Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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13 days ago

Hot Pink out now!
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peaceful Fury
peaceful Fury 28 minutes ago
It's been a minute since I've heard a song where a person isn't putting down another person for being human.
Biana Vacker
Biana Vacker 30 minutes ago
doja moon vibes like if you feel that!
Estrella Juarez
Estrella Juarez 34 minutes ago
Doja Cat in her mv: 😎💅💄💋❤ *wean while* Doja Cat in real life:😝💅🌺🤪
peruano_uwu awa
peruano_uwu awa 35 minutes ago
esta hermoso uwu
Terence Thomas
Terence Thomas 35 minutes ago
Im just here to support that dark queen in the back four like ik she got bills to pay but fr whats her name? does she star in any other music videos? and cuz Gucci
Zinoxe 38 minutes ago
The Durag worn by Doja
oculusdexter x
oculusdexter x 41 minute ago
Wow I guess racism will prevail no matter the disguise/masquerade
Shanae Logan
Shanae Logan 47 minutes ago
got damn them cheeks 🤦🏽‍♂️
Eddy 47 minutes ago
Sick song. Looks like a James Charles outfit. It's lit
Wade Fallan
Wade Fallan 51 minute ago
I just play this video to read the comments...
Melike eker
Melike eker 52 minutes ago
0:19 How did you do this???!!!
Tanner Taylor
Tanner Taylor 54 minutes ago
Is her body supposed to be green screened out at 1:10?
Rainy Hour ago
with all this budget you could at least hired good animators but..nope
baboking 30
baboking 30 Hour ago
I don't think that Gucci mane could hold himself back from thatass
You Suck
You Suck Hour ago
I still don’t forgive u and a,l the ppl who disliked the video AND I KNOW FOR SURE ITS BC OF WAHT U DID BC THESE MUSIC VIDEO IS BOMB but love this like but! Not forgives yet until u make a music apology video
wolfdenny1 Hour ago
Does nobody think she look like manbagi rumiko
Alexa'15pie Hour ago
callate mi crook
keishawnlight Hour ago
Idc I like this weird lil Bihhhh XD
вaвy loveѕ
вaвy loveѕ Hour ago
I'd take Doja over any man, any day
Deccers Hour ago
This is the only song I've heard where the male rapper ruins the female rapper's song.
TunableJoker16 Hour ago
but like... she hot moves tho
Aryam Almalki
Aryam Almalki Hour ago
This is soooo coooooooooolll wth
Lizz Willer
Lizz Willer Hour ago
that's my shit, that's my weed.
Xarf_trooper 00
Xarf_trooper 00 Hour ago
They aren’t the second Beyoncé and JAY-Z. They are the first Doja cat and Gucci Mane.
chillaq- 2 hours ago
bruh her music aint copyrighted lol
Sheila Barcelos
Sheila Barcelos 2 hours ago
I love you !!! 😍
Nix Ibe
Nix Ibe 2 hours ago
Is she a fan of Sailor Moon
Mike 2 hours ago
How about dropping the music video and the actual song at the same time doja?
Tommy Chaz
Tommy Chaz 2 hours ago
Dahlia Jabbour
Dahlia Jabbour 2 hours ago
Does the sound of this song remind anyone else of early 2000's? Couple of her other songs too.
manish persaud
manish persaud 2 hours ago
I like your cartoon character
Nathan Tritchka
Nathan Tritchka 2 hours ago
Can't combat the Doja Cat
Yoongi and J dope
Yoongi and J dope 2 hours ago
Lets take a moment focus on the Aesthetics of this music video
Manou chka
Manou chka 2 hours ago
0:21.......18 😨
Luna positivity
Luna positivity 2 hours ago
мария мар
мария мар 2 hours ago
She must rlly like her pants
Not Rose
Not Rose 2 hours ago
I really don’t understand why artist don’t have so many subscribers cause this got 22 million views
Clouds.roblox 2 hours ago
Wow I’m using this for a video LOL
Clouds.roblox 2 hours ago
Not Rose lmao hi :)
Not Rose
Not Rose 2 hours ago
Clouds.roblox lol hiii
Josephina Owusu-wih
Josephina Owusu-wih 2 hours ago
love the song added to my playlist!!!🤩😍🥰☺
MiloIsHot Milo
MiloIsHot Milo 2 hours ago
we have to stan.
Kuro私は 2 hours ago
Like That 💕
EllaBuilds_ RBX
EllaBuilds_ RBX 2 hours ago
Doja literally made herself white jn the animation, when she is black.
Paola Marcillo
Paola Marcillo 2 hours ago
¿Su trasero es natural? (Pregunta seria)
Thom L
Thom L 2 hours ago
She's so pretty 😍
Paola Marcillo
Paola Marcillo 2 hours ago
"El sexo vende"
Maori Stunt Mahanga
Maori Stunt Mahanga 2 hours ago
Those 808's sound sic🙏🏽💯
kaouter Mouslim haliba
kaouter Mouslim haliba 2 hours ago
The song is cool, nice voice ,great dancing and the Sailor Moon inspired animation is fantastic. But her outfit was a bit too much....
Lirfy 2 hours ago
s0 s3xy
Dominykas Pranskūnas
Dominykas Pranskūnas 3 hours ago
Such a missed opportunity, they could've made gucci a cat from Sailor Moon.
Master-n-Teach Virgo
Master-n-Teach Virgo 3 hours ago
I like the way her chest hangs out her shirt 😊 that's half the reason I clicked 😝
Aaliyah Wright
Aaliyah Wright 3 hours ago
So we not gon discuss how fire this was 2:31
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 2 hours ago
That's because no one has lasted till the end of the video. 🤢🤮. My ears are fucking bleeding
Daouya Stoffers
Daouya Stoffers 3 hours ago
So sexy! 😂
chanie mo
chanie mo 3 hours ago
Omg that split at the end is everything
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks 3 hours ago
“I was taught that loyalty is priceless and true love shouldn’t cost a dime 😴💆🏽‍♀️”. I felt that 💔🔗
Exo D.o's wife
Exo D.o's wife 3 hours ago
I came here because of f(x) Luna
T. Isaacs
T. Isaacs 3 hours ago
Winx club 💕💕💕
Crazy Animations
Crazy Animations 3 hours ago
i love dis vid ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jamilly pereira
Jamilly pereira 3 hours ago
Machine Subliminals.
Machine Subliminals. 3 hours ago
I love it
Daisy Daisy
Daisy Daisy 3 hours ago
She's cancelled but her music is DAMN
chile anyway so
chile anyway so 3 hours ago
she isnt..
Danielle Hall
Danielle Hall 3 hours ago
Anime next level
Chinmayee Prabhu Dessai
Chinmayee Prabhu Dessai 3 hours ago
She literally looks different in each of her videos and outfits!
Georgi Lazar
Georgi Lazar 3 hours ago
Paul Gomes
Paul Gomes 3 hours ago
man, shes got skillz
Paula Mello
Paula Mello 3 hours ago
Vizy 3 hours ago
are we just gonna ignore the fact that doja pulled out a wand from her b00bs at 1:01
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson 3 hours ago
She looks cute as a cartoon
You Could neva
You Could neva 3 hours ago
Damn :50 -:56 I really feel that in my soul. She is my spirit animal 🥺😻🐱
Melina diana Furrer
Melina diana Furrer 3 hours ago
Hizo una fucion entre sailor moon ,naruro y un poco de los caballeros del zodiaco me encanta😀😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Caramel•Softie 3 hours ago
We stan magical girl doja, periodt.
Matt I.
Matt I. 3 hours ago
Off topic but does anyone know the model of car in the background?
Tre Houston
Tre Houston 4 hours ago
Wow so many artists like anime well that’s fine cause I do to
Karla Alegria
Karla Alegria 4 hours ago
Doja cat feat cardi b ,🙏🏻
Queen Nae
Queen Nae 4 hours ago
that split move at the end had me like...👀👀
Donique Whonder
Donique Whonder 4 hours ago
Fã da mc Mirella e do Dynho Alves Mirella
Fã da mc Mirella e do Dynho Alves Mirella 4 hours ago
tsunami 4 hours ago
Hey Doja. Know you probably won’t see this but I’ve always liked your music. In school, kids constantly make fun of me because I watch anime and sailor moon,thanks to this video, I had the courage to prove them wrong. I stood up to them today and feel amazing, and for that I want to thank you! I also have a dream to become a singer as well. You really inspire me in many ways... 💕💕☺️ - Tsunami
Rafael Barros
Rafael Barros 4 hours ago
hailey White
hailey White 4 hours ago
I swear her songs have different moods and feelings
Lucelia Da Silva
Lucelia Da Silva 4 hours ago
Quem conheceu a música no tik tok dá um like 👇
Geovanna Sampaio
Geovanna Sampaio 2 hours ago
Br alquem
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