ashamed lol
Chicken Fate
Chicken Fate 4 months ago
9:50 Is ThAt A jOjO ReFeReNcE?!
Zaney Carter
Zaney Carter 4 months ago
I live in Utah and I can confirm that there are in fact an absurd amount of preachers on every corner trying to convert you.
Tiger Shanty
Tiger Shanty 4 months ago
Those are snub nosed revolvers they aren’t exactly black powder but the black powder revolvers are hard to draw
Sigmar Heldenhammer
Sigmar Heldenhammer 4 months ago
0:47. Soooo... what that one tribe did in Beyond two souls?
BubonicCraig 4 months ago
I have a lot of family in utah, and I just want to say that this is very accurate.
Tn'T Tv
Tn'T Tv 4 months ago
King was great
Joshua founder
Joshua founder 5 months ago
Actually the moon can turn red it's called a blood moon although they're rare like solar eclipse
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen 5 months ago
Utah is not really like that
Arickyboi52 -
Arickyboi52 - 5 months ago
AbysmalAce139 5 months ago
Tumbleeds, you know tumbleweeds already have like million thorns.
Schwarzer Ritter
Schwarzer Ritter 6 months ago
So... has anyone here ever tried to introduce himself as "... grim servant of death"?
Kytheres37 6 months ago
W-wendeegos?? Wendigos? That doesn’t matter anymore you mentioned Utah (*waves*)
Ronnie Hopper
Ronnie Hopper 6 months ago
What's his first name Leroy
Richardo Milos
Richardo Milos 6 months ago
This is definetly my favorite story out of all of them.
Kano52 6 months ago
Ok I’m sorry who finds it fun to play with a prospector Jenkins?
Jerico Jabsworth
Jerico Jabsworth 6 months ago
4:53 I didn't know Ben called asian people that. disappointed.
Pea Shooter
Pea Shooter 6 months ago
I created a new item based of this. This would be an item to use an act of desperation or a last resort Coin of Fate "Test your luck" Roll a d4. If the result was even, you live and you get what you want (probably kill an enemy), if the result was odd, you die
Sozin Tallus
Sozin Tallus 7 months ago
No matter the height of the ceiling fireball must be cast.
Mr.Stargazer 7 months ago
Western One Piece
BLACKIESBOY 7 months ago
And this is why you NEVER be THAT GUY. You know the guy. The guy who straps explosives all over his body in bandoliers cuz he thinks it's cool. THEY'RE COOL UNTIL THEY EXPLODE AND KILL YOU AND THE WHOLE PARTY.
King Treedede
King Treedede 7 months ago
1:13 women: I see this as an absolute win
Douglas Babb
Douglas Babb 7 months ago
Did he get rid of the original video? I can't seem to find it.
Just Another Guy With A Moustache
Just Another Guy With A Moustache 7 months ago
This whole thing is basically Steel Ball Run
Corvus Morve
Corvus Morve 7 months ago
Besides the fact that their magic actually works, this is a sadly accurate vision of the christian religion. 🤣
Liam The Great
Liam The Great 2 months ago
Joestar81 7 months ago
There's always that one player who takes Grim Servant and carries Dynamite!
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez 7 months ago
Schrodinger's Prospector?!
Renegade Guy
Renegade Guy 7 months ago
Why is the original longer version not up anymore?
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 7 months ago
Ok I’m getting some steel ball run vibes from this vid
alec christiaen
alec christiaen 7 months ago
so, you used deadlands reloaded, right? (i'm looking into deadlands and i'm looking for the best edition to play)
Eclipsed Moon
Eclipsed Moon 7 months ago
You need to bring Prospector Jenkins and his reality rending dynamite into dnd 5e somehow
some substitute
some substitute 8 months ago
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this system. Learning how to Marshall the game now, and was hoping you would enjoy hearing I plan to use a "Grim Specter O' Death" prospector as an a-hole battle npc.
Kelly Seastar
Kelly Seastar 8 months ago
Rolling a 1 in any table top game is bad, right? 1 means "automatic failure"?
mjb 20077
mjb 20077 8 months ago
You Should Make A Podcast On Like Spotify Or Something Of Your Games, Teh Sound Reallt Cuol! :D
B G 8 months ago
I live in utah
Liam The Great
Liam The Great 2 months ago
radical dude
Tom Oddish Oddish
Tom Oddish Oddish 8 months ago
Wheres easy pete?
Anonymous Garbage
Anonymous Garbage 8 months ago
After playing in a deadlands campaign myself I can confirm that even without grim servant of death, any nearby characters or party members having explosives is practically an omen of bad luck. I mean in the very first session I did for deadlands, one of my party members thought it was a good idea to use dynamite on a train, near the fuel cart. Which derailed not only the train but the entire campaign up to that point, because we crashed it in the middle of nowhere, with no way to resume the originally planned story, and having the closest town being in the center of a massive deadlands. Which if we went to would basically be like walking into our graves as new players.
Matthew Phipps
Matthew Phipps 8 months ago
im hoping this game is good because i just bought it halfway through the video
Matthew Litteral
Matthew Litteral 8 months ago
DMed it with my group. Took a bit to grasp the system as 5e was my first and only other rpg, but we had a blast.
warhawk9566 8 months ago
honestly if deadlands became an RPG video game I would not be opposed to that. Also Obsidian should make it
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 8 months ago
Utah represent!
Krunky Munky
Krunky Munky 8 months ago
Chekhov's dynamite bandolier
sticky frames
sticky frames 9 months ago
if tnt did that I wonder what would a nuke do ...
PaladinMthe13th 9 months ago
But why would someone take that trait? Was there a trade off?
zombiehunter501 9 months ago
Prospector Jenkins & Co in "Live, Dynamite, Repeat"
ZT Dragon
ZT Dragon 9 months ago
Can we just respect how well ben must either know the bible or have researched it to know the verses
edfreak9001 9 months ago
In all fairness there probably wasn't a better move than "huck the dynamite away from my face so i'm not guarenteed to die"
Arkim Mick
Arkim Mick 9 months ago
Maybe Prospecter Jenkins should have a knife instead of dynomite
sunzi42 9 months ago
Schrödingers RPG-charachters. Both alive and dead through their normal actions.
Kenneth ‘Graydon’ Russell
Kenneth ‘Graydon’ Russell 9 months ago
As someone born and raised in Utah, that is the funniest description of it (starting 3:09). And best of all it’s not too far off, especially from the perspective of non-mormons.
Curtis Chandler
Curtis Chandler 9 months ago
Well, I guess I should've expected the moment I heard the word "Utah" that this was going to get absolutely nothing right about the state.
Lord FarQuadshot
Lord FarQuadshot 4 days ago
@Curtis Chandler bruh I was just kidding bro, jeez it's a fantasy world he litteraly says that it's not realistic and it's his desperate world from reality sooo
Curtis Chandler
Curtis Chandler 7 days ago
@Lord FarQuadshot No, I'm a Utahn and Latter-day Saint who's exhausted that our church and culture is relentlessly mocked by everyone in the western world the moment we're brought up.
Lord FarQuadshot
Lord FarQuadshot 7 days ago
Ur just a hater bro
Liam The Great
Liam The Great 2 months ago
it's fantasy
Flame 1
Flame 1 9 months ago
2:05 So the first guy is basically Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh
Robyn Higgs
Robyn Higgs 9 months ago
I love me some Deadlands
rowwlok syndrome
rowwlok syndrome 9 months ago
Why was the original deleted?
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 9 months ago
I can't stop watching these damned Puffin Forrest videos!!! I'm offended that there aren't more of them...
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