Phoebe Bridgers - What's In My Bag? [Home Edition]

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4 months ago

Phoebe Bridgers shows off some of her records from home. Her latest album 'Punisher' is available from Dead Oceans.
Check out her picks:
Christian Lee Hutson - Beginners (LP)
Joanna Sternberg - Then I Try Some More (LP)
Lala Lala - The Lamb (LP)
Elliott Smith - New Moon (LP)
Elliott Smith And Pete Krebs - Shytown/No Confidence Man (7")
Bright Eyes - Cassadaga (LP)
Nick Cave - I Hate Every Cop In This Town (POSTER)
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essence arielle
essence arielle 3 days ago
So she doesn’t have a granola bar in her bag
Tolohtony 9 days ago
If ACAB, then ABAC.
Jerichocafe1 12 days ago
thanks Phoebe for some great insight into some new music. ( for myself)
Kevin Slechta
Kevin Slechta 13 days ago
I love Phoebe
Von Clohk
Von Clohk 20 days ago
Nick Cave kinda has those arms twisted in (on that poster) to hide the track marks ...haha.
Elsif 24 days ago
I just love her so much. That's all 😁
Yitzel Jimenez
Yitzel Jimenez 27 days ago
she really said ACAB... ugh her mind
João Victor Elias
João Victor Elias 29 days ago
am I the only one who carries, like, deodorant and toothbrush in my bag?
Tudor Miller
Tudor Miller Month ago
Love the Nick Cave poster. Haven't a clue who any of the artists or bands she mentioned are. I'll Google them. Watching from London UK.
mazarini mazarini
mazarini mazarini Month ago
Very well.
deno in the den
deno in the den Month ago
She is the prettiest person I have ever seen
RedTakes Month ago
Phoebe: "What's in my bag? YOUR SOUL"
Bredtime Stories with Dylan Bedeau
Bredtime Stories with Dylan Bedeau 24 days ago
Gary Ives
Gary Ives Month ago
00:45 I was like, "hell yeah, Michael Hurley". I have to see now if that art was done by him? It's exactly his style.
Gary Ives
Gary Ives Month ago
Just watched her latest Tiny Desk vid. 2 seconds into this vid I like her even more now for her appreciation of Danelectros, which to my ears create the tastiest electric guitar tones. Actually, that may be a Silvertone on the wall, but essentially same thing.
Feeling a heavy to cumbersome Smelly Cat on this track.
Mike Month ago
Phoebe, you mention it's completely unfair that Lilly West "destroyed the scene" going into music. For what it's worth, IMHO your voice and music are MUCH better than hers. You're very talented. As far as the poster, that's completely inappropriate and distasteful and Nick can "F" off.
Elijah Lipkins
Elijah Lipkins Month ago
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko Month ago
Ugh I’d kill for that Cassadaga record. That album art is so much cooler then the CD version with decoder I have. I had no idea he/they won a Grammy for that.
UnplugMeAlready _
UnplugMeAlready _ 2 months ago
You really are a skellybob, aren't you.
Judge Death
Judge Death 2 months ago
That's cunts music will never be anything close to the masterworks of Eric Clapton
Allison Anne
Allison Anne Month ago
Indeed. The irony of such a mediocre musician thinking she can insult Clapton is hilarious.
bettersnailservice Month ago
she criticized your favorite mediocre racist artist :((
Sensible Sound
Sensible Sound 2 months ago
music is subjective. Also, be a better person :) You're fighting the wrong fight man.
votive 2 months ago
Nick Cave on Cancel culture:
Cassandra M
Cassandra M 2 months ago
Phoebe, you dissed Eric Clapton and the song he wrote for his child. What is wrong with you? Shallow to say the least. You suck.
Matheus Tejo
Matheus Tejo 2 months ago
"Shallow" defines our generation. The fact that she choose "Tears in Heaven" instead of "Eric Clapton" to sound more poetic makes It double shallow...
dezert fox
dezert fox 2 months ago
Elliot Smith is good, Phobee Bridget is like listening to, well one doesn’t actually “listen” to her in as much as one would rather hang themselves from the nearest palm tree as an alternative.
nik holman
nik holman 2 months ago
I don't know who this woman is but she's cute as hell and sounds like a hoot to have dinner with.
Elephant Ear
Elephant Ear 2 months ago
Don't agree with the anti cop rederic. Don't really like getting political all that much.....(But).....Most Cops truly care for their communities. I've personally delt with my fare share of shitty Cops in the past. But I've delt with more good one's than bad. ✌
Allison Anne
Allison Anne Month ago
She’s a female millennial, don’t expect any intelligence or wisdom here lol.
rivers haley
rivers haley 2 months ago
there’s a weird amount of hate on this video. why are you watching it if you don’t like her..?
aichuj 2 months ago
shes the coolest ever
broadcastdeez 2 months ago
"let me promote this thing i did" god she sucks. please educate me about elliott smith.
human computer interaction
human computer interaction 2 months ago
Lol, this is great. I should send Phoebe all my 7" from that era, since they are all in boxes. I too have lots of Pete Krebs and Heatmiser.
WozKaf 2 months ago
Who tf is this and why are they in my recommended
Jacob Birney
Jacob Birney 2 months ago
phoebe having no confidence man on vinyl...we stan
Nana Aforo
Nana Aforo 2 months ago
iona abbi
iona abbi 2 months ago
GNR Axl Rose jacket design.
Garrett Carrico
Garrett Carrico 3 months ago
Just watched her on Colbert. I thought it was a 12 year old singing karaoke for the first time (not in a good way lol).
Natalia 3 months ago
New Moon by ES ;-; She's a woman after my own heart
radcow 3 months ago
Felt a bit rushed PS never vocally promote your own stuff
evie frye
evie frye 3 months ago
what was that Lala Lala song playing at the background?
John Stuart
John Stuart 3 months ago
I'm so grateful for the Christian Lee Hutson recommendation. I hadn't heard of him before, but I now love that album.
Jay Fuller
Jay Fuller 3 months ago
Blake Asunder
Blake Asunder Month ago
joel 1114
joel 1114 3 months ago
She’s very talented, but she has yet to get out from under the Elliott Smith influence and find her own voice. It is on everything she does. It’s more than an influence, It is her sonic blueprint. The foundation of everything she does. She sounds like a female Elliott Smith with more elaborate production. Maybe she’s cool with that, who knows? But I think it’s doing her own talent a disservice. She has to find her own voice.
American Pancake
American Pancake 3 months ago
Phoebe, love her stuff from way back - nice list although I just realized how white Phoebe is (not that there is anything wrong with that), like really white (again, not that there is anything wrong with that)
Chelsie Hinds
Chelsie Hinds 3 months ago
ACAB, baby. Also I'm in love with you.
theone456 10 hours ago
@Chelsie Hinds I can rob you then, you can't call the cops
Chelsie Hinds
Chelsie Hinds Month ago
@Sturmbro629 no ❤️
Sturmbro629 Month ago
Shut up
Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw 3 months ago
I wonder how many cops she has killed
agia malvic
agia malvic 3 months ago
Jay Shakter
Jay Shakter 3 months ago
I've been trying get your Punisher lp but keep getting shut out. I'm sad. Love the video!
フォルツァ・ミラノ 3 months ago
Way to damn lazy to roll through all 268 comments here. So if this observation has already been made, do forgive me. But I was wondering aloud if it is just me or does anyone else see a physical resemblance (slight or otherwise) between this chick (who I had never even heard if until this very moment) and a young *Natalie Merchant* of *10,000 Maniacs* fame?
David Hoag
David Hoag 3 months ago
I'll check out some of these recommendations, but I think she uses the word 'perfect' kind of loosely. Is that a generational thing? Everything she likes is like, perfect, like you know?
That One Guy
That One Guy 3 months ago
Phoebe's enthusiasm is adorable ngl, great pickups
Alondra Lara
Alondra Lara 3 months ago
Hey friends! Dipping my toes into the vinyl record world. Any record player recs for a newbie?
James Larsen
James Larsen 3 months ago
Anyone know what guitar that is behind her? Looks like an Ibanez yy
Robert Usher
Robert Usher Month ago
That's a Danelectro 56 Vintage Baritone.
La Walter
La Walter 3 months ago
i love her so much omg and the nick cave poster.... chef's kiss
Later_Daze_ 3 months ago
The nick cave shirt is a Ed Big Daddy Roth art piece from the 60s.
Area Man
Area Man 3 months ago
I am not impressed by this woman or her music. It's just...meh to me.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Month ago
Persephone 3 months ago
2 seconds in and I’d die for her
Jaerb4 3 months ago
Really a fan of this, but for future videos I hope you increase the song volume and add longer pauses between picks. The in-store videos always gave a nice little preview for each album before moving on. We don't really get much of that preview in this one, since it's so quiet and moves on so quickly. :(
Big Boss
Big Boss 3 months ago
I thought Ryan Adams was his biggest inspiration..maybe she forgot to mention it
Colson 3 months ago
I've only known about Phoebe for about 4 weeks after Punisher was released and started getting great reviews. I'm already a huge fan. Punisher is a superb album and I'll be getting 'Stranger in the Alps' shortly.
AudiosphereX 3 months ago
Same here!
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan 3 months ago
Apart from Elliott Smith, this really made me feel old.
David Adams
David Adams 22 hours ago
were you not aware of Bright Eyes or Cave?
Luquitagl 7 days ago
Don't worry, I'm 17 and even I didn't recognise any of these artists besides Eliott. lol
se7en deVilz
se7en deVilz 3 months ago
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter 3 months ago
She looks like my youngest niece, just with great taste in music ✔
BSham5358 3 months ago
Of course she couldn’t help but throw in something bad about police. That statement really shows how ignorant she is.
Mikro Phonie
Mikro Phonie 3 months ago
Nick Cave probably not a fan of cops because he had heroin on him at the time. Oh, but he could have had heroin on him anytime until 1999, when he allegedly quit finally, at the ripe old age of 42. Pathetic old bean pole. Now he likes to read the Bible. Even more pathetic.
Mikro Phonie
Mikro Phonie 3 months ago
Pompous little girl. She should try walking around some Chicago neighborhoods at night without any cops around.
Mikro Phonie
Mikro Phonie 3 months ago
@ToasteeJP I was saying she should try walking around in dangerous areas, without any cops around, if she is so against the police. I wasn't saying how great it is to live in the ghetto. Dumbass.
ToasteeJP 3 months ago
Lmao wtf. Chicago is trash no one wants to walk around there in the first place. You sound like you're proud of how horrible it is to live in the ghetto. You probably dont even know what it's actually like saying shit like that.
MQ Seven
MQ Seven 3 months ago
Heyo you there i like
Matt von D
Matt von D 3 months ago
My favorite Bright eyes record as well. Criminally overlooked
Phillip Randall
Phillip Randall 3 months ago
cassadaga, oh yeah
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez 3 months ago
I just read an interview on NPR where Phoebe mentioned that Elliott Smith is her inspiration which is amazing to know! Being an Elliott' Smith fan for many years and from an Elliott's music nerd to another, this means a lot to me personally! Having known his music since the late 90's and having seen him live before, it just makes me so happy to know that Elliott's music continues to influence new artists years after his passing. I have gain a new appreciation for Phoebe Bridgers music as well. Side note- Some Song and Big Decision are some of my favorite ES songs as well as Waltz #2,. It would be so awesome if Phoebe could cover them someday.
pornofan99 3 months ago
I, for one, like phoebe and also don’t blanket hate all cops
FaceKick17 3 months ago
I love her
Graeme K
Graeme K 3 months ago
Loved her first album and the BOCC one, new one sounds garbage with no memorable hooks and her just whispering crap in the same way Mark Kozelek went wrong but oh my this girl is absolute moron
bitten 3 months ago
i also have pete krebs and elliott smith so it was super cool to see it come up, such a great record. although i didn't realise it was so uncommon!
Putra Ramadhan 21
Putra Ramadhan 21 3 months ago
I know and I realized that’s an ordinary,basic skeleton halloween jacket but i want one now
APOCALYPTO 3 months ago
thanks for sending me down this rabbit hole by telling me who Pete Krebbs was. i'm a huge fan of elliott smith and tom waits so ill probably be down here a while
Rocky Dubray
Rocky Dubray 3 months ago
She kind of scares me lol
Wally Young
Wally Young 3 months ago
It ought to be illegal to be that beautiful 💗
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 3 months ago
I have Really been falling in Love with your Music, Phoebe. Please let me draw a Bad-a$$ concert poster for you in the future. I Only do it for bands that realllly 'rattle my bones'... and I will try to upend every other one before. And thanks so much for inspiring All of us ARTists; you are a true delight! ; ) ~HarLeQuiN
Anthony Skatz
Anthony Skatz 3 months ago
Nick Cave poster >>>>>
brokenupbeat 3 months ago
Great picks! I’m gonna check her stuff out rn. 3 months ago
"The Lamb" to a lot of people is short for "The Lamb Lies Down on a Broadway" by Genesis.
Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke
Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke 3 months ago
And "The Lamb Lies Down on a Broadway" to a lot of people is long for "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway".
Christina Gina
Christina Gina 3 months ago
Love the Nick Cave poster in the back.
naruto uwuzumaki
naruto uwuzumaki 3 months ago
the nick cave poster LMAOO I love her
dvs2751 3 months ago
After seeing what's in your bag.... I get to wondering what you think of Joni Mitchell
madcap laughed
madcap laughed 3 months ago
gotta love a woman who listens to elliott💓💓💓
Ciaran Puente
Ciaran Puente 3 months ago
That Nick Cave poster made me love Phoebe more than I thought was possible.
Michael Lambright
Michael Lambright 3 months ago
Oh cool an advertisement for your friends.
jellysubmarine 3 months ago
Marshall vore
Airton Lopsan
Airton Lopsan 3 months ago
Her eyes are much more impressive than the effect of the album
Gabriel Roig-Francoli
Gabriel Roig-Francoli 3 months ago
Punisher has some of my favorite Elliott Smith material on it
DJoeLawless 3 months ago
mysterious production of eggs, nice breh
Juliet Brown
Juliet Brown 3 months ago
"They didn't make very many of them, but I have it, so...this is kind of a flex" 1:56
Eily Hite
Eily Hite 3 months ago
Sweet god i would die for this woman
Backyard Bike Park
Backyard Bike Park 3 months ago
No confidence man - hands down one of his best. The lyrics are so raw and beautiful!
Liam Sambrook
Liam Sambrook 3 months ago
Fat agree
Santajan 3 months ago
Coolest "bag" ever. Does Phoebe ever get out of that room?
Katie Parks
Katie Parks 3 months ago
when phoebe stans her boyfriend's band lmao
The Heart Of A Blackbird
The Heart Of A Blackbird 3 months ago
BTW, that's the re-release of the Pete Krebs split 7"...I have an original copy, different artwork. :)
Kellen Harris
Kellen Harris 3 months ago
I’m surprised no Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, or Joan Baez! But solid modern choices.
The Heart Of A Blackbird
The Heart Of A Blackbird 3 months ago
Phoebe, I hope you're giving that skeleton suit a little soap and water every now and again.
NintendoNaut 3 months ago
Advocating for the murder of cops at the end, that's real nice.
brandobin 3 months ago
The Birthday party era Nick Cave poster 😭❤️
Miguel 3 months ago
I am insanely in love with her, damn!
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid 3 months ago
For some reason I thought she was going to pull up an N. W. A or Cannibal Corpse record. Elliot Smith will do tho.
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