10 Ways to PUSH Minecraft to its LIMITS!

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Sub's World

2 months ago

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Sub shows you 10 ways that YOU can push Minecraft to its absolute limit! From exploding 1000 TNT, to reaching the edge of the world!
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Welcome to Sub's World! Here, he'll (try) to show you some cool Minecraft Builds, Minecraft Redstone, Minecraft Top 10's, designs and way more stuff!
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Builds by Entity Builds: www.entitybuilds.com/
Voiced by Blake Swift: usshow.info
Inspired by PrestonPlayz, Unspeakable Gaming, Logdotzip, Dream, Mumbo Jumbo, Magma Musen, GrianMC, and more fantastic Minecraft USshowrs!
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TINO goes live!!!
TINO goes live!!! 13 hours ago
Did you know I have downloaded 160 mods
Vicente Lee
Vicente Lee 18 hours ago
TNT blocker does. Dream do that?
forex naveen
forex naveen 3 days ago
Worst video ever ever
Safa Mohsin
Safa Mohsin 3 days ago
Melly Mel
Melly Mel 4 days ago
I wonder if u keep placing shulker boxes into shulker boxes u would have infinite items in 1 shulker box? .-.
Borendra Tripura
Borendra Tripura 4 days ago
The highest is 120, you can get any things up to 120 by commands even tools.
RedZoro Gaming YT
RedZoro Gaming YT 4 days ago
How to get Xp Easily Do this command /xp 9999999 @s Type Anything you want To xp youreself Lol
Лиспи 5 days ago
8:57 why my potato pc not blew up and world was playabke when i explodrd 2,381,501 tnt? and its taken me 15 minutes
KerfufflePuff 8 days ago
The thumbnail: farlands me a huge mcsm fan: yes
sarita kumari
sarita kumari 10 days ago
Do sub made a irritating thing in to a funny content 😂
sarita kumari
sarita kumari 10 days ago
What if you put shulker in shulker and inside it more shulker 😂😂
IDoThings 10 days ago
At number 1 you forget to use ender chest and put all the shulkerbox at the ender chest and fill your inventory with shulker with cobble again
Cenon Cariazo
Cenon Cariazo 10 days ago
I love minecraft like you
Benny Boi
Benny Boi 13 days ago
Sub: makes it to 1000 blocks Me: travels 50000 blocks in the overeworld by foot to get to the nearest woodland mansion for 5 totems
Benny Boi
Benny Boi 13 days ago
You cannot stack shulker boxes tho unlike the thumbnail unless you use the stacking+ addon for bedrock
Janae Rodrigues
Janae Rodrigues 14 days ago
i summond 50000000000000 ender dragons
Mahendra Baruah
Mahendra Baruah 14 days ago
In survival moving 10000+ blocks to find desert.
Jessica ZB
Jessica ZB 14 days ago
Put a sholker block In A shulker
Isaiah's Toy Review
Isaiah's Toy Review 14 days ago
125 blocks of tnt
Waffle News Inc.
Waffle News Inc. 14 days ago
I make a HUGE TNT bomb and it lagged my game so much that I quit and went back in just so I could place blocks down!
ARCHIE BOLIVAR 15 days ago
i crash my phone using commands i tp on all borders sides on minecraft and puting a lot of tnt and when i ignite it my phone explode
Athena Dizon
Athena Dizon 15 days ago
i thought minecraft is endles
Ismael Abdi
Ismael Abdi 16 days ago
I once crashed my console by spawning too many ender dragons
Vunsh Sharma
Vunsh Sharma 16 days ago
If I could do animated mc.... Random animated player: *running so fast that they smash trough the border* Border: *player-shaped hole in*
Fujiplayz 16 days ago
1:42 Then put the shulker box filled with item in to another shulker box
Harve Tumulak
Harve Tumulak 16 days ago
Cost my MINECEAFT break
Jyoti Bala
Jyoti Bala 17 days ago
Netherite axe with smite 5
Jyoti Bala
Jyoti Bala 17 days ago
No 1 put those shulker boxes in another shulker boxes
Wesley Inman
Wesley Inman 17 days ago
I had a mad that vet's me a Nike tnt and I placed ten of them it crashed my server
The Lord Of Nothing
The Lord Of Nothing 18 days ago
Long endless ice boat tunnels HermitCraft: identity theft is not a joke
MemeusMe 18 days ago
zhanqing lin
zhanqing lin 18 days ago
actually you can move faster than the chunks by getting some sole soil water and sole speed enchanted boots
Michael Hirschkind
Michael Hirschkind 18 days ago
0:48 I can’t even lol
Arjan Dotson
Arjan Dotson 18 days ago
Hi sub your really cool and awesome have you ever thought that maybe hes a bot
christopher errington
christopher errington 18 days ago
I did it by Xbox one reason piglins loads and loads of piglins
christy yuan
christy yuan 19 days ago
i once crashed my mc game by my friend hitting me
Chelsie Brown
Chelsie Brown 19 days ago
was playing with a person that lagged the server to 1 frame every 3 seconds, when he built a anvil spawner/fountain
The man in the chicken costume
The man in the chicken costume 20 days ago
About the first one, a gold block can make 9 gold ingots. And a gold ingot can make 9 gold nuggets. So that means that a stack of gold blocks is 5184 gold nuggets.
HalOfManage 20 days ago
Do Zeus TNT Summoner: Just A Repeating Commamd Block And Put: Summon tnt Don't Froget Always Active
Jonaz Ho
Jonaz Ho 20 days ago
Entire world all tnt blocks