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Emma Chamberlain, who has her own coffee company, makes the most of a trip to Paris to visit some of the city's best coffee shops specialized in the genre. Vogue Paris follows her as she is served an iced latte with homemade vegan milk in the Marais hotspot Fragments, pays a visit to the Belleville Brûlerie, which torrifies its own beans, and samples a café viennois at La Manufacture by Alain Ducasse.
Director - Melinda Triana
Director of Photography - Simon Meheust
Sound - Sébastien Pomier
Journalist - Josh Arnold
Hair - Anh Co Tran
Make-up - Sam Visser
Editor - Sarah Cervalo
Color Grade - Simon Meheust
Editor-in-Chief - Jennifer Neyt
Special thanks to La Manufacture de Café Alain Ducasse, La Brûlerie de Belleville, Fragments, L' Appartement - Valentine Gauthier, Jefferson’s VTC


michaela 15 hours ago
One main reason why i really love this girl is because we're both weirdly obsessed with coffee. Watching this made me feel so excited it's as if i was there with her. Learning about this topic is fun.
Anna Sundholm
Anna Sundholm Day ago
She kinda looks like timmy chalamat here 😄 I wonder what a merge of their faces would look like
Lina Fedorova
Lina Fedorova Day ago
emma u look gorgeous!!!! bella madonna!!!
Caitlin Sullivan
Caitlin Sullivan Day ago
She doesn't know the difference between a flat white and a cappuccino and she runs a coffee company??
Kaya Ghosh
Kaya Ghosh 2 days ago
usshow.info/watch/XWIA11s0890/video.html AH
Saba R
Saba R 2 days ago
I love her hairrr
Angela Ramanoko
Angela Ramanoko 2 days ago
I feel like they should make a reality tv show about Emma though
Taylor Rae
Taylor Rae 3 days ago
4:11 its a cup bidet!!
Dante 4 days ago
Omg this poor girl, they made her look dead... why does she have such dark eyes with no color on her face or lips and eyebrows barley done like the makeup artist needs to be fired and thrown off the world... Emma is to pretty for this ...
Jessica Opatowski
Jessica Opatowski 4 days ago
Odio esa voz de cruda
Amandine Leblanc
Amandine Leblanc 6 days ago
the french accent of the baristas are so cute
fuckyourLove760 6 days ago
She probably didn't sleep that night
vicki -
vicki - 7 days ago
Why did she look like Voldemort in the thumbnail 😂
Skye Tyson
Skye Tyson 7 days ago
hilaroonie 7 days ago
Why’s she wearing so much makeup, it’s not a great look
Isabella 7 days ago
who did her makeup
dakota 7 days ago
I love french Emma!
roman rodriguez
roman rodriguez 7 days ago
I love her make up she should do it like that more often
Ika NC
Ika NC 7 days ago
How is she single! She’s funny, gorgeous, personable, and drinks coffee!
milkmel0n 8 days ago
i expected more from u vogue
Alyson G
Alyson G 8 days ago
Emma honestly seems like such a nice and genuine person🥺💖
Lindy Rutledge
Lindy Rutledge 8 days ago
Why does she remind me of Jennifer Lawrence so much in this
Rishika Deswal
Rishika Deswal 8 days ago
Watching it while sipping coffee
h1nd 8 days ago
why are baristas always so cute 😔
Laura Oliveira
Laura Oliveira 8 days ago
im pretty convinced that they went to cafes that had hot baristas bc no, france is not filled with hot people
kc 9 days ago
emma chamberlain should have her own chopped show, but instead of food, it’s coffee.
Нидерланды 9 days ago
i dont think emma knows there is milk in whipped cream
simon is simon ,periodt
simon is simon ,periodt 10 days ago
The snacc was in front of her, smiling :>>
Subscribing to everyone who subscribes to me
Subscribing to everyone who subscribes to me 10 days ago
Dita Rab
Dita Rab 10 days ago
she looks like kristin stewart
Abby Hayman
Abby Hayman 10 days ago
I want to be with all of the baristas
Musti Chanel
Musti Chanel 10 days ago
Why she built like that?🤣
Diane T
Diane T 11 days ago
She literally looks like bella hadid in the thumbnail
Makayla Delamora
Makayla Delamora 11 days ago
the baddest bitch 👑👑👑
Joanne Okalany
Joanne Okalany 11 days ago
Her face after tasting the coffee was priceless
Stxxry Noon
Stxxry Noon 11 days ago
Tbh the brown eyeshadows with her blue eyes wasn't the best idea 😐
Steve Olewski
Steve Olewski 11 days ago
her trying to say au revoir at the end crushed my heart
Pickle Sascha
Pickle Sascha 12 days ago
The second coffee looks like hot chocolate.
Lauren poc
Lauren poc 13 days ago
Kaden 13 days ago
she looks like Katniss Everdeen
CloisForever29 7 days ago
aigoo soo
aigoo soo 13 days ago
shes so gorgeous here AAAAA
xvxv xvxv
xvxv xvxv 14 days ago
She looks like 30ish something. How old is she?
Mary Tesic
Mary Tesic 14 days ago
Draft coffee? *SIGN ME UP FOR THAT*
Inspiration Enthusiast
Inspiration Enthusiast 14 days ago
Dearest Vogue Paris! May I ask what camera model and equipment (microphone type too please) you used to film this darling profile with Emma. The colors are so dreamy and it all looks quite cinematic. I am loving all these charming interviews you are producing. I look forward to seeing what is next! Thank you for taking the time to respond, I do want to invest in the same camera and editing system for my own creative dreams. Much Appreciation, IE💫🙏🏻✨
Rhi Pressler
Rhi Pressler 15 days ago
The makeup makes her look old and sickly.... makeup is supposed to enhance your natural features not add 20 years
Jackie Wyers
Jackie Wyers 16 days ago
I LOVE her look here & Emma's a natural with people/on camera! love
krisha ruparel
krisha ruparel 10 days ago
OMG I'm subbed to u! LUV YA!!!
Panos Nikolako
Panos Nikolako 16 days ago
what kind of ghost zombie is this
Michelle Nicole
Michelle Nicole 16 days ago
Ugh I hate when they put all that heavy makeup on her naturally beautiful face
harley tyler
harley tyler 17 days ago
Why do her brows look like there not even there
mercedes 18 days ago
whoever did my girl emma's eye makeup needs to be fired nEEEEOOOWWW
claudiamador 18 days ago
They’re VOICES omg I love it
Jamie C
Jamie C 18 days ago
Where are her eyebrows
Simran Sandhu
Simran Sandhu 19 days ago
Why is she on Vogue?
Kyra Resende
Kyra Resende 19 days ago
I feel like she looks like Jennifer Lawrence in this
ZeldaZee ZZ
ZeldaZee ZZ 19 days ago
Lovers Love
Lovers Love 20 days ago
Wow this would be so fun to do men.
Lowela Liz
Lowela Liz 21 day ago
Kenyan coffee...yeey.am from kenya
pavilova29 21 day ago
I think this is an unrealistic representation of French people haha almost no one there speaks English so good 😅
soobeanie _
soobeanie _ 21 day ago
The 2nd barista is cute👀
El Señor Xan
El Señor Xan 22 days ago
was this recorder before corona?