Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015

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4 years ago

Full segment of Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015. Chilina Kennedy, plays Carole King in Beautiful, the musical, introduces Aretha.
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Apear Niño
Apear Niño 3 hours ago
Rodrigo López
Rodrigo López 7 hours ago
Can you believe someone (Carol King) had Aretha Franklin, pay homage to them?!?! 🤯
Oi Paris Cacau
Oi Paris Cacau 8 hours ago
Sem palavras!!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Mauricio Jordan
Mauricio Jordan 10 hours ago
cry uncontrollably everytime it's like watching an entity she is a legend
Nicolas ANSART
Nicolas ANSART 10 hours ago
David vack
David vack 11 hours ago
August 2020 - The Queen of soul ! This woman kicked down doors with her amazing talent ! She always performed " Like a Natural woman " She never need auto tune or her voice worked over with machines ! What you saw was real and all she ever wanted was a little " R.E.S.P.E.C.T. " R.I.P. are dear Queen of soul ! She also has " the heart that goes on " to be one of are biggest ICONS !
Margherita di francesco
Margherita di francesco 19 hours ago
Senza Parole .. Troppo grande! Avevo già il biglietto per il concerto del 2 giugn 2018 a Boston... ma è stata chiamata a cantare in Alto luogo tra santi, angeli ,arcangeli, troni e dominazioni per la gloria e la gioia del Padre Eterno !
Natanael Lincoln Tejada
Natanael Lincoln Tejada 19 hours ago
True Feminist there. This is really how you fight against systematic racism and gender inequality. With smartness and empowerment. I miss her.
chavinda perera
chavinda perera 23 hours ago
I never knew Aretha Franklin until today what wonderful sounding voice.
f0k3ry Day ago
Michelle Obama is something else
f0k3ry Day ago
What a queen
Derek Martz
Derek Martz Day ago
This was like the last good thing to happen in America.
Adam Myers Music
Adam Myers Music Day ago
Almost 5 years later, and this performance gives me goosebumps every single time!!! For 5 minutes President Obama was the second most important person in the room! She walked over in that beautiful fur coat to that piano and slayed it, grabbed the microphone, and was like "I'm just getting started!" Then that coat drop!!! LEGENDARY!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF SOUL!!!!!!
sebatian Day ago
For all of you making this political....SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! Obama was never a perfect man, while he was enjoying this performance, countless lives were being wasted on his orders. He'll always be remembered as the drone president.
Etiene Esnaider Dos Santos Robalo
Etiene Esnaider Dos Santos Robalo Day ago
The Queen of solo Aretha Franklin rest in peace.
Yasmin Viana
Yasmin Viana Day ago
Ashlie Kennedy
Ashlie Kennedy 2 days ago
The way Carole looks at Aretha. Just wow. There is so much love and admiration there.
Farrah Washington
Farrah Washington 2 days ago
RIP ARETHA, love her so much.
jamiehiggs. com
jamiehiggs. com 2 days ago
I wonder if joni mitchell was honoured
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy 2 days ago
The queen!! 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Cheryl T
Cheryl T 2 days ago
I miss the Queen of Soul.
Kay Silva
Kay Silva 2 days ago
Rest In Peace you beautiful soul 💔
ged ryan
ged ryan 2 days ago
What an absolute over acting response. Just enjoy the queen of soul without all the facial shit. She will always be no 1. I love and miss get but no idea Who hysteria blonde bird is giving I've just one the lottery Shit is. Judy enjoy it
cwhite329 Day ago
It’s Carole King. She was one of the writers of the song Natural Woman. She was being honored at the Kennedy Center and Aretha performed in her honor. While it may seem over the top, I imagine she truly was overwhelmed and overjoyed at this moment.
Ali Mehdi MEDJOU
Ali Mehdi MEDJOU 2 days ago
Yes this woman is best
anibal vega
anibal vega 2 days ago
A woman from a Higher class
Wheat Getter
Wheat Getter 2 days ago
Aretha grabbed that mic and said “y’all ain’t see nothing yet”
flouserve 2 days ago
Esta es una de esas canciones para la eternidad...como su interprete.
Tim 2 days ago
The Queen
julien tanga
julien tanga 3 days ago
I had never felt that much chills
Anika Story
Anika Story 3 days ago
Natalia Cancino
Natalia Cancino 3 days ago
21 Century still there people with fue coat 🤔
Shawn Long
Shawn Long 3 days ago
That fat bitch was one of the worst people to ever grace a musical stage. She couldn't carry notes, so she just screamed and performed runs to cover up how bad she really was.
Daniel M
Daniel M 3 days ago
Why is George Lucas there? xD
Paul Martínez
Paul Martínez 3 days ago
Her voice is so peaceful 😇
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson 3 days ago
Where are the PETA asshats? I’m sure that mink isn’t imitation.
woodstockhippy 3 days ago
Check out this amazing cover!
adrian watt
adrian watt 3 days ago
She never lost it
Dora Gkant
Dora Gkant 3 days ago
Beautiful song!
KSLE NEWS 33 3 days ago
I’m in chills at home and near tears so I couldn’t imagine being in attendance.
Alef 3 days ago
R.I.P. Aretha 🥀🥀🥀
andrei liver
andrei liver 3 days ago
The mere presence of Aretha Franklin onstage is enough to make the event topnotch. She is the event!
Joao Tescaro Junior
Joao Tescaro Junior 3 days ago
Areta is great 👍 but Obama and his friends 👎
Annarosa Vico
Annarosa Vico 4 days ago
Oh my God, I have tears in my eyes. No words to describe her, an angel!
Roy Robert Abiera
Roy Robert Abiera 4 days ago
Stephanie Turner
Stephanie Turner 4 days ago
Who could dislike this video she walked on stage like a queen and slayed it like a queen
Stephan Wolf
Stephan Wolf 4 days ago
Zamira De Boer
Zamira De Boer 4 days ago
lh12cat 4 days ago
The QUEEN OF SOUL went to her KNEES on this great performance , pure class and elegance unmatched. Gangster Rappers take note .
묭묭 4 days ago
Arbia madini
Arbia madini 4 days ago
A Legend ❤ Rest In Peace
Edith C. Stuardo G.
Edith C. Stuardo G. 4 days ago
Carlos Sahorsch
Carlos Sahorsch 4 days ago
Chinzo uno
Chinzo uno 5 days ago
Crazy white lady that is! Must be one of Karens in real life!
cwhite329 Day ago
Nah, she was actually one of the honorees, Carole King. She was one of the writers of the song Natural Woman and Aretha came to sing in her honor.
wingsandash 5 days ago
Let's face it - we are all that sweet Asian guy sitting behind Carole right now.
Nate Bro
Nate Bro Day ago
Moi Ramirez
Moi Ramirez 5 days ago
Is he crying?
gg k
gg k 5 days ago
2:54 what's her name??
Dee Va
Dee Va 3 days ago
Shes from the show jane the virgin
Matt Haslett
Matt Haslett 5 days ago
Nailed it!
strykertool 5 days ago
Sung live! I don't this was lip sync.... Take a lesson from this Beyonce.
dartanya smith
dartanya smith 5 days ago
Singing that way at her age will never be matched.
zeca247 5 days ago
N Burns
N Burns 5 days ago
nae one artist better than good as it gets ....has to be America at its best..