DnD Story: My players LOSE the final fight!

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This Dungeons and Dragons story comes from my campaign with Malikar where they failed in the final fight. They went on an epic quest to reforge the Mourneblade and use it to slay him. Along the way, they encountered a swashbuckling goblin, a forgotten glaive- Barathorne, and a. . . mobile suit gundam wing. . . Enjoy!
"This is a Jazz Space" by Midnight North from USshow Audio Library.

Senkan Haruna
Senkan Haruna 9 hours ago
Was totally thinking he was gonna name the blade The Ashbringer
Gara -bō
Gara -bō 2 days ago
Concept: A defective blade of warning that tells you the past. After getting poisoned, none of the players know what poison it was, but suddenly the blade of warning speaks up "Today, you will encounter enemy goblins." The players had already fought the goblins, though, so they thought this was just gonna be annoying. "X player will be poisoned via x poison." Then they all scramble for the antidote lmao
A Guy
A Guy 2 days ago
Do they lose? Well no, but yes.
imran meers
imran meers 3 days ago
Could you realese your campaings
Just Mastah
Just Mastah 4 days ago
What campaign is this?
Felix Henson
Felix Henson 5 days ago
I W A a A a A aa R N E D YOU
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees 9 days ago
Ok I think that this is actually the players fault, they chose not to help the other play and to fight malikar early instead of when you recommend to, so they could’ve won and they really can’t blame you
Judah Osboja
Judah Osboja 11 days ago
If they die, why not make the next story be about them escaping the underworld or whatever afterlife they went to?
Fyre Wolf
Fyre Wolf 12 days ago
Does Malikar kinda seem like abserd? I feel like a lot of people have said this before but they both have the same voice and similar faces.
Jay Villain
Jay Villain 14 days ago
Can I be put in a different bag than this guy?
Maximus Thuen
Maximus Thuen 21 day ago
asriel plays undertale by the way. its based off a character from there. so is the potted plant
MultiGK8 21 day ago
So the goblin had a special hat they shoulda avoided? Sounds like bad gming to me
MultiGK8 21 day ago
John Fleming
John Fleming 23 days ago
"Since it turns people to ash, it's..." 'The Ashbringer, yeah, I get it.' "... the Infinity Blade!" You ruined it and I hate whoever named it that.
Frezomere Seraphim
Frezomere Seraphim 24 days ago
If you dont mind, im nabbing that mourneblade, soul shattering idea. But throughout the whole campaign angels and paladins are going to be doing everything they can to stop the party from reforging a blade of pure malice and evil back into the world despite their intentions. So far the people playing is a bard and a..... creepy... orc... old lady... warlock.... dont ask...
Orcane The destroyer
Orcane The destroyer 26 days ago
barathorn is acting like agni and rudra fro dmc 3 and not shutting up
Virgo 28 days ago
Still confused on how they blame the one guy that didn't show up for losing even though they left A whole player paralyzed in a ditch lol
Killer Orca
Killer Orca 28 days ago
Where does the flying whale fit into all of this tho. Also Im...really curious about the Mobile Suit thing. Considering how specifically the Wing Gundam works buuuutttt that is...an entirely OTHER hole not worth going down.
Viper3220 29 days ago
Not gonna lie - That ending honestly sounds better than if they had killed him and all escaped alive lol. This story is exactly why I play d&d. Sometimes the dice tell a better story than we ever could.
Just Noob
Just Noob Month ago
Gundam guy: *Changing Mourneblade to Infinity Blade* Me, Infinity Blade player, and probably Worker of Secret: ANGERY
BlueEngland Month ago
Better story than twilight
Philippe Poupart
Philippe Poupart Month ago
That doesn't sound like losing at all.
Colin pogue
Colin pogue Month ago
In a campaign with me, my sister, and some of her friends, were kidnapped some low level enemy and started calling him Barry Blue Jeans, until he got murdered by a bugbear
Shaggy Satyr
Shaggy Satyr Month ago
Creative players can overcome anything. But I play Pathfinder... Enough said.
NIJ gaming
NIJ gaming Month ago
I'm not big on turn-based combat in fact I make it quite obvious I do not like turn-based combat but this was actually really funny
Francisco Alejandro
Francisco Alejandro Month ago
This was a long one, but I just finished translating it to spanish, the subtitles are ready.
Somebody The Stranger
Somebody The Stranger Month ago
Also am I the only one that kinda like the way they won? To me they won, not the traditional victory sure but either way to me it’s a clear win
Somebody The Stranger
Somebody The Stranger Month ago
Am I the only one that thinks they should’ve taken that extra roll in the final fight? They were down one player + they left that other guy down there AND it was just 1AC I mean come on they should have taken it
Drago 303
Drago 303 Month ago
Wow. No joke, this was one of the best D&D stories i heard. This is so good that, if i was a player, i would be crying of pure joy! XD
WrathNBrimstone Month ago
You're the DM i just don't understand how the battle supposedly just stops.....you set a timer? sounds really dumb to me
Master Mind
Master Mind Month ago
If they saved the monk they would’ve won
DayInDaLife Month ago
I know he must eb getting more and more busy but I miss this style of video....
BanditOfBandwidth Month ago
Possibly my favorite Puffin video. Full of golden moments.
Noahtheslowa Month ago
That honestly could've been a super awesome memory of a victory, I honestly would've given the monk that last hit as Malikar egotistically exclaimed that even if he was defeated today he was re-instantiate himself, not knowing that the final bow of the mourneblade would break the cycle before a daring escape from the remaining enemies meant that the heroes would live another day
PErson Month ago
Ah yes the defective warning weapons. I had a defective dagger I found on a ship while someone else got a ring that makes them half merfolk and a shard that allowed them to summon an elemental. The “Something bad will happen today.” message happened, I tripped and landed an acrobatics save (I was a Rogue) and it said: I warned you. I got it fixed the next session.
jay quickblade
jay quickblade Month ago
I want to know if you're brother found the sessions fun
Wukong Rivers
Wukong Rivers Month ago
Malikar should of met up with abserd.
Greg Matt
Greg Matt Month ago
The objective has failed successfully.
Sam Principe
Sam Principe Month ago
Anything remotely bad: *happens* Defective sword of warning: ꀤ ꅐꁲꋪꋊꏹꂡ ꂖꁏꌈ
Chris Charlwood
Chris Charlwood Month ago
If the players have to many good magic weapons you can make them feel weaker by telling them they just walked past a plus 900 great sword without noticing it
Bryce Burns
Bryce Burns Month ago
For the purposes of Evil 😈 best quote of 2020
Christopher Aaron
Christopher Aaron Month ago
Why would there be angels in a tavern? They don't eat or drink...
Christopher Aaron
Christopher Aaron Month ago
Trove. Tr-oh-vuh
Joseph Hamilton
Joseph Hamilton Month ago
2:18 Aww... you are the jerk... not the blue guy
themonkeyhand Month ago
Lost the fight to a random die roll; won the campaign with a random die roll.
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Month ago
Sounds like a poorly scaled fight by the DM.
when you bean
when you bean Month ago
Elder tortle? So 35 years old
Dahellraider Month ago
I warned you!
J Colon
J Colon Month ago
the big bad inn my game was also named malikar. he was a cyclops who united the monster races under his command with the promise of freeing them from having to skulk around in the dark and could enjoy the same freedom the races of man did. after seeing this video though I think I will have him sustain a throat injury or something that makes him talk like this malikar lol
Nathan L
Nathan L Month ago
Great ending to the Champaign would have been less great if that last hit landed.
Wade Fischer
Wade Fischer Month ago
1:19 Malikar be like: I'm Dio but with return by death
marty nicholls
marty nicholls Month ago
I wonder what Malikar's motivation was. Why was he evil? Why did he want to destroy the world?
Matthew Month ago
I want to know about the gundam character build that one guy had
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle Month ago
I'm getting the impression that there might have been some... frustration, with this particular group.
Just another guy on the internet
Just another guy on the internet Month ago
Ben: Oogway Subtitles; Goo Goo B*tch
TheNecessaryEvil Month ago
I believe this is what is known as 'Failing Upward'
Theboredone 2 months ago
What is noble suit gundamling ? A Wareforged :D?
Walter The Mighty
Walter The Mighty 2 months ago
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The Failed_safe
The Failed_safe 2 months ago
This is why fudging dice rolls occasionally
Kristin Lee Chee-Thomas
Kristin Lee Chee-Thomas 2 months ago
*falls down stairs* Sword of Warning: /I wAaAaArRrRnEd YoUu/
Glitch Gull
Glitch Gull 2 months ago
What if oogway.....CAME
Greasy Smith
Greasy Smith 2 months ago
So wheres Stormbringer lol
Spencer Sonnefeld
Spencer Sonnefeld 2 months ago
Imagine Abserd meeting Malikar. With Berethorn, Glaive of Champions.
Dead Memes
Dead Memes 2 months ago
3:53 The sword of I told you so
Seamus Quain
Seamus Quain 2 months ago
But You Can't End A Campaign, That's *BBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD* Pac-Man!
Ken Livingston
Ken Livingston 2 months ago
Was the Fighter the one player who couldn't make it to the game?
Copper Candycorn
Copper Candycorn 2 months ago
_...why does Malikar sound like Dr Evil?_
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson 2 months ago
Malikar ended up like George Floyd. Too soon?
jesternario 2 months ago
So was Gary fired? And if he was, was it just a pink slip type, or did he actually get fired? With a fireball or something.
ChocolateChipWaffle 2 months ago
The fighter was paralysed in the ground with no way to get up, I really don’t think it’s the baristas fault, also best ending ever that led to many other campaigns
ChocolateChipWaffle 2 months ago
The blade warned them I don’t know what they were thinking
BanditOfBandwidth 2 months ago
There should be a Skyrim mod for Defective Sword of Warning. Playing the sound "Something baaaaad might happen today~" when finish resting. and playing "I waaaaaarned youuuu~" when you get in combat.
Su11en Gaming
Su11en Gaming 2 months ago
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Mr Negative
Mr Negative 2 months ago
13:38 Just start building an Empire and take over the world. They can't defend themselves if it's a world of peace.
Brother Mutant73
Brother Mutant73 2 months ago
"I will kill you, Billy Quizboy."
Lord Drada
Lord Drada 2 months ago
Not gonna lie this story doesn't hold up as well for me after awhile. Was there a time limit on beating malikar? Was the paralyzed player the afk one or another player in general? If there was no time limit why did the monk tp out when clearly the fight wasn't lost? Was it some kind of weird tilt that made the player basically throw?
aPieceOfToast 2 months ago
(I've never played D&D before, but) if I had a character, he'd probably be horrified by witnessing the effects of Mourneblade and want to find an alternative to stopping malakar, thinking that no evil validates the destruction of any soul.
Tabitha ludwig
Tabitha ludwig 2 months ago
Tabitha ludwig
Tabitha ludwig 2 months ago
Tabitha ludwig
Tabitha ludwig 2 months ago
The Dragon’s Lair
The Dragon’s Lair 2 months ago
I'm totally going to use the Blade of Warning and warn players about the changes Wizards of the Coast are making.
Hrothgrar 2 months ago
Man fuck that group lol How on earth do you just give up during the final fight, blame the one guy who wasn't even there, and then just leave an entire person out of the final fight because "lol can't help lolololol".
Sarah Winston
Sarah Winston 2 months ago
a story that isn't cringe I like
Skaitan 2 months ago
If the battle hinges entirely on the roll of the dice...or ONE roll of the dice, as it is, you have balanced it perfectly. But I think the ending is perfect as well. Malikar, at the moment of his narrow and hard won triumph, ending in heaven with only a sliver of HP left, surrounded by paladins and angels is such poetic justice, Shakespeare could not have written it better.
Wildfire 432
Wildfire 432 2 months ago
I am watching these video in order, cause i would get lost trying to find the beginning of their adventures
Matthew Norwood
Matthew Norwood 2 months ago
I think a ending boss that is powered by all the unnecessary deaths caused by the player would be cool.
Renee Van Dyck
Renee Van Dyck 2 months ago
I'm afrid, you have FERLIN fer my gret, DESCEPASHEN. This weapon, will now be used, for the puposes, of, E VILLE!
CainToad16 2 months ago
Is this the same Mournblade from the Elric Saga?
JustInThisLife 2 months ago
Ends up being imprisoned for 1000s of years... this is the textbook answer for failing correctly
mtgayrek 3 months ago
I just came here to say: My fiancée and I watched this video when you posted it, over a year ago. "I waaaaarned you" is, to this day, still a thing we reference and laugh about. I thought about it because I just did it, and then I thought I should come share that. We love your D&D stories, and we only wish we could game with someone so fun.
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 3 months ago
I'll have to keep in mind that I should put some gold aside so I can send all my weapons to couples therapy. Because apparently this is something we have to worry about now.
HailToTheJew 3 months ago
Ya know, if you have a sentient, talking polearm. You could teach it to scream whenever it stabs into somone or is near their ears. Take a swipe a someones head, even if it misses, if the blade is close enough and screams that could cause the enemy to flinch and get distracted. Also, the vibrations of screaming whil its inside someomes abdomen probably wouldnt feel too good
MJDiamond Knight
MJDiamond Knight 3 months ago
my favourite is the charecter with cool hair
Jakob Sthillert
Jakob Sthillert 3 months ago
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The Mobiustripper
The Mobiustripper 3 months ago
This is absolutely a win! Goes to show that combat is not everything.
Houndoom of SSF2
Houndoom of SSF2 3 months ago
It's all fun and games until Malikar is reborn as an angel
Annabelle 3 months ago
Barathorn is my life in a nutshell. oH cAn I cOmE? oH oKaY
Nicholas Gorbenko
Nicholas Gorbenko 3 months ago
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orwellian horror
orwellian horror 3 months ago
more like.... "The sword of low-grade anxiety"... XD
Wine Stu
Wine Stu 3 months ago
So the PC's failed because they ignored they paralyzed fighter, That the PC's fault. But then again the BBG wound up in prison. So they didn't fail, but they don't know that.
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