Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer

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2 days ago

The Zero Point has been unearthed and Agent Jones needs the help from the greatest Hunters across all

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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landen music
landen music Hour ago
Who is the secret skin
Ghost Anime
Ghost Anime Hour ago
Pls next Saison Anime Saison
JoSe AlonSo /7
JoSe AlonSo /7 Hour ago
Season 5 chapter 2 una temporada más sin un server de Fortnite en Perú o alguno cercano
jie li
jie li Hour ago
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Lil penguin 69
Lil penguin 69 Hour ago
I hate anime now cause of you gaynite
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy Hour ago
This season should have been winter themed. Hard pass for me.
Uaeknights Gt
Uaeknights Gt Hour ago
can u finish ur greedy lawsuit no one cares we need to play :) thank you!
Rashid khonji Khonji 2004
Rashid khonji Khonji 2004 Hour ago
The trailer is nice but the game is daed
Feistychicken 2.o
Feistychicken 2.o Hour ago
At this point, us mobile players are giving up
LeoZKG Hour ago
baris Unlu
baris Unlu Hour ago
fortnite pls candy axe pickaxe pls
lol Hour ago
Fortnite please make a style for dark red knight with no horns. Like so they can see
Ashton Peacock
Ashton Peacock 2 hours ago
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Roberto Castro
Roberto Castro 2 hours ago
Now Epic wants me to download the game again
Ashton Peacock
Ashton Peacock 2 hours ago
Romans 6:23 (CSB) For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. John 14:6 (CSB) Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. Put your faith in Christ and you shall be saved from the wages of your sin.
Ali Htx
Ali Htx 2 hours ago
claim your “here before a million views” ticket here 👀
Mapdyne 2 hours ago
It’s been so long since I last played fortnite
Ivan Skočić
Ivan Skočić 2 hours ago
Please return pump in game
Dizzy 132
Dizzy 132 2 hours ago
Why is anime girl more animated than the rest of them
Safwat Ahmed
Safwat Ahmed 2 hours ago
Fresh be like Thiccest season ever
Andrian Cudlea
Andrian Cudlea 2 hours ago
If thou therefore confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved
Youssef Sultanem
Youssef Sultanem 2 hours ago
This season is sick
paulNygma 2 hours ago
U want to see Fortnite on PS5? Follow my channel! One day, one gameplay!
Ghaleb 2 hours ago
مين عربي هون؟
Albi PlayZ
Albi PlayZ 2 hours ago
I completed like 100 quests but i didn't get xp...pls fix it
TBL _ Toxic
TBL _ Toxic 2 hours ago
Such a try hard game play
ZSIGGY 2 hours ago
Boba fett would have been better
GEEKgamer 2 hours ago
This season is what season x should have been
Deniability D
Deniability D 2 hours ago
No matter what you do Epic Games, Minecraft will always be a better game.
Daniel Pulido
Daniel Pulido 2 hours ago
Man wtf is this game anymore went from a simplistic br to a HEY LOOK YOUR FAVORITE HEROES AND MOVIE STARS are in the shops every month.
Mohammed Raed
Mohammed Raed 2 hours ago
🙂💔 its dead from season X
Amazing Mum
Amazing Mum 2 hours ago
Riskyy 2 hours ago
And people thing EVERYTHING Is Star Wars themed
Team Skull
Team Skull 2 hours ago
Bring pumps back
مقاطع QQR
مقاطع QQR 2 hours ago
انشر❤️ حالات💛 قرآن 💚 بصوت 💙 جميل 💜
يزيد العنزي
يزيد العنزي 2 hours ago
wow 👍💝
AGN Watch
AGN Watch 2 hours ago
Song Name at the Beginning?
kiarash_taleshi 2 hours ago
Please visit my channel and listen to our music
Jello XD
Jello XD 2 hours ago
I think the live event for this season will be jonsey trying to seal the zero point then he fails and the map changes again
Kumar Divyansh
Kumar Divyansh 3 hours ago
Yo 👋
Ghassan Gaming
Ghassan Gaming 3 hours ago
مشتركين حق ابو فله قريب منك ماانيقااااااا✌✌✌
C4 Trillz
C4 Trillz 3 hours ago
A moment of silence for those who counldnt get in
ميدو-medo 3 hours ago
في عرب، ☕🌚
7kmh 3 hours ago
ZouR 3 hours ago
Archer Pracht
Archer Pracht 3 hours ago
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye jonsy my dude
mohamed _rgf
mohamed _rgf 3 hours ago
De la merde
Queen Club
Queen Club 3 hours ago
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Cletus Jonson
Cletus Jonson 2 hours ago
No thanks. I’m not 9
Sibling Fun
Sibling Fun 3 hours ago
Stop begging for likes
Sibling Fun
Sibling Fun 3 hours ago
louiegoui *
louiegoui * 3 hours ago
SMW Dich
SMW Dich 3 hours ago
0:52 I heard the Wilhelm Scream
LunaWolf Gameplays
LunaWolf Gameplays 3 hours ago
I only want the wings qwq I'm poor xd 0:35
Llama Legacy
Llama Legacy 3 hours ago
WE LOVE FORTNITE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julia 3 hours ago
"Cost a lot of credits to convince Mando" Oh god epic, how much did you pay Disney?
Ee Alsadii
Ee Alsadii 3 hours ago
Mr. Music Man
Mr. Music Man 3 hours ago
ادخلوا قناتي لسماع وتعلم عزف البيانو والكيبورد 🎹🎹 بطريقة سهلة وبطيئة ❤️❤️
ramya sathish
ramya sathish 3 hours ago
This seson in nice than splash down
Julia Red
Julia Red 3 hours ago
"What are you waiting for" The update and th servers
حموشي ٠٧٧٢٦١٣٩٧٩٩
حموشي ٠٧٧٢٦١٣٩٧٩٩ 3 hours ago
لا أعرف من سيقرآ تعليقي؛ لكن أتمنى لك السعادة وراحة البال💜
skorzo .::.
skorzo .::. 3 hours ago
fortnite is dead lol
art drawing
art drawing 3 hours ago
اكو عراقيين 🌚
Melony 3 hours ago
so bad
THE King_ BSK 3 hours ago
الترند الثالث ع السعودية🇸🇦👍🔥
LittleBoySkippy 3 hours ago
0:30 OH MY GOD
نواف مطيري
نواف مطيري 3 hours ago
ان عن شكل سيزون ١٥
mM 3 hours ago
For the first time I'm thinking of downloading fortnite just because of the mandalorian
Genji Shimada
Genji Shimada 3 hours ago
I'm gonna say something that will trigger some people. I still like fortnite and I think it's doing good right now.
CandyChaosXOX AJ
CandyChaosXOX AJ 4 hours ago
Adele Maria
Adele Maria 4 hours ago
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Facts Tamil- English
Facts Tamil- English 4 hours ago
for me it is coming server is offline
ZacTFF 4 hours ago
Okay I got to admit this freshest season yet
Krzysztof Bartczak
Krzysztof Bartczak 4 hours ago
Guys episode 13 was great but I stop watching Mandalorian now.
GENIE X 4 hours ago
Why the hell did they vault the pump and brought back that shitty charge shotgun but the season is good I am enjoying it
Dedorex Production
Dedorex Production 4 hours ago
You know you ruined a game right? From season 2
Danial llec
Danial llec 4 hours ago
Крутой сезон
مؤسسة سالم الطائي للشعر العراقي
مؤسسة سالم الطائي للشعر العراقي 4 hours ago
May God marry you who subscribes to my channel
Damon MRMACOVSKI 4 hours ago
Mando and Baby yoda standing next to each other looks so cool!
WillyWomby 4 hours ago
Abdul Muqeet
Abdul Muqeet 4 hours ago
Wtf happened to this game
Trystane Plays
Trystane Plays 4 hours ago
This is amazing, but i miss having the bosses in battle lab😢
Muhammad Gamer plays
Muhammad Gamer plays 4 hours ago
I want fortnite free from you no with id pleas give me link
Forza !
Forza ! 4 hours ago
If I had to say I would Say.. Mave is Singularity Lexa is Skye Menace is Midas Kondor is The Eternal Voyager
CLASH OF DUDES 4 hours ago
Hate that shitty battle pass . . . . Fortnite doesnt cares.....
Don Juan
Don Juan 4 hours ago
So the final event was Dec 2 right
Ellhnas Kinezos
Ellhnas Kinezos 4 hours ago
is that troy baker?
مؤسسة سالم الطائي للشعر العراقي
مؤسسة سالم الطائي للشعر العراقي 4 hours ago
الله يزوج كل من يشترك بقناتي
Denes Mi
Denes Mi 4 hours ago
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Jk I
Jk I 4 hours ago
I wish i can play fortnight
Александр Миронов
Александр Миронов 4 hours ago
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Ridin Witnoroof
Ridin Witnoroof 4 hours ago
Why does this sound like Mirage 😂from apex
NONITY 4 hours ago
It’s is 😂
JADE SODA 4 hours ago
If yall didnt take away tilted towers your game wouldnt have died
حسساممء 4 hours ago
Gappy 4 hours ago
“no one is escaping the loop” “not on my watch” well ok John be aware of the 7 then we will see what’s up
NeMo FIXANITE 4 hours ago
Дайте 100 в баксов а то на пропуск не хватает
Shury 4 hours ago
Ok, epic, everything is cool, but where's fking pump?
الحياه ممله _
الحياه ممله _ 4 hours ago
لعبتكم خايسه
ASMAS A 4 hours ago
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ABO YUSEF 4 hours ago
الي سعودي يحط لايك علشان نشوف كم واحد
Adam Ybarra
Adam Ybarra 4 hours ago
This is how much people miss fearless 👇🏻
BANSI _ pubg lite
BANSI _ pubg lite 4 hours ago
Movie like my comment their mother and father will leave more than 100years❤️❤️❤️
maria levi
maria levi 4 hours ago
I just came here for baby yoda
Ognjen Djokic
Ognjen Djokic 4 hours ago
fix the game
Loot Lamma
Loot Lamma 4 hours ago
Fortnite make crose over right. So do it whit memes like FORTNITE X MEMES 2020........🤑🤯😱
54 B görüntüleme,views
54 B görüntüleme,views 4 hours ago
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Mustafa Junaid
Mustafa Junaid 5 hours ago
Claim your here before season 5 ticket here
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