Fishing For Sharks In A Boat That's Too Small

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Bear: pCB8ezYdD5cE/
Cat: pCBs0bDIDOTT/
Pelican: Risekube Jun cururinoir
Bear: Elijah S via
Dog Sunglasses: Glenn G via
Cat Paw: Benjamin A via
Slowly by Smith The Mister
Smith The Mister
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Middle Class (Instrumental) by RYYZN
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Felipe Month ago
Omg I feel so bad for the guy who got trolled by hey_z_ree
bernardakoito 6 days ago
Would be much more hilarious if Siri replied "you got trolled"
B E L L E 22 days ago
Your pfp is hwot
Mia Luther
Mia Luther 23 days ago
get nood.
Tashin ahmed
Tashin ahmed Month ago
@Doge same
Desktop Goose
Desktop Goose Month ago
Eleazar Hour ago
0:46 He went from dog to dawg
pach76 8 hours ago
Diremass 9 hours ago
0:32 When I saw this, I immediately thought of Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku
Erik Mr. Nobody
Erik Mr. Nobody 2 days ago
Got caught with pants down on 2 cent game did he
Erik Mr. Nobody
Erik Mr. Nobody 2 days ago
I dont normally but for her I will go down for less than 2 cents lmao
Erik Mr. Nobody
Erik Mr. Nobody 2 days ago
I could go down for 2 cent prostitution shhhh
Erik Mr. Nobody
Erik Mr. Nobody 2 days ago
The kid was happy that shark fought back finally
Beefy Stew
Beefy Stew 2 days ago
The bear was just chillin and was Vibin
Suckeychicken 2 days ago
notice on the bear clip, he wasn't scared until he saw the cubs, most bears don't have an "invade" instinct, explore is big but they don't often get aggressive while doing so, however cubs change the game, bears are super defensive and quintuple times that when cubs are involved.
Level 72 THOT Slash SIMP Slash TRAP Destroyer
Level 72 THOT Slash SIMP Slash TRAP Destroyer 2 days ago
There definitely gonna need a bigger boat
ajay- faze
ajay- faze 2 days ago
I hate yore video
D P 2 days ago
It amases me how well people record stuff like this 0:35 but cant record a simple streetfight...
Piakchu Butter
Piakchu Butter 2 days ago
We're gonna need a bigger boat
Young dizz stomach
Young dizz stomach 3 days ago
When she said she's home alone 0:32
Mr Messy
Mr Messy 3 days ago
"This guy was on the cover of a magazine and nobody seemed to care" A) Why would anyone care? B) It's London, you'd be lucky to get anyone to even look at you.
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome 3 days ago
Anybody want to say how they lost the finger on the app game I lost cause I was watching bee movie
Wilson Gang
Wilson Gang 4 days ago
These videos show you just how beautiful the world is.
a b
a b 4 days ago
1:50 aww poor guy
Derp 5 days ago
*Green Hills theme intensifies* 0:32
Caleb Humphrey
Caleb Humphrey 5 days ago
0:37 I saw A meme of this...
Rachel Tidd
Rachel Tidd 5 days ago
Hey_Z_Ree: Gott em!
anonimo 6 days ago
The invention that takes your socks off it's not useless
Murphy Cooper
Murphy Cooper 6 days ago
We’re gonna need a bigger boat
Xx 3my xX
Xx 3my xX 6 days ago
I feel bad for the person who got trolled by hey_z_ree and the guy who was on the front of the magazine
Crush: "I'm downstairs waiting " 0:32
Ltrain 8585
Ltrain 8585 6 days ago
They were so calm with a shark ramming their canoe
David SNow
David SNow 6 days ago
why you don't skip leg day fool
PenguinYt33 6 days ago
*”Were going to need a bigger boat captain* “jaws”
BowlOfLettuce 6 days ago
3:08 breaking the law😳
SyberInkInc 6 days ago
I need those crock gloves NOW
Patrick Mailey
Patrick Mailey 6 days ago
That pelican was on heroine
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 6 days ago
I'm fairly certain they did not mean to catch a shark and were not "fishing for sharks"
FlamedSin 6 days ago
3:08 west stylus~
Sebastian Salas
Sebastian Salas 6 days ago
2:15 that's quite normal in Canada
Conquesticle 6 days ago
That kid actually pulled out his phone to film a mother black bear with her cub, I'm not even mad, just really surprised he didn't get mauled
AMereMareep 03
AMereMareep 03 Day ago
Apparently black bears are more fearful and timid than most bears. The bear was more likely to run away than attack to my knowledge.
edwin thomas
edwin thomas 6 days ago
Can someone put link of videos like in 1:20
Semi Decent
Semi Decent 6 days ago
okay but the sock remover could actually be useful if the person has trouble using their hands/arms. Like the elderly, someone with a physical disability, or even someone who broke their arm
the twin gamer
the twin gamer 6 days ago
It's not a tool to help you take your socks off its a tool to help become lazy
the twin gamer
the twin gamer 6 days ago
1:08 that troll was super funny lmao
Akeem 7 days ago
0:35 after a while it just looks like a png image😭
Leffer suck it
Leffer suck it 7 days ago
2:30 that situation went from threat level 5 to 100 when he Saw the babies
Brooke Starr
Brooke Starr 7 days ago
They’re really need a bigger boat.
Jabreil Brewer
Jabreil Brewer 7 days ago
They're huh
Sniper's Shot Gaming
Sniper's Shot Gaming 7 days ago
The guy’s sock invention would probably be really helpful for some people with disabilities or who are recovering from surgery
Hey_ Z_Ree
Hey_ Z_Ree 8 days ago
It wasn’t my fault.
Egg 8 days ago
Where is 0:40 at?
The Mamushka
The Mamushka 8 days ago
The shark started reeling them in
daniel cheif
daniel cheif 8 days ago
6- Sparrow Hawk
6- Sparrow Hawk 8 days ago
Subscribe to clutch YT
6- Sparrow Hawk
6- Sparrow Hawk 8 days ago
Subscribe to clutch YT
Jcq1234MC 8 days ago
I love the part where hes reading a book and he just came across a BEAR and hes like “wassup”
shraddha ghag
shraddha ghag 8 days ago
i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad for the guy who got completely ignored by every one :(
IFergot 9 days ago
Ahahaha, that's why its ZED not ZEE YALL!
Angelo Gonzalez
Angelo Gonzalez 9 days ago
Who created that dumbass game lol it could be rigged so easily by a damn bot
Ernestas LIGMA
Ernestas LIGMA 9 days ago
I wanted that shark to taste some meat but ohh well
Jango Fett
Jango Fett 9 days ago
0:33 sonic spin dashing down a hill be like
Special agent36ツ
Special agent36ツ 9 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Best Trends .
XRB_0222 10 days ago
Sharks are not the killers they are the victims.
soaked jin
soaked jin 10 days ago
3:00 *when someone tries to record a fight but their phones on 1%* *wHiPs oUt 100 fOoT lOnG cHaRgiNg cAbLe*
Kindness is Beauty
Kindness is Beauty 10 days ago
I loved the sock removing machine.
Carlos Bento
Carlos Bento 10 days ago
I see. These from u already
busybillyb33 10 days ago
Am I the only one to feel a bit sorry for the magazine guy?
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