Fondant Potatoes - Crusty Potatoes Roasted with Butter and Stock

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Food Wishes

Food Wishes

7 years ago

Learn how to make a Fondant Potatoes recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Fondant Potatoes recipe!

Food Wishes
Food Wishes 9 months ago
Check out the recipe:
jacob white
jacob white 12 days ago
Jem ma
Winnie 2609
Winnie 2609 23 days ago
@Alan DeWitt put the trimmings into compost...or make crispy potato skins..
Rocky Roads
Rocky Roads 4 months ago
Made this recipe for my family on Tuesday and they are already asking for it again! Thanks.
Alan DeWitt
Alan DeWitt 4 months ago
Food Wishes do you have any suggestions for good things to do with the trimmings? (I’d like to make this, but the wastage seems a bit excessive for the current coronavirus isolation.)
Yf Yf
Yf Yf 6 months ago
Food Wishes what's with your throw away anti American comment at the beginning, about us not doing recipes w more than 1 step. I bet most of your audience is proudly American. If you're anti America or self loathing, let us know. You make great videos about great food but we don't need to subscribe people who espouse "America was never that great" or similar snowflake nonsense.
atoromatos 2 days ago
Your voice is soothing to me. Thank you for the recipe :)
Terncote 2 days ago
Potato Scallops.
Anika Allen
Anika Allen 3 days ago
I love this ❤️!!!!
PhilGeissler 5 days ago
Amazing! Thanks Chef!
Brad Metcalf
Brad Metcalf 9 days ago
Cut them in half when you start and they would be better. The crisp to not crisp ratio is way off!
KlembetchFoodies 9 days ago
Steel Heart
Steel Heart 10 days ago
Crusty edge, fork don't lie...!
Michael Castellano
Michael Castellano 12 days ago
Does the center part of the potato still have that buttery meltedness feeling? I usually make twice baked potato but was thinking of trying this out one day.
PJBearstein 15 days ago
It is annoying to say 'very very.'
Brussel Sprout
Brussel Sprout 15 days ago
I want more than 6.
Shamika Green
Shamika Green 15 days ago
Wow! That looks soooo delicious! Have you heard of Chef ChrisB TV Please check out some delicious Jamaican cooking!!! I promise you will not be disappointed!
deniseg812 15 days ago
My mother is Italian. She made them in a pan in the oven with chicken. Same. Sorta.
Tabitha Lynn
Tabitha Lynn 16 days ago
I watched this years ago but I don't have an oven that time. Nice that this video appeared, I can do them now.
Souvik Chakravarti
Souvik Chakravarti 16 days ago
Thank you Sensei! Cooking with all ur heart is the essence of a tasty dish. Love ur culinary philosophy...
weedinacan 16 days ago
I really enjoy all of your videos. Very Informative but easy to watch. Thanks!
Alex Noman
Alex Noman 18 days ago
Do not forget to deep fry the washed and dried peels! The best chips/crisp making method imo. Don't waste them!
TripAffleck 21 day ago
for the last 5 years i've been using your recipe for Fondant Potatoes at every holiday season potluck; these potatoes received their own Thank You card.
Winnie 2609
Winnie 2609 23 days ago
This is my first ever Chef John recipe which got me started watching Chef John seven years ago! Still good.
Paddle to the Sea
Paddle to the Sea 23 days ago
Write out the whole recipe rather than just listing the ingredients and I'll subscribe again.
Amber Richards
Amber Richards Month ago
Ohoho man this is gonna be the fanciest turkey thigh dinner ever
Steven Parker
Steven Parker Month ago
Chef Jon this Fondant film was my introduction to your culinary delights. As a 45yr old English Average Joe! and fan of la fam de le gavroche. Your work is equally mouth-waveringly wonderful and I have learnt so much from you. This Upload brings back Fondant memories! 😜
Chris Faulkner
Chris Faulkner Month ago
Thank you so much for this video.
mrpieceofwork Month ago
Is anyone here able to explain to me why this video has more than 2000 dislikes? It seems rather excessive, even if it is 7 years old.
telfordguy34uk Month ago
Good recipe for plantains as well.
SakuraWulf Month ago
This whole video feels like a suggestion...
R B Month ago
I was skeptical but Chef you have shown me another good one. Thanks again.
oneprinceofamber1 Month ago
Saw the video, had to make it a couple of times to get it right. Now a family favorite! Thanks a bunch.
Stephen Kolman
Stephen Kolman Month ago
This guy is the Bob Ross of cooking.
Karen Snyder
Karen Snyder Month ago
Your voice is great. Ignore anyone who says otherwise.:)
Little Rock Beltone
Little Rock Beltone Month ago
I just made these with his other recipe for Grilled Greek Chicken and wow these are the best potatoes I've ever had, phenomenal! Thanks for all you do Chef John.
countessberrywood Month ago
WOW! This recipe is indescribably delicious!
Patricia Lescano
Patricia Lescano Month ago
I like the sing along way he talks .....
John Messina
John Messina Month ago
Great recipe....however, do you also have a recipe for the potato pieces that you discarded. Seems like a waste...potato skin recipe?
hopeless heathen
hopeless heathen Month ago
If you dont end up using the peels this is very wastfull lol rich people food 😂
Justin Pallett
Justin Pallett Month ago
Everything you cook is fantastic ,can’t wait to try that one ..👍
Pau D
Pau D 2 months ago
Chicken stock?
Ethan Shupe
Ethan Shupe 2 months ago
I've cooked a bunch of Chef Jon recipes but this one... kinda sucks. I don't think it's jons fault, but there just isn't a lot of flavor, just giant blocks of starchy potatoes. It's like halfway between a worse version of a baked potato and a worse version of steak fries. Sorry Jon, this one feels like a miss to me.
Diya Shikha
Diya Shikha 2 months ago
Been searching for this for a while now
Faizal Hafiz
Faizal Hafiz 2 months ago
Well at least that’s what they told me in culinary school . Now why would they make it up ? Lmao
Karen Lawton
Karen Lawton 2 months ago
Great recipe
Lea Speer
Lea Speer 2 months ago
GASP! I didn’t see you add Chyanne pepper!!
Don Horn
Don Horn 2 months ago
Yeah Chef John: I know you don’t know me from a hole in the ground....but I wanted to at least thank you for reaching out to us... I made your fondant potatoes.... wow were they good....there is nothing more satiating than the potatoe....especially fried in thyme, butter and baked in chicken stock. I’ve just recently re-united with my daughter and her bow. They invited me over for supper. Guess what I brought. I was the hit of the party.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 3 months ago
Couldn't i fry my bone in ribeye in same sauce after the potatoes? ..kinda wondering
Sorley Walker
Sorley Walker 3 months ago
There is the danger that you could burn the butter after you boiled out the remaining stock. I would do that only if I had removed the milk fats before.
mark rosenstand
mark rosenstand 3 months ago
This will be 4th time, turning into a cast iron collector,had no idea how pricey these tools of delite could be.
Lucy Owens
Lucy Owens 3 months ago
I tried this recipe and it is amazing!! Thanks Food Wishes.
Kori Skene
Kori Skene 3 months ago
Make sure you mention butter when you ask your british friends what a 'knob' is..
PK Cazadores
PK Cazadores 3 months ago
I may have to invent the potato lathe!
S B 3 months ago
Delicious! (By the way, fondant is a French word meaning “melting”. It is the past participle of the verb fondre, to melt.) All of your videos are delightful.
SpetsnatzLegion 336
SpetsnatzLegion 336 3 months ago
I’m sorry but which devil decided that frying roast potatoes was acceptable They’re called roast for a reason, you gotta par-boil then roast them
Beryl Walubengo
Beryl Walubengo 3 months ago
If your father was a European Aristocrat 😆
Asiel Norton
Asiel Norton 3 months ago
I really don’t know why so many people are freaked out about oil temperatures. I think theyre taught this stuff in school. I cook with butter and olive oil at high heat all the time. Never once have I had a problem. Perhaps it smokes a little more, big deal. And the taste is way better. It’s not an issue unless you’re deep frying. Or just cooking the butter alone at some super high heat you can’t achieve on a home stove as long as you have something in the pan.
LadyMercutia 3 months ago
They look like scallops.
AntiSune Speedruner
AntiSune Speedruner 3 months ago
Knob means dick
Panzer Turtle
Panzer Turtle 3 months ago
Can you use beef stock instead of chicken stock?
TheDoubleLibra 3 months ago
I loooove this him
Catcat 3 months ago
I made it twice now. It was a hit
MSEAD123 3 months ago
Oh yeah! I have been trying to figure out what recipe goes with these potatoes I had at a dinner party once. The host has dinner parties all the time and could not remember which potatoes I was talking about so every recipe he sent was the wrong one! Now I am in business!!
DON'T INJECT BLEACH 3 months ago
***If these are pomme fondants, well I'm the Fucking Pope*** _Gordon Ramsey vs Ben Hells Kitchen
Big Boomer
Big Boomer 3 months ago
Why does this guy always sound like he has a loogie draining down the back of his throat... i hate his frikken voice!!!!