our last video together... goodbye

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Nate and Karissa

5 days ago

This is our break up story…. part 9
Even though we broke up, we’ve been working on a project together
and we’d love your support - www.secretstofame.com/
In our program, we teach you the tips & tricks that made us go viral and
create an amazing life together. These secrets built both of our careers,
and we’re truly honored to be able to teach them to you.
Since we aren’t a couple anymore, youtube needs it’s next big relationship
channel and entertaining creators to fill the void. Want that to be you?
Unlock your potential now:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You can always find us at:
Nate’s INSTAGRAM ➝ nategarner
Karissa’s INSTAGRAM ➝ iamkarissaduncan1
If you see this go dm Karissa some extra love!

Jana Scheffer
Jana Scheffer Hour ago
I never thought this would ever happen to you guys, you looked so happy. But I support you guys together or individually.
Marissa Ratley
Marissa Ratley Hour ago
You know this is gonna be really good for y’all. I’m glad that you guys take this in the way you do. Still friends but finding yourselves before you start a life together. I mean we’re all gonna miss you guys together but this is what y’all need to do for you. ❤️ you guys.
Efrain Orozco
Efrain Orozco 2 hours ago
Why did they break up
Nance Niesten
Nance Niesten 3 hours ago
i will support them both of course!! ily you guys xxx
Lily phillips
Lily phillips 3 hours ago
i just subcribed....
Abbie Okelly
Abbie Okelly 4 hours ago
I Support yous
inayah hussain
inayah hussain 5 hours ago
I actually cant stop crying. Whatevers good for you works for us
Jada Lippens
Jada Lippens 5 hours ago
Good luck to the both of you on your own journeys. 💖 You deserve so much love and happiness.
Avery. Vlog’s
Avery. Vlog’s 6 hours ago
Ok that hug just made me cry
amanda58901 6 hours ago
You guys are truly amazing people. I feel like it's just the social media that ruins every you tube couple. I can see the love I wish what was happening wasn't true. Seems like everyone now days just breaks up. Stay strong guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kathryn Canham
Kathryn Canham 6 hours ago
Although I do want you guys together again you need to do whatever makes you happy and we will always have your back xx
jomae dela cruz
jomae dela cruz 7 hours ago
Sarah Walkley
Sarah Walkley 7 hours ago
Imagine never watching one of their videos before and finding their breakup videos and balling your eyes out through every video, the way they look at each other kills me :(
Destiny Camacho
Destiny Camacho 9 hours ago
Awww love yalll😩😩😩😭😭😭💗💗💗
Darshan Sonawane
Darshan Sonawane 10 hours ago
For You abroad guy’s the name pf relationship is just get a girl or boy date and have sex and have fun for moment and when you are done you just leave like it was nothing before more like a use and throw tissue paper 🙂 come in relationships only when you know the real meaning of love and the difference between lust and love, have a nice day
_KhimCristy 11 hours ago
what the f^ck? i just subscribed a few days ago...
aklilu maria
aklilu maria 11 hours ago
Ive been in this type of relation before and it takes a lot to get through but eventually ull get through it but ull not forget the persone eben when u r in another happy relation z memory's are always stuck i hope u guys make it back together at z right time ive been ur fan since forever and still am wish u both the best ill keep u in my prayers love u both😘😘😘😘
Cæcilie Jensen
Cæcilie Jensen 11 hours ago
Bonnie Z
Bonnie Z 13 hours ago
“Becoming viral has just become too easy for me, like all my posts every single time I post they get over 500,000 views” could you be anymore cocky! Fix your priorities.
Kylie Brummer
Kylie Brummer 13 hours ago
Do what’s best for you 🙌🏼💓
Nana Love
Nana Love 14 hours ago
I’m crying I hope they both find their happiness but i really hope they still stay close
Piper M
Piper M 14 hours ago
He interrupted her every single time she talked 😭 and he talked way too much about his business and website for a break up video 😬
Keely Gaskin
Keely Gaskin 14 hours ago
Bruhh stopp😕😭😭
Rayne 17 hours ago
definition of ‘right person wrong time’:(
Gaby Lamdagan
Gaby Lamdagan 17 hours ago
they are so mature abt this... i am honestly impressed
Happi keyz
Happi keyz 19 hours ago
Hiiii Nate and Karissa❣ Will start by saying am happy for you guys, most pipo never realise what they have so they continue to please others Jus glad ue cleared the air🙏🏽 We stl support both of ue #True fans Thanks for being real as always 😭🥺👌🏽all the best, stay blessed and safe
Algin J0y.m
Algin J0y.m 20 hours ago
Algin J0y.m
Algin J0y.m 15 hours ago
@Rock girl they break up?
Rock girl
Rock girl 15 hours ago
What you both are great couple you must not break up
Khalia IsCool
Khalia IsCool 20 hours ago
Im wasnt even subscribed but..i grew up watching them
openyourmind2 20 hours ago
As a ghost viewer, I must type for the first time after watching your videos so many times. You guys made me smile in my most difficult times. Thank you, you do not let me down, you’re human beings, you’re allowed to go through everything you have to go through, you’re allowed to take your time, to take a break from posting, to not explain anything, or as little as you explain, and you’re allowed to change your content however you want to, it’s your life, it’s your channel. I support both of you, and I’m sorry you guys have been getting so much hate, I had no idea. I love what you’re planning for this channel, I love what you’re planning to do individually, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both (:
Rock girl
Rock girl 15 hours ago
Millie Barnes
Millie Barnes 20 hours ago
Wyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye they were my hole childhood
Ivy Mast
Ivy Mast 20 hours ago
The website took 100$ out of my account this is bs it’s not right it only said one now I can’t get food or anything 😭
Sofia Ayala
Sofia Ayala 20 hours ago
no no no no. omggg this cant be happening
fchhf echoc
fchhf echoc 21 hour ago
oh shit...
Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann 22 hours ago
I love ya both honestly I hope one day down the line you guys get back together you two mesh really well together but they say if you love someone let them go an if they come back its ment to be time will tell prayers to both of u ❤
IzabellaEmily 8
IzabellaEmily 8 23 hours ago
Why did y’all break up you guys were so cute together
Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss 23 hours ago
yo I haven't been watching ever since the marriage but like the frick happened
shelby dauphinee
shelby dauphinee Day ago
I love you!
Joi-Anne Russelll
Joi-Anne Russelll Day ago
One thing from this video that I’ll always remember; secretstofame.com hell yeah😂😂😂
シΔsʜ Day ago
Guess what, it's just a wrong timing they're gonna end up being together again, but not now just wait Mark my words
Melody Melodyballet19
Melody Melodyballet19 Day ago
WHY I want you to carry on!