Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge

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FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan

8 days ago

Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge with @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @Cizzorz @FaZe Nikan and @TeaWap
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The boss Lazy
The boss Lazy 6 hours ago
Faze kay respect and all that stuff but you should be banned to
ERZ xxshadowz
ERZ xxshadowz 6 hours ago
Jack and jarvis just got bullied in this vid
Jackie Ripple
Jackie Ripple 6 hours ago
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Matthew Cruz
Matthew Cruz 6 hours ago
Hey bro what are tryouts what are tryouts because I’m gonna hit up faze sway
Umair Patel
Umair Patel 7 hours ago
If u make cizzors madd he will create a hell of a hard deathrun
MarkDadHi 8 hours ago
If the like button is grey: You can’t smash Sommer Ray
verxcy v3rrxcy
verxcy v3rrxcy 8 hours ago
ots_AliG2010 8 hours ago
can i join the faze clan my epick name is Ali_ice
Jaswinder Marwaha
Jaswinder Marwaha 8 hours ago
Are we not gonna talk about how Jarvis is wearing an Elsa outift
Roblox Exploit King
Roblox Exploit King 8 hours ago
What you came for 7:20
Ra1z3 _
Ra1z3 _ 10 hours ago
Hello faze members i really like you guys maby just maby i could join faze i would post a video of me playing and maby you guys would see it
Elixir Jr
Elixir Jr 11 hours ago
Most people know Jarvis only got band for his account he still plays
ImHamzaYT 12 hours ago
traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash bro . sentence of the century
MonkeyJudeGaming123 13 hours ago
This is how many times cizzors did the dare |
iso frags
iso frags 13 hours ago
this what cizzors gets for cizzors deathruns
The Forza Guy
The Forza Guy 14 hours ago
We all know Jarvis still plays right?
H4PPY_BTW 16 hours ago
My boy got a wu tang shirt on:)
Team Infinite
Team Infinite 17 hours ago
Yo lets go i have been wating for a while
SoyNutsAndKale 18 hours ago
Kay is so funny
carmelo delia
carmelo delia 18 hours ago
Scissors that for torturing lazar beam in your difference
Death • 43 years ago
Death • 43 years ago 18 hours ago
Then they dont talk at all for the rest of the day 😭😭😭☠
Owen Smith Vlogs
Owen Smith Vlogs 19 hours ago
Why did u show a ps2 controller
Rikash Besai
Rikash Besai 20 hours ago
no one gonna take about how theres fortnite on the pc
Daniel Chacko Mathew
Daniel Chacko Mathew 20 hours ago
i wished i joined them but im only 9 years old and a big fan
Latimer Harris-Ward
Latimer Harris-Ward 20 hours ago
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jess 21 hour ago
stop bullying cizzorsz 2020
MrScared 22 hours ago
kay be down there playing fn not jarvis XD
KingCam RBLX
KingCam RBLX Day ago
clickbait ;-;
hellbrian4 Day ago
Cizzorz got ABUSED
FEW_tailes Day ago
The fact yous ruined faze rains life
The Raider
The Raider Day ago
I chosed only fortnite i said yes
Oscar Diaz
Oscar Diaz Day ago
Let’s take one second and appreciate what they do for our entertainment ok countinue
before eating g fuel: I am so happy after eating g fuel: R.I.P. Nikan
Tri-City Cabinets
Tri-City Cabinets Day ago
faze key is acting cool with they were thowing eggs ilke my comment pls and thank you
MrBadSport Day ago
Finally, a video that isn't scripted.
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Day ago
Can i try for faze please faze up
Freddie Frisby
Freddie Frisby Day ago
I feel sorry for cizzors
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Day ago
sub to me cause this sub means nothing
NotBlocks on YT
NotBlocks on YT Day ago
jarvis prob still plays fn and is just grinding until he gets unbanned. Thats exactly what that league of legends player did
Taha YT614
Taha YT614 Day ago
Why there Al saying bruv now lol
myth fatal79
myth fatal79 Day ago
why didn’t jarvis hit any eggs he has aimbot
Bowen Price
Bowen Price Day ago
Or cizzorz stop bullying us with the deathruns
ReADtHIsIfUrGAY Day ago
Bro I would’ve choose Frazier to ft his ex Charlotte 😂
Jackie Lightfoot
Jackie Lightfoot Day ago
Can I be in phase I’m really good at fortnight it’s like I’m like 0P I can’t crank 90s yet because someone hacked my account and like they took cranking 90s out don’t know how but the fortnight just won the best games and Jarvis I’m so sorry that your band because Jarvis I know epic I live with epic right now
RyZe -_-
RyZe -_- Day ago
Y’all enjoying you’re selves and I like it 😎
RXG_ Ronan
RXG_ Ronan Day ago
Hey guys sub to me and ill sub to u back!
MrScreamzAlot :D
MrScreamzAlot :D Day ago
he obviously plays on an alt off camera
Jacob Salinas
Jacob Salinas Day ago
I'm a simple man, i see Jarvis i dislike.
Anime Fights
Anime Fights Day ago
I would be very happy if people subbed to my channel🙏
Faz o L de maior organização
Nemo Thapa
Nemo Thapa Day ago
teawap must be sad after rain got booted💀
Alex O Sullivan
Alex O Sullivan Day ago
1k subs no vids
1k subs no vids Day ago
sub to me cause this sub means nothing
Pascal Dohkhunthot
Pascal Dohkhunthot Day ago
Can i try for faze please faze up
Fxtal Day ago
My dream switched from joining faze to wanting faze canceled, you wasted so many peoples life for money. You broke Nordon.
Armaan Singh Virk
Armaan Singh Virk Day ago
I wanna tryout for FaZe
Muncha&Co. Day ago
“🟦🟪🟩Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Faze before July”🔵🟣🟢” I’m subbing to everyone who subs to me📌
TotallyRobin Day ago
Remember when faze was about cod?
Underwised Day ago
Fuck faze
sarkaft tawfiq
sarkaft tawfiq Day ago
AI hit a nacie thrik soht in fortnite
Tayyeb Hussain
Tayyeb Hussain Day ago
Jonathan Uriostegui
Jonathan Uriostegui Day ago
Can I join
Gewoon Cobi
Gewoon Cobi Day ago
Kan i join faze pls
Quardz Day ago
Xx_grims _xX
Xx_grims _xX Day ago
Jarvis would be unknown army of Fortnite right now
Tomasz Jankowski
Tomasz Jankowski Day ago
That Hot Sauce Is From Vat19
Ralph Owusu
Ralph Owusu Day ago
part 2 plz
Дмитрий Евстропов
Дмитрий Евстропов Day ago
Интересно есть ли тут русские кроме меня?
LurXz Scott
LurXz Scott Day ago
What’s happening with rain I feel bad
IDV_ HENRY Day ago
Perderam pra loud nós inscritos Brasil e a loud
DR pump
DR pump Day ago
Nordan the realest G out there
Sheriff BB
Sheriff BB Day ago
Caelan Cadamarteri
Caelan Cadamarteri Day ago
Guys you have to listen to Nordan he’s going crazy and overdosing on drugs and rapping about suicide
Anson Li
Anson Li Day ago
bitch,i don't know you hack before!I hat you🖕
Hriskata 11
Hriskata 11 Day ago
Nice bros🔥🔥🔥
Justin Kime
Justin Kime Day ago
cancer of humanity every single person in this video
sabastoon Day ago
Hadi Mohammadi
Hadi Mohammadi Day ago
Jayskii Day ago
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Jayskii Day ago
If your reading this I hope you become successful someday❤️☺️ I’m a Small USshowr trying to come up, I do (Vlogs,Giveaways etc.💰) May You Subscribe?🥰
Jackson Green
Jackson Green Day ago
cag 32
cag 32 Day ago
bro wtf did u guys did to nordan i feel so bad he is trying to kill himsalf and u guys are living ur best live wow
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