Top 10 Best Action Games On PS4

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5 months ago

The top ten action titles on PlayStation 4? Here are our recommendations - the best combat, the biggest set pieces, the most intense stories. Let us know yours in the comments!

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Shakib Ansari
Shakib Ansari 8 hours ago
Assassin's creed odyssey is the best for saadiq
Shakib Ansari
Shakib Ansari 8 hours ago
Red dead redemption 2 is best games this for sadiq in india contact me
Er boro
Er boro 9 days ago
No red dead redemption?ah no that looks like a Netflix tv series
Er boro
Er boro 9 days ago
God of war it’s the best franchise and game ever made everyone knows Ps means god of war
Jots Concepcion
Jots Concepcion 10 days ago
No nomination for Capcom's best selling game? Monster Hunter World?
SilverForMonsters 12 days ago
Did they just put Fallen Order at the top of that list?
Autumn Red
Autumn Red 13 days ago
Nioh the best on this list, Sekiro shouldn't be there, but NieR automata
japar mur
japar mur 15 days ago
But devil may cry 5 is the best because devil may cry 5 won the best action game in the game awards 2018or2019
At ba
At ba 15 days ago
Dark souls /bloodborne /sekiro??Cmon guys!!!
Nxxb Nxjdhd
Nxxb Nxjdhd 22 days ago
jxellyy 24 days ago
1,000 comment ❤️
Auggi Rangel
Auggi Rangel Month ago
Nier: Automata isn't on here?
Nobody Month ago
Because its good, but it haven't reach the [God Of War] level yet to get to this top 10
capote5000 Month ago
I stop watching and I put a dislike at the phrase "in no particular order"
Jet888kawaii A8000
Jet888kawaii A8000 Month ago
The witcher 3 The best game i'm play
Wes Mantooth
Wes Mantooth Month ago
Last I checked, Bloodborne is still a thing.
sunil kumar
sunil kumar Month ago
Down load
babucarr njie
babucarr njie Month ago
Luv the list👌🏽👌🏽
Kohn J Fennedy
Kohn J Fennedy Month ago
It’s a crime that bloodborne isn’t on this list
yoav cimand
yoav cimand Month ago
Where is bayonetta
actorben Month ago
Again, why no, "Days Gone?"
LPjunemark Month ago
Movie games are considered action games?
Silver Shadow MPM
Silver Shadow MPM Month ago
Wow dishonored game is so action im going to see this game =-O
Mohammad Kashif
Mohammad Kashif Month ago
Bloodborne Dark soul Spiderman
Mohsin Raza
Mohsin Raza Month ago
Plz tell me about medille of earth shadow of war, when will be the next part come?
Jay B
Jay B 2 months ago
I really enjoyed this game even though it runs very slowly on my pc, console commands make it so much better and you can find the full list of orders at Cheatland.
Hocine Tedjini
Hocine Tedjini 2 months ago
Tomb raider was not there ! it’s the best game for me.
Ku TEKEN 2 months ago
it's knack, knack 2
Jared Porter
Jared Porter 2 months ago
1:06 savage 😂
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson 2 months ago
I’m only 6 and I’m playing call of duty I’m good
Ike Baah
Ike Baah 2 months ago
Please help me out with PS 4,I really need one🙏
Antonio Sanichar
Antonio Sanichar 2 months ago
I’m guessing this list has no order, but personally I would remove a few and put bloodborne and nier on this list, especially bloodborne
Nameless Man
Nameless Man 2 months ago
bayonetta is the best action game ever played
GOD RAFA YT 2 months ago
Michael Lou
Michael Lou 2 months ago
finally somebody who appreciates jedi: fallen order
Alvinplayz 2 months ago
Wow. I will buy it b4 ps5 come out.
1991capres 2 months ago
What is this?? Where is days gone ??
Lloyd Sit
Lloyd Sit 2 months ago
Devil may cry 5, best action game 2019
hunter gaming
hunter gaming 2 months ago
Will these games even be in ps5?
Inconnu Inconnu
Inconnu Inconnu 2 months ago
If you did not play god of war 4 yet whate the hell you are waiting for? If you don't love that game you are a psyquelpast