iPhone 12 Review: Just Got Real!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Month ago

iPhone 12 is the first of a lot of things for the iPhone. It's pretty damn good.
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0:00 Intro
0:57 New Flat Design
2:17 Ceramic Shield
3:58 MagSafe
7:43 Battery Life
8:08 The Display
8:55 5G Just Got Real
12:30 New Cameras
14:21 HDR Just Got Real
16:05 iPhone Stuff
17:14 TL;DW
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
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Intro Track: On and On Pt 2 by Hocus Pocus
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5
Phone provided by Apple for review.

not my name
not my name 3 hours ago
Mkbhd - I have been using this phone for 6 months Me - but the event ended 5 minutes ago
Anirudh 007
Anirudh 007 4 hours ago
What about 13
non 6 hours ago
I personally feel like Apple & Samsung do tend to put new phones out like really fast, because like you finally get idk the iPhone 11 and they already have the iPhone 12 out. I feel if i ever get the iPhone 12 there will already be a brand new phone out.
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 7 hours ago
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar 11 hours ago
Why can't they make a wallet with battery 🤣 so put in cards and charge as well
Zack Ormsby
Zack Ormsby 13 hours ago
Apple has removed ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ from iOS 14. Please make a review about this. I have photos with & without the feature. WITH the feature, I was capturing photos up to 17MP with my 12MP camera. Now that’s gone. I’d be happy to provide you with examples if you review this travesty.
Saqlain Usmani
Saqlain Usmani 14 hours ago
Hey guys iam from the future. Iam here just to tell u that in coming years apple will remove the charging port from their new iphone just to promote wireless charging
cba12334 15 hours ago
No negative things to say? What kind review?
Big Wolfie
Big Wolfie 17 hours ago
Mobile phones won't exist in the future
Data Nguyen
Data Nguyen 18 hours ago
Definitely agree with the battery drain, been testing the 5G here in Australia and wow it’s a drainer for sure
ツGordo 21 hour ago
4:59 nice
B Furey
B Furey Day ago
How do you make the screen bigger?
toast Day ago
They remove the headphones, and the charger in the box, yet it still costs more than every other iPhone. And they do this during a worldwide financial crisis. And it’s not even different from basically every other iPhone. Apple is honestly a disgusting company.
asdf g
asdf g Day ago
Apple: No charger “for the environment” Also Apple: Everyone use super wasteful and inefficient wireless charging. And buy our wireless charger.
Headphone jack/charger/earphone : not to removed Notch : to be removed Apple swapped the ‘not’ between these
Edgar P
Edgar P Day ago
Hes outside pretty much by himself.. and hes still wearing a mask.. what a shill.
Logan Slobotski
Logan Slobotski Day ago
13:03 , That picture was from Creator Games 2!
Tabitha Bailey
Tabitha Bailey Day ago
Marques back at it with a banger
Joshua Gilbert
Joshua Gilbert Day ago
5g just got real 😂
kristina Day ago
I’m having a hard time choosing what color tho omg •White •Red •Green
Jessica Ledesma
Jessica Ledesma Day ago
It will be in Friday if you’d like to see when I get it u can follow or add me somewhere just lmk if u want to see it
Jessica Ledesma
Jessica Ledesma Day ago
I got green :)
Pranav Goyal
Pranav Goyal Day ago
Watching it on my iPhone 12😊😊
1sttobylopez Day ago
What we need is a phone that's self-sustained if you're going to have no plug; If something is going to call itself Wireless it should really be without wires a magnetic charger is barely a micro step in the right direction. A phone, if we're still calling these devices phones sense nobody calls anymore, should really be self- charging using ionic current from the atmosphere to constantly charge itself, supercapacitors for near-instantaneous charging, and better range all phones should be connected to satellite as well as land Towers. This would legitimize the price of phone's going up to over $1,000
Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed Day ago
love how direct he is , respect
B.Games Day ago
CanDull Day ago
Nikita D
Nikita D Day ago
We humans carry energy. So I believe in the future we will charge phones by just holding the phone in our hand just watch.
Asig Day ago
Rede o black community has some sstuff sfor sssssssokkjo on kookbokno only mo o on Jon ooo kimono. Know nlkk
Naadira Lee
Naadira Lee Day ago
lol am i the only one who is seeing an iphone 5?
Hyderabadi Kitchen in Malaysia
Hyderabadi Kitchen in Malaysia Day ago
Why apple does not allow to pause a video while recording?
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 2 days ago
Definitely agree with the battery drain, been testing the 5G here in Australia and wow it’s a drainer for sure
pt42sundevils 2 days ago
“I love this super new flat design” The IPhone 5 and older: 👁 👄 👁
Jonathan Cacatian
Jonathan Cacatian 2 days ago
"Im just gonna live my life" -MKBHD 2020
ByMerch 2 days ago
Is the OLED flickering a problem?
Achintya Paningapalli
Achintya Paningapalli 2 days ago
That mask looks sick where did you get it?
Parker Gibson
Parker Gibson 2 days ago
I need to decide between 11 pro and 12 someone plz help me decide
Roman Koal
Roman Koal 2 days ago
Apple leaves out the Power Brick citing environmental concerns, then pushes sale of it's new $40 Mag Safe Charger which results in significantly more profits along with significantly more trash to be deposited into landfills. Nice try Apple.
Erick R.
Erick R. 2 days ago
3:15 crackpot, chiflado
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues 2 days ago
So they finally decided that Steve jobs DESIGN is best 🧐😁
Aron Christian
Aron Christian 2 days ago
What is that below the side button?
Kevin Lee`
Kevin Lee` 2 days ago
can iphone 12 use samsung's note 10 charging brick
SARG Studio
SARG Studio 2 days ago
5:01 I get it
Sari-Sari TV
Sari-Sari TV 2 days ago
is iphone12 better than iphone11? what are your thoughts?
M 23
M 23 2 days ago
is this a solid phone for the next 2-3 years ? will iphone se 3 be notchless and better than the normal 12 ? im coming from android, oneplus6t broke, i want to try an iphone experience ( photo and sleek design)
Im Jinnu
Im Jinnu 2 days ago
Please don't dislike my comment.
George Lowe
George Lowe 2 days ago
The best reviewer of anyone in the entire tech world love me some Marcus
Kevin Samuel
Kevin Samuel 2 days ago
Bunch of tech sellouts who call themselves youtubers to promote a shitty brand that just recycles the same old thing and sells it.
Dr Fredostein
Dr Fredostein 2 days ago
Also, Apple created the Apple Card so maybe that’s another reason why the first accessory they made was a wallet
Expired Tylernol
Expired Tylernol 2 days ago
Just got mine today :)
Theoz1424 3 days ago
These phones are like Watching Friday the 13 Part 1 part 2 part 3 and on and On and on at the end they’re all Suck 😂😂😃
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller 3 days ago
If we wouldn't want to buy it now, then when do you think we should get it? My birthday is in January and the only thing I want is an Iphone 12 for my birthday. I have a trashy LG K8+. So would January be a good time to get it? Or would it be too soon?
Gavin Denham
Gavin Denham 3 days ago
Great Review
Afrocanuk 3 days ago
It seems Apple keeps getting free passes just because they happen to be an American company.
EinfachNurMarc 3 days ago
If you get the 128 GB Version, the step to the Pro was 170 € for me with my provider. Only downside is I need to wait 4 weeks for it to ship :/
Carter Schoenfeld
Carter Schoenfeld 3 days ago
1 2 3 4 5g
Apple_fan07 3 days ago
wallet cases ? Me just puts the money under the case.
Mark Smit
Mark Smit 3 days ago
Stop Excusing apple when they wrong
potatoonthebookshelf 3 days ago
I had a 4 for all of high school. I got an 8 when I started uni. Seeing the 12 makes me miss having edges
Burcu Coban
Burcu Coban 3 days ago
I am having issue swiping right, all screen moves and doesnt let me to do it, any idea how i can stop this?
CoLdBLaDe 3 days ago
I dont think magsafe charger will be a primary method of charging especially when it takes a few hours to charge from 0 to 100.
Ta Be
Ta Be 3 days ago
best thing i ve done shifted to android so much better and more flexible
Jalen Scott
Jalen Scott 3 days ago
Tbh I would really use the 5G for USshow videos so I can watch in 4K instead of 480p
Icey 3 days ago
Watching this on the iPhone 12....
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta 3 days ago
Does it has usb type c port? If yes, how much (watts) fast charging does it support from a 3rd party charger?
Rosario Grant
Rosario Grant 3 days ago
So they finally decided that Steve jobs DESIGN is best 🧐😁
shommo sikder
shommo sikder 3 days ago
Who else see the Mr.beast sticker 😂😂😂
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal 3 days ago
One thing I’m wondering is why isn’t it important that iPhone face ID won’t unlock while wearing mask which makes it seriously a big negative like touch ID would made more sense.. and despite the pandemic and delayed launch Apple hasn’t considered it
Redd Chyna
Redd Chyna 4 days ago
The 12 look like the 11 so I’m keeping my 11😂😅
cici30love 4 days ago
Dam that sux bout the scratches I got the iPhone 11 Nd no screen protector still haven’t got any scratches yet on screen, thank goodness
Ultonym 4 days ago
5G doesn't exist where I'm at and isn't going to for a long ass time. Small town USA doesn't get shit till everyone else has had the new thing for 3-5 years.
NaySay Network
NaySay Network 4 days ago
So nothing new. Ill pass. Iphone will use a customer if they dont get more creative.
nero fahad
nero fahad 4 days ago
5:35 where can I find that exact case with that exact blue color for the iphone 12?
BTN_TV_ 19
BTN_TV_ 19 4 days ago
I love my iPhone 12
Gabriel P
Gabriel P 4 days ago
Apple still deceives me.
FilliD1 4 days ago
Great info thanks. Seems I don’t have a reason to get one yet.
Issy 4 days ago
upgrading from the XR to the 12, not sure if the battery life is better but i’m digging the retro block-y design
Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming
Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming 4 days ago
5g doesn’t go to where I live lol
ASB 3250
ASB 3250 4 days ago
Love my 11 but gonna get the 12
Elijah Trafton
Elijah Trafton 4 days ago
Great video but insulting your audience is never good my friend lol the people that skip to time stamps may just be busy and want the gist of it so they can go make more money to afford this 😂
Hyper Quantum
Hyper Quantum 4 days ago
Nobody: Apple: We are proud to announce that we renamed the iPhone 11 to iPhone 12!
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 4 days ago
android is so much better
Domenick Mewes
Domenick Mewes 4 days ago
Your hands are so fuckin big
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams 4 days ago
Last week I was watching this on a decrepit 6s, but just got my 12 today and holy moly is this an amazing device
Yahir 3 days ago
I'm getting the iPhone 12 very soon, its my first iPhone and I want to know if its worth it? and are there any things you dislike about it?
Arnab Roy
Arnab Roy 4 days ago
Lol don’t give them any ideas bro 😂
Total irrelevancy
Total irrelevancy 4 days ago
This dude has some large hands
MobileDohan 4 days ago
Paul 4 days ago
Reminds me of iPhone 4s (my first smartphone) I just can’t get used to the way cameras have grown on smartphones. They look so ugly now but at least they’re functional
Bradley's Car Reviews
Bradley's Car Reviews 5 days ago
Apple, “We are happy to announce that we are changing the name of IPhone 11 to 12!”
Jose Bravo
Jose Bravo 5 days ago
In a little Chinas new Ipeach 🤩
Joe Maffattone
Joe Maffattone 5 days ago
apple wants consumers to use apple pay, what better way to discourage credit cards then add a magnet to a phone.
Bo Phil
Bo Phil 5 days ago
Love the song.. Isn't that the French band called Hocus Pocus??
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips 5 days ago
Hey I have that phone
Skribblez 5 days ago
Cool video tho
Skribblez 5 days ago
Brandon G
Brandon G 5 days ago
4:59 thank me later
David Arimborgo
David Arimborgo 5 days ago
Isn't anyone gonna talk about the MrBeast cameo in 13:03??!!
David Arimborgo
David Arimborgo 5 days ago
MKBHD: Use a case if u want to, use a screen protector if u really want to... I'm just gonna live my life In others words he doesn't give a shit... he's rich so he can get a new iPhone when ever the hell he wants XD
Meaning 5 days ago
14:15 very usable? what?
Acquite. 5 days ago
5:00 :flushed: 69% battery
Rosalyn Alvarado
Rosalyn Alvarado 5 days ago
im so confuse to upgrade because im hearing that the skin has a green tint?? 🥺 uhh should i buy it?? i have the iPhone xs max and im kinda tired of having a big phone so idk if i should upgrade to that.
Samarpan Agarwal
Samarpan Agarwal 5 days ago
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