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2 months ago

Lifestyle 2020 ★ Willie Nelson's Net Worth 2020

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Mike Greer
Mike Greer 2 days ago
Willie supports a gun grabbing pos in Texas. Goes by the name Beto ORouke. Beto as he's nicknamed himself so it's easier to pander to Hispanics, he must think Latinos are stupid. Anyway Beto want to end our 2nd amendment rights.
greg mccarter
greg mccarter 2 days ago
Everyone gets excited about a dope head..a liberal dope head
Pat Corvo
Pat Corvo 6 days ago
Absolutely great!
Pat Corvo
Pat Corvo 6 days ago
Absolutely great!
Pat Corvo
Pat Corvo 6 days ago
Absolutely great!
Walter Tegischer-Painsi
Walter Tegischer-Painsi 7 days ago
please by him a new guitar. he is using his one over the years and now the guitar is looking really weak.
Robert Juliano
Robert Juliano 7 days ago
I. Just. Love. Willie. He. Is. One. Of. A. Kind
Max Givan
Max Givan 7 days ago
If Willy only new what that so called fuel does to a diesel engine over time
Bobby Tucker
Bobby Tucker 11 days ago
That 76 Chevy Silverado looks more like a Customized Studebaker pick up to me, I'm sure you refer to the pick up @10:16, "That ain't no Silverado". lol. You still get a "thumbs up", thanks for sharing.
USA ALWAYS 11 days ago
Phil Collins
Living legend
Faye Sonntag
Faye Sonntag 20 days ago
It's the worse man I think..it's stupied he got by with his drugs .. cause other people get put in prison..an don't get by with it..he don't need be on top again..people are stupied to me..he don't need be in country music..an rich agan...he nothing to me..
Linda Inglis
Linda Inglis 25 days ago
We adore you,Willie.
freegw1 26 days ago
Sad that Silly Willie let John Cougar have White BLM In his performance on Farm Aid 2020. I’m done with these uneducated artist supporting leftist racist groups.
Martha Dyck
Martha Dyck Month ago
It looks like no one lives in his house
Friedrich Schmidt
Friedrich Schmidt 29 days ago
The one in Maui? Well, that's not his house; they took some beach mansion pictures from the Internet, I guess.
De Cnijf Kris
De Cnijf Kris Month ago
Willy Nelson was very popular in Europe too, just to let you know.
De Cnijf Kris
De Cnijf Kris 24 days ago
@Jim Halfpenny yep
Jim Halfpenny
Jim Halfpenny 24 days ago
Was He
De Cnijf Kris
De Cnijf Kris Month ago
an E320 on biodiesel? Do you smoke weed too?
lunworks Month ago
Other then his music, weed of course the biggest thing Willie be remenbered for is Farm Aid its 35 yrs.old he founded it in 1985! Everyone knows about that who know Willy it wasn't mentioned?! He's the greatest man ever humble, gifted and cares about plant. His sons are carrying on in his footsteps obviously this person doesn't know him at all. Let a person who knows Willy do it seemed more realistic this sucked!!!
Thai Jet
Thai Jet Month ago
Farm Aid?
bluhared Dilwaver
bluhared Dilwaver Month ago
What is more American than Willie Nelson I thought. So sad he's just another Libtard. They got to old Willie.
Willie Nelson is my hero keep on smokin ,a real live hell raiser a real down to earth guy, the sort of man you meet in the pub ,keep her rollin s
ron kistner
ron kistner Month ago
too bad he can't sing
Doris Johansson
Doris Johansson Month ago
Dawn Beaulieu
Dawn Beaulieu Month ago
Love Willie and all his music. Saw him in concert many times. Favorite was on the Boston Common in the 80’s. ❤️❤️🧡
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
Willie was the first big writer I met in 1978. You can say you’re a liberal but if you have over a million dollars in the bank you’re a capitalist and if you have 50 million in the bank you are a monarchy. Hahahahaha. Willie pulled up in a baby blue Cadillac convertible the first time I met him., he wasn’t driving and his bus had pulled in earlier and his cook had been cooking for six hours.
Deborah Marchand
Deborah Marchand Month ago
I Love Willie ❤️ And So Did My Mom And Entire Family 💕!! He Is Just A Class Act And Will Take The Time To Talk To You Like He's A Regular Ole Joe!!! I Have Had The Privilege Of Meeting Him And Actually He Came To A Family Cook Out, And Ate Some Good Old Jambalaya!!?? In Louisiana With The Coonass Clan!! This Was Over 40yrs Ago And Still One Of The Best People You Could Ever ❤️🙏 Meet!!! And One Of The Greatest Singers In The World, If Not The Greatest!!?? God Bless 🙏😇 You Willie Keep On, Keeping On!!
Deborah Marchand
Deborah Marchand Month ago
Peter Haynes
Peter Haynes Month ago
OUTSTANDING LEGEND!!!! What a talent! One of my favourites, ALWAYS ON MY MIND. I know he didn't wright it but he does a Brilliant job, with his unique voice & playing his Guitar. Not forgetting TRIGGER.
David Peacher
David Peacher Month ago
I would like to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on this
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne Month ago
Where in the name of god do you here your gossip Michael Wilson willie not that way.
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne Month ago
Michael Wilson that was to you who I was talking about
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne Month ago
Saying I not gay what that mean michael nobody talking about gay here were talking about the legend of country music willie Nelson you must be on one good drug I dont want to here your comment any more it dont make sense
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
It’s impossible to talk about anything nowadays without someone is going to bring up something just like that.
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne Month ago
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne Month ago
Wille is another greatest legend country singer ever he knowing for a lot of good things in life his music farm aid good to see him love of old cars and trucks he has a passion for very good vic
Shonda SheWrites
Shonda SheWrites Month ago
Lol Snoop Dogg is quoted as saying Willie Nelson outsmoked him! Lol now that is a LOT of trees 😂😂😂
just Sarah
just Sarah Month ago
His grandparents were from a little town called Snowball, Arkansas
Brian H Dueck
Brian H Dueck Month ago
That 86 Silverado looks a lot like a Studebaker.
Larry Lovegren
Larry Lovegren 17 days ago
you nailed that one
eddy71454 Month ago
That house in Hawaii doesn't look like something WN would be living in.
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
His wife likes it!
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett Month ago
David Hasselhoff
Lisa A Anderson
Lisa A Anderson Month ago
Willie Nelson is a great man and Artist. Love you Willie Nelson
Nancy Scott
Nancy Scott Month ago
Dave Fendly
Ralph Blanda
Ralph Blanda Month ago
And I thought his name was KRUSTY
Sherry Lennon DeWitt
Sherry Lennon DeWitt Month ago
I've begged my whole life to meet Willie
Terry Moore
Terry Moore Month ago
I’m with you shotgun unfortunately for us legalisation won’t happen in our life time
Franco del Rio
Franco del Rio Month ago
was he ever a porn star?
Curt Ekstrom
Curt Ekstrom Month ago
Years ago, the guy that does repairs on that piece of Firewood Willie calls a Guitar. Commented on getting a contact high Working on it.
Patti Stilwell
Patti Stilwell Month ago
Hello Curt, how are you doing. I trust you are safe and in good health...I'm looking for new friend Ok!
Francesco Alcozer
Francesco Alcozer Month ago
Willie Nelson is fortunate to have an antique, valuable and unique guitar in the world. Perhaps it also belonged to Django Reinhardt (Trigger Guitar). Greetings. usshow.info/watch/ZcXEVfdnu5E/video.html *💗MEXICO💚* Guitar solo version in the style of *Bob Moore* also performed by *The Ventures*
Elizabeth Garth
Elizabeth Garth Month ago
Oh, how I love Willie! I heard him everyday in my house growing up. He's spectacular, genuine and musically gifted. Never a doubt it's him once I hear his UNIQUE & beautiful guitar picking. I think of my Daddy everything I hear "Blue eyes crying in the Rain" or "Angel flying too close to the ground." "Whiskey River" my smile and get movin' song...they all are. American Icon.
Jim Halfpenny
Jim Halfpenny Month ago
It don't matter who you are skid row Joe or super star . You're going out the same way you came in
good cops only an exclusive club
good cops only an exclusive club Month ago
Definitely a very talented man but is no way a role model for young people,their are lots of names you could call him but " DOPEHEAD " comes to mind
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis Month ago
Pothead but not dope head...people who don't use it for medicinal reasons don't know what they are talking about. Willie is a very thoughtful, caring and why shouldn't marijuana be legal, alcohol is much worse!
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis Month ago
Parents should be a child's role model!! They should not ever try to be like a rock/country star.
Jamie Mullen
Jamie Mullen Month ago
My Uncle Mitch is in a big bike club and helped provide security for Willie all over the states.said he's a regular down to earth kind of guy, Long live Willie
Jamie Mullen
Jamie Mullen Month ago
Why would you mention anything about being gay,that really made no sense at all
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
Hahahahaha lol I was just thinking that.
vppnbrent Month ago
Love this guy. Can’t imagine another Willie.
Максим Смирнов
Максим Смирнов Month ago
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham Month ago
barbosa could not taste his wine and a lion was caged and capitol gain punishment, who killed the herb and captilized, red black white ho ho ho
Cece Smith
Cece Smith Month ago
What? Willie doesn't drive a John Deer tractor?
Robert Reisner
Robert Reisner Month ago
He has come a long way from the farm aid parties, back in the 80's Willie was on stage at one of the farm aids parties entertaining the crowd, when his manager appeared back stage from him yelling " You owe Taxes"! Willie replied " I know l own Texas". This marks his IRS issues back then.
Shannon Fisher
Shannon Fisher Month ago
True country artist. A Legend !💋🙏🤗🇺🇸☮
Fred Williams
Fred Williams Month ago
Willie I'm a full blood Aboriginal man from central Australia I love country music also I love all your song's and the highway men on the road again that's my favourite song you are my role model may God send his special blessings upon you
Patti Stilwell
Patti Stilwell Month ago
Hello Fred, how are you doing. I trust you are safe and in good health...I'm looking for new friend Ok!
SMT Admin
SMT Admin Month ago
Willie's a grandma.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson Month ago
Dennis I know you were the real Super Star of the 1990's.Way to brother. Hey I'm just a big kid at heart too. Me and you and Rocket Man (no disrespect meant) wood have fun at Disneyland!!! 😺😎👽🤠😌
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson Month ago
I wood like to see Dennis Rodman's lifestyle. He really was saving the world when he goes to North Korean to teach basketball.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson Month ago
I'm not gay but I love Willie. No one can sing or pick like Willie. His song Angel flying to close to the ground is my favourite
John Mendez
John Mendez Month ago
I thought he had passed?
Georgia Varnum
Georgia Varnum Month ago
Bite your tongue. It'll come way to early when ever but he'll never be forgotten or matched. Sing on Willie and trigger. Thank you for all the wonderful music.
Brad Price
Brad Price Month ago
Still around!
Mike Stone
Mike Stone Month ago
You forgot to mention the truck stop in he built, and then had to sell, and all his tax problems. But you gotta love the guy.....Let's see a video about Jimmy Buffett.
Paul Zeus
Paul Zeus 2 months ago
really cool dude, great American
Owen Crutcher
Owen Crutcher 2 months ago
You know he got that...🔥🌲
lcp Tacky pipe
lcp Tacky pipe 2 months ago
He is a great legend,weed king✊✊🔥🔥🔥
Spicy Ballentine
Spicy Ballentine 2 months ago
He is a legend
Donna Vaughn
Donna Vaughn 2 months ago
I love him
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