How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

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Year ago

Prime Day, Amazon's biggest shopping event, is here, and now one-day shipping is the norm for tens of millions of items available during Amazon's Prime Day event, which runs from July 15 to July 16. To succeed at this rapid delivery, Amazon spends tens of billions of dollars every year and employs 250,000 workers in its U.S. warehouses. The process is an incredible challenge, and Amazon has faced criticism about working conditions at every step of the process. Watch the video to see what happens when you buy a Prime-eligible item on
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How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

xiaotao zheng
xiaotao zheng 59 minutes ago
I'm to promote our international service from China to US. Our company Shanghai xiongda international logistics co.,ltd, which is located in Shanghai China,has been 15years since establishment.air delivery to door, sea delivery to door, and double clear to door service. Shipped to Long Beach Port in 12 days by sea, pre-cleared customs and delivered to customers. Welcome your inquiry.
Adham Abousalem
Adham Abousalem 3 hours ago
One day kids will think that the Amazon rain forest was named after the company.
J L 3 hours ago
Zombie workers Amazon
Pranav kumar
Pranav kumar 11 hours ago
ebay wait 1 months plz and don't forgot the 4$ shipping cost .
VitalExistence Day ago
ha, funny cause now its 4 day shipping, at the same price for us!
SuperBadass Day ago
If someone lets their German Shepard attack you, call the police and press assault charges.
Marshall The fire pup
Marshall The fire pup Day ago
Me: placing an order in Amazon 1 minute later: wtf how did my Amazon package teleported inside my living room.
Shubhabroto Ray
Shubhabroto Ray Day ago
Worst service .
David Marks
David Marks Day ago
Why are people always trying to bad mouth Amazon. This company is Amazing, it's genius. I know it's not perfect, but what is? At lease Amazon gives the customer what they want and then excels that with customer satisfaction. Personally, I love Amazon.
King Jus
King Jus 2 days ago
Never once received something from amazon in one day, 3-4 to leave the warehouse, then 2 days to get here. Followed up with the copy and paste apology and refunded shipping.
XxItz MidnightxX
XxItz MidnightxX 2 days ago
I haven’t bought a costume and I need fasted delivery
TheGuyWhoGotHurt 2 days ago
How it works is you order a Prime product that say one or two day shipping and it takes 8 days. Amazon has failed and must admit they are really only a storage business and quit lying to people about their slow shipping.
Gavino Garcia
Gavino Garcia 2 days ago
Thank you 😊👌 for sharing these great youtube videos , 💯👌💯..... Regarding Amazon prime 👍
John 2 days ago
maybe cut the background music..
Ayush2727 2 days ago
in india they take a week sometimes
Kris Babas
Kris Babas 3 days ago
Amazon can't even ship in two weeks anymore but they don't mind charging you for your prime membership thats for sure
Shashank Degloorkar
Shashank Degloorkar 3 days ago
5:34 So Fernando is the guy and his computer who uses oversized boxes for small items.
Richard Russell
Richard Russell 3 days ago
Now when humans don’t have jobs no more...
Rayzo 4 days ago
yes i would love to spend 20 minutes watching this
Cesar Bautista
Cesar Bautista 5 days ago
I work for Amazon delivery just wished we make around 18-20$ a hr would be fair!
Language Lab
Language Lab 5 days ago
What people say before a pandemic.
paul kealoha
paul kealoha 5 days ago
Ungrateful employees always desiring more from a company. Why don’t you create your own value rather than demand more from the source of your wealth? Btw amazon is a company controlled by the CIA
shawn s4194
shawn s4194 5 days ago
i don't have a problem with any company that fires employees for not doing the minimum of what their job require. Far to many times i have seen full time employees not doing their part of work and in alot of time not doing anything at all. Every Job.
Internet König
Internet König 5 days ago
There are adds in the add, wtf...
Dovha 6 days ago
Amazon is amazing!! They just came to Turkey and it is fast as hell! I bought and ipad from amazon and in 23 hours it was in my hands
Talyha Hernandez
Talyha Hernandez 6 days ago
Yall wanna know what it’s like working there?????? I have a stomach disease and got a write up by my supervisor cause she tracked me taking 3 min and 6 seconds in the bathroom. And when their break room food gave me a terrible stomach ache and the warehouse was 90 degrees, I puked all over the station and almost passed out and they offered me pepto bismol and to get back to work!!! Terrible working conditions. Y’all a trillion dollar company but don’t have air regulation in a warehouse with thousands of people. Bye ✌🏽
Dahlius 6 days ago
wtf is that beeping in the first 50s of the video? did your editor have a stroke?
Rainee Toneme
Rainee Toneme 7 days ago
The problem is people want and demand instant gratification. Unless your life literally depends on next day shipping, you could wait a few days to get your order, especially if it means no one gets hurt.
Sub To Me for no reason challenge
Sub To Me for no reason challenge 7 days ago
I needed the acer nitro 5 the shipping took. 11 months and when it came my dad was clueless of what I ordered
Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan 8 days ago
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Aadilah Abrahams
Aadilah Abrahams 8 days ago
But don't you think that we the consumers are part of the problem...we want things now so the workers have to push beyond their limits because if not we will complain against their company and boycott and eventually cost them their jobs. I'm not taking away from the employers responsibility to look after their employees, I'm saying we consumers need to change to do our bit in looking after the employees.
Elliana L
Elliana L 9 days ago
I don’t like amazon its logistic, they’re all unprofessional drivers!
iris choe
iris choe 10 days ago
god bless amazon
BDG Games
BDG Games 10 days ago
9:09 my man is a Trump supporter 😎
JAMS's Nana
JAMS's Nana 10 days ago
Please. I ordered something early last week that was supposed to be here in one day. It got here yesterday. That's the case more often than not.
wyggins wyldstyle
wyggins wyldstyle 11 days ago
Dude with the clear glasses looks like a tool
Prabhash Chandra
Prabhash Chandra 11 days ago
Real life Vought Industries.
tia 12 days ago
having worked in an amazon warehouse, all of that stuff done by a robot i did by hand soooo
Kebong Tumaliuan
Kebong Tumaliuan 12 days ago
5:29 you know a karen when you see one
Xotic 12 days ago
I'm just here cause I ordered a bike and it is apparently going to take from 1 to 2 months to bring to my house. I ordered it on the 5th of october and it says it will come between November 10th or December 2nd
Syed Ahmed Hashmi
Syed Ahmed Hashmi 12 days ago
If I create a teleportation machine, imma make sure Amazon goes out of business shipping days could compete with hours/
Brendan Lowe
Brendan Lowe 13 days ago
Amazon is soon gonna have 30-minute delivery. They were testing drones near where I live last year
Chucky Gold
Chucky Gold 13 days ago
I can't wait for instant delivery!
StevieDoesStuff 13 days ago
Watching after I bought an oculus quest 2. I shouldn’t complain though, since the last version I got I had to wait TEN DAYS.
Abril Briliant
Abril Briliant 13 days ago
they are using portal thru nether using 10 obsidian can jump 7M to be 1M
Adam Kawka
Adam Kawka 13 days ago
they wanna complain knock them back down to 7.25 minimum wage then they can work at half the pace..
Catherine To
Catherine To 14 days ago
One huge threat to Amazon is sanction by USA to china. It will bankrupt amazon in one day.
Catherine To
Catherine To 14 days ago
True. The biz model is excellent
ChaotikFPV 15 days ago
It's getting so good that when I get free shipping for 3-5 days, that package turns up in 2 days, sometimes catching me off guard and missing my delivery. Soon, ill be getting 1-day delivery without prime because they are so efficient at almost every step.
E Laurole
E Laurole 15 days ago
Worst job ever especially being in the warehouse
MythicalShots 15 days ago
I ordered a product from amazon 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt been shipped lol
Kharismatiq. Id
Kharismatiq. Id 16 days ago
"4:34" oh my gosh thank you I've been really thinking about my life he’s the only one getting me free money *pyptolmon. xyz* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Sa k
Sa k 17 days ago
I still have 2 day prime where I live and it actually became 4 day prime due to covid
Noseefood 17 days ago
Amazon is evil and Bezos is the devil 😈
Jan Geter-Roberson
Jan Geter-Roberson 17 days ago
All that money goes to every place BUT the employees. Amazon works their employees to death. But everybody loves it so much. The reason it is so convenient is because the poor souls who work there are practically slaves. They get worked to near death. The video showed about 2 or 3 people. In reality, they have like 3,000 people working in a warehouse as big at 3 football fields slaving away until they either get fired or quit from exhaustion. Ask anyone who has ever worked there what it is like. They have 85% turn over, no chance for advancement, its really bad. Stop shopping at Amazon.
MerrieMelodies Fan
MerrieMelodies Fan 14 days ago
That's pretty much all warehouse jobs. Some people can handle the workload, others can't.
Cooper Autry
Cooper Autry 18 days ago
Ok USshow stop with the double non skippable ads
matt bardot
matt bardot 18 days ago
I'd love for that Amazon spokesperson to work in their warehouse for a month!!!!
Simon Patience
Simon Patience 18 days ago
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TheForsakenWanderer 18 days ago
Not only are the delivery times inconsistent the quality of shipping is horrid so many things are packed crappily. They should just delay the shipping time i would much rather things arrive when they are supposed to and not be damaged.
ysf_ar 17 days ago
Uhmm you are the only person I've ever heard say that in my life..
Alpzepta Anime
Alpzepta Anime 19 days ago
I remember in the 90s when I used to sent the order by mail, take a weeks to deliver to their office, and then they sent me the package to my house varied between another week or two. pain in the neck! at least that how I got my 1989 Northgate Omnikey lol
Just another Jarhead
Just another Jarhead 19 days ago
Amazon is cutting off their nose, to spite their face on this Pushing workers to higher and higher productivity standards. They should settle down...and just accept a slightly lower net profit margin. Plus $15 and hour is a joke in 50% of the states in the union. McDonalds pays $16 an hour by my house.
Tsu 800
Tsu 800 19 days ago
Good job they don't pay any tax then!
wowo101 gaming
wowo101 gaming 19 days ago
I worked at amazon as a picker and walked over 14 miles a day
The TASSIE INDIAN 19 days ago
Tsu 800
Tsu 800 20 days ago
How many of the products people order from Amazon are made in sweatshops in Bangladesh or Indonesia anyway and how many people care? I don't care about how anything is made or how it is delivered as long as I get it and the fact that I can get an item bought off Amazon delivered from Japan to UK in 3 to 4 days, even during the corona pandemic, makes me care even less. Actually the irony is that Amazon is the weakest link in my ordering because it takes 2 days from ordering and being processed in Japan to being picked up by DHL who can deliver to my UK address within 24 hours if it goes through Tokyo Narita airport.
Vedant 20 days ago
Not to mention Amazon is a corporate giant which uses almost 13% of the internet. Amazon has clients like the CIA itself for its vast internet network and servers around the globe! Imagine a government spy agency using private internet service, they've got to the biggest and baddest
Andy Hay.
Andy Hay. 21 day ago
Amazing how humans create things that destroys life.
Robert Sopin2772
Robert Sopin2772 21 day ago
All I wanted to know was how one day delivery happened not how Amazon is the worst company ever
Desert Cobra Battalion
Desert Cobra Battalion 21 day ago
Lol so far i have never gotten my stuff in 2 days when i pay for 2 day shipping in always 4-5 days if i even get it
Tsu 800
Tsu 800 19 days ago
Ah but you are paying for two days shipping because it takes two days for the item to be processed then picked up for shipping!
Jefferson Elliott
Jefferson Elliott 22 days ago
thegowerboy 22 days ago
Amazon has introduced us to the death of High Street shopping and at the same time allowed us better selection of product and quicker access without effort.
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez 22 days ago
Are we not going to point out this video stops at 2020 are year
CarCat 23 days ago
Also for others confused about the 300 trucks number because you see them way more often than that, you're right. Amazon has a program, much like with their delivery vans, where independent truck drivers or small companies can pull Amazon trailers for good rates. There are many thousands of Amazon trailers being pulled by independent contractors, but only 300 are pulled by their own trucks.
Dubie Akim
Dubie Akim 24 days ago
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Ray Bonecrusher
Ray Bonecrusher 25 days ago
They may be quick but beware of getting wrong order. They delivered the wrong thing to me and now i can't get refund. They scammed me.
OkBoomer W
OkBoomer W 25 days ago
Capitalism encourages, nay, creates monopolies. Monopolies are not good. Socialism/communism is not good, and would be a monopoly also. We seem, little by little, to be understanding these oligarchic monopolies are having way too much power, pushing, guess what? - Socialism/communism. Stop monopolies! We have laws against it, but now not enforced. Gee, I wonder why. Local, mom and pop, family industries/stores are and always have been the answer. Our materialist culture is out of control.
19SOC1023 Arangba Tzudir
19SOC1023 Arangba Tzudir 26 days ago
The guy with specs is so fine.
white skull
white skull 27 days ago
best thing is to not work for them and then they don't make money, is easy, if you chose to work for them than don't complain
DeWd 29 days ago
Damn he dodged that question really hard when he was asked if he thought the pace of work was reasonable lmao
Xiaotong Li
Xiaotong Li 29 days ago
LMAO! In China you get your order in 15min NOT one day!
Dieggz Month ago
In 2050 it’s probably gonna be 5 minute delivery
Dieggz Month ago
I saw my package it was that one on the right in the warehouse
Abhishek Roy
Abhishek Roy Month ago
You r lucky Amazon is still giving you job opportunity . Do your work or robots r ready for eating your job .
John Rigola
John Rigola Month ago
Amazon is like any other business. It exists because people need a job.
sun rise
sun rise Month ago
excited box
excited box Month ago
Amazon claims they pay $15 an hour but they outsource employment where they can and there you get paid less. In Germany they take advantage of a really bad system of temporary employment contracts that let you get fired with 0 cause and those employees are not ALLOWED to even talk to real amazon employees to try and keep them from finding out how bad the differences in contracts are. In addition those employees have to pay a percentage of their paycheck to the HR company that Amazon contracts with. So for each hour you work you may get $9 but pay $2 to the HR company. The situation is so bad that they couldn't find enough employees when they tried to open up a warehouse in my city.
Abhishek Roy
Abhishek Roy Month ago
Just think almost every ecom campany testing robots just think how many jobs it will eat if that get successful . And with increasing tantrums of workers companies r getting more attracted toward robots
Abhishek Roy
Abhishek Roy Month ago
Bro tell him he is lucky still they r giving them job . Just tell them to do their work or robots r almost ready to eat their job then he will also miss that 15 dollar earning . Of this will continue and if workers will continue to show tantrums then obviously every company will get attracted toward robots
Stafon Von Camron
Stafon Von Camron Month ago
Now they have same day shipping or pickup at a local warehouse.
Donkeyearsa Month ago
Amazon safety now that is a joke! I have friends who had worked for amazon and safety is the last thing on their mind that is until something happens. The only thing on amazon mangers minds is faster faster faster. If I know anyone who is interested in getting a job at amazon all I would say to them is "Yeah good luck with that! You will regret it." As for making $25 an hour as a driver.. This scam has been around long before the 80s when I learned about it. If you drive legally and safely you might make $15 an hour that is before you take out all of your costs. After costs you would be lucky to make $5 an hour. Yeah there is the cost of gas but what people don't think about is they are driving their car into the ground. I delivered pizza for 13 years and I owned and drove two used cars and three new cars in that 13 years. Only two of the new cars where not driven into the ground as I sold a gas guzzling pickup truck as it was just costing me to much in gas and my last new car I quite delivering pizza before I drove that one into the ground.
Rishit Gupta
Rishit Gupta Month ago
People that order at 11:59 Amazon:...
Evan Fields
Evan Fields Month ago
me currently waiting for a package at 11am i have no idea when its gonna get here and im sitting outside by the road and will all day and night for the next 56 days if i have to
Luis L
Luis L Month ago
Alexa, give me a pee break.
Luis L
Luis L Month ago
Recently my wife ordered a box of a dozen pens. She got 1 pen in the Amazon box. Lol, wtf!? Luckily they refunded.
Henaudor Titzhoff
Henaudor Titzhoff Month ago
If the employees do not like working there, QUIT!!!
Unofficial Daddy Pig
Unofficial Daddy Pig Month ago
its not that simple pal, they need a good job to replace that so they can live. Jobs like amazon don't need a masters degree (may be wrong) yet they pay WAY better than Mc Donald's which doesn't need a degree in cooking.
42luke roblox
42luke roblox Month ago
9:18 Look closely He got out of that truck with the gear shifter in drive! ⚙️ 👀
Kay Sandoval
Kay Sandoval Month ago
"With great power, comes great responsibility."
rati avaliani
rati avaliani Month ago
Amazon better spent employing Americans rather than Indians that don't understand English .
Anonymous cheezy
Anonymous cheezy Month ago
I wish this becomed world wide. Outside US is very expensive. Cost more than the item
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D Month ago
People will find this video in 200 years and be like "wow, wtf, what were they thinking in 2020..why didnt they just blah blah blah...."
John Vargas
John Vargas Month ago
thinks that humans are robots that they can control
Emiliano Aguirre
Emiliano Aguirre Month ago
Rebrand the shock collar as a safety device, yes. That’ll make em fall in line
Adlin Qayum Electro
Adlin Qayum Electro Month ago
Wow. 👏