Whale Sees Penguin For First Time

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8 months ago

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CosmoCutie 8 months ago
So no one‘s gong to talk about that cute cat at the end?!
Kirbster Playz
Kirbster Playz 20 hours ago
Kitten 8 days ago
Shark Man
Shark Man 11 days ago
@replied replied ik
The Almost Twins
The Almost Twins 15 days ago
No one is
xXCutebutDeadlyXx 19 days ago
*BROOOOOOO* i have an account with bill as my prof piiiiiiiiic!!!
Andrea Gutiérrez
Andrea Gutiérrez 10 hours ago
Nur Fatin Syafiqah
Nur Fatin Syafiqah Day ago
The cat: Aight I had enough. I'm going to end this men whole carer
FaultonGaming Day ago
1:24 😯 That Face
Tun Aye Chan
Tun Aye Chan 2 days ago
Why are you whale?
reaper ac130
reaper ac130 2 days ago
Damn April feels like yesterday
Tai Kun
Tai Kun 2 days ago
Happy Feet 3 Plot Leaked
david chen
david chen 3 days ago
THe whale has the BIGVRAIN
Do atheists go to hell? No What about *people who smash 2000 pieces puzzles?* Straight to hell. To the boiler room of hell. All the way down.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 5 days ago
2:01, when you are so obsessed with pubg 😂😂😂
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 6 days ago
1:41 the spy
Slightly Burnt Burrito Studios
Slightly Burnt Burrito Studios 6 days ago
0:20 me showing the boys a meme I found.
Marco Antunes
Marco Antunes 6 days ago
1:55 well, plants don’t get coronavirus, so it was the perfect costume
Dusk N.
Dusk N. 7 days ago
that dad got savagely beaten afterwards but it all started with the tiny one knocking him out
Buddha Belly
Buddha Belly 7 days ago
Why the fuck would people stay in their homes during lockdown... Well it will not be the last stupid thing, people will do when their government tells them to obay. You will all give up your liberties for a little "safety"...
Abigail Sanchez
Abigail Sanchez 8 days ago
And here is my comment on how his voice is so soothing U-U
AbortedLife 8 days ago
mark hughes
mark hughes 8 days ago
Penguins are God’s way of keeping the all life on the planet constantly amused!
Jirian Gills
Jirian Gills 8 days ago
that free falling mwhahahahaha sure only at nasa disney
Mithil Ravirala
Mithil Ravirala 9 days ago
1:07 So no one's gonna talk about them going to school without wearing a mask.
0hCarter 5 days ago
Good for them
Steven Morenzo Yosa
Steven Morenzo Yosa 9 days ago
1:40 cue the mission impossible theme song
Smug Dancer
Smug Dancer 9 days ago
That dad is evil.
『 Siren Skazka 』
『 Siren Skazka 』 9 days ago
Beluga whale: **literally staring at the penguin** Penguin: get me out this place with those monstrous giant fish
yuna gamer0104
yuna gamer0104 9 days ago
if u saw a penguin wut would u name it? i would name da penguin if i saw one pengu if its a boy penny if its a girl its ok if u dont answer (┬┬﹏┬┬) i just realy love penguins
Andy P.
Andy P. 10 days ago
Beluga Whale: mhh breakfast
Chocolate Cosmos
Chocolate Cosmos 10 days ago
The reason the father can be so happy when his daughters are so stupid is that he knows that their brains are not important.
Shelley Taylor
Shelley Taylor 10 days ago
the whales smile my heart
Imagine having a username • 70 years ago
Imagine having a username • 70 years ago 10 days ago
0:31 set a time stamp for myself.
oof banks
oof banks 11 days ago
the seal that saw a lizard for the first time: finally a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!
Wampa Stompa1996
Wampa Stompa1996 11 days ago
0:30 What an asshole 😂
Dragon Of desteny
Dragon Of desteny 12 days ago
I mean.... props to the dad! His girls trust him and are not afraid to be mad at him! Sounds like a decent Father
Mohammed Razvi_2240421
Mohammed Razvi_2240421 12 days ago
Guy says piece number 2000: Th other guy Wacks it across the table like garbage:
potatobananapoer 12 days ago
ive never seen a whale or a penguin and they're meeting eachother!
David Ward
David Ward 12 days ago
Whale be like: O.o
Vollification 12 days ago
1:26 They are going to kill him :p
Jayvee 12 days ago
Little did anyone know it was happy because it was imagining how tasty that penguin was
Cheyenne Fox
Cheyenne Fox 12 days ago
Lol I'd shovel for free just to ride in the sled truck
1:29 I N V E S T
josefaditya pl
josefaditya pl 13 days ago
the dad was a real dad
Daddywiththe D
Daddywiththe D 13 days ago
The whales are like my last 3 braincells during a math test
Olyvia Mata
Olyvia Mata 13 days ago
And the best dad of the year award goes to... THE APRIL FOOLS DAD!!! 🎊🥳🎊
Just wanting to make people smile.
Just wanting to make people smile. 13 days ago
Man that Dad what a great april fools joke.
leon costar
leon costar 13 days ago
lol 0:31 the mans reactcion is just lol
Tom Rock
Tom Rock 13 days ago
Abdel Masulot
Abdel Masulot 15 days ago
The cat that had enough was a meme
R ᴇ ᴍ ɪ
R ᴇ ᴍ ɪ 15 days ago
0:31 He definitely got kicked out that day 😭
Pog Kitten
Pog Kitten 15 days ago
So the laptop cleaning thing was made by sticking small pictures of the icons on to the screen and then using that thing to get them off with the computer turned off
cole logan
cole logan 16 days ago
0:23 lmao
cole logan
cole logan 16 days ago
0.23 lmao
SHIYI YU 16 days ago
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff 17 days ago
Emperor penguin
Still Chill
Still Chill 17 days ago
But one question does penguin see whale for the first time
HaZarD KNIGHT 17 days ago
2:57 something adult swim would lowkey use
Maxiephly 17 days ago
1:45 Sneak 100
Val Valiant Thor
Val Valiant Thor 17 days ago
2:04 once I wake up for work, and then just fall back asleep
Kirsty I
Kirsty I 18 days ago
That's a little rockhopper. The punk rockers of the penguin family!
Seymour cross
Seymour cross 18 days ago
Whale: :) Penguin: -w-
Miss Moose
Miss Moose 19 days ago
😂😂😂😂 that guy camouflaging himself as a bush was really funny!! In this awful time.....thank you for always being there to cheer us all up. 💜 I love your channel 🙂
Sumail Wizz
Sumail Wizz 19 days ago
The pinguin thats maverick !
Nara Feralina
Nara Feralina 20 days ago
That cat and dog are so sweet!
Victor Almeida
Victor Almeida 20 days ago
2:14 don't forget the distance from the ground so the atmosphere drag won't slow you down...
K_Kutter 20 days ago
I wanna hug a penguin, one of my bucket list things
salemandreus 20 days ago
Brush guy was just putting on a show for his neighbours hence the dramatic street roll.
Keliah Bates
Keliah Bates 22 days ago
So nobody is going to talk abt that dolphin he called a whale?
jorge lopez
jorge lopez 22 days ago
"Rico , You have the Cocaine?" "Yes , I do , when these humans stop filiming I will drop it"
Benson Davis
Benson Davis 22 days ago
2:20 I love this channel but it is hilarious when you try to explain stuff about the fake "planet" spinning ball from NASA.
Fluffymiyster 22 days ago
Aww, that last one was too cute :)
Bob Smoot
Bob Smoot 23 days ago
Lockdown is stupid. Never doing doing that nonsense again.
NightRunner417 23 days ago
Whales: "It's a... black seagull with flippers?" Penguin: "OMG IT'S A BUNCH OF ANGELS FROM HEAVEN!"
Latrell Lowe
Latrell Lowe 24 days ago
I thought a song by gunna was about to start playing.
Gamer AndreiJun
Gamer AndreiJun 24 days ago
the first one was so cute!!! it made my day!!!!
ThisIsPersia 24 days ago
2:07 me during class
Vibe With Leyah
Vibe With Leyah 25 days ago
It’s like the girls was was shocked,happy,sad,angry at the same time
Sci Shock
Sci Shock 25 days ago
0:14 how everyone is waiting for the pandemic to end
rangers_fan93 25 days ago
Beluga whales are the dumbest looking animals ever but they are the best
Laeki 26 days ago
Penguins POV: Penguin Sees Whale For The First Time
Animilla Animations
Animilla Animations 27 days ago
i like how you almost always put a cute animal at the end of your vids lol
Car Silk
Car Silk 28 days ago
I wish I had the kind, endlessly patient soul of a golden retriever
PolkaRawr 28 days ago
What would happen if you throw any kind of explosive in lava?
Savage Sai
Savage Sai 29 days ago
When im a bush camper in fortnite 1:52
Shahnoor Chandwani
Shahnoor Chandwani Month ago
dad is dead
Soshi Shiimura
Soshi Shiimura Month ago
0:31 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
Norman Li
Norman Li Month ago
That isn’t a man dressed as a bush he is a bush that came to life contacting the bush army to take over the world in December
Spongerobert 9
Spongerobert 9 Month ago
Me during quarantine 2:05
Clash royale hub
Clash royale hub Month ago
1:46 thats gilly suit😤😤
KingKongGamez Month ago
nobody: daily does of internet at the end of the video: *L E T T E R*
GamingWithFox YT
GamingWithFox YT Month ago
The Dislikes Are From The People Who Couldn't Handle The Wholesomeness
Mac Tilghman
Mac Tilghman Month ago
Beluga whale: omg wow is birb wak so weird hmm Other whales: wow is birb is ver strenge look at birb no fly birb? much weird mm yez no fly birb
Artemis Willow
Artemis Willow Month ago
Regular people that have to shovel the snow from their car: "ugh" Me who turns my car into a snowmobile, reversing out driveway: "I'm four parallel universes above you."
Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss Month ago
I can let you imagine how expensive that must be.
Joe Troutt
Joe Troutt Month ago
Jose: I was just trimming hedges and now im charged with murder.
Hanin, Shareen & Friends
Hanin, Shareen & Friends Month ago
you always make my day better!!
Relax Sounds
Relax Sounds Month ago
I need this for my friends PC 1:28
Hjordes Remme
Hjordes Remme Month ago
I want 100% expecting the cat at the end to do something mean to the dog.
The EU Prisoner
The EU Prisoner Month ago
Simple easy prank his kids will learn from , bet they gave him a rough time though.
Arin Srivastava
Arin Srivastava Month ago
Beluga: Guys look at it! Other Belugas: K Beluga:What should we name him?
PyroTeamApeldoorn Month ago
Just a casual day, seeing the daily rolling bush on the streets
John Man
John Man Month ago
0:32 I want him dead!
Clickbait Month ago
That cat has a pet dog.
꧁ད EMPERROR ཌ꧂ Month ago
Can we appreciate the fact that this man has never clickbaited us 👍
Noisypooh Pooh
Noisypooh Pooh Month ago
Beluga whale: is-is that real?
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