have you seen my laptop?

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brian david gilbert

5 days ago

i procured a hurdy gurdy through mystical means, and i refuse to learn what a laptop is
this is where karen han is: karenyhan
this is where brian david gilbert is:
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Aviva Elena
Aviva Elena 2 minutes ago
Hurdy gurdy and banjo are two of my favorite instruments, and also BDG is obviously dedicated to making great enemies of the other tenants of his apartment building
Adderall 3 minutes ago
What genre of music would this be called? I need more lol.
Aaron Gribben
Aaron Gribben 19 minutes ago
šŸ”„This is gonna be the song of the summeršŸ”„
MrCocktaiI 50 minutes ago
The fact that they didn't rhyme 'part' with 'heart' keeps me up at night.
ZackFairSOLDIER1stCl 56 minutes ago
Peak bard energy.
Sian Valadian
Sian Valadian Hour ago
Love the implication that another character gets introduced during the missing verses that karen gets roped onto being
Mancrobat Hour ago
This has been stuck in my head for so long now and I hate that I want to hear all 12 verses
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella Hour ago
I just noticed he's comparing pigeons to seagulls on his book forged in chrome
Hunter Hour ago
I saw that Paddington doll!
Brad Greer
Brad Greer Hour ago
Everyone is talking about the hurdy gurdy and the song, and that's understandable, because they're lovely, but I have rewatched the first 30 seconds' "who's on first" routine about a dozen times already. "No, you don't have one, though."
Miriam Logan
Miriam Logan Hour ago
Stop f l e x i n g on me, I've wanted a hurdy gurdy for so long.
David Hollowell, Jr
David Hollowell, Jr 2 hours ago
Surprise gurdy track ftw
Nyx Jester
Nyx Jester 2 hours ago
I really want a hurdy gudry but I can't afford one.
Isabella Craig
Isabella Craig 2 hours ago
Karen's voice is so beautiful! I had no idea she could sing!!!
loderyod 3 hours ago
Fun fact: you watched this video more then one time and less then 148965 times
Charla the Human
Charla the Human 3 hours ago
he kinda looks like he has fangs and I'm starting to think his fae form is coming out
Em_G_H 4 hours ago
More. Karen. Content. (please)
Kjooru 4 hours ago
This has no right to be this good.
Captain Chrono
Captain Chrono 4 hours ago
Basically, Brian wanted a Hurdy Gurdy and made a video out of it to claim it as a business expense
T Nicholas
T Nicholas 5 hours ago
Ok, real talk: Are you actually playing this song on the hurdy gurdy?
Chris Ooi Cho Teck
Chris Ooi Cho Teck 5 hours ago
His voice is so addicting
CuzBro 5 hours ago
Don't forget, since you used it in a video, its legally considered tax-deductible
Joe A.
Joe A. 6 hours ago
On the plus side, a chromebook for a hurdy gurdy is a steal, those things are expensive.
Cole Driver
Cole Driver 6 hours ago
bdg is too powerful to exist, therefore i have deduced that he stole his powers from some dev. and god just overlooked the fact that hes not supposed to have admin.
Aiesha Wong
Aiesha Wong 7 hours ago
why did he sound like alt-j after breaking into the 11th verse
Spec 7 hours ago
Seriously though, that was good. I want more.
BoredomIsAnUnderstatement 7 hours ago
That wizard didn't just take the Chromebook from BDG, he took the very idea of what the fuck a laptop is from BDG's mind.
Noah Forsberg Clausen
Noah Forsberg Clausen 7 hours ago
i've watched this to many times
SevenW25 V
SevenW25 V 7 hours ago
Is... is this video a tax write off for BDG to save money on buying a hurdy gurdy?
Ryan Fecarotta
Ryan Fecarotta 8 hours ago
Lily de Jong
Lily de Jong 8 hours ago
I need more of your hurdy gurdy goodness!!!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 hours ago
Love how the last verse was "Leaving not but this HURDY behind, leaving not but this GURDY behind."
Alex Marx
Alex Marx 8 hours ago
I would kill a man to hear a full version and filmed with costumes and shit
Corbinite 9 hours ago
I'm just really impressed by karen's singing
Surya 9 hours ago
Aydin Gulle
Aydin Gulle 9 hours ago
All jokes aside, a good hurdy-gurdy seems to go for around a thousand dollars online. Brian, are you ok?
maxthekid100 9 hours ago
I love that he turns into Hamilton at the end
Adam Baumhoff
Adam Baumhoff 10 hours ago
I would pay money for all twelve verses
Ethan Cline
Ethan Cline 10 hours ago
Are we gonna get an uncut version of the song?
Choko 10 hours ago
sir gilbert, you are a masterful genius of the arts